Newer Blues Artists or Recordings

Any suggestions for new’ish blues artists and/or recordings you have discovered and enjoyed over the past few years? Please include all types of blues music and artists - traditional blues, southern rock/blues (e.g., Allman Bros., etc.), blues/soul, slower blues (i.e., good for background music while working), and cross-overs such as blues recordings by well-known rock or popular artists such as Boz Scaggs, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, and others. Let’s help each other discover new blues music.

I will start with a couple of newer, young artists that I enjoy...

  • Marcus King (try, Carolina Confessions or El Dorado)
  • Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (try, Live in London)

Trampled Under Foot, "Badlands" (2013).

And from that band ...

Danielle Nicole, "Wolf Den" (2015).


Richard Johnston, "Foot Hill Stomp" (2002).

Rod Piazza, "Keepin' It Real" (2004).

Popa Chubby, "Big, Bad, and Beautiful: Live" (2015).

Byther Smith, "Blues On The Moon" (2008).

Chris Smither, "Leave The Light On" (2006).

Watermelon Slim and the Workers, "Watermelon Slim and the Workers" (2006).

There ya go. I tried to list ones from my vaults of lesser known artists.

Thanks @rockadanny - a very good start!

I sort of remember hearing Rod Piazza with Honey and the Mighty Flyers at a blues fest years ago. I like his harmonica.

I look forward to some more great suggestions on this thread, and I encourage giving both the genre and the interpretation of "newer" a broad latitude so as not to restrict suggesting music that sounds good to you all.

Here are a few that may be a bit off the beaten path for some here:

  • Fleetwood Mac - Before the Beginning - 1968-1970 *
  • Dr. John - Duke Elegant
  • Muscle Shoals: Small Town Big Sound

* For a couple of well done Peter Green covers, check out Black Magic Woman and Man of the World on Eric Clapton’s - The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions (Live)


Kingfish,  good entry.  Not new but new to me this last year or two is Tab Benoit.  Mix of southern Delta /Zydeco blues guitar/vocal.  Some great Telarc recordings too once he hit his stride.  


There’s a Hot Tuna box set out with 2 sets from the Sweetwater and 1 set from Japan. The recording is really good. Jorma Kaukonen is on guitarist/vocals and Jack Casady’s bass is a standout. These guys were early Jefferson Airplane members that went out on their own.  Really good blues rock. 





The 2016 release by Muddy Magnolias / Broken People is a winner in any genre. I would consider it bluesy. The harmonies are gorgeous.

There was a band out of Atlanta named King Johnson that put our several very good bluesy albums.  The guitar player for the band was Oliver Wood, is the brother of bass player Chris Wood of Medeski, Martin and Wood.  The two them formed new less bluesy banded named the Wood Brothers.

Oliver wrote around half songs of King Johnson while their bass player, Chris Long, wrote the balance.  The band put out some great albums and were huge fun live.

They did a reunion show in Atlanta this past December.


Check out their albums: Hot, Fish, Laundry, Mat; and Luck So Strange; and Cats and Dogs.

+ whiteknee

Hot Tuna never fails.  Jorma has some new music out (The River Flows) with John Hurlbut that showcase some amazing playing !  

Apologies if this blues man is well known to all you blues lovers, but recently I've discovered Marquise Knox, born in 1991 and released his first album, Man Child, at age 19. Thanks for starting this thread, look forward to sampling some of these artists. 

Try a German version of SRV:

Henrik Freischlader - Live at GuitarPoint (

And his work with Layla Zoe:

Dark Heart (

As an enormous fan of SRV and The Derek Trucks band I was immediately enamored with this work.


Great thread topic! Thanks for posting. I’ve listened to the blues on and off for 50 years (yes, I’m old). After the passing of the greats-Muddy Waters, et al, I stopped listening for a bit. In the last couple of years I’ve started listening to newer blues. I think these are worth while-

Eric Bibb-Spirit and the Blues

Rhiannon Giddens-They’re Calling Me Home

John Hiatt-Crossing Muddy Waters (an older release, from 2000, that I purchased last year)

Jorma Kaukonen-Live at the Bottom Line

Sue Foley-Pinky’s Blues

Samantha Fish-Faster

Larkin Poe-Kindred Spirits

Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore-Downey to Lubbock

Thanks for starting this thread. It’s refreshing and informative. And I am mainly a blues music guy.

You guys are awesome.  Some really good music/musicians listed here already, so keep them coming!  Some I know and many I don't so I am looking forward to exploring.  I just found three Marquise Knox albums on Roon.

It seems more than a few popular rock bands (or at least some of their musicians) started their careers playing blues so sometimes looking backwards leads to amazing discoveries.  Jack Cassidy did a great job on a couple of Government Mule tunes off of their Deepest End album.  I need to go back and revisit Hot Tuna!

OP, thanks for starting this thread.

@mitch2   +1 for Eric Bibb

FWIW, I've been listening lately to Hans Theesink, an acoustic Dutch bluesman now living in Vienna.  His renditions of American blues are very good.  Occasionally his Dutch accent shows, but he is the real deal as far as I'm concerned.

I'll bemail listening tonight to some of the recommendations from this thread.  Have a good day.

I'm surprised that the Tedeschi Trucks Band hasn't been mentioned yet. They're not quite a straight ahead blues band as they blend a variety of other genres including R&B, funk, jazz, soul and rock. Derek Trucks, the former child prodigy, cut his teeth with the post-Dickie ABB alongside Warren Haynes and has to be mentioned among the greatest slide players of all time. Susan Tedeschi is a wonderful blues singer with a distinctive style, along with adding a solid rhythm and double lead guitar to the mix. The rest of the band, which includes a total of something like 10 musicians and singers, is rock solid and they put out a huge sound. I saw them at Red Rocks last summer and they just killed it. Check out their latest and probably best album, I Am The Moon.  Their Layla Revisited album is also outstanding.

Unless I missed it, so far I don’t see any mention of Jonny Lang, his music is great. He started playing guitar at age 12, in his mid 40’s now I think. Another great blues band is Gov’t Mule.

Try Carmen Gomes, A friend recommended Carmen Gomes sings the Blues (Songs from Belafonte) I have been listening to it regularly for a month now, along with some of her other stuff.

If you're looking for more traditional blues, I'd like to call attention to the website for This is a charitable foundation that's devoted to providing a wide range of assistance to artists in need who are primarily older Carolina Piedmont Blues performers, most of whom are in financial need and/or poor health. The artists they've helped include Guitar Gabriel, Etta Baker, Beverly Guitar Watson, Cootie Stark etc. Members of the MM Advisory Board include such artists as Taj Mahal, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Elvin Bishop, and Pete Townshend. Below is a description of some of the things MM does, and I urge you to check out their site for more info....and send them a few bucks if you can!

"Music Maker takes a holistic approach to the needs of our partner artists. We prioritize their health and quality of life. We recognize that no two artists have identical needs. To support our artists in both their lives and their careers, we provide a wide umbrella of services. We help them get medical care and access to affordable housing. To make their music accessible to a wider slice of the public, we help them secure recording opportunities and book performances for them around the globe. We create the promotional materials they need to publicize their performances."

Great thread!I love traditional blues but have difficulty finding newer artists that don't inject an inordinate amount of loud rock n roll into it. Larkin Poe and Joe Bonamassa are incredibly talented but the long guitar and slide solos are not for me.I appreciate having a few new ones to hunt for:-)

Peter Green Splinter Group - Hot Foot Powder or the live album simply named "Peter Green Splinter Group" are faves

Tony Joe White - Hoodoo or Raincrow are favorite albums

BB King duet albums are faves too - Live at the Apollo or Deuces Wild (yes they're old but excellent)

@ezwind - Tedeschi Trucks Band is on my list of "really want to see" bands, for sure.  The Bourbon and Beyond Festival in Louisville in Sept. is within striking distance for me so thinking I should jump on that opportunity.  Seeing them at Red Rocks would have been killer!  I believe I have seen YouTube videos from that show.

The Allman Bros. Live at the Beacon concerts, 2009, are a staple on my playlist - Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, and Eric Clapton on stage together - amazing guitars!  I could listen to Derek's slide for hours.

Also, thanks for the Music Maker shout-out.

@vandy357 - Both Jonny Lang and Government Mule have played at a really cool old theatre in Kalamazoo.  Both concerts were outstanding.  Jonny Lang because he was so good for being so young (years ago) and Gov't Mule (more recently) because Warren Haynes is amazing and one of my favorites.

@treepmeyer - Thank @wharfy for the Eric Bibb recommendation, and thank you for Hans Theesink, lots of his music on Roon so I will listen.

Might want to take a listen to the Teskey Brothers.

nice bluesy Motown vibe to their music. 


For some Chicago-style electric blues/jump blues with terrific slide guitar check out:

Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials, "Roughousin'", "What You See is What You Get", "Jump Start".

A great band to see live as well. I've seen them three times and they are terrific. Lil' Ed learned his style from his uncle, J.B. Hutto. Or at least that is what he told me after he stole my seat the bar (The Music Box) one freezing late night in Cleveland.

For some electric/swing/jump blues check out Big Joe and the Dynaflows ... "Layin' in the Alley", "I'm Still Swingin'".

And for some traditional/Delta/acoustic blues, check out Rory Block. IMO, the best acoustic blues guitar player alive, and with an angelic voice to boot. To start with, check out, "High Heeled Blues", "Last Fair Deal", and "When a Woman Gets the Blues". Some of her releases, such as "Tornado", while good music and a few blues tracks, can be more adult pop than blues. She is a national treasure.

Not new but I  have a Mighty Sam McClain "Keep on Moving"  this. Was on an audiophile record label, but I can't remember.  Soulful, tuneful and dynamicly recorded.  May not be a mixdown.

Great suggestions above. Been a long time blues fan after spending some years in Chicago clubs. Here are some you might check out

Melvyn Taylor “Plays The Blues For You” -great pressing electric chicago blues

Lucky Peterson “Just Warming Up” - outstanding final lp right before his untimely death. Electric.Highly Recommended 

Artist who have large excellent discography both electric and acoustic:

Luther Allison (“Hand me down my moonshine” (acoustic) Soul Fixin Man (electric), Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Mayhall, Robert Cray and Muddy of course but most not new per se.

English Blues/blues rock: Rory Gallagher, First couple Climax Blues Band lp’s, Gary Moore, Kim Simmons and Savoy Brown (sad loss too)

Newer Artists to check out: Selwyn Birchwood, Kingfish as you noted, 

As Buddy says…”If you ain’t had the blues …just wait”




There are lots of mentions for some really good blues players on here, some I have never heard of.  Thanks @mitch2 for starting this conversation, now I will have to dig into some new music to listen to.

Han Theesink's "Songs of the Southland."

All hands on deck are juicy musicians, and the recording is top notch.

@wharfy +on Ms.Fish....

...great when a fav comes to town...

She was slated to be back 12/'23 with some friends, had the tix early, went to, pulled in to park, and watched as everyone who came, went....


Fire marshal pulled the plug on the entire evening...'something' wasn't up to snuff...

Went out to eat (SalvSta has food, good 'nuff for the venue) and got vaguely drunk instead...🤪

Hurts when the site has to refund a sold-out show....

Manu Katche: Neighbourhood (2005)


Session artist discovered via a CD bin search. 
Last seen on Peter Gabriel’s I/O Tour 2023. 

Take a listen to band Blackberry Smoke.  Guitarist Charlie Starr plays quite a bit with Warren Haynes.  This should be right in your wheelhouse.  

Take at look at Joe Bonamassa...or any of the artist he takes on the "Blues at Sea cruises... bluesaliveat

I second Ana Popovic.  Try these:

-- Joanne Shaw Taylor

-- Sugar Ray Norcia

-- Ruthie Foster

-- Joanna Connor

Now I gotta go.  A dozen new names for me to find.

Thanks, everyone.



    There's a special blues guitar technique I really like...I saw Dicky Betts in the Allman Bros, in concert at William & Mary, Va. playing In Memory of Elizabeth Reed...uses right hand little finger to control the volume knob to make the instrument "weep".  Master of the skill: Roy Bucananan...Roy's albums are a mixed bag but one favorite is "Miss Pressure" off his Deluxe album.  Some great recommendations on the thread here!

Jeff Beck was a Master at using his little finger to control the volume control.....his cover of "A Day in The Life" is one of the best blues works I've ever heard.

@rick_n - Blackberry Smoke & Gov't Mule are really more southern rock but do the blues/rock thing as well as anyone. Have seen BS 3x at House of Blues in Boston - great shows. Try out JJ Grey & MoFro too for some FL swampy blues/rock. I'm a big fan of 60s Brit Blues as well. I like some of the newer acts mentioned but really, if you like that slinky bluesy vibe from accross th pond, Free, Humble Pie, Rory Gallager (Taste), Blind Faith, Savory Brown, Faces & Small Faces, Spencer Davis Group, even Bad Co, etc are great listens and I've been on the Hans Theessink tip for a while. Try Derrin Nauendorf too. Just my opinion...

Joe Bonamassa

Carolyn Wonderland

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Samantha Fish

Shannon Curfman

The two you mentioned are on the top of my list of new folks on the scene as well.  

Larkin Poe if you do not know those gals you should

Beth Hart older but finally getting some accolades and just released a new song with Walter Trout.  She has an Album with Jeff Beck as well as Joe Bonamassa.  I have been a fan for many years and have seen her a bunch including with Jeff Beck which was amazing

If you do not know Taz Niederaur another good one but I think you probably do

Quinn Sullivan another kid phenom who is now older that Buddy Guy took in and toured with .


Just a few that fit your taste as Marcus and Christone are both high on my lists to see ASAP and have been for a few years just havent matched up as of yet


two other that have been around but maybe new to you Samantha Fish and Anna Popovic   . 



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@bgross - Really like British Blues, and Faces are a favorite. Five Guys Walk into a Bar is awesome. Not to forget John Mayall (and the Bluesbreakers). Dude is 90 and just ended touring a year or so ago.  Check out John Mayall’s 70th Birthday Concert.

@searchingforthesound and @ingenear - Those are all great suggestions and worthy of listening to. Not sure Larkin Poe have found their signature sound yet but they are sure fun to listen to. I believe they have played concerts with Blackberry Smoke and I would like to catch both/either in concert.

Danielle Nicole (the best)

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Samantha Fish

Larkin Poe

For an older one check out Valerie Wellington her version of smokestack lightnin is amazing!

+1 for Dr. John’s "Duke Elegant".

+1 for all Warren Haynes/Gov’t Mule

+1 for all Tedeschi/Trucks music (or the prequel Derek Trucks Band’s "Songlines")

+1 for Marcus King (have seen him twice, most recently last summer; saw him open for T/T a few years ago on the Wheels of Soul tour).

I vote for ABB’s 2003 "Live at the Beacon".

I’d add Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers, and a Michigan band that gave up its keyboard player Ben Wilson to Blues Traveler, Big Dave and the Ultrasonics. I believe they’re now defunct, but if you can find a copy of their live CD "No Sweat"’s a barnburner.

Robben Ford, Gary Moore and Jeff Healey would round out my immediate list.


Bonamassa fan here--for the gamut -- Live From Royal Albert Hall and the "Blues at Sea" series as someone mentioned

Another vote for Tedeschi Trucks

Since you mentioned newer, the new girl on the block--Ally Venable