Pass Labs Service

Needed to let everyone know my experience in dealing with Pass Labs, frankly they WOWed me!!! Fastist replies to emails from everyone there. Answered my quesitons in detail and not just blowing me off with a short reply. When I won the X-1 at auction here a few weeks back I wanted a shorter connecting cord from the pre to the power supply (it came with a 6' cord). Peter at Pass said no problem, email me your address. Two days later at my door step was another cord, no charge for the cord or shipping. When I asked Peter about a CD player from Pass, he told me not to hold my breath. Oh well, got the X-250, got the X-1 what's not to like, life is great.

Now on to a CD player to replace my SOny SCD-777ES.

Pass Labs, gotta love them!!!
I second Pass Labs great service, Peter at Pass also send me a power cord for my X-1. You can also buy the different length of the 25 pin MF cord from any computer supply store.
What on the SCD-777ES don't you like other than the fact that it does not have balanced out?
I have my Sony SCD-1 and Pass X-1 plug into the PS Audio P300, with very noticeable overall improvements. (running SS5 mode)
I suggest going with an EMC-1 mk2 with the upgrade! Maybe even flying to Denmark to pick it up, heh heh.

DOH! Just kidding!!!

I'd demo the Ayre CX-7. Even at full retail, the Ayre is a deal.

I've dealt with Peter Perkins on several occasions & he always returns questions quickly. I had my Aleph P completely rebuilt & then experienced some weird problems with it. Pass rebuilt the power supply & upgraded the transformer at no charge.

It's great gear but the customer support makes it even better.

PS-he likes getting chocolates!
Open, straightforward, helpful, competent, thoroughly professional. Simply fabulous.
I second the responses above. Peter at Pass offers exemplary service, second to NONE.
I was just in the market for a new amp, and I narrowed it down to two. One being the Pass Labs X 250. I went with the other because I got a great deal on an amp that should be as good or better. I know the other company is good about service, but it's good to know Pass Labs is no slouch either.
Who knows, I might change my mind soon and go for the X 250. I've been happy with my Aleph Ono phono stage.
This thread makes it that much easier to consider buying Pass Labs next time.
Hey Tok2000, I was offered a great deal on a EMC-1 w/o the upgrade and they guy will drive to my home and deliver it in person on Xmas!!!

Will try the Ayre.
I say it everytime I get a chance. Pass Labs and their personnel are the best in the business. Peter Perkins and Wayne Colburn are top notch characters.
As for a CD player from Pass. It isn't necessary, find a D1 D/A converter. I have owned the 777es, SCD1,and now the 9000es. I have used all of them as a transport with a Pass Labs D1 and have been very satisfied vs all others I have had in the system. This would include the Meridian, EMC-1 mk1 and 2, and the Audionote. If you really like Pass Labs gear, the D1 is worth searching out. Best Regards, Aaron M

YEP. Peter at Pass is the man! He sent me replacment nobs for free for my Pass Aleph L. No questions asked. That's service. PASS LABS RULES THE WORLD OF SOLID STATE!
Looks like Pass rules in customer service. And, maybe in sound too - just love my aleph 30.
I want to add my two cents worth also. You cannot beat the service at Pass. Joe, Peter, Wayne, Kent, Desmond and of course, the ringleader, Nelson are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have always been willing to answer my questions and they take care of problems without any hassles. A first rate company.
Downside... Their newer products are crazy priced and getting more ludacrous. I understand service costs, but?

Upside... Pass should out sell all others combined with their level of support and quality/performance simply incredible and SECOND TO NONE !
Peter is the best! Pleased to be able to share my appreciation. A lightning strike fried a few resistors in my Aleph P. Pass fixed it and returned it at no charge within a week and even paid return shipping ! Exemplary service not matched by the likes of Naim (took 5 mos, + $$). Pass has great products with solid state reliability but which still preserve much of the harmonic structure thought to be the province of tubes (I have both). A modern day (former) McIntosh!
Sayas, don't worry about Pass marking their products too high. Market forces will sttle things out.
As far as the pricing goes, I know the new amps and pre-amps are expensive, but look at their direct competition. Mark Levinson and Krell get a lot more money for a comparable piece and I'm not sure they are still better. I have a hard time beleiving the amps are not worth the price based on the quality and construction. I would not mind seeing the price come down. If it does I will sell my Krell FPB 200 and buy the X 250!
Now you are talking sense, Nrchy. With the Pass, you won't be needing any of that frequency novacaine cable you were extolling to sooth your present fire breathing Sony/Krell dragon.

Talking about the biggest bang for the buck! I acquired Pass X - 600 mono blocks for the precise cost of your heralded Pursuit Dominus wires to drive my Scintillas (a heavenly matchup).
I totally agree with the service from Pass. I used to own a X0 preamp and they were always extremely helplful on the phone with regards to my questions. If you are interested in a Pass CD player you should look into buying a used Pass D1 DAC. They have been discontinued due to availability of parts. The product was designed using top quality parts and the Pass people did not want to compromise the unti with cheaper parts so they shelved it. They can sometimes be found used for around $2000. It was designed as a statement digital product and is one of the best DACS on the market to this day.

Pass does have excellent customer sevice and I am loving my X250 and X1 combo.I do not regret purchasing any of my Pass gear and am planning to hold on to my Pass gear unless the bug bites earlier this time and then I would consider upgrading anything in my system but my Pass gear.
Bringing this back to the top. Desmond Harrington is still offering the best customer service in the market.

i just purchased an X1 pre that did not function as the ad stated. I worked with Desmond and it seems the relays are not working.

Desmond says send it in a we will find the problem and get it back in check at no charge,just pay the shipping.

great customer service and very happy buying the pass product.