Phono Stage in inputs for 2 tonearms

In the market for a phono pre with inputs for 2 tonearms.  I know about the Luxman EQ-500, the Esoteric E-02 and the Elac Alchemy.  Any of you guys know of some other candidates?  Thanks


Audio Research Reference 3SE or earlier. I highly recommend the brand. One of the components that has made them main stream high end… phono stages and preamps.

I don't know any,

one option is to use a SUT with multiple inputs, alternate MC gain/impedance, and PASS for MM.

Then go to a MM Phono stage or MM Input

My SUT, Fidelity Research FRT-4 has 3 inputs and PASS, 4 xfactors/loads. Entre 100 also has 3 inputs and PASS, 3 xfactors/loads.

more advanced units have independent adjustments for gain and impedance.

Musical Fidelity M6X Vinyl. MM or MC. 

3 inputs 


Balanced or single ended outputs


Discrete not opamp.

I will chime in once again whenever this question is asked….

Aesthetix Rhea Signature

All tube based

Dual mono design

Not 2 but 3 inputs

Balanced and SE outputs

Memorized gain and loading for each of the three inputs

Fully remote control switching of inputs, gain and loading 

Fantastic service from their folks in California 

End game phono stage

Yep, Jim White at Aesthetix does everything well. I run an ARC Ref 2se but. could be very happy w Jim’s phono.

Modwright and Zesto also build excellent multiple input PH stages

McIntosh MP100 Phono Preamplifier with Moving Coil and Moving Magnet inputs, both with adjustable loading for the best impedance match, lots of output options...

many have separate inputs for MM/MI  & MC. here is a start

tavish adagio, classic, vintage
modwright ph 9.0
modwright PH 150
herron ph-2a

Accuphase C-47. 3 RCA and 1 XLR. In addition, a series of adjustments are available to fine-tune load, etc from the front or rear panel. Extremely quiet (never noticed any noise or hum). Good luck.

Not mentioned are Allnic phono stages. You can alternatively purchase their SUT alone.

What an array of choices!   Now I get to do some shopping.  Thanks for all the input.

I really like my Zesto Tessera Reference.  At the high end of the price range but outstanding and all the controls are on the front.

I have a Naim Superline with Supercap DR phono-stage. I am now in the same boat. I need two phono inputs for two tonearms (I have Clearaudio Innovation with two 12" Universal arms, one with Lyra Atlas Lambda SL, and the other with Lyra Atlas Lambda Mono). However, I don’t want anything that sounds less good than my Naim phono-stage.

I just spent four weeks home auditioning the Boulder 1108 phono stage. It has two inputs and is a vast improvement too. Now I need to save for it.

There should be one ground post for each input otherwise things get tricky. Trying to squeeze two ground wires together is almost always a source of noise.