Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!


I thought that we were going to hear a new bad version of the song, instead, it’s a diatribe by a burned out sixty-something acid casualty complaining about it.

'Acid casualty'? You seem to be confusing Roger Waters with Syd Barrett.  And while Roger might be pleased to be described as 'sixty- something', he passed that age demographic a long, long time ago. 

If you wrote a song as good as Money, you would earn the right to ruin it.

Instead, you’ve got peanut gallery snark.

Roger Waters is one of the bravest most outspoken voices of the entire rock era.

He regularly puts his views and reputation on the line unlike most others who are quite happy to sit back and admire their bank balance and investments.

Waters is more John Lennon to Gilmour's Paul McCartney.

You are free to like one or the other, or shock horror, even both. It's not Roger's fault if you've misunderstood him all these years.

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People don't like artists who make waves or make them feel uncomfortable about the moral choices of the society around them. Ironically, that's what makes them interesting in the first place, but push it just a little bit and the punishment is swift. Not pointing a finger at anyone here but it happens all the time.

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has used a speech to the United Nations to repeat his controversial claim that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was "provoked".

long story short, he is an idiot, uncomfortable with facts and the truth


You're confused. I'm not talking about Roger Waters, I'm talking about the guy in the video.

Most definitely love his music and contributions as a member of PF. As far as his political views and rants I will pass. Haven't heard any of his solo work that I like either.  Gave away tickets to his last shoe because I don't like his toxic attitude. 

....'provoked' in the sense that Ukraines' economy was growing v. Russias' and their politics were getting rid of the bloodsuckers?  That would be the only 'rational' excuse for Rogs' claim....and a lame one

But wtf and why is he addressing the UN?

Who booked that 'show' anyhow?! 🙁

Who booked that ’show’ anyhow?! 🙁

He was literally invited by the Russian delegation who heard his views when he gave in an interview in Germany.

Love threads like this as they expose cretins posting under different monikers than they do at other sites.



Allow me to speak for those who don’t think much of "Money" by Pink Floyd to begin with.

"Money (That’s What I Want)", written by Berry Gordy & Janie Bradford and sung by Barrett Strong, now THERE is a song. The Beatles liked it enough to record it for their second album, with John Lennon singing lead. Their version is good, but the original is much better, with a killer guitar solo! Much "tougher" sounding than The Beatles, who were, after all, white British lads.

Pink Floyd? Grow up 😉 .


Never cared for Pink Floyd, and I don’t care what he/she/they think about world politics. I went to a Jackson Browne environmental rally once and a concert broke out in spells.

I’m not in it for the fun facts, shut up and play.



Russia was provoked by NATO influence. The good news is Ukraine was full of bio-labs financed by the USA. Lots fewer of them now.  It's still a money laundering dream.

*random (or, ran dumb) thoughts, waking from a nap prior to actual 'escape to bed'...*

Why does the The Entity in M:I - 7 remind me of the eye of Sauron?

Snippets of songs, looping in my mind.  post- a 'modern nightmare film'....

"I took off in thе dead of night
But before I did, got my affairs in ordеr and my boots on
The Hallelujah choir needs a score
And they're knocking at my door, let them knock some more

They're saying I need a little, direction
But following the leader gonna turn me off the religion

It's coming down, the hardest cut
World wars in my mind
Long day into night, the hardest cut
We live on a knife
Here it come now, here it come now
Here it is the hardest cut"


"How to Survive History" by Cody Cassidy; 6/13/'23, paperback

How to Survive History: How to Outrun a Tyrannosaurus, Escape Pompeii, Get Off the Titanic, and Survive the Rest of History's Deadliest Catastrophes 

....anytime A G'oners' (....look at that, again...😏...) edge into politics, the toe in the water sucks some into the morass?


We start with an aside, end up ass on the side, over not-so easy.... :(

"....And all I wanna hear is the message beep
My dreams, they got a kissing
'Cause I don't get sleep, no..."


The Floyd are without doubt the most over-rated band in history.  The same applies to Mr Waters.  His perverted opinions on the origins of the invasion of Ukraine are not worth discussing.

Another case where I have to separate the artist from the art.  I think a lot of his work is fantastic, but that doesn't mean I subscribe to his world view.  I still love Annie Hall, but I don't condone Woody's behavior over the last (checks calendar)...always.  If I narrowed my focus of things I find entertaining to just the artists who pass some kind of purity test I'd have a pretty small record collection.

The OP post link is simple clickbait for some @$$ hole talking about the song.

otherwise agree with dissent regarding Roger Waters

Water's remake is a peculiar mix of an old rocker's creative re-expression and his religious views. "The Devil pats the briefcase that holds the Faustian pact" The pact is with Waters- and he pays homage to Cohen who also professed his Faustian Pact.  

It's an age old story- make the deal, get big and rich and then get torn down. Why should anyone be surprised that Waters is in the destruction phase now?

It's his song and he can do what he likes to it......

the same as its your ears and you can choose what you listen to with it.....

I personally don't like the new version so I will not listen to it again.

It's really as simple as that!

Pink Floyd is like a gourmet meal, thoughtfully prepared, well balanced and properly presented.


Roger Waters is like being force fed an all you can eat buffet, coarsely prepared, unbalanced, ultimately unsatisfying.   

If this kind of thing drags you down I recommend becoming more of a Moody Blues fan.   It's never too late.

I’ve seen Roger Waters last two concert productions.  I found the shows to be incredibly entertaining.  It must have cost a fortune to produce that show.  There are a number of musicians I like that have opinions I don’t agree with. I can usually ignore that if the music moves me.  This is the closest we will get to seeing Pink Floyd. I will say this, Roger’s pronouncements and imagery during the show could offend sensitive souls from across the spectrum. Among others, he went after Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. But it was one helluva show. 

As a lifelong PF fan since 1965, Waters is a narcissist.  He single handily ruined one of the best groups to come out of the 60’s through early 80’s.   He talked Gilmour and Mason into firing Rick Wright during The Wall recordings because he didn’t think Rick was doing his fair share.  Rick was going through a nasty divorce at the time, but narcissist Roger didn’t care.  

Waters politics certainly don’t agree with mine and that is fine but I refuse to go to any more concerts by him.  He should not be spewing his political views during the shows and telling people if you don’t like his views, to F off at the bar.  These people paid upwards of $150.00 to see him, no one wants to see or care about his views.  Like I said, a life long PF fan, but not of Waters, he is a tool.   

To the person who said he wrote the song, he can do what he wants.  That is half true, he wrote the lyrics only, Gilmour and Wright wrote the music. 

That’s hilarious! If it weren’t for singing, the tempo and the execution, it would be great!




People don’t like artists who make waves or make them feel uncomfortable about the moral choices of the society around them. Ironically, that’s what makes them interesting in the first place, but push it just a little bit and the punishment is swift. Not pointing a finger at anyone here but it happens all the time.


Quite right.

Artists like Baez, Lennon and Morrissey, to name just 3, have all received their fair share of flak for going against the official narrative.

Yet hundreds of others got off Scott free by towing the party line and paying it lip service.


If I remember correctly, the notorious John Lennon/Yoko Ono/ Plastic Ono Band LP Some Time in New York City got an almost across the board roasting at the time of release for some of its politically charged subject matter.

Someone, somewhere seemed to be highly offended back then.

The ironic thing is that now, in 2023, some 50 years later, hardly anything on it would raise an eyebrow.

Perhaps the issue here is whether we regard Waters as a performer or an artist?

I think we all know how Roger sees himself.

I, for one, can only respect him for that.

I didn’t think it was relevant or interesting to comment on Pink Floyd’s music. But I see it’s become a thread. I also think they are overrated, vastly...


They do have the longest charting album in history, so must be a lot of people like their music.


no one else is credited for track "Money" except Waters! Check your Vinyl or CD label. Google can help too!


Yes, exactly, all I said was: "I think". They may be incredible to a lot of people, I believe it, they never just had me jumping, Totally subjective.

I just gave away 3 original LPs including dark side of the moon. ("away" - to a friend)

@mgolpoor ,

  • Roger Waters is the only songwriter credited on "Money," but the lead vocal is by David Gilmour. Waters provided the basic music and lyrics, while the whole band (Waters, Gilmour, keyboard player Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason) created the instrumental jam of the song. Gilmour was the one overseeing time changes and responsible for the acclaimed guitar solo.


Thank you, you saved me the trouble of looking it up.  Waters was famous for claiming the whole song as his.  There are many instances in the various books on Pink Floyd.  I have read every single one.  Did you know the very short songs in the wall which only had a few words were purposely put in by Waters so he could claim more of the rights and $$$$$ for it?  He is not a nice person.  When Nick Mason and Richard Wright first met Waters, they said he was quite arrogant.   His feud with Richard Wright was because Wright wouldn't give him his last cigarette.  Waters carried on about that throughout his PF years and he always bullied Richard Wright.   Like I said before, he is a horrible person.

I find Water’s "Money" interesting. Sound quality is good as far as I can tell.

Waters said a while back that the purpose of the remake would be to put the focus on the lyrics because he hadn’t noticed any change in behavior in people who have been listening to them. He can probably include himself in that group.

It would be ridiculous for Waters to try and make a Dark Side that out-Floyded Pink Floyd and stayed on the charts even longer. He would have to be brain damaged to try.

I hope the album"s other songs are as different and interesting as "Money." I expect to listen to them maybe a few times and see what Roger’s done with them. I don’t think it’s an album that is meant for frequent listening or parties.

He did an interview for Variety in which he talks about it:

Roger Waters Reveals ’Dark Side of the Moon’ Remake, Releases ’Money’ - Variety

I especially liked this line from the interview:

“I love the original recording, by the way, and I love what Nicky (Mason) did and what Rick (Wright) did and what Dave did on the original recording,”

I always like to see people try to end a spat. This alone won’t do it but it may be a start.

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His net worth is 320 million says Google. If there’s a following for his societal musings, I’m coming out with a fried chicken weight loss podcast. 


hahaha......I am eagrly awaiting the fried chicken weight loss podcast !

@thecarpathian ​​@stereo5 

This whole thread has gone all over the place!

Of course the whole point of being in a band is that you play your parts and instruments. If you are like Mike Oldfield you play everything yourself on Tubular Bells, in the case of Pink Floyd every band member played almost on every song, including "Money". So it's irrelevant to mention who played what on that song. The song is credited to Waters. 

More importantly the discussion started because of his re-recording of that track.

As I mentioned before I myself Do Not like the new version. But this has nothing to do with his character or if he is a nice person or not or his treatment of other band members or indeed his political and social views. You can agree or disagree with him but he has had all of those attributes way before re-recording Money! 

Would you like the new "Money" if he was a nice person and perfect band member?

Would you forget about all his characteristics and views if the new "Money" was even better than the original version?

Those of you who have seen Bob Dylan live know that he butchers almost all of his songs .....should we start a thread on what kind of person he is because of that?


.......I agree .....we must separate the Art from the Artist!

Good night everyone (and I thought this was Hi Fi and sound quality forum hahahaha)