Rega P10 with Apheta 3

My local dealer has the Rega P10 with Apheta 3 cart open box (came in wrong color, so never used) for $5,100, retail $7,895. I was not looking for a new TT… but…

I love the look and feel of the P10, form factor is perfect, reviews are glowing and the price looks fantastic. However, I wasn’t looking to spend that money right now. 
My current system:

Pro-ject 1Xpression carbon classic with Hana ML cart

Rega Aria phono stage

Rogue RP-1 pre with NOS Telefunkon medical, Siemens nickel plate & Brimar CV4003 NOS tubes (rolling)

LSA Warp 1 amp

KEF R11 speakers

Rythmic F12SE sub

Aurender N150 streamer

Chord Qutest DAC

My question is would the P10 fit with my system… would it be overkill… is it worth the investment?
I am actually hoping you can talk me out of it! Thanks!



With a "better" phonostage, Rega P10/Apheta could be a final destination.

$5100 is a decent price. 

$5100 can also get a nicer used table,but without the cart.

Go for it only if you're REALLY into LP playback, and don't want the fuss necessary with next level TT.

IMO, it’s a great table, you love looking at it, which is important, and full warranty and dealer support. Upgrading the source is not a mistake. As long as you can responsibly afford it of course. With prices rising the way they are, I personally would buy sooner than later. 

Interesting opportunity.

You would see a significant upgrade going to a P6 or P8 with your current cartridge - I think since it's not planned there's no harm in passing it up.

If you feel it's that compelling - invest the money with a 6 month CD at 5% and re-evaluate in 6 months.  There are a lot of things you can do to improve performance for $5100!

I love playing vinyl. It is my primary source. I CAN certainly afford it. But don’t have a kitchen pass, if you know what I mean. 
All my system, except the TT have been purchased in the last 16 months. Plus all the power cables, interconnects, new AVR, 3 DAC’s, 3 sets of NOS tubes, 2 phono stages, 3 carts, etc. A constant stream. After I bought my Aurender, I told her I was done… for a while. Is 6 weeks a while? 🤔

So I guess the question is, is this where I want to spend what limited wifey capital I have left… for a while… 😏

Approval from the boss means use your conditional pass while you can.

P10 WITH an upgraded phonostage will  keep the ears happy for an extended time

IMO, with your current phonostage, audiophool curiosity will linger.

Perhaps one of those "Only live once" decisions?



LOL. Question: what do you mean by: “don't want the fuss necessary with next level TT.”?

I would jump on it at that price.

I demoed several tables costing more than my P10/Aphelion 2 combo and found nothing to make me move on from the P10.  

I think the only point of improvement or possible change to the P10 might be the cartridge. Some people love Rega cartridges.  Some people hate them.  I’m in between. I also have a Lyra Delos, Accuphase AC-2, Apheta 2, and others.  


I think @tablejockey is referring to a turntable with more flexibility: ability to change out tonearms easily, which requires more adjustments.  Rega is great if you just want a plug and play, but if you get serious about vinyl, you’ll eventually want a turntable that fits the suspension/mass paradigm of vinyl playback…but then you are talking about getting your own cartridges and tonearms, and all the adjustments that come with that.  

You got a beautiful system. There is always room for improvement when it comes to vinyl playback due to its inherent limitations. Each addition we hope will minimize these error and bring us closer to the real thing. Its tricky pulling this thing without the kitchen pass. Can you afford this table and a pair of diamond ear rings or a diamond bracelet? 🤣 Who knows that might get you the kitchen pass for much longer duration so that you can add a better cartridge or even a phono stage. 😆

@signaforce   Tell your wife about the $20,000 TT you would like.  Suddenly you're being soooo reasonable buying the P10.  🤣   I own the P8 with the Apheta-3 cartridge and love it.  You won't be stretching the truth when you explain that missing this deal will mean thousands more in the future.  You can't take it with you.

I own the P10 though I have the Aphelion 2 cartridge. I love love love the form factor. It's what sold me on this TT. And I have mine mounted to my 165 year old factory loft 18" brick wall using the Rega wall mount unique to the P10.

A couple of bugaboos - my Aphelion went dead on the left channel after only 20hrs.  RegaUS distributor handled it well and very quickly. But still, just 20 hrs. on an up-charge cart?  

Second, the P10 PSU does not turn off. It's been an issue since the day I received my TT (so also as it left the assembly plant.). The ON/OFF switch sticks either in the on or off position. A call to Rega distributor/support was immediately answered with, "Yeah, that tends to happen.  We suggest you gently tap the PSU case with a light hammer or mallet or piece of wood. And if that doesn't work then just loosen the rear torx screws holding the case cover to the unit."  I kid you not.  For around $11,000 they want me to take a light hammer/mallet/piece of wood to my PSU.  The starter on my 1968 Chevy Impalas' starter?  O.K.  I get that. But not on the PSU.  

Lastly, the cueing drop does not drop perfectly vertical. It tend to drift ever so slightly to the inside just a groove of two.  I've adjusted my cuing technique. But, again, really? with a close to $11,000 piece of equipment. 

But absolutely love the look and form factor. Wall mount to the brick is SOLID. 

If you don’t make the move you’ll be sayin’, “shoulda, woulda, coulda” .


Go for it!!

Thank you all for your recommendations… especially those with advice on handling “the boss”. 😏

While it is a great deal on a great TT, I am going to pass on the Rega. 

The most important reason is I didn’t realize the power supply could not be hidden as the power button is on the PSU. It is the size of my Aria. That creates space issues as my rack is full. 
Other considerations: I would prefer VTA & azimuth adjustability. Also,I knew I would potentially need to upgrade my phono stage, but hoped the Rega cart would be end stage and if not, the adjustability of the P10 comes into question. I know they have shims… but…

I will continue to search and come back for recommendations. Thanks again!

"I would prefer VTA & azimuth adjustability" 

You have plenty of options, new or used.

Enjoy the hunt.







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I am the only one who thinks the Hana ML on the Project is pretty solid considering the rest of the system? You are doing fine sir. Live with the system and enjoy it. 

I thought so too, even though I’m not a big fan of ProJect. the Hana ML is great for the money.


Your Rega cartridge went dead in the left channel also?!  I had a P8 with a factory installed the upper end Rega cartridge (I think it was an Apheta 2).  The left channel went dead after about 50 hours on mine a few years ago, which is the inciting event that caused me to investigate vinyl in more detail. . .and I'm glad that I did!

YES! After just 20 hours. RMA was dated this past October 2023. Aphelion 3 cart.

@bubba12 @macg19 

Thank you. I actually thought my Hana was one of my strongest components & my TT cartridge combo fit very well within my system. The P10 would have started a new round of upgrades. But am staying pat… for now. 😏


Been happily married for 44 years. Even though my wife doesn’t share my passion for music, she would never deny me mine. Was just having a little good natured fun. Thanks 

Ask for price without the cartridge. I would use the Hana ML with the correct shim. It will sound so much better than the table you have. Later you can trade in your ML for the Umami Blue/ Red. You get a 30% discount at different times of the year. I’m not speaking out of turn. I know a lot about this. If you can upgrade to an Aphelion 2 instead of the lesser cart you will be done. 

The P10 has the cartridge factory installed, so I doubt they will remove it. But can ask. As a side note, it is already priced $1,245 less than a standalone P10. 
Talk to me about the standalone P8 at $3,895, with my ML. Some online actually prefer it. 

The Hana Umami blue/red look like an outstanding upgrade path, especially with the potential trade in offer for my ML. Thanks