Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
Inquiring minds want to know. Don’t know how they pull that off unless very low SPLs are sufficient to achieve the desired effect. Or placebo effect? Both possible. I’ll leave it to others to figure out which and let me know.
Placebo effect forget it! it is too easy to invoke that about ANYTHING someone dont want to experiment with or believe...

Remember that i am not the regular orthodox consumer , i MODIFIED ALL the devices i bought, including set of springs and S.G. i mostly created my other devices myself without buying anything....

Then how do you explain the experiments i did with the S.G. ?

If you add only a piece of shungite with is half the part of my "golden plates" device, on top of the S. G. the sound  will be compressed...

If you add an Herkimer diamond the sound will be decompressed and more clear in highs frequencies range...

It is always the case, not for me only, but from others who try this experiment i recommend...

With this experiment i modify the S. G. adding to it my golden plate (shungite +copper) and add an herkimer diamond for an optimal balancing effect...This is no more placebo but a renewable set of experiments at least 4 experiments, with shungite only, with H.D. only, with the 2 or without any only a nude S.G.

Taking a product like sugar for placebo effect in medecine is one thing, adding materials that modify a device in many didderent possible sets of experiments is another thing totally...

Confusing the 2 is not SCIENCE, it is using a concept in a misplaced context....

For example my 2 years incrementally step by steps increase in S.Q. cannot be attributed to placebo....

A Helmholtz grid of adjusted 18 pipes and tubes is NOT placebo it is pure acoustic science...

In the same way my grid of connected and modified S.G. is not a placebo...

Easy to verify if i disconnect it completely or partially and listening to the sound....

I apologize for not being patient with the "placebo" afficionados...

I dont want to be rude to you.... I speak in general...

You are helpful and i consider you a friend.....

My deepest regards.....
Placebo effect forget it! it is too easy to invoke that about ANYTHING someone dont want to experiment with or believe...

Placebo effect is a real thing. Disqualifying it does one’s argument no good.

maghister, you are taking this much too personally IMHO. You may be right...I may be crazy...( But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for)...

ANyone can see or hear anything at anytime. It happens all the time. Discounting the possibilities serves nobody. Your generators may work great for you. The next guy not so much. Check out Amazon reviews for a sample.

ALso if you can’t hear it how do you know if it is working properly or even if it breaks? Nothing lasts forever.

Just saying. I know you are too open minded to be close minded- Zeppo Marx.
Miller- I'm actually a tolerant person. That's why I'm still posting here. 
Well, Okay, I ordered two today. 
Spent a few bucks more for a better quality built unit.  I'll give subjective feed back in a few weeks when the honeymoon is over....
See below......

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02-24-2021 12:24pm
Serious question for anyone-

If it's the Earth’s natural frequency, then that frequency is already in the room. Why would you need to generate it?


7.83 Hz. This is the frequency that the earth/atmosphere system “rings” at when the Earth IS STRUCK BY LIGNTNING. it does not ring at 7.83 MOST of the time...Not some MOST of the time.

It is also a common frequency your brain “ticks” at. NOT THE ONLY ONE and NOT all the time..

We are leaving out a lot here folks..

Just saying. I know you are too open minded to be close minded- Zeppo Marx.
Thanks very much for your patience and kindness...

Ok if you read my argument it is this:

An  INCREMENTALLY set of additions in a series of experiments cannot be ONLY placebos...

Adding one schumann generator after another one cannot be entirely illusory...

In some  acoustically uncontrolled room  some people could hear no difference, BECAUSE their room and system is too noisy...Like i said i dont recommend S.G. for first  step in embeddings controls...

It work for me first because my room is very heavily  acoustically treated and under controls... Believe me or not i could distinguish between the difference of adding a single straw or not, to one of the main  Helmholtz tube for example...Read about Helmholtz bottles you will know why... It is no bat hearing it is acoustic science...

Then modifying the Schumann generators by connecting all of  them or not, by adding shungite+copper or not on them , by adding herkimer diamonds or not on them ; all these additions are different experiments... Reducing them to placebos effects is preposterous completely...

A  incremental set of experiments is not a piece of sugar in medecine...
If lightning is a plasma, I wonder what having one of those 'lightning globe' plasma generators would induce if put in a room. 
I don't know what the sturm &drung. is here.   Order them if you want or don't.   If you are the least bit inquisitive, amazon has free returns.  I don't care how these work.....all I know is that they do.  
LOL You sound like me, I asked a lot of questions. too.. I use 2, I'm not droolin' any worse than before.. Orange hair count for anything? :-)

My rabbits ears (Junior) lay down when they are on.. is that saying something?. Yup his ears lay down, he is a funny bunny, likes USA blues too, BIG BB King fan. junior the rabbit.. Dog not so much.. She just like to dance,  around the hat...

Ok I’ll ask my simple question again do you face these toward the ceiling or into the room? Thanks
Try the 2 positions and report here.... Is it difficult to try? I dont know the answer or if it will make a difference... Probably not...

My best to you....
I like them facing in the room the best. Cleaned up the imaging even more made it more defined and clear. 
Try at different distances from your listening location since the advertised effect is on the brain. 
This discussion is priceless. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you think it makes your system sound  better, then it does.

Foreign governments tortured hotel guest with inaudible sound waves that got headaches and got physically sick not knowing why. Perhaps this has the opposite effect as people are reporting. Maybe try drinking a glass of champagne before listening. Bet it makes the stereo sound better.....
Kind of OT, but...

Has anyone using these devises (especially in multiples) noticed a change in their bowel movements and/or blood pressure?

Just curious as having researched the device/mechanism these health issues popped up.

More interested in BP, but BM's are always fun reading as well.

Scratch what I said above about the phase of the resonator interacting with the earths natural Schumann resonance. That refers to a EMR frequency. Sound also has frequency and wavelength but is a different kind of wave (sound) altogether. I’m assuming these devices emit sound waves at the Schumann frequency not electro magnetic radiation EMR. 
In  either case however  the device is the source of whatever it is that it may emit so one would expect the results to vary significantly with distance from transmitter ie the device to the sensor ie the brain and ears.  


Schumann frequency is apparently a popular marketing concept for herbal medicine but I am not able to find anything to substantiate that as a valid thing. The most common conclusion appears to be that it is merely a marketing ploy when it comes to selling health products.
The product info on Amazon is interesting. Reads like written in broken English. It says it does not emit sound. That would leave EMR as what is emitted by default. That is what the earths Schumann resonance is based on. So who knows? It’s a mystery. Try it and see if one must. It’s a good kibbutz that does not cost much at least.

  • Stable Schumann frequency Generator:7.83HZ Schumann Wave Ultra-low Frequency Pulse Generator,It emits the ultra low frequency which provides a stable "ambience" within which you listen to your stereo with more perceived clarity
  • Schumann Resonances&Earth's frequency:The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit. Its electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average — the so-called “Schumann resonance,” named after physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann
  • How does the Schumann resonance affect US? Being in the Schumann wave ambience can reduce anxiety, insomnia, and reduce the negative impact of EMF on the body.
  • quiet Schumann frequency Generator:There is no noise at work, you will not even notice its “existence”
  • With AC power adapter: it can be used in sleep and work when plugged in. In order to achieve better results, it is recommended to stay away from electromagnetic radiation equipment when using

In my experience this S.G. work in the electro magnetic linkage with my gear room electrical grid....

Not by sound.... It is clear in all advertisement There is no sound....
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@oldhvymec it’s EM radiation at that frequency/wavelength, not sound. Nothing to hear and outside the frequency range your eyes can detect so you will never see it either.

7.83 Hz has a wavelength of about 38,000 kilometers which is WAAAY off to the right in this chart,  well past EM  wavelength of radio waves. 
It’s a Yiddish word (  קיביץ ) actually that translates roughly to “speak informally”.
I enjoyed reading through most of this thread, especially the explanations posited concerning the earth's frequency and dither. Very entertaining.

@bhvf  I understand your frustration and lack of any response offering a rational explanation.
@ps Ditto.
I can tell you that I have been working in the area of resonance and resonators for a long time and it took a longer time to discover a rational explanation as to why the Schumann resonance devices work to affect audio systems and signals.
The idea is not rocket science, in fact it's pretty elementary physics and electrical theory.
The frequency must be a low em frequency. It can be as low as 8 Hz or even lower. Google ELF or ULF in the frequency spectrum. 

The frequency generated is a square wave. Not a sine wave.

Joseph Fourier, the eminent 18th century physicist made the discovery that square waves are comprised of a series of harmonically related sine waves of various phases (cosines too) from the fundamental out to infinity. The good news is that as you sum the harmonics up the frequency band the amplitude of each subsequent frequency decreases in a logarithmic way.
Every Schumann device that I am aware of, generates a square wave at 7 - 8 Hz or so.
But the question is how does that affect audio signals?
The answer lies in resonance.
Just like a tuning fork, when the frequency of the fork comes into contact with another thing that has the same resonant frequency then that thing is going to vibrate or gain energy from the activating or stimulus energy signal. So, the low frequency square wave with its underlying sine wave harmonic structure interacts with complex audio signals comprised of  sines and various wave forms that can possibly be described under the sun, mathematically (i.e. calculus).
This interaction activates resonances throughout the audio spectrum depending on the activating or driving signal (Schumann) and the audio signal. There is more energy from the resonance happening at the lower frequencies than at the higher frequencies due to the higher amplitude of the early harmonics. Less energy at higher frequencies also assures a more musical affect.
The energy change can be easily measured with a sound level dB meter aimed at the speakers and can be seen on a scope or spectrum analyzer.

To sum up, a low frequency square wave unleashes a harmonic series that when introduced into an audio system, interacts with like frequency signals,produces resonances or an increase in energy or amplitude of those audio signals. 
Greater S/N occurs along with increased dynamic range to the sound.

Btw, there is a brand that promotes the idea and that is ADD-Powr.

bemused is exactly right. Like I said before, this is nothing new. I've been using ElectroClears in my system for at least 10 years. They labeled their products as using QRT technology.  Nordost eventually bought the rights to QRT and have a number of products based on it. I think ADD-Powr is just another derivative of that technology. All of these things manipulate electromagnetic fields and the resonances they create.  I really don't get people who don't understand this or think its "voodoo" After all, since we use Alternating Current (AC) the sole purpose of a transformer, for instance, is to change the magnetic field. The Schumann Resonance is just a naturally occurring change to the electromagnetic field. 
@bemused, There is a sucker born every moment. All of you tweaky guys would do better spending your money on lottery tickets. You might actually get something out of it. 

@ mahgister, I think you need a job.
And no one questions putting a bunch of these in their room, not one of them synchronized with the others. Nor do they question how "efficient" that antenna, often just traces on a PCB, would be at 8Hz. Pet rocks would work better.
@mijostyn and @audio2design - do either of you even know what the Schumann resonance is or how electromagnetic fields work in transformers and/or alternating current? Stop the "pet rock" and "buy lottery tickets" stupidity.
Why would anyone disparage the use of these things.   If they enhance the musical/sonic experience, their existence has been verified.  I don't care how they work...only that they work at all...and indeed they do.   I've had Mk 11 upgrades to components that weren't as efficacious.  
@stringreen - I agree. The frustrating part to me is when the "I only rely on science" or "prove it with science" guys don’t seem to understand the science and then they ridicule/belittle people for trying to explain it to them!

The problem with your theory is the device is emitting an EM wave not a sound wave. How can that interact with sound?  There is definitely nothing to hear in an em wave. Two different things. Does the light you see or long wavelength radio waves emitted affect the sound?  

The answer if there is one seems to be that if an em wave interacts with anything to produce an effect either positive or negative it is the person and not the sound waves.

That is at least the prime theory of how Schumann frequency has an effect on humans and there is little in the literature I can find to firmly support even that outside of marketing material.

Maybe we expert audiophiles here with the golden ears can solve this problem in physics and strike up a big win for all....

@mapman - You truly don’t know how electromagnetic waves interact with sound? How do you think a transformer works? Try placing a magnet on top of your amp and listen to what happens.
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Ok well then by that logic the best place for the device is on or close to your amp. Is that in the instructions? Please try it and report the results.

Just to keep the facts straight,  the magnet does NOT ineract with the sound.   It interacts with the electric circuit in the amp which in that case is likely to have a detrimental effect on the sound if audible.

Oh heaven's sake. A transformer has a core that has wire windings. When alternating current is run through it creates electromagnetic fields within the transformer.
Yes and amp designers go to great length to minimize or totally eliminate that particular effect on the electric circuit.

Its an interesting theory about how the device works its magic. First time I heard it. Not hard to test. Proximity of the device to the amp should produce better sound.

Its a small inexpensive device. What is it’s range?

If it works that way you should let the vender know if not already in the manual so they can inform all users how to best apply their product.

@mapman - this is not theory! Audio signals are electrical in nature. Urghhhhhh  That's WHY electromagnetic fields affect sound. 
No argument there. Just clarifying that it is not the sound waves themselves that can be affected...only the electric signal used to create them...or the person listening.  Both are possible and not mutually exclusive.

If you muck with the electric circuit, anything is possible...good or bad...

So you are saying placing the device closer to your amp produces better sound? Is that how it works?
@mapman - LOTS of audio companies mess with the electromagnetic field in their products. It's not just amps but anywhere an audio signal is present. The most obvious is the transformer because of the amount of electromagnetic fields that are present there. And yes they can be manipulated to give better sound. 
You didn’t answer my question.

 " So you are saying placing the device closer to your amp produces better sound? Is that how it works?"

Since this debate has started three days ago, skeptics could have already ordered a SG off prime for $14.99, had it delivered, and try it out to come to an informed opinion instead of wasting peoples’ valuable time trying to divert folks from it after never even experiencing it. It’s fascinating. 
Yes thanks for that we know people are free to buy whatever they want.

Imagine if NASA relied on incomplete data or hearsay to land that rover rather than understanding every detail of what was involved to make it work to the nth degree.

I know people are not NASA. But some are engineers or technical people or scientists who actually care about how and why things work including their hifis and use that to make informed decisions and others benefit from that. That includes me.

It’s all good. Buy away! If some one can tell me the right way to use the device rather than leave it to chance, hearsay or theory, I might even give it a go.
No it doesn't have to be close to your amp to "work". It interacts with audio signals which are electrical in nature. I'm stopping now. Have a good day.
Well, that doesn’t sell me but thanks for answering the question. Cheers!
On the wave transmission.A few years ago I cut down a large metal can wrapped it in copper foil and placed it over the tranformer in each of my mono does help the the sound acting as a shield for the nearby pcb and outputs. Tom