Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
What are these supposed to do and how do they do it? I read the description on Amazon and still can't figure it out. Does it emit "waves" from a built-in speaker or something else? I see one review of someone that wanted to keep it under their pillow at night but it was too bright. 
I'm glad to hear that you have discovered this tweak (I hate to minimize it by calling it that) which is so affordable and effective. I started reading about it on these forums some years back, and then more or less forgot about it. I give Mahgister credit for making me aware of it again. It is so effective, and so cheap, it just doesn't make any sense not to try it!
I use two, and would not be without them.
Yeah, I bought one over the weekend. Intriguing to say the least, not even from the audio perspective but from the potential health perspective. From what I gather, given the ultra low frequencies is it acts like a sub would in terms of snapping everything together, just at an even lower register. Will be interesting for sure.
They are all the same, so get the cheap one. When I heard about this last year it seemed kooky, but mahgister and roxy54 are credible and higher skilled audiophiles and so I started searching around. Because even at $10 I take my time and DYODD. Right away there was a review of a $400 product that showed the exact same circuit board inside it as all the ones on eBay and Amazon. 

So don't even bother, the circuit boards are all the same. Unless you want to pay $50 to $390 for a box. Don't bother with returns, they are $10 and not worth the trouble. Especially since the only way you will be returning is if you are stone deaf! (On second thought, that could be a lot of the most prolific posters....hmmm....)

What these things do is clear and easy to hear. People so stuffed full of it they cannot do anything until they can talk themselves into thinking they understand what is going on, good luck! Can you tell me how fiat currency works? Your car? AC? Anyone? Beuller? But somehow the world is supposed to stop until we can explain how this thing makes music sound so dimensional, detailed, natural and real? Right. Dream on.

Starting with one I added a couple at a time until now at 8 with 2 more on the way. Each one improved the same amount as the last. So much for the "law" of diminishing marginal returns. Some say they need to be 5ft off the floor. No idea where that comes from. Six of mine are about 5 ft up, but two are right on the floor and when turned off and on (I have them on a remote switch) it is easy to hear they all make the same difference.  

So just get em. Then when you come back and post how awesome they are be sure to thank mahgister and roxy54, and whoever else was willing to endure the slings and arrows everyone with the temerity to act like an actual audiophile is subjected to around here.

Oh and guess what? In spite of the above I have a pretty good idea how they work. And I may even tell if you ask me, like Riddick said, "real sweet like."
Tribbles, because five ain’t enuf.....

seriously, try them..... it may be the only linear ROI line in all of audio. The race to 100 is on !
Where do you place them in your room?  I read that they should be at least 5 feet off the floor, but, is higher better?  Should they be placed facing the listing chair, etc.?

Thanks for the help!
So no one can tell me what they're supposed to do? I honestly have no idea. All I get is some snarky comment from MC about how dare I ask how they work? I don't even know what they do let alone how they do it.
Lets hope there use and lack of test methods dont become the next nest for the antifuse to dribble on. After all it just a wave how could that infuse a positive response. Tom
Try it. Didn’t work for me. Maybe diminishing returns for some systems. Maybe they work best for snarks.

I bought one several years ago when the Acoustic Revive rr-888 came out. It actually made me feel somewhat nauseous when I first started using it. I experimented with placement as well as using a linear power supply.
I have no idea how they actually work or why. I've read material about it as well as Jeff Day's (?) reviews-- I was still left ignorant of what it is actually doing- I think it affects the listener, but some people who I demo'd it to didn't notice a thing.
I still have it, and it is set up if I want to turn it on; I did find that it changed the sound or my perception of the sound, but I'm not sure that I actually preferred the result; it seemed to homogonize the sound and in some ways bring it "in" tighter, taking the raw edge off; but like power conditioners, I wondered if that more "raw" sound without it was providing me with more acoustic information, so I usually leave it off.
Height off the ground is a factor for sure.  FWIW, the thing draws so little current-- on the order of hundredths of an amp, at least in the case of the rr-888, I saw no need to continue using a linear supply. (The switching type supply might still interfere with the system so it is on the standard house lines, not the electrical subsystem dedicated to the audio system upstairs). 
There were some old threads here that had a lot of posts-- some people used multiple units and really like what it did. I think this is a case of subjective applied voodoo---
All electrical components in a house are linked together through the grid....They created one field component: the specific electrical grid of your house...With his specific noise floor....

The S.G. are linked to this room grid.... They are like an ice breaker in a crystallised sea they break the ice of the general noise floor of the house...The information is then better between component..... This is my explanation but I am not a scientist by the way... They also change the pressurized atmosphere of the room like the ionizers do....

Put a piece of my "golden plate" on top of your S.G.....You will change the quality of the sound.... this will prove to you that this is NOT a "subjective" vodoo effect mainly....All is not vodoo or placebo....Superstition of misplaced concepts is not science...

"Golden plates" : Shungite thin plate for phone+ copper tape on the external side, if necessary add a tiny Herkimer diamond for balancing clarity.... I own 12 cheap S.G. in a cable synchonized connected grid....

It is one of my room tuner controlling grids....

The acoustic of a room is not described completely if described only by bouncing waves all along passive walls... Any room must be activated and i use also ionizers for that but also a grid of various resonators, tiny and bigger, but mainly 18 Helmholtz tubes and pipes that COMPLETELY transform my audio system and room ...

An ACTIVATED room is a room where the distribution and location of heteregenuous pressuring engines(H.T and P.) rectify completely the sound pressures levels, the relation between frequencies waves coming from the speakers and the walls at the rate of near one hundred back and forth in one second in any small room... Picture the atmosphere of your room like a very tight set of strings on a violin.....The H. room tuner grid act like a a slight touch on a set of springs or on the " strings " of incoming sets of waves, producing a tuned vibration ....

Helmholtz is the creator of room acoustic after Greek and Roman and probably Chinese before them....😁

Being audiophile is not buying gear or upgrading anything.... It is knowing how to install the gear in his 3 working dimensions, which i called embeddings of the audio system...

The acoustical embeddings by itself is more powerful than almost any upgrade of electronical design....

Imagine the 3 together....
For many acoustically uncontrolled and inactivated room, and with a too high noise floor audio system and house, the Shumann generators will not produce an "audible" effect at all lost in the crystallized sea of noise...

This is the reason why the addition of S.G. CANNOT be the first embeddings controls...

We must control the electrical grid noise floor of the house and room first...
We must control the vibrations and resonance of the gear first....

We must introduce acoustical materials passive treatment and other active controls before an audible effect is produced in many many case the effect are audible tough because no room, no house, no system are alike....

This has nothing to do with placebo effects....
Like others, I have no idea what the Schumann Resonators are, but am eager to learn. And to be clear, I like a good tweak as much as the next guy. But, I have a serious question: is it possible that long-term use of these devices might present a health hazard of one degree or another?  Have there been any medical/scientific done studies?  

To all interested, I recommend you Google schumann + resonance + health.  There's some interesting reading there...
To all interested, I recommend you Google schumann + resonance + health. There’s some interesting reading there...
In asia they use the S.G. to increase well sleep.... I try it but i cannot vouch myself about this effect....

For the sound i can tough.... 😊

To continue my explanation about the S.G. in an electrical grid....

The Noise floor act like an ice on the sea cover erasing the subtle information of the waves ,obstructing the communication....Breaking this ice cover of the general noise floor by introducing a powerful frquence, S.G. frequence, increase the communication between components different specific noise floor, and made possible a better perception of information associated to the sound waves into the ears...But i guess that the S.G. also modify the distribution of pressure zone levels between molecules mass in the air of the room making it more dynamic....I am not a scientist it is only a description perhaps faulty of what i experience....

This citation convey an idea of what i speak about:

…[O]ne of the earliest [applications] of dither came in World War II. Airplane bombers used mechanical computers to perform navigation and bomb trajectory calculations. Curiously, these computers (boxes filled with hundreds of gears and cogs) performed more accurately when flying on board the aircraft, and less well on ground. Engineers realized that the vibration from the aircraft reduced the error from sticky moving parts. Instead of moving in short jerks, they moved more continuously. Small vibrating motors were built into the computers, and their vibration was called dither from the Middle English verb "didderen," meaning "to tremble." Today, when you tap a mechanical meter to increase its accuracy, you are applying dither, and modern dictionaries define dither as a highly nervous, confused, or agitated state. In minute quantities, dither successfully makes a digitization system a little more analog in the good sense of the word.

— Ken Pohlmann, Principles of Digital Audio[1]

I have two of them. They are a birthday gift from my oldest daughter's significant other. They do not help me sleep. I have no idea if they will do anything for sound quality as my system is down until the new speakers arrive and renovation of the media room is completed. As you might suspect I am doubtful. I never would have purchased them myself. He intended for me to use one on either side of the bed for health reasons.
Well, I just got mine... I got the shiny one with pretty lights. $35ish. Just plugged it in, I don’t know what it is doing, but it IS doing something. My system is no slouch and my room is as treated as it can be practically speaking... and damn, it makes a difference. Hard to quantify at this point, I’m just playing with it, but everything seems to be tighter, more distinct. Wider, higher, deeper. Very surprising. I put it right in front of my listening position at seated ear level. No idea if that is “right”. We will see.
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What is that?

A free charge accusation against all users for no reason, save your uncuriousity coupled with blinders?

Or perhaps an audio enlightenement coming from your virginal working brain at birth ?

Nothing of that, probably only trolling stupidity....

All bets are on !

Myself i will safely  bet on the first or third .....
Additional comments on the Schumann Generators (above post).  My system is all Ayre electronics, Vandersteen 5A speakers, VPI turntable/plastic arm/Winfield Cartridge...all audiophile outlets, audiophile cables, careful setup, completely differentially balanced.  I turned the generators on with my wife in the room and she most definitely heard a difference.  She said that with the generators, the music was "sharper, condensed".  I agree... with them, the soundstage opened up, the instruments were separated, greater depth ambiance, etc.  I also noticed that with the a/s on the arm  released the sound was better....I have a feeling the a/s device was adding unwanted resonance.  I also have a Sony walkman with Grado in ear headphones....and with the Schumanns on, the sound was better, although quite excellent without.  I read a lot about this, but still don't understand it....I just can tell you it works.   I walked around the room with them and getting them close to the speakers, the sound was more bright/closed in.   I have them about 4 feet in front of and to the outside on a window sill and about 4 feet from the floor.  The more you listen to its abilities, the more you can focus on as to what it does and the more enjoyment.  It doesn't improve my or my wife's sleep, though the dog is now sleeping the night without bathroom breaks at 3 AM
So no one can tell me what they're supposed to do? I honestly have no idea. All I get is some snarky comment from MC about how dare I ask how they work? I don't even know what they do let alone how they do it.
Did you not read the post? If that is your idea of real sweet like no way you been getting any and no wonder you're so cranky.

Well, I just got mine... I got the shiny one with pretty lights. $35ish. Just plugged it in, I don’t know what it is doing, but it IS doing something. My system is no slouch and my room is as treated as it can be practically speaking... and damn, it makes a difference. Hard to quantify at this point, I’m just playing with it, but everything seems to be tighter, more distinct. Wider, higher, deeper. Very surprising. I put it right in front of my listening position at seated ear level. No idea if that is “right”. We will see.

There you go. A man who actually tried an idea, judged the result by ear, and is already wondering how to make it even better. 

What a concept.

Someone like this I would probably explain for free without even asking. All you with attitude, better practice pretending to make all sweet like. 
PS- geof3, when you buy more, get the one for $9.92 or whatever. Three for the price of the one you got. Much better deal.
We don't know everything, this just in today.

it will be just as interesting and unexpected tomorrow. 

and then another again, the day after that.

science is changing faster than the most quick witted people can handle or take on. It really is moving that fast.

So the backward looking 'cage yourself' (and try to force others so as to feel safe!) into a safe box, people who live through ignorant levels of negative proofing... will not have a single safe little monkey branch to hang on to (while they fling derisive effluent at the mindful explorers who left the tree).

The research team found that atoms of hydrogen, which are very light, provide the bonds that hold the two strands of the double helix together and can, under certain conditions, behave like spread-out waves that can exist in multiple locations at once, thanks to proton tunneling. This leads to these atoms occasionally being found on the wrong strand of DNA, leading to mutations.

Although these mutations' lifetime is short, the team from Surrey has revealed that they can still survive the DNA replication mechanism inside cells and could potentially have health consequences.

Dr. Marco Sacchi, the project lead and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, said: "Many have long suspected that the quantum world—which is weird, counter-intuitive and wonderful—plays a role in life as we know it. While the idea that something can be present in two places at the same time might be absurd to many of us, this happens all the time in the quantum world, and our study confirms that quantum tunneling also happens in DNA at room temperature."

Well, colour me curious. Just ordered my first generator, so I can "dip my ears in" before I consider taking the full plunge.

Thanks for that post. Once I uncorked the genie in my phone it refills from physics and science links all day long . I spend half my day exploring all these new avenues and twists on materials from papers around the world.
Can someone post a link to the $10 amazon ones? I can only find more expense versions. Thanks!
I'm still lost. No one has provided any explanation. Just MC being a dickhead and mahgister talking nonsense. I guess this thread and this resonator are not for someone who would ever question things.
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You don't need an explanation..   Get 2 from Amazon....about 30 dollars each....easy returns
mahgister talking nonsense.
The concept of dither evoked in the citation imported from the book about digital audio is not non sense...

Perhaps i explain thing badly, being not a scientist, but you could have tried to THINK about this "dither" concept before insulting....

I guess this thread and this resonator are not for someone who would ever question things.

And perhaps thinking before making children coming to the world is a good idea, but it is not neceessary to have a complete theory before TRYING something cheap....

It will spare you to insult others in the meantime....

Anyway if you are not able to understand the "dither" concept in my citation, dont ask for any explanation it will be over your head...
Thank you, @ozzy. That was the most helpful comment.  Why can't the "sound" be reproduced by an iPhone app or streamed from Qobuz? What do these standalone generators do that something with a speaker can't?
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The sole fact that the S.G. reproduce the earth resonant frequency is not an explanation by itself, adding "dither" concept to it is a beginning of an explanation.... That was in my alleged "non sensical" post...
May place one inside each speaker and one center stage to be drawn thru the room by my Acustafan.  Tom
I would try it if i could, just to see....Good idea report it....If you try it....

But i am not sure if it is a good idea tough after thinking about it.... 😊
Think front of the Acustafan running in reverse would be easy..speakers tough. Tom
I don’t think the mobile devices or a speaker can produce the frequency needed.
But, good question about Qoboz.

So this thing sold on Amazon produces the frequency by physical moving parts rather than electronically through a speaker? I don't know much about how sound is produced, I just like to listen to music, so my question may not make any sense.  
This was a quote in 2019 from a formerly active poster who loves say the least:

To make things even more confusing the full 7.8 Hz signal from the Schumann CD can be put into the room by tiny computer speakers.
So if that's the case what does the CD do that the Amazon thing doesn't and vice versa?
And I'm not against things like this at all. I just want to know how they work.  This thing looks great and I'd love to try it were it not for the large price tag:
Hopefully I don’t get flamed for this, but I’ll share this anyways. I’m one of the guys who spent $1K on a Synergistic Research Atmosphere Mini X4, mostly because I have a full SR Atmosphere loom and a ton of their HFTs around my room and on my speakers. I find the Atmosphere Mini X4 to be worth the investment.

It’s pretty much a pimped out Schumann Resonator. A typical resonator emits a low frequency below human hearing at approximately 7hz, which helps to cancel out radio frequencies and standing waves that may interfere with the nominal way sound waves should travel. The thought is due to the sun’s rays being more intense during the day, radio frequencies become more intense, and at night, they drop a lot, which is why many people think their systems sound better at night. A Schumann Resonator is a good way of extinguishing or normalizing those unwanted frequencies. For some, it phases out, and for others, it supports correct phasing.

The Atmosphere Mini X4 (and its bigger siblings) basically add a much stronger antenna (and more of them) to improve the broadcasting of the frequency. What differentiates it the most is that it has many different “scenes”, which I think are really just different pulsing patterns, or perhaps slightly different frequencies or broadcasting patterns, but the scenes can shape the way the sound hits you, whether you want to improve soundstage width or depth, make it feel like you’re in a small room, a large stadium, or improve attack - and like a Schumann Resonator, it’s not hooked up to the system / chain in any way.

I’m not trying to sell anyone on the Atmosphere Mini X4, but just wanted to bring awareness of it. I can attest that it works, but whether people think it’s worth the investment is entirely up to them. It’s definitely diminishing returns compared to a $10 resonator, but after having it in my system, I can’t not go on without it.
I read through that.  It's where I got the above quote. No good answers but I found the DIY forum post I'm going to read through while listening to this awesome Billy Strings concert at the Cap Theater. Highly recommend for any jam/folk/bluegrass fans.