So what is the best speaker you have ever owned?

I would like to know what the best speakers in any system that you have owned personally, not just listened. Specifically, what characteristics made it better than anything else? (imaging, bass, dynamic range, smoothness, size, looks, distortion, how it moves air, price, etc.)
thanks, Nita
My current Focal 836v speakers are by far the best that I have ever owned. They were a significant step up and might be considered my first step into the audiophile world. On the flip side, I have yet to hear another speaker in their price range that I have been more impressed with. I've heard several other speakers of similar value that I'd be excited to own, but not instead of my Focal's.
Harbeth M40.1, Sweet treble, as good or better midrange than anything I have heard, good bass. They make me smile, no matter what type of music or recording I listen to.
Tidal Contriva; impossible to single out any one or two or more characteristics; they tick all the important boxes but transcend them and bring music alive
Aerial 5's. Owned a pair for several years, sold them, went to more several more expensive speakers, and just yesterday, picked up an old pair in good shape. I'm in bliss again. The most fluid, natural mid-range and top end I've ever heard.
The OHMs I run currently.

Which model exactly is better depends mostly on room size, not cost.
Krell Resolution 3. I should have kept them -- I've never had another speaker that imaged better or had a more realistic high end.
My current speakers are certainly the best I've owned; Audiomachina Pure System Mk. II - tonal accuracy, extension, imaging, bass control...they simply sound more real....spookily so at times. It would be more difficult to come up with anything they are not doing right. I suppose they are not a head-bangers speaker, but they do suit the music I listen to most. If only my room could do them better justice!
Coincident Total Victory IV's which I have owned for 2 years.I have no desire to change them.They improved even more when I purchased a pair of Coincident 300b Frank's.
I love this hobby !!
My current Coincident Pure Reference Extremes
Nothing else I have heard are as dynamic with so little coloration when matched with my low watt DHT amp.

Ohm F's, beyond a doubt, are the best speakers I've ever owned. The imaging from these speakers is uncanny.
My current Magnapan 1.6qr's
Also loved my Lowther Medallion II's and
Wilson Watt Puppy 3's
Hard to choose one but my favs since 1959 are Dynaudio Sapphire (dealer disclaimer), Ohm F, Apogee Duetta Signature and double stacked Quad 57.
My Apogee Duetta Signatures.....and all tubed components are a match made in heaven to my ear.

Even though I have listened to speakers that I thought were as nice sounding as mine, I didn't think they were better sounding, just different why change speakers? (plus, the last pair I listened to were $17,000 anyway).

I have owned 6 speakers on this list already ... and by a long shot, the best speakers I have owned are the Vapor Cirrus loudspeakers ... see them at
My current Soundlab A1's with Hotrod backplates. Not heard a box speaker as magical as these SL's! Silverline Bolero's are second place...
Reference 3A De Capo's. After BW602, Triangle Comete, these suckers sing, great dynamics at low vol. levels, rich midtones and solid bass for a stand mount.
My Dynaudio C1's. Especially since I replaced my ss integrated with tubes (Octave V70SE).
This is a good question but the answer is relative to so many factors. Price, room size, musical preference and amplification to name some obvious ones.
For me it's a toss up between Meadowlark Audio Kestrel Hot Rod and the Soliloquy 5.0 monitors. I've owned speakers costing 3 times the price of the Kestrel HRs and sold them all after a few months or so.
ESP Concert Grands and Genesis 350 SE (also really liked Coincident Total Eclipses).
This is a record, I believe. It took 27 responses before an answer was given stating that the answer is relative. I'm not saying that it isn't, just that it's rare for a discussion to go this long without it coming up.
My current ProAc Response 2.5 pair. The best thing about them? I forget about them completely while music of all kinds, from the 20's to today, raises goose bumps every day. On a smaller scale, the ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures in my second system have the same quality.
The one's that I currently own...the Sonus Faber Guarneri Hommage's.
Not likely to be replaced any time soon, enjoying them too much..:0)
My Martin Logan CLS IIA's electrostatics are the my favorites. I've had them since 1988 and they have been upgraded to the "A" version. The panels were replaced about 1 1/2 years ago. They are driven by ARC tubes. I have dual biamped (Levinson No. 23) Kinergetics SW-800 subwoofers. An astonishing speaker array.

Not much of a consensus here?
Just goes to show how different we all are in our tastes and preferences......and also why there are so many different speakers on the market?
Merlin VSM MX. Wonderful imaging,easy to drive,extended highs, surprisingly full bass, and very musical sounding.
Not much concensus, but some darn good speakers in the list. Inevitably, for most people, it is going to be the speaker you have at the moment, otherwise, why did you change it.
I have enjoyed a number of speakers listed above, Harbeth, Proac, Devore fidelity, less so some of the others. For my current set up, with a relatively low powered, Class A hybrid amp, the Daedalus Da-RMa monitors, tick all the boxes. Very fast neutral good imaging, look great etc
Von Schweikert Audio VR-4Jrs. Very musical, good with tubes or solid state. Wide sweet spot. Highs sparkle and lows are solid. Worth more than speakers that cost less, and sounds better than speakers that cost more. In my experience. But to each his own.
My current speakers built by Rich Murry of Truesoundworks. Rich built me a set of Apogees Duetta Signatures Ultimates and they just sound spectacular. They completely disappear. Best speaker I have owned.
first is defintiely my current Magnepan 3.6R's, next would be Klipschorns. I'm actually building a new house, and the Maggies will make the trip and take up residence in a media room with a new external crossover, biamped finally in much the same system I now have.

For the main family/great room, I had it designed with 2 enclosed corners for a reason the wife did not figure out! Klipschorns will go there, along with a Cary SLI80 F-1 Signature I procured. So I will own both my favorites again. Very different sounds, but I like them both. Now I just need to find another very good B & O Beogram 8002 for the family room system.
>>02-01-11: Hifisoundguy
Improved BOSE series 6 mk2's... CD's sound like Analog<<

If cd's sound like analog, I'd say that speaker sucks.

Big time.
@ Mceljo
The question was stated as anything but a subjective experience.
Lets say the answer is "Screamingloudbigbottoms Mark III Reference fullrange monitors" can only be stated as in your experience (relative circumstances implied). In no way does anyone see it a question askong for an objective, best speaker, you could possibly own.
Mechans; are you kidding me? You obviously haven't heard the Revised Screamingloudbigbottoms Mark IIIa Reference Platinum Statements with outboard crossovers. Now those babies move straight into the realms of the least for anyone with two working ears. I think they were actually made from Adam's other ribs by The Creator and multiplied like the fabled fish to feed the many hungry ears who can actually afford them.

Actually, I think the point that Mceljo might have been emphasizing (and they can correct me if I'm wrong as can the OP they're referring to), is that in the course of many years and many speakers, a personal best may be somewhat relative to the system and room it was installed in at the time, while some that were not favored may have been far better under different circumstances. At least that's what I was taking as being "relative". Otherwise, you are quite right that the question is asking for a personal experience and opinion and is pretty obvious that it's entirely subjective. Except, of course, for the RSLB Mk. IIIa RP!