Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.

This is a variation on the "Favorite song" (or Classical composition) choice, as this title should in some way be related to mortality. Can you tell I'm approaching the end of mine? For me the choice is obvious; imo one of the three greatest songs I've ever heard (the other two being "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" and "No Time To Cry"): "God Only Knows", music by Brian Wilson, lyrics by Tony Asher, recorded by The Beach Boys in 1965. Light years above what anyone else in Pop music (or even Classical and Jazz) was doing at the time (or has done since), including The gd Beatles.
Hey buddy, I went through that several years ago during a depression period. I would have been afraid to post it then based on what others might think. I'm afraid most of my choices at the time would have been much darker. Tunes like Vic Chesnutt "Square Room" & "Betty Lonely", maybe The Cowboy Junkies version of each. REM's "The One I love" has always popped up. 

In a better place now. I think I've throw the list away? There were MANY more on it.
I'm going to live forever so no songs required......

But if I had too....

How about.....

Who wants to live forever by Queen.
I generally try not to think about such things, but for me a leading candidate would be "The End," as recorded by Earl Grant in 1958, with the repeat of the second verse omitted due to his poor singing (IMO) near the end of the recording.

Coincidentally, the other day I mentioned that recording in the "What’s Your Favorite Lyric From A Song" thread. My post in that thread, dated 4-9-2019:

I heard the following on SiriusXM the other day. Touching lyrics, and sang very nicely IMO except for the part near the end when his singing verges on yelling.

At the end of a rainbow,
You´ll find a pot of gold.
At the end of a story,
You´ll find it´s all been told.
But our love has a treasure
Our hearts can always spend.
And it has a story without any end.

At the end of a river,
The water stops its flow.
At the end of a highway,
There´s no place you can go.
But just tell me you love me
And you are only mine,
And our love will go on till the end of time.
"The End," Earl Grant (1958)

-- Al
Not planning on this soon, but if the Village People are around, they'd do, combined with a full Viking send off (helmet with horns, pyre in a boat, etc.). I may have to substitute long horns if still in Texas. Someone at a restaurant said to me last night, "you only live once," to which I replied, "I certainly hope so, this is a lot of work!" 
Not intended to offend anyone, including Vikings. 
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I didn’t intend the mention of funeral or mortality to be taken negatively! While "God Only Knows" brings me to tears, they are tears of joy. Hearing it fills me with love, and closer to God. I consider what comes next as a reprieve from this life. Aren’t we already in Purgatory? ;-)

@slaw, great nominee in the Jackson Browne song. I LOVE the chord he goes to after the first verse has ended. Where in Hell did THAT come from? Jackson doesn’t get enough credit as a great, great songwriter (good singer too).

Another good (not great) theme-related Brian Wilson song is "Til I Die", on the Beach Boys Surf’s Up album.


Not convinced entirely that we are in Purgatory yet.

However I believe the next generation are or well on the way......
Yes, Annie Haslam-Going Home and Ray Thomas-The last Dream.
And if I decide to get some people in a better mood Ted Nugent-Stranglehold

Just too bad I won’t be able to hear it 😕
@pehare , Into The Mystic is a great choice, one of my favorite songs off all time but I am going with Vans rendition of Just A Closer Walk with Thee and Levon Helms I Shall be Released.
We'll  meet again sung by Vera Lynn while showing the end of Dr Strangelove
Looking up his track on youtube, we find a lot of people saying that it was played at a funeral, by request, by the deceased:

Jon Hopkins, Abandon Window

Some days it would be a version of Angel from Montgomery.Other days maybe Octopus's Garden:)
"A Cowboy's Best Friend Is His Horse", as performed by George Gobel.

I'd like side 4 of Johnny Winter's "Second Winter"
It won't offend anyone, and brief. 

Preferably, on a very expensive tube/table system thru gigantic horns.

Afterwards, raffle the system to one of the guests.

I'm eating breakfast, watching fake news on TV.  

Enjoy the weekend everyone. I'm getting ready for a bike ride. 
Sunny,mid  70's in weirdoville SoCal.

bdp24- blasting Mountain-"Climbing"  for the album in my head while I chug up Signal Hill,past the long forgotten Foothill club.

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@tablejockey, hey The Foothill Club was a great one! I played a set there in the late-90's, backing Specialty Recordings artists Don & Dewey, label-mates in the 50's with Little Richard and Ritchie Valens. Hardcore Rockabilly clientele---they danced!
@tablejockey, side four of Second Winter would be very hard on your stylus, but then it really shouldn't matter to you, your dead.
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I just remembered that great scene in Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, when Slim Pickens is dying as Dylan's "Knocking On Heavens Door" plays.
Funeral? Won't be a funeral, maybe a wake before they burn me. Then you'll hear a bunch of scoots crank up and benefit run if I live my life by the code...*chuckles

Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell
A wake. That’s a funny name for it. You’re not really awake.  
Ooh, good one @tls49! I love the two Wilbury albums, and went to the tribute show for Roy at the Wiltern Theater in L.A. Barbara Orbison was there, and looked stunningly beautiful.
"My Ride's Here" By Warren Zevon
”Moonlight Mile” by Rolling Stones
”He’s Gone” by Grateful Dead
Jean Luc the Enigmatic Ocean Album....The Struggle of The Turtle To The Sea....oh hell, just play the whole damn album.
Also sprach Zarathustra as folks come in.
Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding in the middle
Your Song as closing
“Lay Down” by The Strawbs, “Songbird” by Christine McVie, “Mister, You’re A Better Man than Me” by The Animals and “Mess” by Ben Folds Five. 
No particular order, but my fav songs...many more as well, but a few:

Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller)
When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky (Jeff Healey Band)
Stormy Monday (Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East)
These Arms of Mine (Otis Redding)
Blue Christmas (Elvis)
Pancho and Lefty (Emmy Lou Harris)
Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee!)
Johnny Be Good (CHUCK!)
Born to Run/Stand On It (BRUCE!)
Ohh, Baby Baby/Second That Emotion (SMOKEY! and the Miracles)
16 Candles (The Crests)
Peggy Sue/Rave On (Buddy Holly)
Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Linda Ronstadt)
Dancin' In the Street(Martha and the Vandellas)
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
Can I Get a Witness (Marvin Gaye)
I Heard it Through the Grapevine (Gladys Knight and the Pips)
Breakfast in Bed (UB40 w/Chrissie Hynde)
Roundabout (Yes)
Hotel California/Already Gone/Please Come Home for Christmas (Eagles)
I Saw Her Standing There/All My Loving (Beatles)
Without You (Heart, but credit to Harry, of course...)
Come Monday/Why Don't We Get Drunk (Jimmy Buffett-You Had to be There Live)

And LOTS of DANCING and singing to these songs and more as the Neptune Society scatters me in the Atlantic...

Stick this play list on your ol' hi-fi today and see if you don't wanna dance and sing!