Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts

I have a Stealth Audio Black Magic V.20 Ethernet Cable that is 3 meters long.   It is an absolutely fantastic sounding cable.  The cable is too long and I reached out to Stealth Audio to inquire about splitting the 3 meter cable into two 1.5 meter cables which would involve Stealth Audio providing 2 new connectors.   This is Stealth Cables' (exact quote) reply,

" The retail of one Black Magic V.20 3 meter is $2,400 USD.  The retail of one BlackMagic V.20 is $1,950 USD.  For two, the total would be $3,900 USD.  The difference is $1,500 USD.  This would be the price for a splitting and getting two new cables with fresh connectors."  

In my opinion, $1,500 for splitting the cable in half and providing 2 new connectors is ridiculous.  Not more than 15 minutes of labor would be involved.  I priced the exact Telegartner brand connectors and they cost from $20 to $27 each or $74.00 for 10.  

Your thoughts?




Personally, I find their response arrogant and highhanded, but totally within their rights, but if that's how you feel about it, feel free to find an alternative source to do the work.

I agree that it is within their rights.  I am going to do the splitting myself for $54.  Installing a RJ45 end on a CAT 7 cable isn't rocket science.  The reason I reached out to Stealth was to have Stealth Cable OEM end stickers. More of a vanity or OCD thing.  

this also relates to resale, as many would be hesitant to spend big money on cables self terminated...

Jl35 - you are correct.  To maintain top value, a Stealth Audio sticker on the end of the cable would help resale value.  

Well if you’re going to rob someone you may as well rob rich guy versus the poor guy

I say do the job yourself. It would affect resale, but who cares? Resale on cables is terrible anyway.

Unfortunately, in this particular case, it's all about the mighty dollar. 

At first I thought what a terrible company, but in the end I see their point.  From their viewpoint, they are concerned about people purposely buying a long cable, dividing it up and selling the new shorter cables for a profit.

Also, they likely think a three meter ethernet cable is not too long for proper functioning in any way other than perhaps visual.

@joseph796 I agree seems unacceptable. It would be the last time I'd buy a Stealth cable. So they lost some sales and more importantly good faith. Today the Internet is very powerful hopefully they will see this thread and reconsider.

It seems a number of companies do not like to split and re-terminate cables...but they simply say that's not a service they provide and suggest you sell your old cable and buy a new/used cable in the desired length...

@jl35 but Stealth isn't saying this, they are willing to do the work just at a HUGE cost.

Jetter -   When I asked another cable company to split a cable, the company gladly accommodated my request with a smile for a nominal fee.  Now that's good customer service.    

In this situation, I would have better accepted an answer that they don't offer this type of service rather than saying that they will do it for an unreasonable charge.   

$1500 for $100 worth of parts plus 15 minutes labor just doesn't sit right with me.  


Also, using Stealth's reasoning, they based the charge off of new cable value to new cable value at MSRP prices.   Since the cable is used, the pricing formula should have been based on USED cable value to USED cable value.   I'm speculating, but my estimate is that the difference (hence charge) should  have been closer to $500 not $1500.  $1000 for a used 3 meter.  2 at $750 ($1500 total) for used 1.5 meter cables.  $1500 - $1000 = $500.  


I agree with you 100%, that it would have been totally better to say they don't offer this type of service.  I'm also with you that I think If I had a cable company I would offer the service you requested at a nominal fee.  But then again I would never have thought there were people out there that may be gaming the system buying long cables on purpose, as this seems to be what Stealth is implying.  But their response is rude and totally not well thought out.  Sounds like it came from a disgruntled employee.

If I ran the company I would treat the customer with respect and go out of my way to help them out. I would charge time and materials… or do it inexpensively. Unless, I started receiving many requests for folks cutting them down I would do it. You want a company folks want to do business with. 

It is absolutely within their rights to respond as they have, but they are getting lots of negative good will for doing it. 

I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of answers from mfrs. What it amounts to is they don’t want to do it. The cables are probably (I don’t know positively) made by machines so having to have someone sit down and split one is a hassle to them when they can just sell you a new one off the shelf.
I agree it’s laziness and they don’t care. I’ve worked for a couple companies like this. Hated being connected to this kind of service.