Stereo image off-center

I have a ask. I have used Diana Krall's - A Case Of You (Live) from the Live In Paris album as one of my test tracks (for some weird reason). If streamed from Qobuz or Spotify, Diana's vocals are clearly on right side in my system. I have also the Analogue Production's vinyl version of the album in which Diana's voice in middle. I'm wondering if there is something weird in my system, so it would be nice to hear where is your Diana in your system?


If your setup involves digital room correction you may have set that wrong somewhere.  Otherwise, time to try swapping interconnects.  Left to right as well as different pairs between your DAC and preamp.

She could also have been out drinking when you listened.  Digital is funny that way.

In my experience, when the sound stage shifts dramatically something is hooked out of relative phase.  

A little to the right I’d say. The track is much more close recorded compared to the others. Very nice. The applauses are also drawn to the right. Maybe another evening?

I'm listening to the CD, and her voice is centered, but the piano occupies a lot of the right side. 

Sounds like you need to check everything.

I used to get intermittant off-center, turned out to be the old corroded, and slightly smaller rca jacks on my vintage McIntosh tuner/preamp. Move any cable of any piece of equipment, a contact on the tuner/preamp might get disturbed, one channel making a better contact than the other.

Audio Classics replaced all the rca jacks with new tight gold plated ones, problem gone.

And I now use cables with locking rca jacks, mess about with anything, they stay firmly connected. 

There are occasional tracks recorded with off-center imaging. The more revealing/imaging your system, the more you become aware of this.

For that reason, I am a big fan of Balance Controls, especially remote balance.

asctim, erik_squires, gosta  thanks for testing.

ddd1, elliottbnewcombjr thanks for the suggestion, but I wanted to if this particular recording is off-center.

fuzztone so you hearing with your ears now, are you?   


Streaming from Qobuz thru Roon with my own room correction convolution filters, Diana vocals across the center with piano splashing across from right to left...

REW can help get your speaker placement 100% correct which makes all the difference... And custom room correction is the icing on the cake...

I wonder which side of the groves are L and R with vinyl and if there is anything slightly off there? 

Thanks @macg19 @mcroth @ddude003 for testing. 
For me vinyl is dead center as well, but Qobuz and Spotify through dac are a bit to right. I have tried swapping interconnects, phase settings (dac & amp). Those have no impact on the off-center vocals.  

Yes, the streaming version seems to have some tracks balanced just a little to the right. You also hear this on the applauses. Great uptempo numbers as well with fine dynamics. Won’t change any settings :)