The song you just cant stop playing???

As a spinoff from another thread, what is the song(s) you just can't get enough of? there are four songs on Tift Merrit's "Tamborine" that I keep on playing
---Good Hearted Man
---Laid a Highway
---Like a Tambourine
---Still Pretending
Loreena McKennitt: 'The Visit' - Bonny Portmore.
Eva Cassidy: 'Songbird' - Fields of Gold.
Chris Botti: 'Thousand Kisses Deep' - My Funny Valentine.

I think what I find so appealing about these cuts is that they are down-tempo, laid-back and sparsely arranged. Very intimate and lots of ambiance.
Geeze, I couldn't get through ONE play of "Tambourine" the recording was so G-D awful. I sold it before I even played side two. What a disappointment after "Bramble Rose" which had good tunes and was pretty well recorded. Tift changed producers and everything just went to S--t.
Marthas Foolish ginger-tori amos-actually hated this song and all the songs on The Beekeeper.Presently, I only hate 3/4s of the songs.
How can I kiss the lips at night, that have been chewing my a$$ out all day long ... Vince Gil and the Cherry Bomb's
...Attention all the shoppers...;
...Drink Scotch Whiskey all night long
and die behind the wheel...;
...Peg, will you come back to me...;
...When Josie come home...;
...These are the things I miss the most...

God! I just realy adore them all exclusivelly!
Anything from the DCC remaster of the "McCartney" album. This recording was all done by Paul in own home studio, and sounds like it!! It's a very good recording to test the resolution of a system....the more background noise you hear, the better the resolution. A highly under rated album. "Maybe I'm Amazed" was the hit off of it.
Copied Keys by Kathleen Edwards, from her new CD. After seeing her do this song live, I cannot get enough. Highly recommended.
The demo version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Beautiful acoustic version with a different set of lyrics at the end.
Fab...what do you mean by the demo version? Where, how can I hear it. This is one of my all time favorites.
"Shadow in the Way"--what a way to end an album. A serious scorcher, to be sure, and it sounds like they had a blast in the studio making it.
Papertrail: Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. On the Beatles "Anthology 3" is Georges demo of WMGG. It's just him on an acoustic; Paul comes in toward the middle with a little bit of organ. As I said, there is also a different lyric at the end. Truly beautiful; I actually prefer it to the electric version.
Nice choice Albert - have you discovered the world of badgers yet?


Finally I've found a level!

Dmurfet,LOL,,very good!You and Albert made my day,,another song ive loved for years and still cant get enough of is;Sade,Bullet Proof Soul
That cat on the concertina is cool. Probably has some "poleka" cat in his lineage.
"Nights When I Am Sane" by Mickey Newbury. The whole cd---I can't get enough. His music strikes a chord somewhere deep in me. I think he is probably the most underratted songwriter--maybe ever. He is also a good musician and singer. Every song is so poignant.
My wife and I both are particular about Christmas music, but we're both enjoying Diana Krall's Christmas CD alot.
Group: Big Shoulders
Album: Big Shoulders
Song: Big Shoulders

Well, it’s not exactly the song I “just can’t stop playing”, but it’s pretty darn cool and I bet most of ya haven’t heard it.

Check them out at ..... or not.
Bowie's version of Wild is the Wind (live off of BBC studio concert series). I simply never get tired of it.
Email My heart, Britney Spears.. Albert I have a teenage
girl also.How can I stop Her from playing, while She
is dancing?
You don't Jayctoy, just hug her and accept her music. She will mature and likely forget about Britney and that will be your loss more than hers.

Kids are amazing.
Well said, Albert. I remember my daughters listenting to Milli Vanilli---"Girl, You know it's true". Thank God they have matured into young women with pretty good tastes.
Qualia8, you sir have great taste in music. Goldberg Variations, what a wonderful piece of music. I never grow tired of listening to it.
Thank you, Champtree.

Glenn Gould first brought the Goldberg Variations to life in his best-selling 1955 debut recording, a brash interpretation that made this "difficult" piece into child's play. He revisited the work in his final recording in 1981, shortly before his death. Only this time, deliberation was the rule, not playfulness. You can hear every voice, every line, clearly and distinctly. And the whole work is tied together by precise ratios in the change of tempo. Gould covers the range of human emotion in this piece. The stacatto in the bass of the first variation is violent and precise. The legato in the aria, especially when repeated on the final track, is tender and absorbing. Everywhere, Gould finds things -- structures and patterns -- you didn't know were there. Masterful.

I've heard many artists' visions of the Goldberg Variations, but the 1981 recording is more beautiful than the others by a wide margin. Then again, I am a huge GG devotee, and own almost his entire body of recorded work. It's out of control; for example, I have a cd recording of the 1981 Goldberg (from the A State of Wonder set), the SACD-only disc, and a VHS of the filming of the session.

Sorry this post sounds so pedantic and stock. This is what happens when you truly love a piece of music. You lose the ability to describe it. I never even try to write poetry.
low: time is the diamond, off of "trust".

excellent sonics, haunting music (take old velvet underground and slow it down...a lot). highly recommended.
I second the Loreena McKennitt choice from her CD the Visit and must add:

Sharlene Wallace --Beyond the Waves --beautiful harp with deep silky notes that leave you yearning for more.

Ray Montford --Shed your skin --A Canadian artist from Toronto Ontario. Amazing acoustic guitar music.
Nothing lately but at various times earlier in life:

Classical Gas - Mason Williams
You can't always get what you want - Stones
Karn Evil 9 - ELP
I'm not in love - 10CC
Miracles - Jefferson Starship
Won't get fooled again - The Who
Hippo song notwithstanding, here's what keeps getting played time and again in my house:

Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up
Sarah Brightman - Eden
Christian Theileman et all - Carmina Burana on DG DVD-A
Ton Koopman - Organ Spectacular; famous organ works by Bach on DVD-A
Stan Getz Quartet - Pure Getz on SACD
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out on SACD
Ludacris - Red Light District
24u, I agree about Ray Montford 'Shed Your Skin' - great music and playing, well recorded. I have a couple of his other discs but they're not quite as well done.

If you like Loreena McKennitt, I highly recommend her 2 CD set 'Live in Paris and Toronto'.

Eva Cassidy--"Live at Blues alley". The rest of her catalog is pretty special too. If yuu don't have something by her, you are missing something special.
I also can go a month or so and not listen to Jennifer Warnes "The Well", but when I do play it again and give it a good listen, I wind up listenig to it regularly for the next 3-4 weeks--like almost for the first time.
I don't think I will ever tire of these ladies' voices.
her new album is worth buying for this song alone, and there are several fantastic others.