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Me: Honey, come listen to the new speakers.
Her: I don’t hear the speakers.
Me: What do you mean you don’t hear the speakers?
Her: (pointing to the new speakers) I thought these are your new speakers.
Me: Why, yes they are, but I don’t understand what you mean. You can’t hear the speakers?
Her: No. Are you sure they are playing because (pointing to acoustical panels on the front wall) I hear THOSE speakers.
Me: Oh, no, those are acoustical absorption panels, not speakers. You can’t possibly be hearing them.
Her: Acoustical what?
Me: Let me explain: (Pointing to the new speakers) Honey, what you are hearing are coming from THESE speakers.
Me: (Proudly stating) Due to proper speaker placement, room treatments, etc. the resulting soundstage makes the music seem to be coming from behind the speakers. Like it’s coming from the acoustical panels.
Her: What’s a soundstage? Is that another expensive big and heavy thingy you just bought?
Me: (Sweating) No dear, "soundstage" is just a term to describe an aspect of music reproduction.
Me: It’s what led you to believe the absorbtion panels were speakers.
Her: You mean THOSE expensive speakers sitting in the middle of the room (her exaggeration) are making it sound like music is coming from the wall?
Me: (Broadly and proudly smiling, and so sure I justified the expense) Exactly! Yes dear! You do understand afterall!
Her: Well maybe. But what I don’t understand is why you bought speakers expensive enough to make the music come from the wall behind?
Her: If you want the sound to come from the wall then why don’t you just sell THOSE speakers and buy cheaper ones to hang on the wall and give me back a third of the family room?
Me: (Hand to my head casually wiping a bead of sweat) But honey, you don’t understand. You see the on axis dispersion doesn’t just make sound seem like it is, ...
Her: (Stopping me mid sentence) Oh, by the way, just how much DID you pay for THESE speakers???
Her: And what about all these big electronic thingys you call monobutts?
Me: They’re called Monoblocks honey. They are non stereo amplifiers. That’s why there are two of them.
Me: You see, together they produce the stereo effect.
Her: (pointing to the Hegel) Well then why is there only one of those white amp thingys?
Me: (Thinking I distracted her off of what I paid for THESE speakers) That, honey, is an integrated amplifier/preamplifier which operates in stereo. That is why only one of them is needed.
Her: So is that white thingy (the Hegel) less expensive than your mono whatevers?
Me: (Feeling somewhat trapped) Yes it is.
Her: So you paid for more expensive mono thingys, two of them, instead of going with the less expensive white thingy?
Me: (Really desperate now and wondering if I am to be banished to the sofa in the basement or the one in the garage) But Honey have I told you how much I love you today?
Her: No, actually you didn’t. You can tell me just how much you love me after you tell me how much you paid for THESE speakers.
Her: And your mono things!
Her: And your absorbing panel thingys!
Me: But Honey I love you so MUCH!!

to be continued, ... (next I will have to try to explain the four black boxes (Subwoofers) scattered about the room!)

Be safe everyone!
At this point, I am trying to do the same!
I tell my wife the same thing except I say cheaper than the new Corvettes 
I dunno, are Vettes North of $200 ?

but I like your thinking.... except, I love the new Vette...
I just copied your post and emailed it to my wife. Waiting for her reaction...

I can do anything i want and buy anything a want for my sound room.Its good to be the king.
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Absolutely great!!  That was such a good story; had me smiling / laughing the whole way through.  Freakin’ priceless 😂
By the way, sounds like your wife is a great gal, and you seem to be a good husband as well!

Clarification: No for sale ads going up.  Most of the this was good natured "bickering" on my wife's part.
I'm sure she got a kick out of seeing me sweat!

@ozzy  I hope your wife will enjoy reading my post!  

Just wanted to share a light exchange that turned humorous.

We could all use a smile these days :)

@ebm Wish I could say the same!

@b_limo I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And yes my wife is a great gal!
Might need to quote you to my wife on the "seem to be a good husband" part!

Well @ebm you made me think of the Tom Petty song : It’s Good to be King

cranking it now, hopefully she doesn’t mind....

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hleeid, ya, the battle-of-the-sexs' is just an exercise to keep each on their toes, in good fun. As if they're the weaker sex..🙄
hleeid, Smart tactic to address her as "Honey" before introducing your new speakers..... 👍
Probably could have just pulled your speakers father out into the room and heard the same thing!  LOL

Women. You can't live with em, you can't ... well okay let's just leave it at that.
Before I go I'm gonna leave her a note that says don't sell this for what I said I paid. ;) Just kidding She knows exactly and is fine.'cept she doesn't play vinyl so by then there will be two turntables and great records for sale. I have a proxy who will take care of things. "don't monkey 'round my widder when I'm gon. Or I'll haint you." Apologies to Chet Atkins and Doc Watson.

When when buying my present system, I was looking at Maggie’s and my wife said “Are you sure you don’t really want the 20s instead of the 3s?.  I ought 3.6s and love her so much.
After 35 years of marriage my wife let's me buy what I want, because to her it's cheaper to let me do that than to kill me and replace me with a different model that might cost her even more to maintain.
I have a man cave too. My spouse seldom visits.  When I buy a new piece of equipment I just wait for her to notice. Sometimes it’s a month or more. I just traded in ZU Omen MK2 for Soul supreme under their upgrade policy – nice policy, BTW. They are the same color, blonde maple.  The distinctions are the tweeter is on the top and the woofer is on the bottom and they are tapered. I’ll let you know if she notices. LOL.
I’m sad that she cannot participate in my joy.

@ozzy ....Hey, it's been nice hangin' with you....what sort of flowers should we send to the service, and where? ;)

@michaellent....Ah, the joys of wishful thinking....
She has noticed.
She's being a saint, and incredibly diplomatic.
You're either very lucky....or highly delusional.
Treat her like a jewel. *S*
I'm getting some of this already.  And we're not married!!  But she does like the music.  I have my audio fetish.  She has her shoe and purse fetish.   I roll my eyes (holding my tongue) when she shows me a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes she just bought .  Speaker cables for the feet.
My system has never improved so much, or sounded better, than after I got divorced.
I started on this high-end quest after my girlfriend left in December.  And it’s been a long time since I was married.  As I recall, the trick was to agree that she could spend for something she wanted and I could spend on something I wanted.  But money was tight, so she got an outfit and I bought an antenna.  Lol
Audiogonners! I am so happy that my story has brought smiles to those taking the time to read my post!

It truly means a lot to me.

I am also feeling quite welcome here as a newcomer thanks to the good people contributing their knowledge and assistance to this honorable and respectable hobby.

I also hope and pray that the smiles be more contagious than the sadness surrounding us especially now.

I am also sure that there is a wealth of happy/funny/inspiring stories amongst you.

I look forward to hearing from, and continuing to share with you, stories rooted in positive outlooks, good humor, comradery and a shared faith in the goodness of mankind.

My wife Jennifer and I wish to extend our hopes and prayers to you all for safer and happier times to come.

God bless!

Jennifer and Hans (thankfully not on the couch in the garage!) (Yet!)
Thanks for that story, I've lived nearly the same deal for 40 years now.
I love to tell her how things work, how they're connected etc  etc.  She
listens intently for about 3 minutes and then rolls her eyes and says "Can't we just blast some Allman Brothers?". 

Also has no desire to try to "operate" the system.  "Way too many knobs, switches, buttons".  She doesn't notice a new piece at all, period.

Just like I don't notice a new handbag or shoes.  Works well.
LOL. Very funny. Thanks. I've been married 38 years and have a man-cave in the new downsized house. Works for both of us. She watches TV in peace and quiet upstairs and I blast whatever I want downstairs. And no, she has no idea what stuff is and rarely visits, but loves to listen to Frank on MoFi once in a while. 

Thank you for sharing.
My old girl friend ( now wife). tells me she is going out now so I can go the Fedex store and sneak my stuff in the basement audio room. Let's me think I am getting one past her. She is very nice that way. Every thing costs me double but that's ok. Cheaper  to keep her. 
... All I ever hear is
"You're done"

Fuzztone, what are you doing hanging around my wife?!?    Don't forget that other gem of brevity and decisiveness, "No more," LOL

Howard Stern was interviewing Chuck Norris years ago when Norris was going through a nasty and very expensive divorce and said: “You know why divorce is so expensive?  Because it’s worth it.”  This crossed my mind as I read your conversation, but glad it ended amicably and thanks for sharing.  Mars and Venus loom large in the audiophile’s world. 
Very good story. It sounds familiar in so many ways.

When I got the Maggies, I started with them at about 2 ft. from the wall. She said that’s nice, but can they be a little closer to the wall? Ea. day I fudged them out a bit farther, until they finally sounded right, at almost 4 ft. out. After a few days she said "I know those speakers are out further than they were. Do they really need to be that far out?" I said "Ya, that’s where they sound good." She said "yes they do sound good, but.....never mind." They’ve been setting out there sounding great for going on two years now - I think she’s getting kinda used to them.

She is a good sport though. She even helped me pick out some acoustic drapes to hang on the wall behind the speaker and helped with a few other acoustic make overs.

In all, I’m very happy with my audio room and she’s been more than tolerant.....Jim


She is a good sport though. She even helped me pick out some acoustic drapes to hang on the wall behind the speaker and helped with a few other acoustic make overs.

Looks like I’m still several levels behind you! I am still trying to get past the "trying to explain things" level!

Certainly doesn’t help whenever FedEx arrives and I’m doing the "quick as I can" unboxing, stashing the new gear (for a while because I’m just too nervous for a few days), folding/stashing the boxes into ever widening vertical piles against a few walls, chasing down the packing foam remnants on and under the sofa, the floor, my clothes, ...

Just today, I saw her flipping through the new Audio Advisor catalog as she brought in the mail.

Her: Are you kidding me? Is this where you’re buying stuff from?
Me: Honey I’m so glad it’s warmer now because, my God you look absolutely stunning in those sandals and shorts!
Yes, use flattery when you're about to be in the hot seat. Then come's the .....                      "Don't  honey me"!!!  😂
I have always found a new purse smooths over everything. Especially an LV. And a $2,000 purse is just as justifiable as a $2000.00 interconnect. 
My AF for a W hit overload decades ago, so I did away with one of those. The ONLY AF I am concerned about is mine. Your mileage may vary.
@halvis Sorry to hear about the overload.
Hopefully your mileage has been enjoyable since.