What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?

Used is ok. I have a Schröder arm that I can either sell or use with the table. Has to be on a wall shelf so no idlers (I already have one waiting for a bigger house!).


The antithesis of the Idler is a DD in my view. My experiences of ownership of each and having compared them is the DD is fleet-footed animal, there is not a trudge in the mud to be found.

The Idler is a heavy-footed beast, there is a lot of taming required and mass does seem the most successful at reigning it in, and that is not going to get it out of the starting blocks with any verve.

A mass set up on a Wall Shelf will not allow for much peace of mind.                        A DD TT on a Wall Shelf has proven to be quite a valuable mounting method when experienced. 

I figure I spent just over $5K for my assembly of my 3 arm TT, including the 1st round of moderately priced new cartridges and 3 arm SUT.

JVC TT and Deck, and 2 arms used. The12.5" long arm from Russia that I took a chance on was new.

8th Photo Here


Probably the Well Tempered Versalex, though I’m not sure I’d want to exchange a Schröder for an LTD. They’re also made in China which puts me off a bit but that will weigh as you will.

I actually run the Schröder designed Artemis SA-1 but that’s been orphaned for a while now and I did have trouble with the motor bearings drying out but managed to get some oil in there and it’s been fine for the last few years.

A Schopper or a Swissonor rebuilt Thorens TD124 without tonearm. I heard it (Swissonor) at home. The transfo for running it at 215 / 220volt is mandatory.

Probably the Well Tempered Versalex

Interesting because I have much love for the WT tables. I was using a Simplex on 2 occasions as temp tables while something was being repaired and I always was amazed a how I could probably live with one. 

I've been looking at an Artemis as a possibility but they are hard to find.

Depends on your wall shelf - how much weight it can carry.

Best lightweight option Rega P10 -complete package - under $7k - outstanding product.

If your shelf can take weight - Sota Saturn with vacuum and Eclipse $7k

Agree Kuzma R is very good but prices out at around $9k sans arm.


In that price point the clearaudio ovation is a great deck. I had the performance DC for a while and was thoroughly impressed. What I don't know is how good a fit the Schroeder arm is. If you can stretch a little you can get a brinkmann Bardo which is what I have now and have been absolutely own away by. The DD mechanism is an amazing design 

Someone I know suggested a Feickert Woodpecker. Anyone with experience with one?

I moved from a VPI Prime 21 to an Acoustic Sold table from Germany and i'm very happy with the build quality and sound for less than the VPI set up, and frankly better built than the VPI. Acoustic Sold has been around for over a decade they make tables up to $150k. 

Acoustic Solid – Handmade in Germany (acoustic-solid.com)


Dear @dhcod  : 1+ for the Rega RP-10 that even comes with a top tonearm performer.

Look, in the M.Fremer review of the SAT XD-1 DD TT with a price tag of around 98K+ he commented this:


"" The XD1 shares some sonic characteristics with Rega's revolutionary RP10 turntable: ultrafast, clean transients throughout the audible frequency range; tight, fast bass; revealing midrange transparency; and overall sonic stability and focus. All these characteristics result, apparently, from careful attention paid to structural rigidity and the removal or prevention of unwanted vibrational energy. ""


and in both TTs used same top LOMC cartridges.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


You haven’t said which Schröder you have. I’ve heard the CB and briefly the BA as well as my Reference and enjoyed all three. The various CB, I’ve heard were on a PTP, a CS Port and a Dohmann, as well as one on a Brinkmann Oasis and they all sounded special even in the company of the top Glanz  on the CSPort.

Two adjustments that I’ve found critical but are not present on a lot of other arms are the tension of counterweight grub screw and the screw that holds the cartridge carrier to the headshell, the latter was always the wood version, I’ve not had a play with the metal version but Schröder says it’s even less forgiving. I find a light touch is needed for both and assessing the result by ear. If you have the knack of setting up your Schröder hang on to it, it’ll be very hard to beat.

If you have a chance, check out the Luxman PD-151MARKII.

Luxman has done a great job building & voicing their turntables the past few years including the earlier PD-151 & PD-171 models.

No tweaking required.

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SL1200G is an interesting suggestion. Have you compared it to a expensive belt drive?

Lots of interesting suggestions but 4 were Kuzma R. I think you have your answer. 😉

Sota Nova Vacuum by a country mile. You can put it anywhere and it could care less. Don't forget to get it with a dust cover. You have to weight your tonearm with cartridge mounted but leave the cable off the scale. Sota will need this weight to make you the right weight tonearm board. 

Lots of interesting suggestions but 4 were Kuzma R. I think you have your answer.

Believe me, I would have bought one already if it didn't weigh 100lbs! I don't have a  strong enough wall shelf for that.

Sota Nova Vacuum by a country mile.

Sadly vacuum tables are out because of space limitations. Nowhere to put the air supply. If I had enough room I would just build/buy a massive stand and an idler. That will have to wait for the next house.

I’m curious to know what agoners think about the REGA P10. It is in the OP’s price range including the tonearm.


Sadly vacuum tables are out because of space limitations. Nowhere to put the air supply. 

Then just get a non vacuum Sota with reflex clamp - it's still a great deck - under your budget. They also have refurbished units for sale from Tim to time at great prices.

I’m curious to know what agoners think about the REGA P10. It is in the OP’s price range including the tonearm.

Fremers review is spot on - it's an outstanding total package solution.

Definitely a Transrotor. I have a Transrotor Fat Bob on a Fenite Elemente Pagoda (wall mount).

Not only is it a finely crafted machine, but it looks fantastic and will be the center piece of your audiophile system.

I would take a serious look at the Feickert Woodpecker. I have the little brother Volare and love it.  Rock solid tables. More of a classic look over the Kuzma table but either will get you there. 

I am leaning in the Woodpecker direction. Found one locally at a good price. Looking at it this weekend. Also trying to figure out how to strengthen the wall shelf to hold the Stabi R

"What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?"

While there are many good choices towards the top end ($7k) of your budget, the choices at the low end ($5) are going to be challenging.  Perhaps you can pick up a Garrard with missing tonearm or platter at a garage sale for five bucks, or a well-loved Fisher Price?

Woodpecker is a good choice but think the Stabi R is even better IMHO. Strengthen your wall mount and don't look back. 

For a decent turntable that can work well with your Schröder tonearm with reasonable weight to be placed on Wall mount, I would suggest Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus or a Used Roksan TMS2 or TMS3, these relatively new Roksan do not have the top panel sagging problem. If I have more space, I am sure I will get one of these to match with my Zeta tonearm....... I am using a Micro Seiki turntable with FOUR tonearm, and planning to setup a Denon Direct Drive, these turntable have taken up all my three Audio Rack Top platform........ 😅

I really like the Feikert Volare which can handle one of the higher end Origin Live arms like the Illustrious or Conqueror. Compact, well built, sounds good. Not sure if the Pure Fidelity "E" series (Eclipse or Encore) can be had within your price range but I like these better still. I've got my PF Harmony on a wall shelf and it fits nicely. 

Pure Fidelity

In my main system I'm using a Michel GyroDec that I bought in 1983. It has a Linn Ittok LVII arm with a Grado Reference Sonata. The Gyro has been brought up to the latest specs. My secondary TT is a restored Thorens 160 with a Rega RB330 / Ortofon 2M Black. Very happy with both tables!

Rega RP10 with the Apheta 2.  If I get a good raise at work, I may spring for the Aphelion.

Well dhcod,

I've heard a ton of tables, but have only owned a few.

That's because I've had my Oracle Delph for 42 years, replace 3 belts, on my second tonearm and 4th cartridge.

A lot of people flog a Technics SL1200, but it's a beginers table.

You really can't go wrong with Oracle Delph (MKII or newer), check with Jock (original founder, still there), and see if your Schröder arm pairs well with the Delph. You won't be disappointed.

Enjoy the music.


+1 for the Luxman.  I tried two Clear Audios, and a loaner Rega, ended up purchasing a Luxman PD171A.  Great sound with a Hana cartridge, easy to adjust speed, solid build (with dust cover!) and great looking design.

If you’re in the market I plan on selling it…only reason is the bad back and bad knees are making vinyl more difficult to enjoy.  I’ve gone digital with a streamer, new DAC, and although I don’t enjoy the experience as much, pretty sure my ears will go next and I won’t be able to tell the difference!

Best of luck in your search. 


luxman is nice but...

they want an extra $800 for the dust cover 

outrageous !!!

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Dear @dhcod :  Till this moment no one of the mentioned TTs outperforms the  TT/tonearm combination in the RP_10 but the other way around and if you want you can use it along the Basis reflex clamp.


Is up to you,


I have SOTA, Feickert, and TW Acustic TT's.


SOTA great for isolation but Feickert are more quiet.  Like the latter more than Clearaudio.


Volare great for the money.


Good luck!


Dear @dhcod :  Till this moment no one of the mentioned TTs outperforms the  TT/tonearm combination in the RP_10 but the other way around and if you want you can use it along the Basis reflex clamp.

You've had experience with the Kuzma Stabi R and the Feickert tables and you're saying the Rega P10 is better? Just trying to make sure that's what you're suggesting.

With all Kuzma TT and only the Blackbird by Feicker. We have to remember that the RP10 tonearm is in the same league at top of today tonearms.


The real issue with Rega is that the true high end very small market never took it seriously but it's better that several TTs up to 30K+.


Fremer comparison with the 100K SAT and Continnum was using the same top LOMC cartridges and this speaks bi it self the Rega top quality.

I don't need an additional TT by now but if I were looking for a cost no object one you can be sure that my election will go for the RP-10.


Interesting. Thank you for that information. I have a friend of a friend who has one. I'll go listen!


Yeah go on Amazon and buy a Rega as well as extra belts and accessories.