What's your favorite instrument to listen to....

We all must have a favorite instrument that we prefer to listen to on our systems, be it guitar, sax, piano, vocal(male or female), etc... I realised I am a piano sort of guy, be it Jazz or Classical I tend to seek out piano music. Not saying that I don't listen to other's I just have a piano bias. What's your preference? Is there a specific reason why? Is it your favorite instrument or does it sound best on your system?
Tough question, but a good one, Tim. Being a trumpet player, I have usually gravitated to jazz,pop, or rock with some good brass, but as my system improves, I have a craving for so many instruments,piano,vocals,woodwinds,violins,etc. Give me a good jazz quartet with a fairly close-miked piano, a clarinet,a nice set of drums loaded with all the cymbals, and last, but no least, a good vibraphone player,a la " Jazz at the Pawnshop" and I'm in Heaven.
Tim: If I were absolutely forced to choose only one favorite instrument, it would be the guitar -- no, wait a minute, it would be the piano -- no, it would be the guitar... You understand the problem. The other "favorite instrument" in a jazz group is the alto sax -- no, wait, the tenor sax -- or maybe the piano. Damn, I'm sure glad there is more than one kind of musical instrument.

Scott C-
I sympathize w/ Scott, and can't even narrow it down to three, blame it on bass clarinet, baritone sax, cello, and tablas or is it vibes, bass, trombone and bassoon? Gotta' have the guitars and drums too. Oh yeah, and (probably most important) the musicians have to be incredibly talented or at least inspired and discovering something. I guess if you can't have your cake and eat it too, a piano gives you more options than most instruments.
There's nothing quite like an excellent cello performance reproduced on a tube system for me.
When I go to audition a pair of speakers I normally try and pick up a piece of large scale classical music with some bright trumpet sounds in it, like the Sibelius Finlandia Suite, or some sections of the Verdi Requiem. There is something about a few blasts on a trumpet cutting through the rest of the orchestra that does something for me.... of course I would add female voice, sax etc etc as other people have mentioned.
I'm partial to the stringed instruments because I love bluegrass, but if I had to choose, (it's tough), banjo or fiddle. I have plenty of acoustic guitar, but forget electric guitar unless old Chet is playing. Did I pluck your string, yet?
Electric guitar, acoustic guitar (especially flemenco), mandolin, piano and the female voice.
Strings, as my system improved, especially after getting into tubes & ribbons, acoustic string music, classical, jazz, BG, New Acoustic, rock unplugged.....whatever genre.
Most instruments played well are truly a pleasure to listen to, but the one that comes to mind that moved me the most is a cello. Pianos, violins, guitars, and saxes are all great, but a cello takes the top prize for me. I don't know if it's that big bow being pulled across the strings or the depth of the sound it makes, but it can bring tears to my eyes.
I would have to say tenor sax is my favorite with acoustic guitar a close second. This changes with mood though, just like most things. The minute I make this list I'm listening to some live Allman Brothers and I'm thinking that D. Bett's & D. Allman's electric guitars are sounding pretty good!
I'm with Tim on this one. I'm piano biased too..fantastic on a revealing system, preferably with McCoy Tyner playing.

Then again there's Joe Henderson's sax or Miles' trumpet or Junior Wells' harmonica... hmmm ..this is harder than I thought.

Maybe the real answer is that any instrument in the right hands can be a beautiful thing.
Electric guitar w/ tube amp in a rock band, ala John Fogerty in CCR. That said, a good sax player that can make it growl and wail in a rock band is great too. In blues, the guitar again-- electric or acoustic, followed by a great harp blower.

I love female vocals too but have a hard time considering the voice an instrument per se. Good thread Tim. Cheers. Craig
trombone, since I play it. Les Paul played throught a Marshall Stack comes second. Glorious!
I used to play the Coronet & the Piano. I love piano, most brass & female vocals. My favorite trombone piece is from the song "Let Em In" on Wings Greatest Hits. It really shows the resolving power of my Apogees....
It would be impossible to nail it down to one. I love listening to the Flute, but on certain recordings other things stand out that just sound fantastic. Brass, real piano, bass guitar.
Maybe it's a guy thing but it's hard to argue the "female vocals" comments. As long as it's singing and not nagging!
Ok I will agree female vocals are high on the list- singing that is(though perhaps moaning would be ok too :)

Phasecorrect- I was told your a master organist? any truth to that?? :o)