Best budget streamer on the market now?

I know there have been lots of threads around this subject but the market moves forward very quickly on this tech so....

Using Google Chromecast Audio right now for my two older systems and while I do not have a problem with the units themselves the control app, BubbleupNp leaves something to be desired constantly crashing on my android phone.
Now maybe someone knows of a better more stable app for starters?

Failing that all I need is the ability to connect wirelessly to my home network ( has to be able to connect to Qobuz!) and be able to send an analog out signal via stereo rca ( my older system integrateds do not have any other options).
No other features required.

Thank you.

You may want to define your budget. Compare to that $40 marvel, everything else may not seem budget friendly. 

IMO, Bluesound Node 2i is a nice streamer with a well laid out app. It meets all of your requirements 😊
You are correct in that I already KNOW that there is nothing at that price to compare at all.
Just wish there was a better control app solution.

Do not mind used at all but would LOVE to stay under $300.
Probably not an option.....
I am certainly in no hurry and yes a quick ebay search reveals a few node2 at or under $300.

As a longtime Vault user I have no qualms about the Bluos app and know it is fairly stable.
Was just curious if anybody have reinvented the wheel at the cheap end of the spectrum, maybe not it seems.
At the $50 price point the Klipsch Gate is tough to beat. Sounds more natural than the Node 2i IMHO. 
I have two Node 2 devices.  I bought one from my local deal on closeout when the Node 2i was coming out and picked up the second one used.  I think both were about $300 each.  I also have a couple of Bluesound's speakers for when we travel.  I have both of my Node 2 devices running through an external DAC, but the internal DAC is surprisingly good.  It sounds like you're familiar with the Bluesound interface, so you know it'll support Qobuz and a lot more.  It has analog and digital coax and toslink outs.  
The original Node (Square Cube), Node 2 and 2i are basically the same.
Only the Wireless is different.
So, if you can find a Node 1, you can get the same thing, only a different box. and it should be well under $300.
I ended up using a Netgear wireless converter to get my Node 1 to the 5ghz band. Works like a charm.
The Node doesn't use a wall wart.
It may take a while but keep your eyes peeled for a used Auralic Aries Mini they pop up albeit pretty rarely.
Well you know I used to have one of
Oh if only I could keep everything!

But then it would resemble TMR Audio here!
I should add, that I have also listened to Aurender combined with the Ayre Codex, and was very impressed.
But, that would be giving the OP another reason to spend more money.
Like I need an excuse to spend money...lmao

However to clarify, these streamers are just to give me the option to stream Qobuz through my pair of vintage integrateds that only have analog inputs.

My main rig is an Ayre EX8 full tilt super integrated with built in streaming.

So I really need/want to keep the cost factor under control in this instance even if I lose some on features and SQ.
Some Bluesound dealers seem to have access to refurbish units, try that path... stereo unlimited in San Diego

both the node and Aries mini have pretty good SQ

my aspiration is to give TMR a run for the money!!!!
Some fairly priced older nodes on eBay.
Although the first ones have a "unique" look for sure.....

Tbh I had thought some aspiring manufacturer might have come up with competition for the Bluesound products by now.

I did see a product by Yamaha, a wxc50.
Anybody know anything about it?
If this isn't for critical listening, would a 1st get Sonos Connect work for you?
Lol Uber I should have remembered and why did you get rid of it if I may ask? Oh wait let me guess you got bored and wanted to try something new? :-p
I strongly 2nd the Aries Mini recommendation with the external LPS.
I own several of the Auralic products and they are the only Chi-Fi I've found worth owning.I regularly use the Mini and swap between UPnP & Lightning DS modes with ease and have never had the BubbleUPnP app or the iOS DS app crash (on LG and Samsung phones or iPad).  Even though the Mini supports an internal SSD, I prefer to connect it externally with a USB->Sata cable and a Samsung 1Tb SSD.  The advantage of going external is that I can easily swap it to my iMac to manage the content where file transfer is wicked fast.  In contrast to the internal SSD which is accessed via a shared folder and is painfully slow.
There have been just a few occasions where I needed to use the Mini internal DAC and it was super convenient to have that option.
I don't use the Roon support but it's a bonus to know it's available.
I sent an email to Auralic support recently, about the Mini, and they answered the same day with a thorough response.
I paid $450 for the Mini & LPS about 15 months ago and would do it again today if I were in need of another.  I've yet to find a downside to owning it.

We have a little Streamer Easy-Stream Connect that will fit the bill. Beautiful App to use very stable, pics of screens on website. Supports all the major streaming services including Qobuz. + Tunin Radio. RCA output and multi room support £79 £30 delivery to US and sounds far better than a Chromecast
Hope this helps.

Hi Colin.

Crikey!…..after some hassle sorting out the set-up (probably me) and some running in, i’m pleased to say this is a little gem. It blows the Chromecast i currently use clean away and is a really nice listen. I didn’t expect quite so much detail or space around instruments, Certainly didn’t expect any sort of believable soundstage but its there……really impressive. Thank you.

I used the Chromecast for lazy listening. Stuff on iTunes, Spotify and Tunein mainly. With Tunein it was generally Crooze FM (an Antwerp based Jazz station……..with superb broadcast quality). With the Easy Stream, Crooze FM is quite astonishing.

So from me, its very positive indeed and now i’m keen to use your up and coming DAC. Please keep me updated.

Hi Colin:
All is good with Qobuz now! Thanks for your assistance.
This inexpensive streamer certainly sounds better, and often much better, than my computer/dac combination.
Take care.

I have the Bluesound Node 2i and absolutely love it, great sound for my bedroom setup. 
Not nearly the cheapest, but very well featured for the cost is the miniDSP
$900 - Still a lot cheaper than other systems, with both Android and iPhone support.
Keep the Chromecast and add one of those Topping or SMSL DACS. Well within 200 $ and the result will be better than any 300 streamer like Node IMHO. Chromecast is very stable with QOBUZ, I use it everyday without a glitch. If you want to play your own files Google Music is an option. The UI is not particularly inspiring but it is super stable. The only drawback is that you are adding one more box . . .My 2c.
It is not Chromecast being stable with Qobuz that is my main complaint here but the fact that BubbleupNp is the culprit as it constantly crashes on my phone.

As far as I am aware there is no other app to use with Chromecast that allows access to Qobuz.

Google play music is fine if you like playlists and low rez which I do not.

I use a Chromecast with Qobuz. Ditch that app. You can cast directly to the Chromecast from the Qobuz app by "casting." Click on a song. In the top right corner is a rectangle. Click that and choose the Chromecast attached to you HiFi. Then play the song.
I recommend you try the Amazon Music service. It has a bigger music selection than Qobuz and also supports casting. 

Amazon just released a $200 streamer too. Darko reviewed it. Check it out too. Darko says it's the worst streamer he's heard but unlike the Chromecast, the new Amazon unit also supports a home server. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that just streaming over bluetooth?  Isn't it true that you're not getting your Hi Res by streaming that way?

To stay on topic, I personally recommend the Bluesound Node 2 with an external dac..  I echo what many have said, it's a fantastic dac for the money anyway, but always benefits from an external.

The user interface is enough for me to recommend it. If you're not happy with your UI then that filters to your ears.  Its true.. Scientific and stuff.
@dtx, casting goes over WiFi but you get to use your phone as remote, just like the bluesound app. You just get to use the UI that the streaming service built.

@OP, upon reading, I may have misunderstood you about casting.  I have heard that Bluesound is an amazing way to go. I'm considering it myself. However, now that I have a Chromecast Audio into an external DAC, an iFi SPIDF reclocker ($150) may be a much better purchase than a Node.
That is exactly what I have read however on the Qobuz app on my phone there is NO option to cast.
Now I know there was on the Tidal app but it is just not there on the Qobuz app on my android phone.

Which is why I am using Bubbleupnp...
So that got me thinking....
Dl the Qobuz app on my ipad and sure as sugar I can now cast direct from the app on the iPad.
But not from my android phone and the app is up to date so not sure why not.

Oh well have one solution for now......
@OP, you have to select a song to see the cast button. Try playing a song then looking in the top right. I use android too. It’s an unfortunate user experience issue to Qobuz.

Google cast is the platform agnostic solution that small hardware manufacturers should be implementing to complete with those companies who also develop and maintain their own software. So far, the list of HiFi gear supporting casting is minimal.

I recommend trying the free 90-day trial for Amazon Music. Library of 50M songs in CD quality and under 10M in 24bit. The convenience might dissuade you from maintaining your home server. And the UI user experience tops Qobuz. Best.
As I said
Its simply not there on my phone.
And if I have to START playing a song first to then see if it can be cast, well that's pretty dumb......
So yes ONCE I start a song I then get an option to cast it AFTER it has already started playing.
That's dumber than a box of rocks!

I want it to be like the iPad where I get the option to just cast to the Chromecast unit BEFORE I start playing anything.
On the iPad you just select your endpoint and it plays everything to there until you tell it otherwise.

How hard should it be for the android vetsion to be the same.
I found Android to be a step behind the iOS when it comes to music server apps. It seems developers favor the iOS platform over Android. For non-iOS users, Roon is the only saving grace 😊

Qobuz doesn’t have the resources to invest in user experience, design, library size, content curation, et al., to compete with Amazon Music. I don’t know how Qobuz will distinguish themselves going forward. Qobuz will start bleeding market share as people like me switch to Amazon Music. Plus, for less than the price of one high res subscription on Qobuz, I can get a high res family subscription on Amazon Music. I’m excited to introduce the family to high res content this Christmas.
@uberwaltz If your only issue is the bubbleUPNP app crashing on your phone, you might look into getting an old used tablet or something to use instead.  I use an old samsung tablet and don't think I've had the app crash in over two years.  Same situation on my phone. 

Just looks like you've got some weird technical issue with your phone & the Bubble software.  You might even ask the BubbleUPNP developer about it.  He's been responsive to me in the past, even inserting a feature in the software for me.
I’d buy the BlueSound Node 2i all over again if I needed another one. Tidal MQA is rendered very nicely and non-MQA is ok for casual listening. 
Auralic is a budget streamer for me. I don't know other brands because they're not easily available in Indonesia. Even for Auralic, when I bought it few years back, I had to fly to Thailand.
Forewarning, I am merely a novice. I had a Chromecast Audio connected through a iFi SPIDF reclocker which I greatly enjoyed. Sound was great to me. The difference between the Chromecast alone and the Chromecast plus iFi SPIDF reclocker was night and day. I eventually started having so many connectivity issues with the Chromecast that I abandoned it and bought the Bluesound Node 2i. I haven’t looked back since. 
I consider that the Node N100, 2, and 2i are all a good choice not just because they sound good, but because the BluOS apps and total capability of streaming, from paid services and any radio station that streams to even some pretty obscure podcasts. The free updates to both firmware and apps is incredible.

I'd just pick up a used desktop PC.  The mini Dells are perfect.  Install Jriver media server.  Ad a wireless remote, and you are up.  Ideally a high quality DAC card, or a USB DAC is the final touch.  All easily done for less than $300.  
@tlee1, have you tried the bluesound with the iFi reclocker? I wonder about the value of the  Nodes as merely streamers. 
I’m using a exaSound Sigma streamer as my main electronic music listening device with good results, although at $750 it may not rate as "budget."

It got a brief good review from (I think) Kal Rubinson:

Amazon Music Unlimited HD is a new contender.  Their library is very large.  Most of their hi res plays 24/96.  However, I wish their interface looked like TIDAL's when streaming through my Bluesound Node 2i.  Only problem I am having is trying to determine if adding a Pro-Ject S2 DAC improved sound quality as suggested by the dealer.  I am beginning to think playing the Bluesound by itself sounds better and I am also beginning to hear the difference when playing MQA.
The ProJect S2 DAC does have a different DAC chip set and does full MQA. Better, is debatable. Different, yes. Streaming via the Node 2i even if you hand over another $400 or so to your dealer, does preserve the good user interface.
If you simply want to give another Android controller app a shot, I found that Hi-fi Cast was a better solution with Chromecast than was BubbleUPnP.  It quickly finds both servers and players and has a reasonably attractive interface.  Just a few bucks to upgrade to premium version.
Thx Mike
I will check that out as yes the Chromecast units themselves are fine just Bubbleupnp giving me fits.
I second the recommendation for the nodke 2i. I have 2 of them and it is stupid GOOD! And, fwiw, it also does MQA.
My other equipment: Modwright LS-100 pre, Krell kav-2250 amp, Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers.
Good Listening!