Best cable for record cleaner, ever

I just purchased the Acme 2000 power cable and attached it to my record cleaner, and I can’t believe the difference it makes over the stock power cord. Records are now completely clean with no noise on playback. Highly recommended.

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Is that the same Acme Wylie Coyote bought all his gadgets from?  If so, please post the link — I’m in the market for some rocket-powered roller skates. 

Glad it worked out for you...

I tried ordering anvils and TNT from Acme, but they won't ship them to a California address.



Nice.  For even cleaner clean (like blacker blacks!) try a Synergistic Research Purple Fuse in your record cleaner.  

If you really want to hear an improvement, put your record cleaner on springs.

I’ve found a way to keep my LPs completely free of surface noise. And it doesn’t cost me thing. I just keep them off my turntable. An added bonus is that the dealer’s customer service is impeccable.

Highly reccomended by nine out of ten actors who play audiophiles on TV.

You're joking (I hope) but people believe the same thing about other components and it's just as silly. 

Is this the cable with the flux capacitor upgrade? I’ve got it on several components and they transformed my system into the stratosphere! Highly recommend!

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Place a carbon sleeve over it and it wil give the cleaning an extra dimension 😉

Ho ho ho!

But there is s serious issue here.  Some people truly believe changing the power cord on their LP turntable can improve the sound.  Indeed, most of the manufacturers of expensive swanky gimmick-ridden turntables supply them with an expensive swanky gimmick-ridden power cord.

Sounds stupid I know, the electric motor in there is very similar to the one in the record cleaner.

@roadwhorerecords I have mine in a cleanroom.  It's a little bit of a bother to put on the bunny suit when I go in, but my records have never sounded better.

Was thinking of running a dedicated 20 amp circuit to my record cleaner. Upgraded the power cord a few months back and got quite the improvement, started using aquarium grade salt water and eliminated all the static charge as well.

Bought a Tesla Power Wall and solar panels to use as a dedicated source for my record cleaner.  Hardest part was to find an inverter that was worthy of that super clean sunshine uh uh I mean DC.



During my last  trip to Mars, i realized its atmosphere gas content was so much better to listen to music than earth's, i decided to move there permanently. 

Agreed, swapping out factory for more exotic tastes always tickles my taste buds....

I didn’t realize power cords made a difference with RCMs.  Will have to look into upgrading.


Thanks for the heads-up.

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Oh, no....No, my bud the Ether Bunny advised going with a Heavy line cord of the type for the 220vac outlet on larger generators (for emergency porpoise, of course).

Also in the directive was to employ a pressure washer, with said record attached to a ball-bearing spindle capable of +/- 1K rpm to spin the schmutz and window cleaner off in the Process....

Works great for spin drying, too.

So your LPs' are a tad more in diameter...the bright side is the grooves are wider and easier for a given stylus to track in....;)

No Warranty Implied nor Applied.

As usual, you're on your own. GFL...*L*

Wait what happens after 150 hours of running in ... I’m sure the soundstage will really open up.

I found that the Degritter degritt's  the records, creating a more realistic structure to the music when using a tube power supply buffer. As my local audio guru does his voodoo explained, the linear output of tubes, as opposed to transistors create an even order harmonic astral plain as opposed to non-linear devices such as a transistor that dis-harmonicafye's said astral plain, creating a dis-harmony in my conscience and gastro intestinal flatulence. 

The Tweek Geek discovered some interesting things about NanoFlo, and they did not match with those exposing NanoFlo as a fraud. Coincidently these are the same people that never tried NanoFlo

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