Best rock cover songs, list your favorites

Guys/gals im a lover of cover songs, Which songs you enjoy the most? rock or acoustic.
I love a good cover also. These are just a few of my favorites..........

Gov't Mule....She Said,She Said
Mofro....Tupelo Honey
Hank Williams,Jr....Lawyers,Guns and Money
Hendrix....Hey Joe
Jeff Healey....Stuck In The Middle With You
Hendrix, "All Along The Watchtower"

From Wikipedia:

Dylan first performed the song live on January 3, 1974, in Chicago on the opening night of his 'comeback tour'. From this first live performance, Dylan has consistently performed the song closer to Hendrix's version than to his own original recording.
I like Roxy Music's version of the John Lennon song "Jealous Guy". Bryan Ferry's whistling at the end of the song is classic.
There are zillions of great covers out there, but here's one quirky acoustic choice for you.

Todd Rundgren wrote a song called "Pretending to Care" that has been covered a number of times by a number of really talented singers- including Jennifer Warnes who is, in my book, about as good a pop music interpreter as there is. It's a really beautiful ballad, but it just never registered with me. I guess that no version, including Warnes' take and including the original track, ever struck me as special.

Then I heard a stunning vocal take on the tune by a guy called Fred Froom (who might or might not be related to the well-known record producer Mitchell Froom). The "quirky part"?

Google "Fred Froom" and the only thing that comes up is this one track. Evidently it's the only thing he ever recorded.

Absolutely love cover/tribute albums. Here are a few of my favorites:
A Nod To Bob, A Tribute To Bob Dylan On His 60th Birthday on Red House Records. This is a fantastic album with audiophile quality sound.
Twelve - Patti Smith
The 49th Parallel - Kd lang
A Tribute To Joni Mitchell - various artists, some really great covers on this one. I especially enjoy the openin track by Sufjan Stevens, it's the one track which varies significantly from the original but works very well.
Creedence Clearwater Revival doing; "I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE".
Might be more of a blues tune, but; Stevie Ray Vaughan doing: Little Wing.
Commenting about Creedence (One of my all time favorites) my wife actually thinks Creedence did a cover of Proud Mary that Ike and Tina Turner recorded.
I must admit both versions are very good.
Steppenwolf's cover of Hoyt Axton's "The Pusher"
Alicia Key's cover of Keith Richard's "Wild Horses"
Adele's cover of Boris William's (The Cure) "Lovesong"
Cassandra Wilson doing Neil Young's Harvest Moon. It makes me shiver when I hear it. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm totally awestruck every time I hear it. Actually, I think that Cassandra Wilson is the best cover artist of all time. She recreates the songs in a way that makes them hers. She is truly amazing. If you're not familiar with her, buy Blue Light Til Dawn and New Moon Daughter. It will be some of the best money you've ever spent on music.
The Hendrix "All along the Watchtower" is probably the most prominent example of a cover being more recognized than the original. To me, Odetta's cover of Dylan's "Times they are a Changin" belongs in that category.

I like a lot of other covers more than the originals, such as Marianne Faithfull's version of "Ballad of Lucy Jordan" (Dr. Hook), and both Roy Orbison's and Nazareth's cover of "Love Hurts" (Everly Brothers).

For sort of novelty covers, I like Shonen Knife's cover of "Top of the World" (Carpenters) and Nouvelle Vague's cover of "Guns of Brixton" (Clash).
Allman Brothers version of Stormy Monday (off of Fillmore East)

Santana - Oye Como Va
"Love Hurts" was written and composed by Boudleaux Bryant so in essence The Everly Bros. version is also a cover.
Yup, the Everly's did not write "Love Hurts," but I think they were the first to release a recording of it. Likewise, Shel Silversteen wrote "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan," but again, I think it was for Dr. Hook.
Larryi, A largely unknown local band called Savage Grace did an excellent cover on their lone album of "All along the Watchtower", including drums sounding like galloping horses.
I feel its better than Dylans, and Jimi's.
Here are a few more of my favorite choices on the "That's a cover?" list.

"Money Changes Everything" was recorded by The Brains before Cyndi Lauper hit with it and "Patches" (best worst song ever?) was written by Norman "General" Johnson (of both The Showmen and The Chairmen of The Board) before Clarence Carter's take on the song charted. However, my favorite is probably "(You've Tied Me Down with) Battleship Chains" covered by the Georgia Satellites.

It was written by Terry Anderson of The Woods. The song was on a Woods record that sold almost zero copies (I've got one!) so most people know the tune as a Satellites song. BTW, my wife refused to let the band play the song as the recessional at our wedding, despite the fact that it is lyrically perfect for that purpose.

marty, that's damn funny. my wedding processional was "chains", the carole king/little eva song, later covered badly by the beatles. agree with you on "patches" too--definitely the greatest bad song ever, with "billy, don't be a hero" a close contender.
I will have to look for that obscure cover.

I did not know that "Battleship Chains" by Georgia Satellites was a cover. Is the original worth looking for?

There are so many good covers of certain artists who are great song writers, with limitations as performers. I can think of a number of Leonard Cohen songs that I much prefer covers, e.g., "First we Take Manhattan" (R.E.M.), "Hallelujah" (Jeff Buckley), and "Everybody Knows" (Concrete Blonde).
Another very good version of "All Along the Watchtower" by Neil Young performing it live on the Bob Dylan anniversary album.

I wouldn't pull my hair out looking for the original - and you'd probably have to jump thru a bunch of hoops to find it. Outside of the addition of some foghorns (presumably for nautical effect), it hews pretty close to the Satellites' version. However, IMHO, there is another version that is worth looking for. Hindu Love Gods (basically REM with Warren Zevon handling the vocals in place of Michael Stipe) did a great take on the song.


Yes, "Billy Don't Be A Hero".. ah, the memories. While that may appear to be another thread entirely.............IT'S NOT!

Let's not forget that Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods actually COVERED that thing (or was it Paper Lace that covered The Bo Donalson song?)

Either way, it's a cover worth cherishing and avoiding like the plague at the same time.


Thanks. I agree that the Zevon version is quite good. I am a big fan of his records, particularly the first album. I once considered making a compilation album of all the songs that Linda Rondstadt butchered as covers; Zevon songs would figure prominently.

For novelty covers, I like Bob Dylan and Tiny Tim doing "I got you Babe" (recorded in Tiny Tim's basement--they were friends).

Yes, another thread on treacle would be fun. Speaking of which, I heard the full version of "Seasons in the Sun" (Jacque Brel/Rod McKuen) that had verses that Terry Jacks left out in his cover. It is a MUCH more interesting song. The dead narrator says goodbye to his wife, tells her that he knows she had been screwing around, including his best friend, and threatens to haunt her.
Rufus Wainwright's cover of "Across the Universe" is superb (it's a bonus track on the US release of Poses). Marshall Crenshaw's cover of Grant Hart's "2541" is great (so is the original).
06-07-12: Markalarsen
Steppenwolf's cover of Hoyt Axton's "The Pusher"

Excellent call Markalarsen. Also "Snowblind Friend" by Hoyt Axton covered by Steppenwolf on Steppenwolf 7.
I personally like a lot of covers and think there is nothing inauthentic about cover versions. For those who think otherwise, I would add: "Girl You Know its True" by Milli Vanilli (inauthentic in so many ways).
In the Air Tonight - Axel Rudy Pell. Recorded very well and the guitar work is outstanding.

Can't have a cover thread without mentioning Imagine & Bridge over Troubled Waters by Eva Cassidy.
06-13-12: Unsound
Tpreaves, how about Santana's cover of: "Oye Como Va"?

It's a wonderful version that has already been mentioned above.
Stormy Monday - Allman Brothers, for sure, also, Albert King w/Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mystery Train - Junior Wells

Big Log - Viktor Krauss (vocals by Alison)

That's All Right - Paul McCartney
A coupla oddball additions worth hearing:

Richard Thompson (monster guitarist) covering Britney Spears' "Oops, I did it Again".

Marshall Crenshaw (indie singer/songwriter) covering ABBA's "Knowing Me, Knowing You".

On a different note, I just picked up Todd Rundgren's Johnson - a CD of Robert Johnson covers. I saw him do this live and thought it worked pretty well. I was surprised to find that I like the CD even more than the live show. Definitely worth checking out if you like hard, crunching, electric blues guitar as channeled thru a player with a tremendous innate melodic gift.
"The Star-Spangled Banner," Jimi at Woodstock
"The Little Drummer Boy," Joan Jett
"Rodeo," Emerson, Lake and Palmer
"Hall of the Mountain King," Electric Light Orchestra
"Everybody Knows," Concrete Blonde
"Sweet Jane," Cowboy Junkies
"Gloria," Patti Smith
Maybe I'm growing too cantakerous, but I find these Old, Musically Barren Rock Star Makes Covers Album exercises to be really dreary. Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, even Glen freakin' Frey. Last really good one I hear was PinUps by David Bowie, which dates back to 1973.
All Along The Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix
Baker Street-Foo Fighters
Can't Find My Way Home-House Of Lords
For You-Manfred Mann
From The Beginning-Dokken
Lotta Love-Nicolette Larson
Saturday Night Special-Armored Saint
You Better Run-Pat Benatar
You Keep Me Hanging On-Vanilla Fudge
Your So Vain-Faster Pussycat
IMO only Baker Street and From The Beginning are superior by the original artist.
Donjr gets it with Cassandra Wilson. Spin up Wichita Lineman. And I like Jealous Guy by Roxy Music too. Also dig Love Hurts by Joan Jett.
Hootie and the Blowfish doing Bill Wither's 'Use Me'. Sorry, thought it was a nice nod. Also, I can't get enough of hearing Pat Traver's version of (take your pick) 'Born Under a Bad Sign' off the "Crash and Burn" album. I think I've actually refoamed woofers due to a few cuts off of that album...or was it Queen's 'Dragon Attack'. Not sure.
One more where the cover is probably more recognized than the original:

Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Woman" being covered by Santana.