Best Song Intro

Just curious on what songs' intro really floats your boat. I got the idea today for this thread listening to my iPod when "It's A Long Way There" by The Little River Band started up. It starts out with some symphony, adds GREAT vocal harmonies, then cool rhythm guitar, followed by some cool electric riffs and chicken pickin' harmonics. Love it. And I'm not really a huge LRB fan.

So whatcha' all like?
Just off the top of my head:

Linkin Park "In the End"
U2 "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"
Metallica "Unforgiven"
Enya "Sail Away"
Simon and Garfunkel "Scarborough Fair"

None of them have very long intros, but I find them each unique and captivating in a different way.

not that I am a Journey fan... but I always like the beginning to 'Don't Stop Believing' it is quite good, especially relative to the rest of the songs the band has recorded...

AS much as I used to..... "love my mtv"..... I'll pass on the Dire need to include it here.

In the Air Tonight Phil collins

Time Pink Floyd

Way Up Waymon Tisdale

Georgia On a Fast Train Billy Joe Shaver Live version

...come to mind now.
Van Halen - Jump
Aha - Take On Me
Noel Pointer - Classy Lady
Prince - When The Doves Cry

Sorry, I was still a little boy in the 70's.
If you like bluegrass rock(I call it heavy wood), check out a band called Railroad Earth. The put out a live disc a couple of years back named "Elko". The intro on Disc 2, track 2, song called Mighty River has a killer intro.
Secondarily, try the Grateful dead Dick's Pick's 34, the Eyes of The World has a great Phil Lesh bass solo into an intro jam before the band goes into the tune, also very good.

The Beatles - Revolution. For years I thought John Lennon gave us that magnificent intro, then I saw a video where Paul McCartney steps up to the mic and belts out that scream.
Slash's intro to "Sweet Child o Mine." Bill Evans and Paul Chambers opening "So What."
The song has been overplayed to the extreme but I love the intro to Hotel California on "Hell Freezes Over."
"I Need A Lover" by John Mellencamp may be the relatively longest intro to a radio friendly pop song ever.
Long, Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies. I love the way it announces itself. Have you noticed Spencer Davis intros show up in TV ads quite often?
Chicken Train - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Love Reign Over Me - The Who
"School" by Supertramp is freakin' awesome "dude".
But I gotta second "Time" by Pink Floyd as tied for first. Oh yeah, 'dude".
TED NUGGENT-live. The intro to Wang Dang Sweet Poontang is the best intro to any rock song. "This is a love song..." Haha-I love that guy.
i always dug the guitar buildup at the start of "unsatisfied" by the replacements. also, the little riff that opens robyn hitchcock's "ny doll"--real purty.
A second vote for Lou Reed, Hunter, & Wagner - "Sweet Jane" from the Transformer Lp
Cheap Tricks' cover of "Ain't That A Shame" on Budokan!!!

"Stanglehold" by Tedly Von Nugent. That's some meaty guitar!
"Eight Miles High" by The Byrds. Chris Hillman's incredible bass licks, then Roger McGuinn on 12-string electric guitar, then perfect harmonies by the Byrds with the title line.

"Morning Dew" from the first Grateful Dead Warner Bros. album.

"Playing in the Band", Grateful Dead "Skull and Roses" album
Hard Day's night - you know what it is instantly, and it took decades for people to figure out how they did it (guitar and piano). Not necessarily a great musically, but distinctive.
A third vote for Lou Reed Live-"Sweet immediately popped into my head when I read the thread, and where I was at the first time I heard it.
Long double guitar into to Sweet Jane on the Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal live album.
Karelfd, I was 5 rows back at LA Forum when Zep introed LP3. At opening of show house lights all went out for about 3 minutes. Then Plant kicked off his vocal cry of the Immigrant Song. The light show burst upon us only once the instruments kicked in. It was one of the finer concert moments I've experienced. Most of audience did not know what was going on. A real thrill.
"You're So Vain", Carly Simon. It is Klaus Voorman noodling around on his bass guitar.
"Private Investigations" Dire Straits
"Shine on, you Crazy Diamond" Pink Floyd
"The Other One" Grateful Dead
A lot of Lou Reed fans. Lots of good intros by him. Not sure I would pick him though. Still thinking about it. If I have to listen to all my music to decide, it may be a month or so.
"You better grease up..." The Stones' Sparks Will Fly on Voodoo Lounge.
Okay, my vote goes to Lou Reed also. However I have to choose The Raven as a whole. Can't pick a single one. Too many great ones.