Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation

My other half wants a straightforward system to use and doesn't want a ton of electronics and speakers scattered about the room. We are buying a new TV and have decided on the 65" LG G1 OLED. I need a sound bar that will give me acceptable audio, be relatively easy to use, and not cost multi kilobucks. Probably go up to $1K for it. Be happier if I was at $500 to $700, but what is another $300 right? Preferably Atmos. 

Anyone have good recommendations? The easy to use is going to be a high selling point to my better half. 


No, and don’t be an ass. My current screen is a 50" 2008 Panasonic 1080P plasma, running onboard speakers. I am not a big video person, I do 2 channel audio. This is mostly for the wife and our nightly TV watching, we like Star Trek series and other sci-fi. Will watch movies, but usually not more than one or two a week if that.

It was an honest question because I want better sound than what is going to be available on this thin  TV. But will not put in a full blown HT sound system.

i tried cheap soundbars under $300  big mistake    stuck with my AVR and BW speakers

@grinnell  The point of the post is that this is not a high performance installation in terms of sound. The wife is NOT going to use a HT system and doesn't want a bunch of speakers in that room. So an AVR and 5.1 or 7.1 system is not going to happen. 

The objective is to find a soundbar that can provide an improved level of sound and still be reasonably priced. I won't be buying the Focal or B&W units, but will not be going cheap. So looking for candidates that fit the bang for the buck niche. 

TRIANGLE ELARA LN01A active speakers ( 2-channel standmounts/ bookshelf’s);

BETTER than any sound bar: active 2- channel speaker system that will smoke every soundbar in audio performance, but still has the same easy features and setup.

- one speaker is an active with the built in amp andvtgevotgervis a passive slave with a single speaker wire ( supplied in the box) 

- full featured remote 

EZPZ; just use the optical outpost in the TV plugged into the active speaker optical input via a TOSLINK cable .

HINT: get a quality build optical glass fibre one and stay away from the cheap plastic ones


FEATURES: also had bluTooth and you can plug in a subwoofer to make it a full 2.1 killer TV system without the need for a separate amp etc.













We have an lg Model:SP9YA which I think is really good. I have a revel Ultima 2/ JL Audio home theater in a different room in the basement so i at least have a baseline.  Setup is simple, wireless sub connected seamlessly, and it fills a 16x32 room rather surprisingly.  Not in the same league as my other system but honestly impressive. You can add surrounds if you want. It has airplay 2 which is nice and a few inputs if you don’t have eArc. All in all I’ve been impressed with it and it’s sound. 


My point wasn't to piss you off

it was I tried a cheap soundbar and it sucked

my AVR and BW 602 were cheap bought used nothing fancy just L, C, R  speakers



I have Sonos sound bar with two rear and sub for TV and the wife use it for music

For sound quality and value I’d look at the Yamaha YAS 209, which comes with a wireless sub that likely will up your enjoyment factor significantly over a sound bar alone. Normally $350, for some reason it’s available on Amazon for only $220, which seems like a screaming value to me. Here’s a review...

If ATMOS is more important than sound quality I suppose you could look at the Sonos Beam (Gen 2), but it’s twice the price. Personally, I’d jump on the Yammy and enjoy the better sound quality and the extra cash in my wallet. Hope this helps and best of luck.

I just did a shootout between the Bose 900 and Sonos Arc soundbars, and kept the Sonos. In my large room it did a better job of creating a visceral experience while maintaining clear dialog. Both are $900. I also compared them with their wireless sub and surrounds; the ensembles take everything to a whole different level, especially the Sonos, which really energizes the space and creates an often astounding sonic envelope. Now I can appreciate the soundscaping craft that goes into movies and current TV programming, whereas before it merely irked me by making the dialog a challenge to understand, even through the good speakers of a Pioneer Elite 60-in plasma. I am quite happy with the purchase. I don’t use it for music.


BTW, this set-up passes full ATMOS, even with my antiquated (though excellent) plasma TV, when used with an HDFury Arcana and AppleTV4K streamer.

That is easy Sennheiser Amebeo. Typically if you are patient you can get it for $1,999. Ok, let me explain. I had my last sound bar for over ten years. With Best Buy you can get 18 months same as cash. You will listen to this every day for years to come. There is noting worse than one that sounds like an iPhone turned up too loud.


The Ambeo is natural sounding with real oomph… so a sub woofer is required. But you can add one. The Ambeo is really the kind of sound bar you can be proud of and enjoy for many years. And only spend $110 / month or $140 / month. Personally a great deal.

Tru Audio.  Prior to me getting my expensive 2-channel system I had a 75 inch tv with a Tru Audio soundbar.  They are custom-sized and made to fit your exact tv.  They have various levels of sound quality.  Check out their website.  Fantastic sound for a sound bar.  

Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate all of them and did not intend to be snippy. I was at work and posting between tasks, so the writing style gets very direct and blunt as I have short blocks of time available. 

The LG recommendation and the associated interfaces available due to being the same brand it tempting. The Sonus bars seem to get pretty positive response, but they are so small I wonder how they accomplish this. A small wireless sub makes sense and will be used. 

I appreciate all the posts, even if I won't be going the way of powered speakers. The soundbar is a big enough intrusion for the wife, as she wants minimal electronics in the family room. Could be because I have a large pair of JBL floorstanders, Velodyne subs, monoblock amplifiers and two turntables in the living room. So I am trying to follow her wishes the best I can and still get the best sound possible given these restraints. 


I have a number of Samsung cheap soundbars, with and without subwoofers. They all work fine and pair to the TV remote very easily. More than good enough. When I run my bigger music system, I'm always getting up because it sounds like a truck is driving by. 

After work I decided to call over to Video Only and see what they sell a 65" LG G1 OLED for. They were having a close out for the upcoming model so I got So I got one for $1699 rather than the $2399 at other places. That works for me. They bundles a Sound bar from Samsung, the HW-Q900A for $599 versus the $1097 I saw at other sites. Paid for it and will pick it up tomorrow. Should be a good purchase for the price kind of buy. 

Low cost, great value:

Klipsch Cinema 600. MSRP around $600.

EBay open box prices in the $300-$350 range.

I got one a month ago and I’m more than pleased. HDMI-arc makes for easy setup, but if you prefer optical, it can learn your TV’s commands. It has a full featured, motion-sensitive, back-lite remote which I never need to use and a somewhat klugey but comprehensive mobile app as well.

The wireless sub has a 10" driver and a large wood cabinet.

It does lack a HDMI pass through, so if you are out of ports, you’ll need to use optical.

I’ve had Polk and Boston Acoustics soundbars in same price range over the years and there is no comparison.

It’s not offensive for music, has several voice modes and night modes. My wife, who HATES extra remotes or special routines for simply watching TV has no clue that anything is different other than great sound and effects you can feel.


Edit: I have the 3.1 version. They make a 5.1 version, but no atmos. You can start with 3.1 and add rear speakers later, if desired.

Edit 2: just read your last post. Have fun with your great new toys!!

I’ve heard the Sonos Arc & really enjoyed it .I have the same TV - excellent!! If I didn’t already have a pretty solid surround sound system, I would go w/ it

I have the Sonos Arc with an 85” Sony. Easy to set up, looks good, has Atmos, works very well

Check the Klipsch 800 should fit right in your price range and I believe you will be very happy.  There is a reason many pro theaters use Klipsch.  Horns are made for dialogue like they are in the room.

Get a new wife who will let you do home theater. I apologize because I have no real advice to give as I've never even considered sound bars.

We shouldn’t tell people what to do, however

What a contradiction to like Star Wars and Sci Fi and not be wanting to get immersed in good, better, best sound, especially directional cues.

A simple 5.1 setup is not "speakers all over the place".

Stereo Pair, normal

Good Center below the TV (where your soundbar would be)

pair of small surround speakers, mine are out of sight, between the wall and the back of the sofa, on their backs, firing up.

Sub only if desired/needed, mine is mostly out of sight, under a table right next to me, essentially out of sight.

AVR: simple 5.1 mode, same remote as the TV, 'remotes all over the place' is probably part of the resistance.


I second the Sennheiser Amebeo.  I had two different LG soundbars and listened to the Sonos.  The Amebeo is far superior.  A sub does help the bottom end but isn't required.

Hi , my daughter picked up the Sonos Arc and a pair of the “ 5 “ speakers. She has one of the newer styled cracker box houses with a “ Great Room” kitchen, living room combo. So half of her 2000 sq ft house is one big room with tile floors , hard flat walls and a 20’ ceiling. One big echo chamber. So the Sonos system has digital correction and I forgot, she has the matching sub that looks like a square doughnut. Considering it’s in the worst acoustics room I can imagine, it sounds great. The sound bar alone sounds pretty good. They’re available at your local box store and online. I would find a return policy that suits your needs and give one a try. I’m not a  sound bar guy, but this one’s pretty sweet. LOL at the comments from the peanut gallery. The last time I put someone on blast was over a political comment and I got chastised for being too sensitive. Having worked in a prison, we call those people Window Warriors. Regards, Mike B. 

The Bluesound Soundbar + is $900.00 and by itself gives a more natural music and sound track experience than the Arc in my listening. It too offers wireless surround and Sub options although those will burst your budget. If you use the Node for streaming it syncs up too. 

You'll love your your 65" LG OLED TV! I bought the LG CX OLED a few years back

I have a 5.1 but only use the front three channels  plus a sub

It's all contained in a low profile credenza with the T V above  If your only option is a sound bar you might want to consider one that comes with a small sub thats easy to hide. All things considered you might be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality from your new TV


Thanks all, I will be picking up my order Saturday. I needed to grab the TV quickly as there was only one of the G1 in the box left, as the G2 is now coming out. Works well for me as its a significant discount off of normal selling price. Of course it could have been a crafty salesman technique and there are 6 more in the back room, but I knew I wanted a G1 and the price is good so I could not take the chance there was only one. Have that happen before and seen it sold. 

When I get to the store I am going to see what they have for the Sonus soundbars and see if I can give them a listen. I am not adverse to upgrading to the Arc ones if I can hear them being worth it. 

We kept our Panasonic plasma for a long time, but we are not heavy TV users. Bought it in 2008 and the best deal available then was at Costco for about $1200 for a 50 inch. Picture is still good on it and functions as it should, Panasonic built a heck of a piece. This TV is probably overkill for us but I would rather buy up and for  the future as we do not change things out quickly but wait till things are used up. 

With any luck I will get to hear the other sound bars, the Sonus seems to be well thought of also. But if not then this LG should be just fine considering I spent the last 14 years hearing the speakers built into the Panasonic. 

Sound bars are like speakers so you need listen to them, narrow it down, then purchase for  home trial. Best Buy has 2 week refund if you don't like it. JBL makes 2 affordable models 2.1 & 5.1 $350 & $599. They are straight forward and easy to use & there is no app to crash.

Another vote for the Ambeo. Best soundbar on the market. I have one and it blows me away everytime I turn it on. Best to wait for it to go on sale though. (Every so often goes on sale for 500 off).

It is the no compromise sound bar for the home theater enthusiest who has to compromise :)

Check out the user feedback on Crutchfield.  Seems like the Ambeo has some QC problems.

We have the same OLED and listened to a sound bar.
The mrs literally stepped back it was so shrill.

Running the sound through a 2 channel is pretty good as the two of us sit relatively close to the sweet spot.

You probably will want to listen to one, as we determined that there was no viable $1k solution available. YRMV.

Although active 2-channel speaker option is supposed to be preferrable to the soundbar, the OP granting his best half's wishes is far more correct decision.  Happy wife, happy life.  Good luck.

Recently added an 85” television. Researching soundbars, the finalists were:

Sonos ARC SL

Samsung HW-Q950A

Sony HT-A9

Sony HT-A7000

Sennheiser Ambeo


Settled on the Sonos ARC for ease of use and simple integration into our Sonos ecosystem. Costco sells the SL version (no microphone) for $850 plus tax, and free shipping. Was concerned that the sound would not be big enough for the screen size, but it’s more than adequate. If I’d thrown out compatibility with the rest of our Sonos products, I would have definitely tried the Ambeo. This was not for a home theater application.

Although active 2-channel speaker option is supposed to be preferrable to the soundbar, the OP granting his best half's wishes is far more correct decision.  Happy wife, happy life.  Good luck.

All I am saying is that the Mrs may have a preference.
(Mine did not abide a sound bar.)

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There's a company out of France and I cannot remember their name. The speaker was round with a woofer in the center. Like the iris in an eyeball. It sounded great. The dealer told me that they were to come out with a soundbar soon. I can call the dealer and get the name of the company.

On the cheap, the Yamaha sound bars are good. I use the clear voice option because I have trouble with dialogue. I play a lot of silent film and the music accompaniment sounds fine. Though the eyeball would be considerably better.

I hope you share what you find out about the sound bar you decide on.  I know someone who is also interested in one.

FYI  I recently bought a LG C1 TV.  I Had a problem getting the apps to load/work properly until I disconnected the eARC HDMI cable connected to my Denon AVR.  Maybe, it was something to do with the Denon, because it was kind of old.  Hope this saves you some headaches if you encounter the same problem.

recently purchased

Klipsch R-625FA 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theatre System

One of the best home theater systems I have ever brought. You can get them at home depot or Walmart or their official store. The price will be the same. Some stores may give discounts or sales. However, they won't charge more than MP. Home Depot price match policy will give you the best lowest price.


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we like Star Trek series and other sci-fi.

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You'd have to see the movie to understand the connection.

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Hamster Reavers.

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@neonknight, i also have a 50inch panasonic plasma tv! 1080 p i guess! i have it hooked up to my 600 watt per chanell stereosystem and my system sounds good to me! by the way, i have 4 bose 901 series 2 speakers!

I agreement with what @g_nakamoto points out… I too find that a good 2 channel is surprisingly good… (or 4 in his case)

The Haus-boss did not like any of the sound from the sound bars we listened to briefly.

From there (2 channel) it then becomes a question of where to go. A sub is a very logical step, as is the 4 channel surround.

But we do not have a room for HT, so it is one combined 2-channel and TV set up.

The obvious problem there is we fail at this aspect:

My other half wants a straightforward system to use and doesn’t want a ton of electronics and speakers scattered about the room.

Yep, that is what sound bars are about… physical and operational simplicity. 

ghdprentice has Sennheiser Amebeo fixed the latency issues? There's nothing worse than seeing lips move and a delay in sound.

I have had no latency issues with the sound bar. A couple times the TV optical output would cause latency… I would reboot the TV and it would go away. It was the TV, not the sound bar.

After living with this for about eight months. I am really happy with the sound bar. My previous sound bar… high end for ten or twelve years ago was shrill. This has wonderfully natural voices. I am really happy I finally got one. 

I just bought the Sennheiser AMBEO sound bar. Can't wait to hear how it sounds with the new 85" Samsung QN85 tv.



Cool… sounds like a great combo. I am wondering how long I can hold out with out Sony 77” OLED before caving and getting the 85”. It always seems like just a few more inches and it would be perfect.