Diminishing Returns

I’ve reached a point, after much tweaking in my system thanks to Audiogon, I’m moving away from the forum. I’ve gotten to a place where I’m so satisfied with my system that further improvements, while I’m sure they will work, I don’t care.  I used to read  with great interest the weekly listing of the most popular posts.  I’m now finding it boring.  I think It’s time to get off the Merry-Go-Round.
Aside from the “Music” posts” that will be it.
Congratulations, RV, on reaching a point where you no longer feel a need to be on the merry-go-round. No small accomplishment, especially for one as discerning as you are when it comes to classical music.

Enjoy! Best regards,
-- Al


Do YOU feel better now?

I suppose my point is that I believe it’s possible to be happy with the gear that you have, be fully immersed in the joy of music, and yet still enjoy staying up on equipment advancements, new offerings, and other’s perspectives on hifi. Your post came across as if you we are all addicts and now that you’re fully recovered from addiction you’re able to walk away from the support group that was really just occupied by a bunch of unhealthy enablers.

I don't think that being satisfied means you need to stop being part of a forum.

Congrats!!!! How wonderful:-) thanks for your contributions over the years - I have enjoyed them- glad to hear you will on the music threads where I seem to spend more time with each passing moon
You still have to check in with the 'Classical Music for Afficianados' thread.
Three_ easy_payments,

I’m really sorry you took it that way.
it certainly was NOT my intention, conscious or unconscious, to lord it over anybody.  That would be my last thought.  I’m just happy that I’m off the personal treadmill I was on. 
@rv   Understood now...then I share your joy of being at a better place in your musical happiness ;-)
I am in the same boat...Congratulations for your music heavens...

There are some 4 conditions which need to be met in an audio system implementation and embedding, and where they are totally or partially met, the optimal potential of any audio system, at any price, is awaken, and the results is no more sound but only music...

The nature and exact location of this threshold is a function of our own peculiar individual capacities, and system particularities, but the threshold exist ...Except for an erratic and obsessive mind... :)

My best to you...
I mean, if you don’t wish to post and read other comments, you could just stop doing it, without making a grand pronouncement.  Doing so implies that in your own mind, you are an indispensable Grand Poohbah who has minions hanging on your every proclamation and who can’t continue if you desert us.  Three easy nailed it.  I guess that you didn’t realize that is how the rest of us wind up perceiving you, but that is how it comes off.
  As for your discernment of Classical Music....do you really think that the Rachmaninoff Second is the Greatest Symphony of the 20th Century?  What about Sibelius 4-7, Shostakovich 1/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/15, Copland 3, Mahler 9&10, about half a dozen by Weinberg, Vaughn Williams 2/3/5/6/7/8/9, Nielsen 4/5....compared with all of that the Rach2 is cotton candy
Sometimes I feel that way I just don’t have the courage moving away from this great community and isolate myself locked in present with no future.
I learn something everyday here and I had met hundreds of people I would like to be in touch with...plus I love audio forums.

Enjoy your move anyway..
Wait two weeks. No matter what plateau an audiophile achieves he gets bored and wants to keep climbing. Yes, I know what you’re thinking - “But my system sounds fabulous!” 🤗
When you live in an audio desert such as I do, places like this are most welcome. Indeed there will always be the separation of the wheat from the chaff, so when that becomes a bit much, I go away for awhile. 
  Funny how I remember the love for music more when I had little to play it on, as opposed to after I started chasing the equipment. In spite of that, I actually Really enjoy the chase for better sound, or experimentation from one combination to another. Apparently, I am not alone.
I thought this was a forum for expressing your feelings freely.
I have no delusions of grandeur, and I find your characterization of me quite insulting.  If you feel threatened, that’s not my problem.
Please don’t presume to speak for other members.  If anyone feels the way you do, they’re perfectly capable  of expressing it themselves. That's what a free forum is all about.
I only express my opinions, as every other member does.
As for Rachmaninoff, I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are.
I don't think personal attacks are desirable on this forum.

You're in a an admirable spot.

I've been comfortable with my system for a few seasons. No urge to replace anything, other than a  phono cart, which I recently did-2nd Audio Technica ART9, for a great price.

All is well, in audio world. I am just on the perpetual hunt for "stampers" in the bins of my neighborhood record stores.

Rekkids, rekkids and more rekkids!

I do enjoy reading the AN threads(audio nervosa) about  contentious subjects. Fun reading.
To everyone else,

If I came across as being judgmental,  I sincerely apologize.  That certainly wasn't my intent. 
It's nice to be at peace with yourself and listening to music.  Just finding the joy and stimulation music can bring is enough.  I was there for about 18 years while my kids were growing up and out with their own families.  I had basketball to coach and watch and help my kids play the game they also loved.  The music was a nice diversion then.  I hope to return to those days very soon.  Although it is intensely fun finding something that makes a considerable difference for the positive in my own system.  It's also great fun meeting fellow 'philes, music lovers, and now in some cases, good friends.

Good luck to you rvpiano!
I'm only speakers, streamer, power conditioner, ultrasonic record cleaner, and room acoustics away from that audio Nirvana. Congrats to you rvpiano!  
Ahhhhhhh,  Diminishing Returns

I thought the post rather eloquent and probably speaks to what most us think about, on occasion - getting off that treadmill, indeed at some point

If you get some spare time, or become bored, you can always drop in and share what you've learned with the new guys. I'm sure you have a lot of valuable input and experience that could help less experienced folks get to where you are faster. Just a thought. Either way, enjoy your "retirement"-and the music. :D

I know exactly where you are coming from. Whether it's HiFi, shooting sports, motorcycle sport touring or photography, at some point I don't want to talk about it anymore, I just want to do.
Congrats to you RV! Did you use the 12 step program or just go
cold turkey? You may have the urge to check in occasionally to 
see what some small minded, highly insecure types have to say
but then, why??
@gadios, because it might be good for a laugh....;) 

I got 'out of the mainstream' for my own reasons, but still have an 'itch' that I 'scratch' in my own way, my own means, and has it's own rewards.

rvpiano, enjoy; you need only to please yourself. *S*
You can chalk up the sneers and snides to simple jealousy...

...and whether or not it is or isn't shouldn't shake your decision.

Go forth...and be Happy. ^5's
rvpiano,   There is more fun in chasing the bunny than in catching it, but I'm happy that you're happy.  I also came to a point, where I cannot improve my system anymore (some hearing loss), but I will stay and participate from time to time.
first, and foremost, this is a hobby, for your own pleasure, PERIOD.  The goal is simple,,,,secondly, the law of diminishing returns certainly applies, especially when measured as gain/cost.  Thirdly, I have no doubt, like in many situations, the PLACEBO EFFECT certainly applies.  SO, enjoy, and do what feels good to you!
Many of my components are OLDIES BUT GOODIES(though updated/serviced like you would do for a fine automobile), and, though I am sure for large expense I could improve my sound a little, it is quite wonderful as is, so I am happy to just get new LPs occasionally.....
It’s an old wives take that there’s a ceiling to performance, that you can approach the ceiling to within say, 3-5% with relative ease. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s the audiophile’s dream - to get within 5% of what the Big Boys have. News Flash! The Big Boys are nowhere near the Absolute Sound. There is no Absolute Sound. Hel-loo!
If your goal is approaching live music, then I disagree.  If you wish a dramatic sound, then I do agree. It is,again, whatever pleases you
i’ve been active on various audiophile and music forums since the late 90’s. honestly Audiogon has evolved more away from my audiophile sweet spot in the last 7-8 years but it still has value to me. so i do try to watch and participate.

why do we post on forums?

learning about how to improve our systems is part of it. or maybe helping others to learn. or just shooting the breeze too. and of course, hearing about new music is big.

if you are satisfied with how your systems sounds and that is why the gear talk no longer has any value i respect that. i’m different in that way as my curiosity pursuing better sound seems not to go away; i’m certainly less motivated to change things now after 25 years of system evolution.....but my quest is not yet dead. everyone is different that way.

but really for me it’s the sense of community and relationships that now are the biggest draws to participating in forums. it’s a hobby that is big for me. i have friends for life which began on audio forums. many have visited me and i  not as much lately here on Audiogon, but there was a time when this was bigger for me.

of course; to get something you have to give something.

be happy and enjoy. and if Audiogon gear talk has lost it’s value then best wishes.
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I’ve reached a point, after much tweaking in my system thanks to Audiogon, I’m moving away from the forum. I’ve gotten to a place where I’m so satisfied with my system that further improvements, while I’m sure they will work, I don’t care.  I used to read  with great interest the weekly listing of the most popular posts.  I’m now finding it boring.  I think It’s time to get off the Merry-Go-Round.
Aside from the “Music” posts” that will be it.

Congratulations. I'm getting there myself.

Stepping back, big picture, view from 30,000 feet, going back to the 1970's this is the third time I've gone through this. The first was in jr high when all my money bought JBL, Kenwood, Pioneer. That took a few years and many hours of work to assemble, after which I pretty much quit looking and just enjoyed what I had.

Until around 1990 when I remodeled and added a listening room. This time it was probably more like 5 years of searching, comparing, buying, and setting up.

The first time it was all speakers, amps, turntable. Nobody listened to wire back then, we all knew it just needs to be thick enough. The second time though was a whole different story. A huge amount of time and effort went into first learning to listen, then evaluate, and finally compare at home. This was still before the internet so print reviews and auditions were all we had.

Listening at this level got more and more intense. BDR Cones use little half inch threaded studs. I remember at one point comparing brass, stainless, and regular steel studs. When it gets to comparing the difference between the studs inside the Cones under your speakers- and actually hearing a difference- you know its time to step back and decompress.

Which I did. For probably at least a dozen years only stuff I bought was when something quit or glitched or whatever. Other than that is was pure enjoyment of music and movies.

Until about a year ago when my ARC phono stage now 20 years old was coming due. Another great thing about getting off the merry go round is technology really does advance and so a dozen years later, hearing how much more awesome a Herron is than the ARC, even though almost the same price (but inflated currency, so in reality much cheaper) vastly more performance. One thing led to another.

This site like most is 99% nonsense, misinformation, and banter. But its like diamonds, you only need one. The Swarm Distributed Bass Array concept alone makes this worth ten times what I paid. Okay, a million. What's a million times zero? Okay never mind. 

Point is yeah, little while longer, the wheel turns, back to just the music. 

Its like anything else I guess. To be good requires focus, concentration, and practice, practice, practice. But then to enjoy it you have to relax and forget all that. And so again, congratulations on getting there.
What are the four conditions?

I enjoy Hi-Fi with almost no money investment but homemade cheap creative solutions answering to the 4 conditions :

1) Vibrations-resonance controls of the audio system embedding...

2) Conventional acoustical room treatments...

3) Cleaning of electrical grid of the house and room...

4) Tweaking with supplementary non conventional method for acoustic transformation of the room, for example modified Schumann Generator, Helmholtz resonators, and other type of resonators... And some others...

My best to you volumizer

My advice is to never say never about finally being done with your system. I realize that your public affirmation of such will help you stay “ clean” so to speak😉
Wow!  I am impressed!

After all these years of chasing, and never obtaining Audio Nirvana myself, here is a person who has become truly happy!

May all of your components never ever fail or wear out!

Enjoy the music!

To get back to the main question, I hate to say that I seem to be moving into 'tweak' mode.
Like you, I love how my systems sound, but knowing there might be something out there that might improve my sound, I keep trying new things.
Not big ticket items, but things like cables (though they can get a bit expensive).
My real downfall is visiting Audioconnection with Ctsooner. He and Johnny seem to always find new things to play with. Unfortunately, these things seem to really make a positive change.🤩