Help Me Name a New Band

Audio Friends,

I've joined a band. We have gigs on the book, but are sorely lacking a name. We'll be a 4-piece playing mostly instrumental improv funk ala Herbie Hancock, the Meters, or Medeski Martin and Wood. An internally-imposed rule is that the name should _not_ contain musical or genre descriptors like funk, groove, pocket, etc. Or numbers. We appreciate irony. A couple of near misses so far:

The Safety Meeting
Suitcase of Courage
The Vague

Let's throw some more stuff against the wall and see what sticks! Have at it.
The Lone Woofs
Lovely and Incompetent
Away from the Menacing Cod
Knocked Up or Greencard
Refresh and go Looting

...and perhaps my favorite: Put a Cheerio In It (which is the correct answer to the question "is breakfast too early for vodka"). And yes, there's a similar story behind each of them also, but sometimes leaving more to the imagination is best.
Feynman, Schwinger and Tamonaga strikes me as a fine name for an irony loving 4 piece combo.

This is the trio that won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1965. The name is both obscure and fully detached from anything relevant to your music, while simultaneously demonstrating that the band has both historical perspective and wide ranging intellectual curiosity.

You might as well aim high.

Good Luck with the band.

Rumpled Stiltskins
Ill Fitting Jacket
As Good As Our Last Album
Ironic Tendencies
Omaha Surf Club
Light Under The Bushel Basket
One more for the road:
Watson and Crick
Marty got me on the Nobel train of thought.
Or, how about The Nobel Dynamites?
04-04-12: Mezmo
(which is the correct answer to the question "is breakfast too early for vodka")"

How about: "Too Early for Vodka"
It's got a good ring to it
Muzakly Yours
The Teflon Cakes
No Your Honor
The Widget Police
Life as a Mole
Gizmo Machine
The Oh-My-God Factory
Transparent Fish

and so many more but gotta Go !
Paisley Whales
Rooster Cousin
Traceable Gems
Peddles and Rocks
Suns Up Kicking
Ain't Doin'it His Way
Whats Dat I Hear
Leopardskin Commotion

I just wanted to do this because it sounded fun.
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Coolo Butt
Meat Gas Line
Public Hair Domain
Kay Sedilla
Why Duzit Hert
The Whisker Biscuit

Good luck
"Brainwave". Easy to remember and it implies intellect. Avoid "The" in the band name and other garage band cliches.
- Welcome to the Palindrome
- Days of Blunder
- Partial Recall
- Blissfully Malignant
- Bluff the Tragic Dragon
- The Tao of Skeeball
- String Cheese Theory
- The Pancakes of Justice
- Days of Wine and Hosers (would help if you have a Canadian in the group)
- Panic Button
- Snark Plug
- Ebbets Near Field
- Clean Socks
- Cumulo-Rhombus
- Theremin and the Dodecahedrons
- The FAQs of Life
- Fracking for the Truth
- Unleavened Lead
- The Grassy Knolls
New Mexico Prison Riot
Crime and the Punishments
Around the Corner
Out of Beer
Wounded Emily
Bi-polar Bear

Good idea, but already taken by this Kokomo, Indiana cover band:

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I think it should have a hifi conotation. How about the expensive interconnects lol.
I'm shocked how many band names are used! If only the bands were as good as their names(lol). Here's 3+ more...
Prism of Dispersion
Hemiola Measures
Toroidal Buzz
Toroidal Core
Toroidal Hum