HiRes lossless FLAC Radio streams

I noticed the other day that the latest Lumin app update included links to a few dozen FLAC radio streams.  I have to say they sound really good, with some streaming up to 192 kHz/16bit at over 6mbps on my transport.  While the sound quality is good the content is lacking right now and I can't find much to my liking - however I haven't dug in very deep yet and I'm hoping the offerings expand over the coming months.  

Anyone else finding some really good hi-res streaming stations, particularly jazz, indie, rock?  Would like to also hear about other's listening impressions on these hi-res radio streams.   
Radio Paradise has a FLAC hi-res stream. I find their content to be really good. They have 4 different channels - Main Mix, Mellow, Rock and World/etc.
I am a dedicated RP Flac streamer and financial supporter. Bill does excellent curation at RP. If you like the station be sure and donate $$ or buy products from their page. They even have a facility where you can upload images that display along with songs as they play with certain apps (their choice though).  You can also make song suggestions if the artist is not in the rotation but Bill is purdy persnickety about what he accepts. Check it all out here https://radioparadise.com/home. Example, the Bryston BDP series utilize and app that will display album art. Roon just uses the flac URL and does not display album art but does do the title and artist.

I would interested to know if the Lumin as a Radio Paradise app or is it utilizing a streaming url?


I would interested to know if the Lumin as a Radio Paradise app or is it utilizing a streaming url?

Lumin uses a streaming url.  Prior to a few days ago you could only load stations through a TuneIn radio synch but it did allow for adding stations through custom url adds.  After the latest update recently about 50 FLAC stations showed up directly in the Lumin app, including four RP stations: Main Mix, Mellow Mix, Rock Mix, and World Mix.
NAIM has a special preset for RP. Love it, send them $. Curated “ radio is special at RP.
@tomic601   There are also now three NAIM FLAC stations that have appeared on the Lumin app - Naim Classical FLAC, Naim Jazz FLAC, and Naim Radio FLAC.

Looks like I have a lot to try out.
Three Easy - That is cool. The NAIM recording label has typically high sonic standards and good artists as well. Enjoy !,,,
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Thanks @tvad   All of those stations are on the Lumin app now.  And the quality of the stream in many cases is better than what the table lists.  For instance H2O Radio HiRes  is 192kHz, 16bit, and streams on my end at 6.144 Mbps
+1 Radio Paradise. Seems I listen to one of their channels nearly every day. Great headphone stations.
Another vote here for Radio Paradise.  Though where I am the internet is not good enough for Hi Res levels
Lumin App 7.0.6 still requires a login. I have the latest IOS and have not seen the update you speak of. What is your app version?
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I tried the link.  Every station I clicked either didn’t work or restricted access

Lumin App 7.0.6 still requires a login. I have the latest IOS and have not seen the update you speak of. What is your app version?

Mine is the 7.0.6 version as well.  Do you have a TuneIn login ID that you can use on the Lumin app?  I'm wondering if that's required before the FLAC stations also show up.
The Jazz Groove, a treat station, offers FLAC streaming with a tax deductible donation. However one must stream the music through the app on the phone (after logging in) and Bluetooth it to the streamer. Unfortunately one can't login from the streamer, or at least from my streamer, a CA 851N.

Rather pick my own music.

I guess you're saying that you're anti-radio?  Radio is one of my main avenues for discovering new music.  It's also great to play in the background while I'm working.  I too of course play albums a lot as well.  Billions of people have enjoyed the radio for the past 100 years but to each his own ;-)  This wasn't intended to be a for or against radio thread. lol
Thumbs down for Radio "Paradise"
Too much greatest zits.  

@pjb255livecom To what purpose would pushing a lossless program thru a compressed medium like Bluetooth gain? Phooey.
Check out the station web sites direct. WXRT Chicago has a listen tab snd the quality is excellent. Another I have on my iphone is HiDef Radio app. Not sure if they still offer it as I have had people day they can’t find it.
Yeah, I'm personally not digging the content of Radio Paradise.  The sound quality is fantastic however - maybe they will consider adding more stations.
@pjb255livecom To what purpose would pushing a lossless program thru a compressed medium like Bluetooth gain? Phooey.

If their app runs on an iPad should be able to go digital out to a DAC

Good topic. I’m looking through the stations available on my Ifi Zen Streamer, and I see a handful from Naim, Linn, Radio Paradise, and others. I bet these are all high quality streamer. I’ll have to try them out!

The BluOs app, on the other hand, shows local FM and AM channels as well as internet channels. And Radio Paradise has a special place on the first page of the app. 

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I usually listen to songs on the Spotify streaming platform. It has a large selection of music of various genres. 

JB Radio-2 is out of Toronto and streams some very good music, somewhat akin to Radio Paradise.  They also provide a Flac url that is 96kb.



"Rather pick my own music."

I felt the same, but then I thought about the idea of discovering new music/artists by listening to RP and it's really paid off. Granted that most of the time I do pick my own music, but not always. Enjoy the music! 👊

Is CD Quality Internet Radio a new radio? Because I have never heard anything like it. Does it support the tidal promotion service

I googled the hell out of this and found all sorts of international stations I would never have found otherwise. You might try that. I limited myself to 44.1 or higher and garnered at least a dozen.

Here are my favorites, 

Jazz Groove

KSDS 88.3 San Diego

KCSM Jazz 91

All Jazz streaming on my ifi zen hires bluetooth,  using my android tablet with Sony LDAC codec 24/96 to my McIntosh c47 dac. Sounds amazing,  don't knock it till you try it.

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