Hobbies other than Audiophiliac?

What are your other hobbies besides being obsessed with audio gear and sound quality from your system? I can only juggle a few at a time, the priority being listening to music when I get the chance. Just curious what other people can manage to accomplish in their spare time other than obsess with audio gear and music.
Boating, water skiing, biking, working out to stay fit enough to listen well into my old age :)
Boating, water skiing, snow skiing, and guitar playing (which is as much about sound quality of the gear as it is about playing ability . . . for me at least)
Well, I kind of enjoy football! I'm also into gardening, hiking, and bird watching.
Skating on the other side of the ice.Going over the Falls in a barrel,taming tigers,drinking poison and making love to Jayne and Marilyn....
Wine and cooking (and related things). Sadly, two more hobbies intimately shared with my poor Rosemary and thus difficult to continue.
Table Tennis(28 years)and Chess(30 years). I love to wear foes into submission or blast them out of the water.
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Fishing in the great northwest,steelhead and salmon.Its cheaper than buying a new component plus you get outside and refresh your thinking,even if you lost as many as ive lost this summer so far.I go out to jams,dont play for living anymore.Its just a way to keep chops up though,alot of these guys cant understand paying as much as we do on the wonderfull world of 2 channel stereo or otherwise.
I reject that audio is a hobby. It is access to an artform. Beauty is not a hobby. To say anything less is to trivialize it.

water skiing thru the course, tennis, racquetball, plus over 8 hours of music on a daily basis.
Tennis when my knees let me. Tomorrow morning if the weather holds.
Chashmal, audio is a hobby for me.
So many things that I have pursued that have been far more satisfying to the soul than 'audio' (for me audio came relatively late).

Downhill skiing.
Music (live) and lastly,
Wine, Beer, and travel. Especially wine and beer! :-)

The only real complaint I have about audio (which I really do enjoy) is its solitary nature. A few years ago I had to give up skiing due to physical limitations. Soon it will be flyfishing - kind of tough to climb in and out of those remote canyons where the native fish are and other fishermen arn't. I really miss it, but it does afford more time to fiddle with my audio stuff.

BTW, Digsithd, if you haven't done so already try flyfishing for steelhead!!!! You may not catch many but when you do you'll never forget it.
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Collecting music, riding motorcycle, playing the guitar, and being a single dad.
It's golf for me. I have a 5 handicap and a nephew on the PGA tour (Joe Ogilve). I grew up playing golf with my 6 older brothers who were all competent golfers.
Snow skiing in Co. The white fluffy stuff. Not that ice face stuff in the east. Any Goners have a pad on the slopes? Utah will work and Cal. also.

At 55 yrs. old I am running from 45/50 miles a week. Being ripped is a hobby of mine I take with a lot of passion and pride.
I play hockey as a goaltender once a week.
I take care of my collection of bonsaï trees.
I make and fly kites.
I also enjoy taking care and modding my 2006 Charger R/T
using two-handed spey rod. Since steelhead are few and far between---the fish of a thousand casts---I'm into the art of the cast!!!
Being unemployed and unemployable I spend most of my time listening to mainly music. Dunno if looking after 3 dogs and mucking out after 'her' horse counts as hobbies though.
Oh yeah, the latest hobby, trying to repair an old house of all its ills.

Psst. I would also sell the horse for some new hi-fi gear.
Schh....don't tell the missus.lol
Time travel, knitting with the guys at the weekly audio meets, and of course, cross dressing.

Well, if Slappy wont post anymore...
I collect potholes and used needles that wash up on the beach (I have a Bellushi, a Cobain, a Vicious, and one I swear is a Presley.) I also enjoy researching a cure for boredom.
Music, its collection and reproduction is a hobby and is not insulting to call it a hobby..........its sacred to those who create it, its a hobby for us who try to reproduce it as best we can.
audio izz ? but, if you truly "grok" what's on the stereo, then that can really lift you up and out of your rut. not in a rut you say? well, good, then i speak for myself. sometimes.
like what's for dinner tonite? nothing spectacular, that's for sure. i have no penchant for cooking, but i sure like eating.
so i guess making really outstanding food would be a wonderful hobby. that and really being able to understand what my computer is capable of doing. does anyone know of a good web site or book on the subject? and what about how to make gourmet dinners in 10 minutes or less?
Trade you a Goering/Hess42 for that Belushi81.This is your brain on frenchfries,let that be a lesson Heath....never mind,too late......Who's next wasn't just an album.On a brighter note the Dow is up 187,the Nasdaq 23 and in Georgia today......

I had Cycling too('98 Trek w/'03 Campy Carbon Rec'd gruppo/FSA Team Issue crank/Reynolds Carbon wheelset)until I re-tore my Meniscus(originally from Cycling and Table Tennis).
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Other than audio equipment and I enjoy collecting music,recently I've been interested in building my own turntable.So far I got the controller,motor,mylar tape and pulley.I am in the process of bying an 80mm acrylic platter and bearing from Scheu analog.The plinth will be constructed shortly,I haven't decided on type of materials and construction method yet.It will be massive though.
Other interests include working out at the gym 3 times a week to keep fit(I hate the thought of getting older ),which reminds me I got a date with the barbell and dumbells tonight.
I lifted weights in the past but they are so heavy :)

I still have a washboard stomach but there is a load of laundry in it..ok I will stop.

How long does it take to bike 150 miles a week?

I run 10 miles in 68 mins. So 25 in one hour?

I have thought about getting into biking.
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Walking, amature dramatics, seeing the kids, travel and heres one you colonials can't enjoy, watching cricket. I have tried to explain it to you guys, but you can't really. International Test Matches last 5 days and end in a draw about 30% of the time. That goes down really well " 5 days and it ends in a draw!" You are an impatient people.
Just think, if you were still part of the Empire, you could be playing cricket, not baseball, there's a thought.
have done weightlifting, running, mountain biking (fun), surfing (lots of fun), but have found playing the guitar (now for 2 months) has made me even more of an audiophile.

turning the system real loud and playing along is more fun as any listening session can be IMHO.
Collecting Japanese bamboo baskets (may not sound like an art form but believe me it is) - mostly artists from the first and second quarters of the 20th century rather than contemporary artists - and as of very recently, rebuilding/restoring a Taisho period 'kominka'.
Actually a washboard stomach (I wish I had one !)comes from diet and not from weight lifting.To see a six-pack you need to go down to 7-8% total body fat.
Oh I am disabled and a smartass, I did drop over 20lbs by droping pop from my diet so thats a win for me!
I prefer the diet 7-up over the regular,I find it tastes better too.
I think the fructose is bad no matter what..moderation is the way my friend:)
Drink pure water my friend and can the pop water. Most people are dehydrated so instead of drinking water they eat food and drink pop.


Ripped abs comes by way of diet, weight trainging and aerobic exercise.