Realy Stupid Question- how do you pronounce Teres?

Is it like 'tears' ? Or 'teh-res' or 'tear-is', 'tee-rees' or ???
I like "tear-ass"! You know... it seems more masculine, and daunting, kind of like "The Perch™"... Made from massive, dark African Ebony wood, the hardest of any species. You get the ain't exactly pretty.

Ladies, gentlemen, I would like to know how to pronounce it too. If anyone cared to give a straightforward answer to an honest if simple question, I would be grateful.
Oh, for Pete's sake, doesn't anyone have a dictionary anymore. I'd assume
they are deriving it from the latin word that means round or cylindrical Look it
up! It'd probably be under the "T" section. I've got better things
to do than to get up for you and look up the pronounciation of a word! Like
writing more smart-ass responses and picking my wife up at the airport. T-
E-R-E-S....Go on, it's the really thick book with the alphabet tabs on the edge
of the pages. Not much of a plot, but really informative when you have
questions like this one.

OK then Marco. Teres is pronounced like "Teresa" without the "a", since that's how my old Latin teacher would have said it. Thanks, I can go to bed now. My dictionaries are still in storage after the fire. Give her a kiss for us.
Teres? damn that's an easy pronounce it like this


what I wonder...should french gear be pronounced vees a french accent...should german gear names be uttered vit a thick gutteral accent...what about the new chinese gear...hell...I'll bet some of us can't even pronounce their beer names (tsing tao for example) latin countries would the double "L" in Krell be mistaken and used in a manner similar to calle?

thank god for companies like DK
Imagine any part of the hottest porn star's body, and you got it: It's Tera's _____.
Actually the latin meaning makes the most sense. So it would follow what Tobias says and the latin pronounciation would make sense. Like Teresa without the "a."


That's how I say it.

Teres. - When the circumference is circular, but its thickness indeterminate, nearly cylindrical. (L. round.)
So far we have:

Teresa without the a - 2 votes
Tera's - 1 vote
"terrace" - 2 votes (including mine, this is the way I say it) defines the word "teres" as - "Being round and long." My teres is bigger than yours.
I hate to be a subversive in this discussion, but rather than lots of conjecture, anyone think to call them -

Chris Brady
Phone: (303) 466-1743
Teres Audio
2190 Snowmass Circle
Broomfield, CO 80020

Is that staightforward enough for you Tobias?

While I agree that use of a dictionary is apparently old school, use of a phone should be reasonably familiar to all.
I just spoke with Mr Brady. He pronounces it "tare-ez", so there you have it.

Real nice guy BTW.
Okay, that's settled. Now I'm curious about how to pronounce Marco.
Is it Mmmaaaarrco
or Marcooooo
or Marrrrrco
or Mmmmmmarco
I'dunno, it's so confusing.
The real question now is, when Marco's wife calls him from the listening room - "Marco!" - does he answer - "Polo!"?
yeah, that was a "really stupid question" but i've got one better. How do you pronounce VPI ??
The real question now is, when Marco's wife calls him from the listening room

It depends upon the circumstance. Should I happen to be listening to music she doesn't appreciate, and perhaps a bit too loud for her tastes (usually the case anyway), and she's in a particularly bad mood...well, I couldn't print the things she calls me or it would kill this thread! Otherwise, yeah, just "Marco" usually does the trick.

Prounounced: märk-O

I've only do the "Polo" bit if I'm in the bathtub.

No worries. I was just as curious as everyone else. Plus, it was interesting to talk to him. He did enjoy hearing about the interest and how well his products are appreciated in our circles.

Yes. "Tare" like fair and "ez" like Pez.

Mmmmmmm, Pez.
"I can speak whale."

"No, you can't.

"Yes I can. Listen. Teeeeeehhhhhrrrrrrrreeeeeeezzzzzzz."

"Stop that, that's not whale."

"Sure it is. Hey, I wonder if his name's Marco?


"Well, isn't that the idea?"
What a thread !!

I feel like we're going round and round !

Of course that's what Teres does. Maybe it's intentional ?
My Iraqui neighbor who is an english teach in iraq pronounce it.." T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T turntable.
Some folks here are (evidently) still under the influence from the Hemp Cones thread. Huh?

Thanks for the laughs.
Marakanetz, it sounds like this Tsures table would make for a great match with my Kvell amps and Knipsch speakers.
As you might suspect, TSURES isn't towards turntable it's just towards spelling info request...