Ridiculous sale

Somebody is selling a Decware that sells at 2600 $ direct from the manufacturer for 4500 $ citing tha t you can pay that if you want to wait a year. This is a disgrace in Audiogon. Also TMR sales require you to go to their website and look for the product for information. Unfortunately the hobbiest mentality that predominated Audiogon Is being replaced by these dry, unfear actions and styles. What a shame.


Unfear? Is that a new word? That certainly is a slimy tactic for the seller.

I have an Aric Audio Transcend I will sell for a reasonable price. It’s definitely better sounding than the Decware since I’ve owned several Decware amps.

I also own a Aric Audio Super 300B amp that I am willing to let it go for a reasonable price. 

Unfortunately, it is the new normal these days coupled with greedy people. The sad part is, it will probably be sold within days.  The same thing happened with the Oppo players when the company ceased manufacturing of them.  The prices were between 3K and 4K for a $1200.00 unit.  Nothing new.  

It's called capitalism and it's driven by self-interest.  If someone buys it at that price, then it's a fair transaction.  Greed is good, right?

Capitalism is good. In this case, the market will let the seller know he is out to lunch. Or someone will buy it because they don’t want to wait in line. Yeah I think he’s a douche for pricing it so high, but I show my distaste by NOT buying the amp.

What does TMR have to do with the transaction, they aren't selling this amp?


If you have the financial means and don’t want to wait a year, why not pay a premium?  The seller is offering an additional benefit which they have attributed an associated cost.  If you don’t see the value, simply pass. 

Wait a year for decware? No.you guys are kidding me. I wait 6 months for a nice record pre order, like step 1 and UDS 1.

TMR seem s to be a big operation that is using Audiogon establishing their own way in which you go to their website with a link and then search for the item. So all their adds have is a picture of the item and a link to their website home adress not the item itself. I dislike that. Call me lazy or whatever but for me it I should taking advantage of Audiogon while inconveniencing the client. Not good in my book

Alanpiga , Alan if Audiogon agree to it, it means no problem. It’s easy to find the item on TMR . They are legit.

TMR has an expensive website, it is well done, maintained and there are careful and complete photos of the gear they have for sale. They buy, sell, trade and have a service department. TMR also maintains a large store on eBay with thousands of items sold including excellent feedback.

Info on just about everything made on this planet is available with making a few clicks and typing a few letters. So ok, I'm calling you lazy. The lack of proofreading your posts is evidence of that.

It is a free market and you are free not to buy it. You are also free to complain and cackle like old hens about the free market. 

Do you think this person pulled a ’ticket-scalper’ move, and bought it jut to flip it at a higher price with a built-in impateience ’tax’, or did that person wait a year to get it then decideded they did not like it?


Seems like a highly relevant question to me. Are they charging for shipping? Well, you could pick it up for free.... "it’s a thousand miles away from you", you say? seems like $50 in shipping is a sweet deal.... (just making up an example here, i have not looked at the actual ad)


Time and location figure into the value/price of stuff. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it- we’re talking luxury goods here, not literal necessities.



The op must have purchased a new car that was in demand. The 2000 Honda S2000 was asking $10k over msrp and sold every one. The Enzo, I had a friend that was getting offers $300k over what he paid for his because only a certain number of cars were made and he happened to be 1 that got 1. 
Not sure about this piece of equipment if it’s worth more than retail, but if it is in demand, then let supply and demand dictate the price

+1 @rbstehno Same thing with any of the premium Mustangs (Shelby Cobra Supersnake) in the last few years. Premiums in the 10s of 1000s added to MSRP.  Supply and demand; you may not like it, but there it is.

Has anyone bought an Oppo UDP-205 for $5995.00 plus shipping!

Neither have I, but there’s people right now trying to sell them at that price.

Any product is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. In a free market, scarcity always drives up prices. Basic law of supply and demand. We all have free will here to decide if we want to pay a premium or not. If you don't, that's cool. Maybe somebody else will. Or maybe not. And then the seller either drops their price or they're left with the item unsold. I don't see anything "unfair" about that.

I've long wondered why Decware doesn't increase production capacity. They are reasonably priced so limiting supply to price gouge doesn't seem motive. I can only think he likes small operation to keep family like atmosphere. I've been tempted to purchase, but long wait list deters.


$1900 for jumping wait list, if someone sees value in that pretty desperate, present amp must be pretty bad. Probably better value with another used amp at that price.

@sns they maybe quite happy with their business model. They are living a comfortable lifestyle, order book is full, no headaches that go with expansion.

They maybe what I call Lifestyle owner’s and are content.

If somebody feels the amp is worth that much to them and they don't want to wait a year, seems perfectly reasonable to me... 


I will send you a PM with my amp details. I am running a add on US Audio Mart as well. 

This seems, much ado about nothing, as it will all come out in the wash. Best remember though that karma is a bitch.

Time to buy a different amp. Definitely. You all definitely have a good sense of humor. Hurray.

If the OP thinks that this is a problem, he should realize that people are free to buy or not buy whatever they want at whatever price they are willing to pay.

If someone is stupid or rich enough to pay a 73% surcharge in order to skip the cue, then who is he hurting? 

End of story.

Guess the OP is still looking.


Main System

Want to get a better match for an mc transformer with my Lyra. I currently use a Cotter Mk2L. Or a very good phono preamplifier, my system plays small jazz bands ok but some othr music not so good

"Somebody is selling a Decware that sells at 2600 $ direct from the manufacturer for 4500 $ "


what a scumbag

there someone on the auction site seling a used ava ultravalve for $3k ($900-1200 used in tip top shape, $1999 new) claimin "collectors price." 


I also have a Mk2L.It was not a good match with my Lyra. I do not have the Lyra any more but I bet anY good flexible phono pre will do. I have a Zesto Andros, it has flexible loading and gain. It sounds good, too.

Yeah nobody likes being on the wrong side of supply and demand, basically because they wish they were on the right side...

Isn't most of the retail market overpriced?  It's whatever the consumer is willing to pay.  You have the choice to buy or not to buy.

If someone with deep pockets is desperate enough or clueless enough (i.e. pretty stupid), let them buy it at that price. The thing is, with more on the way (eventually) that buyer will NEVER recoup anywhere near what he paid for it - if they ever decide to get rid of it.  But then some people don't care about burning money. 

I mean, everything can be marked up by greedy people. Think concert tickets or now baby formula. Two years ago it was toilet paper or chlorine based cleaners. Ugh.