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I have a small living room. My amp is an Accuphase powering some Harbeth P3ESRs and a KEF KC62 subwoofer. Sounds great for acoustic and jazz. However, I also like big symphonic works and the Harbeths don't cut it for that. I'm looking for something more dynamic and something that can push more air to give me that grand experience of listening to big works. Any recommendations? Assume a budget of $10000.




Other than better dynamics, what sound characteristics are you looking for, do you prefer monitors or towers, what are your room dimensions, how much power does your amp have, and are you looking for new or used?  Sorry for all the questions — just trying to make the most appropriate and useful recommendations possible. 

Which Accuphase? Maybe try a more powerful amp. The P3esr’s love power. 

How small of a room are you talking? See my virtual system, my rooms pretty small.

I have a similar situation with a 12.5 x 13.5 living room with an adjacent 80% open 4 x 13.5 hallway that contains my record storage. IMO a modest sized floor stander minus a sub(space/continuity issues) will give the best results. Hopefully Sonus Faber will update/improve the Nova series in 2024 which would make a very good speaker into a class leader.

Having owned many Harbeths including the P3. The Super HL5 plus ( I own them) will have the same sound signature as the P3 with a more dynamic sound that you are looking for! BTW, you should update your virtual system!

Here is one of many reviews!


The room is 13' x 11' with 3 walls, the other side opening up to the rest of the house. I've thought about the SHL5s but thought that they might overpower the room. I think I'd like a floorstander (have never had any) as it would be a bigger change than just a bigger standmount. Totally open to used.

Would a floorstander be too much?



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Check out the KEF Reference 1 meta’s. They will also play well with your KC62 sub.



I have the REF 1 Metas, and the bass output is incredible for such a small speaker. The caveat is that they need a minimum of 200 W of solid power to bring the bass out. I tried to power them with a Luxman 590AXII, and the little KEFs ate the integrated up. I now power them with McIntosh Mc611s, 

I'm considering selling my amp and preamp to get an integrated  with more power like a Pass Labs INT250 or Hegel H590 or Ayre AX5/Twenty


Lots of KEF REF 1 Meta recommendations it seems

They were  limited production, but I have Dynaudio Heritage Specials and they are incredible. Perhaps a used pair. For a stand mounted speaker, the bass is wonderful. Imaging, dynamics, timbral accuracy, are spectacular. And with any really terrific speaker, the better that you can put in front of it, from source to amplifier, the better the sound.

Looks like most of you are recommending standmounts. Maybe I should foucs there?


Sounds very familiar.

ATC SCM19's in a 12' x 20' room powered by 220 wpc.

Works for me.



How about Vaughn Cabernett II that I have?


It has small footprint with 93 db/w.

It can play sympony with scale in small room.


it was driven by 48 watt SET amp  called Line Magnetic 508.


I have Scaena 3.2, Altec A7 and Lansche 4.1 in addition to Vaughn speaker.


if you live Pacific Northwest, I may let you test it at your room.





if you are willing to drive to Washington State to pick them up, it will work.



I heard the KEF Reference 1 Meta at Axpona with 2 subwoofers and it lacked engagement. I asked to hear them with subwoofers off and the sound was lethargic. Yes, tough to completely judge a speaker within 15 minutes at a show but it does raise the "Red Flag". IMO they could be very sensitive with electronics/room acoustics/cables/placement and even recordings. I did like the YG Acoustics Peak Talus($14k) very well balanced and liquid even when the subwoofer was off. On the budget side the Atohm GT2 HD($7500) was the best under $10k speaker at the show. When set up correctly these 2 compact floor standers will compete with any comparably priced standmount/subwoofer combo.

I think Joseph Audio Pulsars could be a great fit for what you’re looking for given the relatively small size of your room. Here’s a nice pair in SoCal so maybe you could even go give them a listen. IMO they’re wildly overpriced and should be more like $5k max including stands — he ain’t never gonna sell these for near the $6250 he’s asking for. I’d suggest going for a listen if possible and see if you can strike a deal if they give you what you’re looking for,plus if they’re in SoCal you save shipping.

Best of luck.

Alta audio Alyssa monitors incredibile dynamicd and  and throw a huge soundstage

Reference 1 original or Metas. Not sure how they will pair with the Accuphase though. Great match with class AB Luxman or Hegel. Also pairs extremely well with Gold Note IS-1000.

I recommend the Vivid Kaya 25.  They are a small floor standing speaker listed at $11K where you may be able to negotiate to your $10k cap.  They have excellent design technology and performance as well as an elegant but unique shape.  Clarity, detail, timber, image density, staging, dynamics and micro dynamics are excellent (what you are lookin for).  Pro reviews say they project sound well into the room for their small stature but admit they are bettered but larger and more expensive speakers that will dominate a small room.  You should be fine supporting them with your sub.  I love my G3s.  Give a listen to the K25s. Note dealers hard to find.  I did not look up where you are located.  

I was thinking of a KEF Reference 1 Meta for A 12 X 11 X 9 (+ 4-foot closet where I put a desk and monitors). I was also thinking of Magico A1, Vivid S12, Yamaha NS2000, and some other monitors also close to $10k.

My room is treated with $700 of GIK acoustic panels, this is a must. 

I also have a KEF KC62 subwoofer. It was paired with the KEF LS50 Meta. This was a beautiful pairing, but I wanted to see if going up in price would make it even better.

Before I was able to buy a more expensive monitor, I wanted to try the new Magnepan LRS+ ($995) that people are raving about. It is a power hog, and my brute of an amp, the 100-watt Class A CODA #16, worked great with it.

The sound is way bigger than the LS50 Meta. Tons of depth and bass was shocking even without the KC62. I use the KC62, but I had to dial it down a lot compared with pairing it with the LS50 Meta.

I do not listen to much classical music, but I would imagine the wall of sound effect of the LRS+ would work great with that genre. 

I spent a lot of time and money making my office system sound good, Interestingly, I spent less to make it sound great.

I use my CODA #16 amp in my Livingroom with my Yamaha NS5000 speaker. So, I needed another amp for the LRS+. I tried a few others but was not mesmerized as with the CODA #16.

I eventually learned that the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech is what I should try with Magnepans. Roger Sanders sent me a used Magtech ($4k) on a 30-day trial. He normally does not give home trials on used gear, but he told me that I would love the pairing. After, 2 days of listening, I emailed Roger back and told him the amp is staying. What a combo.





Klipsch Forte IV or Cornwall IV.  Work great with sub, very dynamic, work well as near-field speakers when necessary for small room.

Have you considered Goldenear Triton's? Built-in powered subs so full range  Model would be depending  on your room parameters 

Don’t rule out floorstanders. They would definitely work in your room. Good luck ! 

I second the Dynaudio Heritage Specials.  For those who say they need a lot of power, I have not found that to be accurate.  I power them with a ARC VSi75 and find that to be plenty.

I have Sopra 2's in my 9x13 room. Bass gets a little boomy, also the person downstairs gets a bass show. I personally am looking to downsize to limit the bass and energy it takes to run them. They sound fantastic by the way, but too big for my room. I'm not looking at giving up the detail though. 

You want to be able to push speaker...floor stander might be limiting with small room.I had adagios in this room before atc purchase...way too much.The speakers couldnt "breath"..bass has to have some room?

you should look at the monitor audio gold 200 G5 or the monitor audio platinum G2 or G3, very three-dimensional sound stage and very enveloping makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the performance.

There were a pair of nice red mbl monitors up on usam.Man i wanted those things.For orchestral music...would think they be amazing!

Maybe just add a 2nd Sub first and see where you are.  Then move from there. 

I think you should move into a small floor stand speaker. Not sure why all the stand mount suggestions. You want a bigger sound, right?

Take a look at Shahinian Acoustics. I bet the Arc would work well in your room.

I do want a bigger sound.

FWIW, I will be keeping my P3's as I can A/B switch my speakers (one of the many reasons I like the Accuphase)

How big do you want to go - stand mount or floor standing? I prefer stand mount speakers in your application. As previously mentioned, Heritage Specials are definitely worth consideration. I just scored a pair of B&W 805 D3 speakers. They meet/exceed my expectations. With my CJ tube amp and pre, they don’t sound bright and have plenty of base. They continue to amaze me, such neutral clarity and incredible soundstage. Your ears matter the most. Audition as many speakers as possible. Buying used can be a viable option. Especially if you can find a pair locally or within a reasonable driving distance. 

Try the little bokshelf Golden Ears BRX (I think - I'm not home to look). I use them in a home studio and they are terriffic in a small room.Happy listening!

@ullogu1 Wrote:

I do want a bigger sound.

The JBL 4349's will give you a larger and very dynamic sound and your Accuphase amp has all the power they need. 😎


I recently set up another system in a similar size room (10x14).  I use the QLN Prestige One.  They are easy to drive and your Accuphase and other gear will be a great match.  As a matter of fact the dealer who sold them to me recommended Accuphase electronics.  They do very well with large scale orchestral.  I listen to classical with my morning coffee almost every day.  They are also within your budget.  Part Time Audiophile has some online reviews you could check out.  Based on what you describe you’re looking for I think they’re right up your alley.