Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations

I currently have Klipsch Forte iv speakers, SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer, Mofi StudioDeck with a master tracker and the Mofi StudioPhono going into my Denon pma-600ne and a WiiM mini. I've considered options below but really open to anything other than tube amps.  

  • Music Fidelity A1 and M3si
  • Leak 130 or 230
  • ARCAM Radia A25 
  • Cambridge CXA81
  • Audiolab 7000A

I am sure I can do much better than the Denon, that can be overly warm and muddy at times. 





What specific improvements are you looking for and what sound characteristics are most important to you?  Also, what’s your budget and are you looking for new or used?

I like your list, I would add Parasound that I tried and found it the furthest from warm, if that's what you prefer.

I'd go for that musical fidelity A1...that's one great amp, and class A. It should have no issue driving klipsch. There's a few very good reviews on YouTube, audiophiliac and the British audiophile. 

How about a used Primaluna.  Maybe a Dialogue would be at that price range and you get the nice sound of tubes that aren’t too syrupy.  

Look for these two units and, with those speakers you will experience a whole new level of listening.

-    CHoco EMEI Integrated Amp

-    Denafrips Areis DAC

Get them used and the cost will be at your price point. I have the Pontus and a year ago used a REGA Aethos amp.  Bought the Choco amp and it bested the REGA.(in MY system).

I recently purchased a Pass Labs INT-25 so my Choco will be up for sale soon.

Lawrence From MI


I always recommend you search slightly above your budget, to know what is available if you stretch your budget some before deciding

hifishark, ’integrated amplifier’ max $2500,

Anyone know about Devaliet? this very unique piece popped up


review of the 120

manual of the 140 (one for sale is 120 model) shows how the inputs can be configured for various devices.


Not bad options you have, OP. I would take a higher-end, used approach. The Music Room is an excellent resource, highly regarded vendor. For instance:



Some good choices on your list. I had the M3si briefly and liked it, but it did not enough power for my speakers. Take a look at NAD as well.

You might want to aim higher and troll the used market for a while, some great deals to be had on lightly used equipment.


Little Luxman, tube integrated, NEW, 10 wpc

I have this one in my office system, sounds terrific, you need efficient speakers.

Some Japanese items, like my JVC TT81 are 100v. You need a decent quality simple 120/100 transformer (i.e. nothing fancy or pricey needed, just avoid junk)


that’s it for stuff slightly above your budget that was fun to learn about, you have a lot of choices, best of luck deciding.

Lots of great recommendations here! I had not heard of the CHoco EMEI Integrated Amp. Overall sound I gravitate to is lots of dynamics, lots of tight bottom end, and an amp that will bring out the best in the Forte midrange. I'm not into neutral sounding amps and I do have to be careful not to add too much high end with the fortes but I do want more airiness than what i am getting with the Denon. I've heard more detail and airiness and separation as I've upgraded to the Mofi phono preamp and the MasterTracker cart on my turntable.  

I have a Rotel in one of my systems and it does everything quite well.  I originally bought it as a stop-gap unit before I got a more elaborate model, but I have decided to keep it since it's so good.  

Really need to know what your budget is and if you’re looking for new or used. 

@chrisroot76  you have gotten some great advice and options.  

Something to consider is how long you are going be paired up with your speakers or is the integrated going to be paired up with your current speakers.  They are high efficiency, easily driven.  If this is your forever speaker or this speaker family is where you see yourself living, that should play into your decision on the integrated.  You won’t need to chase power but be mindful of lower power, high quality wattage.  If you aren’t married to this speaker genre and your next upgrade are speakers, you’ll want an integrated that is more versatile in the speakers it can drive. 

Used as mentioned is the way to go.  The advice to look above your budget and “troll” the used market is great advice.  Music Fidelity makes really, really solid integrated amps that punch above their weight class, Parasound is another, NAD, Hegel if one fits your budget.  If you want Tube Flavor Rogue or Primaluna.  If you have your front end settled, streamer, DAC, vinyl set up, focus on the Pre / Amp set up, don’t worry about other bells and whistles.  You might also consider buying an amp first, like a Parasound A21+, then save a bit and buy a pre.  Schmitt gets a lot of love, you might look at their Hybrid, Tune / Solid state pre and one of their amps, in your budget new, never heard their gear, seem to be a bit polarizing, everyone seems to agree bang for the buck is great.  Debate is around how much they truely bunch above their weight class.  

Above your budget by a bit but if you saw a used Coda CSiB, that is maybe one of the best values on the used market.  A Krell 300i would also be a home run, again, both a little more than a bit over your budget.


Good Luck!  

Good advice @mm1tt77. I really love the horn sound and plan on being with the Fortes for awhile. I initially got my system to get into vinyl, but I have also been streaming more when I'm not sitting down listening. Currently I've been just using the WiiM to stream Apple Music and the internal DAC on the Denon. Music on the turntable sounds much better in comparison, but looking to improve my streaming situation as well. So depending which way I go with the integrated amp (e.g. Music Fidelity A1), I may need to pick up an external DAC. 

Read about the Jungson JA88D class A integrated on Troels Gravesen website.  It is at the bottom of his lead page of former equipment.  I own it and do not think of changing.

Best Bet....Audiophile Integrated...Mint pre-owned .BELLES ARIA....$1600 Look it up. Very Musical with bass punch...beautiful natural vocals and brilliant highs...never harsh.

Pre-owned Yamaha A-S2100. Easily competes with $7K^ worth of separates. Hard to do better for <$2K and easy to do a lot worse. 

Maybe used Audio Alchemy Preamp+Amp separates.  Slightly above your price range but includes a DAC.  Positive reviews.

Lyngdorf 1120 or 2170 if can get for that price. Room correction on Lyngdorf is world class and worth its weight in gold IME. 

Check out a pre-owned Parasound Halo Hint it has everything you could want and should be obtainable for under 2k.