Thanks to Paul McGowan

About a year ago I bought a PS Audio BHK pre-amp  & was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality over the Rotel I had been using. I put in a pair of 60s era Telefunken tubes & thought it sounded great so I went shopping. Recently  I found a pair of PS Audio M1200 mono blocks & thought what the heck. I got them home & installed NOS 1958 Telefunken.tubes.
I should mention the amp I had in the system was a highly modified Carver TFM 45 I bought in the 80s.
What a difference! Have you ever had that OMG moment when you get to hear your music for the first time. I should have ditched the Carver yrs ago.
My hat's off to Paul McGowan!


If you get a chance, read Paul’s autobiography, 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller.

Humorous and insightful—a very entertaining read.

Guys like Paul McGowan are rare. A ton of practical knowledge, hands on experience, business acumen, and willingness to share his knowledge. Unfortunately these guys are getting old, and they will eventually disappear, leaving the world with inferior alternatives. And yet, it’s a pity he gets attacked by the measurement morons all the time. The Monday couch potato quarterbacks

I see him at the grocery store occasionally.  When I say hi he always perks up with a smile.



Decades ago Paul was the first to make reasonably priced true balanced kit. I bought in and finally just in the past ~ 5 years more and more companies have come around

OP I'm very interested in your post because I'm currently considering purchasing the M-1200s. I'm confused about you placing tubes. The M-1200s are SS, correct?

Where did you install the tubes?

PS Audio M1200 mono block is a Class D amplifier with a tubed input stage.

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Unfortunately these guys are getting old, and they will eventually disappear, leaving the world with inferior alternatives.

Do we know that the next generation is so inferior?

My guess is that Paul himself would point at great engineers like Darren Myers (who has shared his knowledge on many podcasts) and say, "No reason to insult the young so quickly."


I accidentally cross the path 5ft in front of the speakers? Man Paul gave me a look that is enough for me to think ? He is a racist .

You're joking, right?

@jayctoy Wrote:

Maybe 5 yrs ago I have a bad experience with Paul it happens at Axpona.His set is located on the open space , I accidentally cross the path 5ft in front of the speakers? Man Paul gave me a look that is enough for me to think ? He is a racist . Iam a educated Filipino migrated from the Philippines 44 yrs ago. Now you are telling me good things about Him? Maybe He is? 

Maybe Paul gave you a look because of your actions and not your ethnicity.



Advice I received long ago that often serves me well is;

Don't Assume Bad Intent

From that perspective, you might consider whether anybody who walked in front of the speakers could have received the same look.  Maybe he was trying to close a deal with a buyer, or with a new distributor, or maybe he was just having a bad day, or maybe he had gas, or maybe he was being a jerk - but to everyone and not just to you.  His bad reaction, if noticed by others, reflects worse on him than on you.  This is certainly not worth sharing and casting aspersions on this forum based on nothing more than your perception of a look.

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@fertguy - Paul's book is also available as an audiobook, read by Paul himself. He does an excellent job reading the book. Very entertaining. 

 Emil , no Iam not joking it did happen.

I'm not questioning that it happened. Just shocked that you associated that incident to Mr  McGowan being racist.  

Mr McGowan deserves an apology here and now.

And remove that ridiculous post of yours ASAP



Emil I erase everything just for peace. You know I enjoy this forum to argue with anybody.Ok let’s move on . looking forward to Paul new speaker at Axpona 2023.

Inspite of that experience? Iam still gonna Buy Paul’s product if my system will benefited from it. Like I said I still have his ps300 power conditioner.And I really like it ,Maybe He is tired that day, I remember that’s about maybe 3 pm.

Exactly why I wish we had a block user feature. Someone just admitted to being a troll. @administrator needs to drop the ban hammer.

Paul does almost daily unscripted videos in response to audio emails. His personable manner, good advice and enthusiasm speaks for itself. I have never owned a piece of his equipment, but he has helped me in the hobby on many points…both technical and investment related.

To be clear, he is a business man LOL  Every now and then his answers can be a bit vague, for example on cables. He sells one brand which is certainly his call. But that particular answer came up short on what aspect of that cable’s performance mattered to PS Audio. It’s a good brand, among the premium lines…but the $64,000 question on the subject is whether we hear dollars or specs, and Paul ever so slightly ducked.

Not surprised that you heard a significant improvement going from the stereo Carver amplifier  to the PS Audio Monoblock amplifiers.  IMHO, a well designed mono amplifier will usually outperform a well designed stereo amplifier.

Even if the differences are subtle.  Glad that you are enjoying your system! 😊

Ya leave all posts up ! We are all supposed to be adults here and they are only words. Geez 

 @fertguy Wrote:


It was more than subtle. It was a big difference. I thought I had my Carver fixed up where it was a great amp. Boy was I wrong. I’m just sorry I waited all these years to upgrade.

I agree. I will also add that true monoblock amps have better left and right channel separation plus lower IMD and the ability to keep the speaker cables very, very short like 12’’, plus each monoblock amp can have it’s own AC dedicated circuit. Lastly, the mono blocks do not take up any real estate in my listen room as I have each monoblock amp under each speaker and one behind each speaker. My speaker are actively bi-amped with 4 monoblock amps. I discover the sound quality benefits of true monoblock amps in 1977 when I purchase two new Luxman B-12 monoblock amps. 😎


@arafiq : I only had one post here in this thread, which was removed. Not sure why. Some of the usual characters must have reported it.

I now own the Carver M350 tube mono blocks and have been impressed with them. Prior to the Carvers I owned Pass Labs, Atma-Sphere, and Krell.


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I have all of PS Audio's BHK line and their top other components (except speakers) I listen to other systems and am really surprised how good mine sounds. I think the components are noisy but not after the music starts, it is a very upsetting truth for me I can't make my system sound better with other equipment. 

After you watch the videos with Paul you get the feeling like he is doing his best, he seems like a genuine guy with a kind personality. He never says anything unkind on his forum.