The greatest tweak ever?

Is this the greatest tweak ever?

Something in the air.. most extensive A/B test ever? 



That's interesting. I do find it hard to believe a friend was willing to build an exact duplicate listening room though. Good friend!

Alright. Now I'm going to give a TEASE for MY New Product


    ArteTweeks Presents ArtePaper

Decades of research has gone into this new breathtaking tweak which opens up the sound stage, and places the instruments in their proper place within the sound stage. There will also be a better isolation between the instruments.
Some have claimed  better frequency extension and a sense of clarity previously unknown.

Scientists have long known that the anus is badly misshaped and deformed after defecation. This is not a permanent deformation. However it does take anywhere from 12 to 16 hrs to  come back into its proper form. At face value, this would not seem to be problematic. However, scientists have recently discovered a link between the deformed anus and the eardrum. It seems that when the anus is in this deformed position, that the eardrum which is a thin membrane , also becomes deformed...


Ok, I am amused and disgusted… well mostly amused.


I have a big HEPA filter down here, maybe that is why my system sounds so good.

An amazing use of science… oh, what science? He means he thought about it. Yeah, that is the same thing.

Yeah, brilliantly deductive...

And who's gonna believe his 'friend' built an exact duplicate of his listening room down to the exact same gear and cable risers. I think the room is as imaginary as his friend.

Yeah, brilliantly deductive...

And who's gonna believe his 'friend' built an exact duplicate of his listening room down to the exact same gear and cable risers. I think the room is as imaginary as his friend.

I agree!


You know I noticed that labels / signs tell you all you need to know about an enterprise. For instance: “Honest John’s”… a crook, “Authentic X”… not authentic, “Scientific Audiophile”… not scientific… a lunatic. My partner and I pick out signs along drives and on TV.

I hate RC. I was thinking of Room Correction, but you can make what you want of it.

Well perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration as I only have experience with Audyssey. I hate that it ruins SQ, and I'm fairly certain they would all be similar in that regard.

Perhaps a stand alone unit with its own power supply could be better than an all in one box.


In essence, one would also be led to consider that added particles of one medium or another might actually “color” the sound in some interesting ways? Maybe in the manner that tube rolling can render some major differences in stage and tonality.
I might try a heavy plate of bean burritos smothered in adobe pepper sauce and sliced radishes before my next listening sesh to see what sonic improvements prevail 💨🔥🥲 👍🏼


Misshaped eardrums caused by a misshaped anus...*long stare into the middle distance*

*sigh* Up to now, the only cause is by having one’s entire head involved, the former into the latter....which promoted higher than normal dB levels, which triggered liquification of the contents of the GI tract ...

Which generally caused a rather explosive episode...and I’ll let y’all draw whatever conclusion about the concussions caused....😏

Obviously, one could consider that this is what befell our friend, the celebrated Mr. K, who we all rally ’round when gifted by his company and enthralled by the insights involved.

However, the experience seems to cause some a similar range of symptoms that relate to the whites of ones’ eyes turning brown, nostril blockage, and clenched lips....

Thanks, @artemus_5 ....a whole new set of (Covid?) ’long form’ backlash to try to ignore....😬

riccitone.....I believe you may hear a few extra trumpets, if you follow your stated procedure.

The OP mentioned “heathens” in his monologue opening, and I’m never one to shy from that descriptive.

Do I need to wrap my house in aluminum foil so the gamma, cosmic, radio, etc waves won’t constitute an interference…?


This Australian man came up with a foolproof methodology to determine if there are sharks in the water of any beach you were about to swim in. Scientists were dumbfounded at the elegance and simplicity of his method and could not dispute its effectiveness. Want to know what it was?







You walk up to the water. Bend down and scoop up a little of the water. Put the water to your lips and taste it. If it tastes salty, there are sharks in the water.



I believe in some humans there’s also a connection from the anus to the vocal chords.

These units are not that quiet, 

I have a whole home unit with ionizer and the air is fresher ,but to be honest room panels are night and day better . There is a slight improvement and m7n3 is dead quiet cleaning the whole house.,these smaller units are not totally quiet.


You got it something like the "light gas rail gun" the military has.

Oh wait, hydrogen is even lighter, except you'll always be thinking your listening to the finally of the 1812 overture.......DOH

As an aside this guy is probably a dentist that's been huffing nitrous for years.



Great comments! All I can is that the best sound I ever heard at a rock concert was the Dead @ SUNY Binghamton , NY in 1977 & even though I had already gone beyond my pot smoking days, the auditorium was full of a combo of I’ll guess 75% pot smoke, 15% cigarette smoke & 10% of who knows what smoke?

of course there was no reference smoke free venue for comparison…….


@barts whats wrong with a little N.2.O between listening friends?

Yes he is a bit off.


   guy is probably a dentist that's been huffing nitrous for years.

This Video Opened new vista for Snake Oil sellers?

Expect New AudioPhile grade HEPA selling everywhere, and reviews tests in Audio Mags.

You can always return it if you don't like it.  Might have to be a little "creative" in the language used for the justification for the return:  "The celllos in my system are little thin.  This device didn't help" may not be the best approach.

Makes as much sense as the science behind $10k cables and $20k dacs, USB reclockers and audiophile switches , oh wait that’s who the video is making fun of idiots who buy into that crap.

@mijostyn 😊 Maybe not. I found myself astonished on how many JLo / Affleck marriage articles there were on Apple News… but I couldn’t not look. Maybe senility works in various ways.


Yeah, I can’t believe I watched to whole video.


All in good fun my friend.  BTW beautiful system and wood shop as well!



Again @ebm with his pearls of wisdom. (humor)

I only posted this because I found it funny and there is no way anyone in their right mind would believe this. This guy is poking fun at the full spectrum of audiophile and reviewers. 

I don't think I misspelled anything here Roxy again humor. 

WTH??? Geez, I posted the whole ad about 10 yrs ago as a joke. That was back when mature people posted here. I’m not sure I want to even be in the company of those who have absolutely NO sense of humor. There are some sick puppies here who get offended Far too easy. I’m offended by YOU. But THAT doesn’t count apparently.

Is there any MODERATOR who will give reason for the removal of a joke?

HOW does the post break either rule?


Hi artemus_5

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@artemus_5 I hear you. If you could not tell this entire video was joke 45 seconds into it you need to un-clutch yourself. 


I think that makes perfect sense.  I will even add the fact that humidity inside the room will have significant effect on the SQ. The SQ should improve in moist air as the sound wave travel faster in less dense moist air.  Another scientific audiophile's testimony!

Ok, so no cliffs. Seems the consensus is "this is a waste of time". So I'll just say El Paso......

Since the op is coearly anally retentive, were he to apply the same principle to his mouth we’d enjoy perfect silence

Then I remembered that the HEPA filter was on because we’d smoked a huge blunt!

That is the best tweak ever.


If you want to see the greatest, most marvelous collection of audio wisdom on the internet, just search this forum for "asap" and filter by user...

Makes perfect sense now. I had always heard a noticeable improvement in my systems sound on rainy days. Knew I was not imagining things, because it was so obvious to my ears. Damp weather, high humidity must affect the air in my room in a positive way somehow. Removing dust microscopic particles maybe? I am going to look into an air purifier.


Mushrooms. Biggest, cheapest tweak ever..





It's amazing to me that supposedly intelligent persons are so Bigoted and appear to be the people that burned witches.  There is NOTHING that suggests this example is not real.  The people who cannot tell differences in changes like this, cables, fuses, power cords, etc  should probably give up on "Audiophile" equipment.  Your lacking in hearing is matched only by your ignorance.

That’s not the point. The point is the premise that this fellow has a 'friend' who went to such extreme lengths and expense to duplicate a room, purchase all identical equipment, and even put in an identical solar electrical supply.


We spent an afternoon setting up to record a b.f.d. organ and chorus recital.

Sound check was great!

We went to dinner (stayed sober) and it rained.

Thank God for the second touch-up rehearsal - everything changed with relative humidity.