Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation

I am looking for a tube integrated amp that has lots of tube flavor (can't find a better word).  I don't care for more modern tube amps that start to sound a lot like solid state.  I need at least 25 watts, and my budget is $4K.  Right now, I am thinking that Unison Research Triode 25 may be a good choice.  I know that some vintage amps may work well; however, I don't have the time right now to pursue any restoration or maintenance needed to make them sound their best and keep them reliable. Any suggestions you may have are very much appreciated.


I wanted a modern tube amp (remote volume) that sounded as good as my Fisher 80az mono blocks. amp or integrated (keeps options open).

I took a chance on a used Cayin A88T, usa 120v. Love it. based on very positive 6moons review. (6 moons site is not loading at the moment)

preamp section: 6sl7 and 6sn7 tubes, other models use more traditional 12...x. These 6's sound terrific.

triode mode: 22wpc; alternate ultra-linear mode 45 wpc.

all my sources go thru my vintage tube preamp, thus tube to tube sound: but occasionally I hook up something directly to the Cayin.

It sounds great, Love it. it came with 6550’s, I changed to KT88’s, prefer them.

I see some out there now new and or used, but they are 220v. 110v come up on hifishark/ebay/reverb ... randomly.

this shows it well, perhaps they can sell you a 120v version


MK2 has desireable external bias meter. (mine is MK1, internal bias, pita)

Built like a brick, Innards, all hand wired, very impressive.


I would highly recommend a used Audio Research I-50. Great musicality, warmth, and detail. If I had an excuse to put together another system I would buy one. An exceptional deal even new.

A lot of people like Cary amps for the sound characteristics you’re looking for.  Best of luck.

Thanks for some great suggestions that were not on my radar..

I realize that there are plenty of previous threads that focus on tube amp recommendations, but I am specifically looking for that lush, liquid mid-range.. I do not care as much about dynamics, hyper-detail, or even strong bass… thanks again…

Ayon is built to a higher standard then most judt compare 

the case a nice machined aluminum , made in Austria Mundorf coupling capacitors 

The excellent Lundahl transformers and chokes which is the heart of a tube amp 

all tube sockets and connectors Copper not cheap brass like most 

and microprocessor controlled which adjusts each power tubes for age , rather then just average all the same to get better life , when a tube does go,a red led comes on then shuts down ,you replace that tubes, hit the recalibrate button and you are back on your way.very solid engineering , tube u.s,a sells them for agood price 

or buy one used ,like a spirit2 or 3 .


I would buy one in a heartbeat if I were looking for an Intergrated in that range. I have heard one at my local dealer and it truly is major bliss.

Three recommendations  I have for you first look at the melody  line I have an H 88 that has two kt88s  per side and if I remember  correctly  it is 50watts per side. Lots of guts. A 6sn7 and a 6sl7  on each side and one more lol i just woke up cannot remember  the number of the last one. On another note I put sohpia electric  tubes the blue bottle ones in that amp. Well it is very beautiful  old school listening.  Which ever one you get you might consider  those tubes. They are just what the doctor  ordered if you like detail warmth musicality and beauty of tone. Ok not sure if you will find one of these or not for the money but look for a lime magnetic. You want one of the ones styled like it is from the 1930s with the big handles on the front  plate. The are all reproductions of western electric  designs. In fact some of them have nos  transformers in them. Personally  I  truly  like the way they sound and I would dare day they are in the very top of the food chain for amplifier s. I will see if I can find one and add a link.  The last thing I would suggest  would be a canary audio one. Very few people in North America  know what they are. Built in California  very high build quality  and very high quality  components.  They are lots  of money new but they are a hard sell you want to find a used one or a nos  one. I bought a pair of nos  monoblocks  for 4k that retail they were 20k. They sound like 20k amplifiers. Anyhow  I will post a link for you if I find one.

I think that is the salesman at one of my hi-fi  stores that is very well prices you have more that enough left over to buy the sohpia  tubes and you will have a grin on you face you will not be able to take off for a few years. Lol

Hard to go wrong with a good used Cary SLI 80 with the older tube rectifier section. Also take a look at Margules I240..



This is the style you are looking for that are based  on old western  electric  designs. Very old school  sounding amps.  In many ways I like my line magnetic  monoblocks  the very best. They were lots of money new but so were the canaries  I have as well as the levinson  monoblocks I have. In my opinion  these compete at the  very top. 

Consider the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum iii Dark edition. Here's a June 2023 Absolute Sound review describing the musicality of the regular, non-Dark upgraded version:

I heard the Dark version at CAF 2023 powering a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene speakers and could have listened all day.


Okay not an integrated  but I have heard these monoblocks  they are wonderful  as well over your budget. But take a look at them as well. You need something  with our power requirements  not a European  requirement.  

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Following up and doing additional research on all that you have provided.

I love my Lab12 Integre4 MKII dearly. It costs slightly more than your budget brand new, it has that liquid sensuous mid-range but still muscular sounding. Below $10K there is no better tube integrated amp I think than that.

Leben CS600X and ARC I50 are good recommendations as well and you can't go wrong with them. I have not heard Triode's KT88 integrated yet, but seems like a good value proposition as well. 

@jond Dang that’s a pretty amp!! I’d love to get my grubby paws on one to take a listen.

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The AR I/50 and Margules I-240 are both excellent. The Margules is class-A. There is a head-to-head comparison online (YT) with intro and commentary in Spanish, but with extended play by both units.

The newer version Willsenton R8 shouldn’t set you back more than $1500 and with a little tube rolling will get you a very nice sounding 45W AB using KT88s, but will also run EL34s. With Amazon, you would have some trial time to decide.