What would be your favorite 3 tracks that demonstrate how great your system sounds?

If only I could spell 'favourite' !

Well I would have many but mine would be:
  • Nils Lofgren Unplugged - Keith don’t go.
  • Noordpool Orchestra, A Jazz Symphony.
  • For deep bass: Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard ’Why so serious’ from The Dark Knight OST.
I have a number of tracks that I use. I still use ELP's "Lucky Man" to see if I can shut an amp down and hear the low frequency stuff. Then Diana Krall "Garden in the Rain" to see if I can hear the noise suppression pumping in and out. 
Steely Dan, "Aja"
k.d. lang, "Constant Craving"
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, "Beachcombing"
Ticket to Ride (Beatles)
Timing and tone

Send in the Clowns (Sinatra)
If I close my eyes am I transported into the recording studio to hear Frank sing live?

Machine Gun (Portishead)
Dynamics, imagery and sibilance.

Needless to say, though my system still leaves plenty of room for improvement, it’s balanced enough and does as well as most that I’ve yet heard.
Three tracks? Of music???! Holy expectation bias, Batman! We would need to do a double-blind to be sure if they really can hear the difference between U2 and Bonnie Raitt. That is why I put on the XLO Test CD and give them the Radio Shack SPL meter. You should see the reaction! Jaw-dropping!
Mercy MC, One toke over the the line? The song? LOL

Are you "Roll" ing on the River?

Do we have a TGIF going on? :-)

OK, OK, OK, 

Ruby, By K. R. Rock, Pop, Country

Rainmaker, by Strunz & Farah, Classical 

The Highwayman, Johnny, Willie and the boys, Country outlaw style.

"I still use ELP's "Lucky Man" to see if I can shut an amp down and hear the low frequency stuff."


I brought my copy of  ELP to hear "Lucky Man" on the uber tables at a show.
The room I entered was just ending a Classical piece with listeners really into it.

I gave my LP to the host(who was British) and he smiled and nodded with approval. He made an announcement he was going to play it. One guy dressed in a suit(he was British also)immediately made known his disgust of ELP & R&R. It was the highlight of the day to see that! The music selection cleared half the room, by the way.

The host then thanked me for bringing my LP. I think he was burned out on his show demo tunes. 

Lucky Man will definitely show if a system is up to snuff, not just the dramatic ending with the killer low end, but the entire song.
Any of the stereo recordings from my Rhino Records Roy Orbison LP set.  My old EMI, Blumlein-miked, Vittorio Gui-conducted "Marriage of Figaro" LP set. Bowie's Blackstar CD. For me, clarity, imaging and natural tone quality are the key factors, not how deep the bass might go, how much punch there is or how loudly the stereo can play. 
@tablejockey - At a 'Vegas T.H.E. Show, asked a "very proper" host to play Siouxsie and the Banshees "The Killing Jar". He removed it about a minute in. This is a very active and revealing track. Maybe he thought the song was about him?
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Alice in chains unplugged track 9command records off beat percussion any song on thatfresh aire 8 mannheim steamroller any song on that
1 - Johnny Cash - Delia’s Gone
2 - Johnny Cash - Delia’s Gone
3 - Johnny Cash - Delia’s Gone

Dean Peer - bass guitarist
Rickie Lee Jones - Pop Pop
Hugh Masekela - Hope
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Human Nature song

IMO if you are not using an excellent recording then you are only hearing a compressed sound which in my experience can tell you nothing about how a system can reproduce music.  Just my opinion.

Happy Listening.

"...Lucky man? ok playing it now.  Only on little Vanatoos.  Let’s see..."

Good luck with that but you probably wont understand why we use that track. 

Tumbleweed - by Puscifer
Heathen Child - Grinderman
Power Series - Markus Reuter
7 Teen - Pat Mastelotto

If the dynamics are good enough, it sounds like they are in the room
Yes I did hear the holographic synth and synthesized bass towards the end of Lucky Man even on the little Vanatoos. Nice recording overall. 8-9 out of ten there I’d reckon as pop/rock recordings go. 
I’ll give it a spin on my bigger stuff when I get a chance for comparison. Hadn’t played it in quite a while.
“Lovesong for a Vampire” by Annie Lennox (for low bass)

“How Far I’ll Go” by Auli’i Cravalho (Moana soundtrack)

”Breathe No More” by Evanescence
1812 overture  complete version , Autobaun - Kraft work
Greengrass  and high tides -Outlaws -for multiple guitars to pick out.

Jamie Cullum -- Frontin' (Twentysomething CD/SACD 2004)

Diana Krall - The Look of Love (Live in Paris CD 2002)

The Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler (Get Your Ya Ya 's Out SACD

Play It LOUD!
Happy Listening!

I have to say these are my go to reference records:

Fleetwood Mac Dreams
Michael McDonald I keep Forgettin
Arvo Part Tabula Rasa
  1. Dire Straits-Why Worry.                       Hollies- Long Cool Woman in a black dress.                                           Fleetwood mac- I'm so afraid
First-Magic Carpet Ride from any version of the album (Second) or any early version of Steppenwolf Gold.
This is most definitely not so in the recent Analogue Production version. Chad said that he used master tapes on each song on the album--- when available, but clearly, the masters were not available for that song as it sounds pinched and wooden and just awful compared to the Steppenwolf Gold pressing I use to impress visitors.

Second-RL version of Whole Lotta Love

Third-Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
oxygene [jarre CD]
buketoff arrangement 1812 overture
stereo version of eddy arnold/hugo winterhalter "cattle call"
Lots of stuff!!

 Pink Floyd,  mother. 
 Gary Moore,we want Moore!

cat stevens, John Denver, Bob Dylan. 
Motörhead,bomber, overnight sensation. 
 Humble pie, rock on, eat it. 
Pat travers

johnny winter

 lots of metal!
Dire Straits - In The Gallery from their First Album.

James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind re-recorded version for his first Greatest Hits Album.

Led Zeppelin - I Can’t Quit You Babe from Led Zeppelin I.

All on early original pressings.
Don't have any real favorites, as most everything sounds great...at least to me...😁
1. The Riverboat Song, Ocean Colour Scene
2. Master recording of side 2, Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd.
3. Master recording of The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Traffic. 
Spanish Harlem-Rebeca Pidgeon - Female Vocals
El Macho-Mark Knopfler- Bass/Subwoofer Test
Come On In My Kitchen-Cassandra Wilson- Another Subwoofer Test
Seven Days-Sting- Total Dynamics/Clarity
She- James Newton Howard-Total Dynamics/Clarity
Couldn't resist 5!

That’s a tall order as we enjoy so many different types of music. Here are a few. 
Any Queen song

Ghost Rider- Make us stronger

Donna summer- I feel love 

Christopher Cross- Sailing

Warren G - Regulate 
Yes there are too many way more than practical to enumerate.  You have to listen to a wide ranging sample to fully appreciate things. 
Joy Inside My Tears - Stevie Wonder

Into the Mystic - Van Morrison

Whole Lotta Love - Led Zepp 

All selections are BluRay audio except Led Zepp, which is DVD audio.
Top Two:
Friend of the Devil, Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead American Beauty
'Round Midnight - Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Riddle 'Round Midnight album (or almost ANY other song on this for true vocals)

When nobody else is home, and you can really crank up your rig - try :

Money by Pink Floyd

Young Americans by David Bowie

I used to be an Animal by Eric Burdon ( Lost within The Halls of Fame 2002 )
@cd318 - what recording of the Sinatra tune?
+1 on Dire Straits, 'Why Worry' - preferably from the MoFi 45
Ponty, Dimeola, Clark - Rights of Strings CD - "Renaissance"
Yuko Mabuchi Trio (45 lp) - "On Green Dolphin Street"
Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer LP or streaming -  "Django Jane"

Elton John - "Ballad of a Well Known Gun"
Steely Dan - "Gaslighting Abbie"
Beck - "Guess I'm Doing Fine"
purist audio break in cd

dr krankenstien 60 hz test tone spl test

analogue productions ultimate test lp track 16


These three really bring out the best in my system:

Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love (Making Movies Remaster 180gm LP).

Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Chasing the Dragon D2D LP). This is a spectacular recording - the D2D leaves you breathless. I’m not a huge “Four Seasons” guy but the recording is something really special.

Pink Floyd - Time (DSOTM Remaster 180 gm LP).
Always loved the bass on Lucky Man.

Cowboy Junkies "Whites Off Earth Now" MFSL
Here are a few:
“Flight of the Cosmic Hippo”, Bela Fleck and the Flektones 
”The Tennessee Waltz”, Holly Cole Trio
“Khadra’s Dance”, from “Belshazzar’s Feast”, op. 51, by Sibelius, Slovak Phil
”Gaia”, James Taylor’s Hourglass
”Saturn”, Holst’s “Planets”, Berlin Phil, von Karajan
”This Train Still Runs”, Janis Ian’s Breaking Silence
”Pathway to Glory”, Loggins and Messina, Full Sail
”Too Proud”, Mighty Sam McClain, Give it up to Love
“Peter Byrne’s Fancy”,   Soundtrack from Hear My Song
”Lonesome Suzie”, Blood, Sweat and Tears 3

Dire Straights - You and Your Friend

Sting - The Wild Wild Sea from Soul Cages QSound CD

Miles Davis- Kind of Blue SACD

Bonus: Anything from Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature (Any lossless format will do).