Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
"Living Colour @ the Empire State Plaza 6/4/14. Nothing better than live music."

I was there as well. Great show from a band that shows no diminution of skill even after all these years. Last I saw them was close to thirty years ago at a club in Albany (QE2) with a then unknown Soundgarden opening for them. Utter mayhem ensued.
Georgepv, you're right--there's nothing like a Tommy Emmanuel show. Part vaudeville and part old-time tent revival held together by the most incredible guitar playing imaginable. With the passing of Paco de Lucia, Tommy may be the undisputed king of the guitar.
Steely Dan last August. They were so good that since then I have little motivation to go hear anyone else. But that will change now that the summer is here.
Went to see America last week. Although the guys are getting a little old [so am I],they still put on a great show.
I'm pissed at Tommy E. He's doing a ton of shows on his US Tour, but none in SoCal. I've never seen him, live either, dammit, and I agree that he's a just about incomparable player
April at Clearwater theater Steve Hackett Genesis Revisted II

March Pat Metheny

They still rule
Steve Hackett is top of my list of artists I want to see live and never have. Does not come around Baltimore/DC metro area very often though. WOuld love to catch the Genesis REvisted Live tour. Hackett is the man. I don't blame him for leaving Genesis when he did. Genesis was overcrowded with talent and he has written and performed so much great music since then. His situation with Genesis was much like George Harrison's with the Beatles.
Mapman I believe Hackett will be in the Philly area in the fall. Close enough?
Devo last night.

Did not know what to expect going in. Could this particular band possible age well?

Definitely an interesting band to watch and hear. The guy on keyboards is mostly what made them unique I would say.

They really stood out from the pack back in the early days of New Wave. Their robotic version of "Satisfaction" is what I recall first catching my ear back then in college.

No encore though. No "Whip It" or "What We do". Oh well...

A fun 90 minutes. Now I know.
Went to see 'The Fab Four' last night,a Beatles tribute band. In all honesty,I was not expecting much. Man was I off the mark,this band rocked and the whole show with Ed Sullivan as the MC was terrific. If you get a chance to see them, you wont be disappointed. Great show...
Los Lobos in Durango back in March. Great show and sound crew! These guys are still tight and play their songs pretty close to how they sound on their albums. Although the show was only about 90 minutes I would definitely recommend them and would not hesitate to see them again.
Los Lobos are one of the greatest American bands ever. Their 'Live At The Fillmore' is tremendous!
Agree re: Lobos. I always try to catch them when they play nearby (pretty often, since I live in LA) so I've seen them more than a dozen times. David Hidalgo is a truly fantastic player and Cesar Rosas and Louie Perez (when he steps out from behind his kit) are both impressive guitarists, too. Steve Berlin is a great sax man and the overall level of musicianship is pretty much off the charts (so to speak).

I also love their repertoire. Straight-up blues, rock, quirky covers, and a half-dozen Mexican folk styles. You never know what you're gonna get, you just know it's gonna be great.
I'm also with ones who likes Los Lobos! You should also listen to Matt Bianco especially if you've never heard it.
It's similar new-wave with ethnic influence.
My next concert in Montreal QC Anjelique Kidjo followed by
Mike Stern(Blood Sweat & Tears guitarist) than John Patitucci and finally Bill Frisell on my upcomming Canadian vacation.
Huge Matt Bianco/Basia fan! She was their lead singer but left the band to pursue her solo career. She than returned to record 'Matt's Mood' which IMO is the best MB recording. I was fortunate to catch them in Atlanta w/Basia during this time, what a show! Also a big Mike Stern fan! I own a bunch of his solo records and many more feat. him as a sideman. For those that may not know, his career goes SO far beyond having played with B,S,&T. He played in Miles Davis's band for years, and so many more notable gigs. His wife, Leni Stern, also happens to be a kick-ass guitarist. You're going to so many great shows in Canada, I'm jealous!;) Those guys never show up in S. Florida!
It was a nice walk from Rue St-Dennis via Square St-Louis and than via pedestrian only Rue Prince Arthur full of great restaurants, cafe and great free live music in front of them. After pleasant dinner continue going towards Rue Saint-Urbain to reach the heart of Montreal Jazz Festival where 2 theatres Jean-Duceppe and Massoneuve connect into one Place-Des-Art for dream performance of Danilo Perez, Brian Blade and John Pattitucci.

The concert was fabulous. The venue, sound, light, atmosphere, the MUSIC was magnet. Extream virtuoso performance blended onto the great sound with no mentioned earlier before decibel level issues. That sound just blended equally and proportioinally in the whole venue.
The style is unique, but yet it's a great blend of all jazz styles you can ever think of: latin, fusion, swing, space jazz -- another words it's a free jazz trio.
From what I saw with tip of my eye venue uses Meyer Sound arrays that could be passive and active which I could not ID. This theater is also known for great seat elevation and tight bond to the performers and stage. A must venue to the Montreal traveler indeed!
I saw Sarah McLachlan at The Greek Theater in LA last night. It's a fantastic outdoor venue, the weather was perfect, the band was tight as a drum, and Sarah is a charismatic performer who can sing her ass off. Unfortunately, most of the music was a snooze.

Overall, a nice night out with friends at The Greek with pleasant, tho unremarkable music.

BTW I completely agree re: the great appeal of Montreal, but if you want to feel better about leaving that town, I say visit in February.
Saw a show by a GD tribute band called the dark star orchestra. They play note for note reproductions of various dead shows. Not a Deadhead, but it was a really nice show and they drew about 12-1500 folks.

Saw Steely Dan last Summer and was blown away by the musicianship and the sound. Seeing them again next month although I'm a bit wary in that they're playing outdoor venues and the hall isn't likely to match the quality of the Wang Center in Boston.

Regina Carter, a terrific jazz musician, also have a great performance and is well worth catching.
June 30
Toad The Wet Sprocket/Counting Crows--Central Park Summerstage
July 1
Beck --Central Park Summerstage
Diana Ross and the Supremes on the same bill with Little Stevie Wonder in 1966.
My latest concert in Montreal was at Gesu 6/30, the auditorium bellow the temple hall with outstanding acoustics. I'm still under huge impression from excellent jazz duo Ambrose Akimusire with Bill Frisell. Ambrose is our today's young talent awarded for the best jazz solo in 2007. The concert hall had no PA system and only had recording mikes. The blend reminded me trio of Nils Peter Molvaer, but the music and style was totally different from most of famous trumpet players. I believe Ambrose brought new array of unique jazz compositions played with unique style. He started with solo that got the whole auditorium stalled in place without movig. Bill Frisell used his Telecaster with his array of electronic processors, pedals and 2x Fender Princeton Reverb amps
Thanks Ambrose and Bill. Will be joy to listen both again and again if chance is there!

If you don't mind posting, how was the Ferrar show?
All acoustic, all electric, or a mix?

UT, Son Volt, solo material, or a mix?

Just kinda curious.

@martykl, the show was great! SQ at the venue is/was top notch.

He's touring thru-out the year with Gary Hunt (Son Volt's latest gtr slinger/multi-instrumentalist) as a duo (playing electric and acoustic: Jay played nothing but acoustic gtrs, so no crushing neck strangulating "Chickamauga" solo that's been know to level entire cities) and you guessed it they re-imagined many from Honky Tonk as well as the usual suspects from UT (Still Be Around), SV (to my surprise they did "Back Into Your World" which was - well, fabulous) and Jay solo stuff as well as New Multitudes "Hope Machine" ... off top of my head cant remember the entire set list but it was a well thought out mix of twenty some odd songs from thru-out his career.

It was just them. No opener. Great evening of music. Jay was smiling looking like he was having a good time and his voice sounded amazing. If they're swinging thru your town - catch 'em... the man's got so many gems in his catalog....
Alisa Weilerstein and the Ariel String Quartet performing works by Boccherini and Arensky, and Schubert's magnificent Cello Quintet d.956. Last Friday at the Caramoor Summer Music Festival, Katonah, NY. Wonderful!

-- Al
Hi Lowrider,

No, Katonah is an easy drive from where I am in Connecticut. My wife and I have been to quite a few of the outdoor summer concerts at Caramoor over the years, and they're always a delight.

Looking forward to more Schubert (songs and piano music, including the d.959 sonata) a week from Sunday, at this concert on the campus of Bard College, further up in New York State. Thanks to A'goner Frogman for calling attention to that concert series in a post a couple of months ago.

-- Al
Amos Lee at Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa Calif on August 6th. He is so much better live!
A group of six "Young Jazzers" at Trumpets Jazz in Montclair, New Jersey last night, August 9. (Two saxes, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums)

Well-coordinated young talent in a comfortable venue.
Went last night to see Steely Dan. What a great show.Fagen and Becker still have what it takes to rock out with their fans. Bravo!!!
Chick Corea solo, unamplified acoustic piano last Saturday at Stanford University. Final concert of the 2014 Stanford Jazz Festival.