Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
Last night...Van Halen...Eddie played well...The rest...Lets just say... I could not wait to leave.
Steely Dan/Elvis Costello-DTE-7/27. Elvis Costello and the Imposters were in top and cohesive form. At nearly 61 Elvis can still hit some high notes and deliver that "power pop" energy, great 1 hour show! Steely Dan IMO is on it's last leg(peg-lol). Becker and Fagen depend way too much on the talent of the band which gives it a Ringo Starr-All-Starr Band feel. The drummer and lead guitar player were incredible with the back up singers delivering a lot of the vocals. I don't regret seeing Steely Dan(for the 1st time) but it will certainly be the last time.
HEART on 7/27. The whole band is in fine form. Especially Ann, who looks fantastic. I thought they were great. Only a tad over 90 minutes, but no filler. Well worth the price of admission. Dayglow- I hear you about Steely Dan. I was glad I saw them around 5 years ago, and at Tanglewood of all places. I have to say I really enjoyed that show, but again, five years ago.
Puddles Pity Party, late June. You've got to see this 7-ft. tenor clown perform once in your life. Very different--great covers, good entertainment. Worth every penny and every minute spent at the show.
grateful dead s last concert in July. in a movie theatre. really enjoyable experience, great show as well. nothing like that dead magic.
Neil Young at Bethel Woods on 7/17/15. That's the site of the 1969 Woodstock concert. Not a big Neil Young fan, but it was a pretty good concert. I just don't think we needed 5 songs about how horrible Monsanto is. We get it Neil, we get it.
Morning 40 Federation at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans on 7-18-15. Great jazz, funk, rock band. They label themselves "drunk rock". Great show!
Well the jazz concert to see Carl Saunders last night was great!

Parking at San Diego City College was easy - no traffic, no lines, and no charge. 88.3FM has their studio/broadcast facilities on campus, so their website offers free parking passes for every concert - just print them out and put it on the dash.

Got there a bit early, went to the box office to pick up our free tickets (as a jazz88 member, I get two free tickets for every concert!), then wandered about the campus.

That was a bit disappointing - everything seemed to be closed down for the evening, not even an on campus coffee shop, so we walked across the street to the McDonalds for some coffee.

Waited for the doors to open and the line was quite small, went right it in and got great seats, row 12 smack dab in the middle.

The Saville Theatre seats oh about 450? Not too big, not too small, every seat has a good view, no obstructions, good acoustics.

And Carl Saunders played a wonderful jazz trumpet concert. He came down from LA and played with some local SD talent for his backup 'band': piano, stand up acoustic bass, and simple drum kit. Head bobbin', toe tappin' jazz goodness!

Concert started exactly on time at 8pm- cuz it airs live across the radio and the internet world wide and it finished at 9:30pm. So 1 1/2hrs was perfect.

A quick walk back to the car afterwards and we were on the freeway back home within 5 mins!

Can't wait for the next concert in September!
Last night Ronnie Earl and Dianne Blue at Space in Chicago. They played for 3 straight hours Ronnie is truely amazing at 60, I cant even imagine what he must have been like in his prime. Space is a awesome place to see a show.

Also went too Steely Dan a couple weeks ago, great show another one off the bucket list. Elvis Costello opened i guess I dont get it very forgetable performance.
Saturday night, the opening concert of the three week Twin-Cities Early Music Festival in Sunden Music Hall in St .Paul by the Lyra Baroque Orch.
Program of 4 Concertos , 1 by Telemann,1 by Vivaldi bookended by perhaps the greatest examples of counterpoint ever written, the two three-harpsichord concertos of Bach !
Ending Bach was done as well as it can be done and got a ten
minute standing ovation accompanied by VERY loud vocal acclaim ! Music was so good it REALLY was hard to believe it was written by a human being ! Musicians were even freaked out and clapping and hugging each other to death, as fine concert as concerts get !
Right up my alley, Schubert! The first time I heard the concerto for four harpsichords I got as high as I've ever been. Psychedelic! I'm devoting as much time as possible in my remaining years to hearing as much J.S.B. as I can.
You are making wise use of your time Bdp24 !
When I came out of the concert Saturday night I felt as if I was walking on air, and not as a figure of speech.
I've never done any drugs but Bach can alter your mental perceptions greatly .
Exactly---I had an actual out-of-body experience. Who needs drugs when there is Bach?!
Bdp, that reminds me--a friend once dropped acid and went to an E. Power Biggs organ concert. Must have been fantastic.
Seen Howard Jones last night.He and his band put on a great performance,lots of energy. If you like Howards stuff,give his show a whirl. Ahh,80's pop,you gotta love it.
Jon Foreman at the Coffee Grounds in Waco, Texas. Acoustic guitar, drums, and cello.Great show!
Seen Rusted Root last evening. They always put on a great show. If you ever get a chance,check them out live.You won't be disappointed...
Zombies, Friday in Merriville, IN. They played familiar hits with the "touring band" including Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Jim Rodford (former Kinks and Argent), Tom Toomey and Steve Rodford. For the second half of the show, the original band, including Chris White (Argent) and Hugh Grundy (Drums), plus the touring members and a couple of others, played their Rolling Stones all-time top 100 album, 'Odessey and Oracle' in its entirety closing out with Time of the Season and a second, really great rendition of She's Not There. Argent was outstanding, both as a showman and on the keyboards, Rodford can still rock it, and Blunstone's voice has held up pretty good. Very enjoyable show.
The excellent Brit Bach conductor Paul McCresch conducting
the St Paul Chamber Orchestra in the "Saint Matthews Passion " with the London based Gabrieli Singers.

The superb acoustics of the Ordway Center in downtown St . Paul contributed to as fine a performance as one could wish for !
The SPCO is truly world class , McCresch is notoriously outspoken and said as much .
Joe Jackson on 10/11/15 in a smallish venue in Houston. Good show but age has hurt his range in vocals.
Been very lucky this year - Maurizio Pollini at Carnegie Hall on Friday, Tom Harrell at the Vanguard early last week, Lizz Wright at the Highline Ballroom earlier in the month. Dave Weckl, Victor Wooten, Cecile McLoren Savant and U2 in the Summer; Lou Donaldson, Lisa Fischer, Gregory Porter in the Spring. Very lucky to live in NYC.
Saw the NY Phil at Lincoln Center two weeks ago. The band was quite good, but the sound at Geffen Hall is shameful, IMO. No resonance, no bottom. Very, very flat. Supposedly, they're redoing it - again. Carnegie is far better. Of course, where you sit makes a difference, but I allegedly had very good seats, so I wonder if it's better anywhere else in the audience.
But I did have a nice time otherwise.
Hey Acman3 – It was a strange experience...I hadn't seen him live in about 6-7 years, and his condition has worsened significantly since then. It was hard to not be a bit distracted; at times he looked catatonic standing on the stage with his arms at his side and head down while other people solo'd.

But then he played a song called "Journey to the Stars" – a duet with his pianist – that was one of the most sublime experiences I've ever had listening to music. It was as close as I can remember to hearing a person's spirit playing rather than his body...Unreal.
Went to see Nora Jones and her superb band with my lovely wife last evening at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh. Her performance was beyond incredible,just straight-up perfect in every way. If there was ever a bucket list concert to see,this one goes to the front of the pack. Thanks Nora,simply amazing in every way...
Most unusual event, the best group of its size in America(NY Times),
the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra , played ALL 6 of Bach's Brandenburg
Concertos in a 2 1/2 hour concert.
The superb acoustics of the Ordway Concert Hall in downtown St. Paul
lets you hear every player throughout and all the works were played very well indeed . 
In particular #6 where two young Korean viola players made  it greatest performance of  that piece I have ever heard in person or on record !

Truly a concert of the very highest order .

My Morning Jacket last summer in Detroit. These guys put on an excellent show.
Had the pleasure of seeing The Gregg Allman Band last evening. It was a great show and highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of his. The whole band was fantastic and played with a vigor that rocked the house...

Saw Shovels and Rope last Sunday night at the Madison Theater in Covington KY (Cincinnati). Holy Cow! What a great show. This married Duo is incredible live. They played a great set of alt-country, folk country and rock/rockabilly that was superb. Seriously, it was one of the best small venue shows I've ever seen.

Was luck enough to also see Lucinda Williams and Steve Earl over the last 6 months at the same venue.

Bonnie raitt last summer university of buffalo.  Great show.  Still great
Last Friday (4/1/16), Kevin Burke at Fiddler's Green in Austin.  Masterful Irish fiddling (as usual for him). 

Steve Hackett at Capitol theater Clearwater fl

Great show and the best sound acoustics I have ever heard at a live performance. Yes really    What a band!

The Rolling Stones - Macau, March 2014. Not the same as 20 years ago, but still a fantastic show! The sound wasn't perfect, but hey!, nobody goes to a rock concert expecting an audiophile experience. After that my wife got pregnant and my kid was born and no more time for live music - in fact, almost no time for music at all :(
Joan Osborne, last night in a 600 seat theater with excellent sound. Just Joan singing and a guitarist and pianist accompanying her. Marvelous!
bdp24, that sounds like a good show! IMHO, a truly underappreciated performer. Cheers,

She was fantastic Spencer, as were her accompanists. A really good guitarist on Gibson acoustic and Gretsch electric (into a small Fender combo amp---looked like a Deluxe), and pianist on an acoustic grand and electronic with Leslie rotating-speaker. I thought I would miss drums and bass, but their absence made Joan’s voice and the players parts and excellent harmony vocals all the more audible.

And, for a change, excellent sound-reinforcement! All three sang into Shure SM58’s, so there was the to-be-expected presence elevation, but very mild. Our seats were third row center, so when Joan backed off the mic I could hear her voice acoustically, and the amplified sound was pretty true to it. And not too loud---a very welcome change from normal live sound. The very good acoustics of the room (Portland's Aladdin Theater) was welcome too. If Joan comes to your town, I highly recommended spending the $32.50 per ticket (cheap these days!) I did.

David Gilmour at MSG last month ...  just unbelievable. At 72 he is a god and I'm not worthy. He's better now than when I saw him 43 years ago. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Went to see Lee Ritenour last night. First time for me. This man can play like few others can...WOW!!!    A guitar god if there ever was one.

Last night my wife and I saw Lyle Lovett and his Large Band.  What a show, one of the best ever!  Lyle, Christine, amazing 4 piece horn section, 9 person gospel choir, Russ Kunkel on drums (best ever) Luke Bulla on violin (best I've ever heard besides the incomparable Mark O'Connor), pedal steel, Matt Rollings on piano, Ray Hendron on electric guitar, John Hagen on cello.  The tightest ensemble I have ever heard.  Not a lick out of place, amazing solos not a note too long.  But most of all, the love for the music and the joy of sharing it with each other and a great crowd at the College Street Music Hall in New Haven.  Truly awesome.  In addition to many of his well known songs, they did several lesser known, a couple of tributes to Guy Clark, and a few traditional gospel pieces in 2 1/2 hours of non-stop excellence.  Every song was a wonder of song writing, singing and musicianship.  Miss them at your peril!!
Bdp24- Saw Joan Osborne about 5 years ago at the Mahawwie theatre in the Berkshires. She was great. I'm going to try to catch her again at The Egg, which is coming up soon. So far this summer, Jackson Browne at Tanglewood, and The Doobies at Spac. Ok, ok, I admit it.... Journey played with the Doobies. But I went to see the Doobies. They were in fine form, as was Mr. JB. (-:
Paul McCartney August 9th Washington DC at the Verizon Center. Was the 5th time to see him always a great show. 38 songs 3 hours of classic rock.
Swampwater---Isn’t Lyle live just SO fine?! Great dry humor, too. When I saw him Kunkel was playing drums, great as ever (for you who aren’t familiar with Russ’ name, he was with Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor in the 70’s, and it is he playing the great part on James’ "Fire and Rain", with brushes).