Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?

Hey Tom. She did her show with a different twist. Told stories of how her songs came to be which was a bonus. Since her stroke, she hasn't gained all functions back but her voice was as strong as I've heard it. Band was super tight.

@slaw - Hey Steve! How was Lucinda? I've seen her, and Buick 6, many times. Some great, some not so great...

@dweller - Actually, never heard of Saving Escape. However, I see they are scheduled to play at MOTR Pub on Feb. 24. I'll check them out and see if I may be interested in going to see them.

@reubent - What? No Saving Escape? Young Cincinnati band who put on a great show. Kala's pipes (lead singer) and known far and wide.

2024 concert schedule here in Cincinnati is heating up. Here's a few I'm planning to attend in spring of 2024... Also hope to see a show or two at Read Rocks or near Golden, CO where my son is attending university.

Guided by Voices


Carbon Leaf

Shovels and Rope

Proxima Parada

Can't wait to see who's playing this summer and fall....

Norman Brown, October 13, 2023. I'm so happy that San Antonio has a new Jazz Venue. The Buena Vista Theater is an absolutely outstanding venue for Jazz.

Bonnie Raitt, last September at the Santa Fe opera. My daughter and I sat in the front row.

Skinny Puppy, last Thursday at the Anaheim House of Blues.   Supposedly their last tour.  How many times have you heard that one before???


As always, Iris put on a great show. Other than a couple of shows with John Prine she's always been solo when I've seen her, but this time she had a couple of talented young women on bass, guitar and vocals backing her. She seems to be completely over the stage shyness she used to experience and was very talkative and funny throughout the show.

Lucinda is probably my third favorite artist behind the Dead (vet of 100+ shows) and Dylan (first show in 1966). She's so genuine and as real as it gets, and she's one of the most underrated songwriters of the last few decades. I've seen her dozens of times, most memorably at the Ryman in Nashville a few years back when she on her Car Wheels 25th anniversary tour. Lots of special guests including Emmylou, Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale among others. That LSD tour was one of the few where I didn't catch any of the shows unfortunately.

Lucinda Williams and her band in October. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and stories she told. I admire her talents and strength despite her physical limitations (unable to play guitar) while still recovering from a stroke.

@bander - Really sorry to hear regarding the sound at the Joan Osborne show. We saw her last year at Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati and it was fantastic. Her vocal performance was very good, as was the accompaniment. Overall, it was a fantastic show. Didn't hurt that we were front row in a 325 seat room...

Joan Osborne a few weeks ago at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley  CA.

Sadly it was a big disappointment. The sound was  inexcusabley terrible. 

Ms Osborne was upstaged by the instrumentalists. Her vocals were 

muddled and way in the background. An expensive ticket. Merde.

August 16, 2023 - Red Rocks Amphitheater

Beck, Phoenix, Japanese Breakfast, Sir Chloe

Sad to say, I haven't seen another show since. Looking forward to a good 2024 concert schedule.

Buddy Guy with a very young Joe Bonamassa opening for him. Buddy guy was great, I had to get earplugs for my wife and I, Joe was way too loud, and not so enjoyable as a result.

It was a long time ago.

So long ago I am not even sure I remember which was the last.

But I am thinking that in the cold months of '03 I drove up tho Philadelphia on kind of the spur of the moment to see Steve Earle at The Living Arts Theater.

@ezwind  , I am an Iris fan also.  But I've only seen her a couple of times.  My concert going days kind of died with 9/11.  I used to love Lucinda!  I saw her an even dozen times.  First time was in '99 at a little 500 seat general admission venue and we were first row center.  She was touring Car Wheels.  She was my hero back then and I wasn't the same for days after seeing that one.  I think the last time I saw her might have been at the TLA in Philly in the summer of '02 . . . I am not positive.  I was doing some you tube searches on her a while back ago and I saw that her and Dwight Yokam and Steve Earle were doing shows together . . . calling it LSD.  That would have been something I would have changed my life in order to see back about 25 years ago.


Lucky for you to see that show.  I would really like to see them or Tedeschi Trucks but neither of those bands are anywhere near where t can get to this year.  I will have to fix that next year.  I am glad you were able to see a great show!

Allman Betts Family Reunion tour in Buffalo NY on 11-29. Great show with two full sets.

Tedeschi/Trucks Band at Red Rocks a couple of weeks ago. First time seeing a show there and it was a good one. I didn’t do a head count but they have at least 10 or 12 people in the band and they put on a great show. Derek has matured beautifully as a guitar player since his days as a child prodigy and then with the ABB. And I didn’t realize before just how good a singer and guitar player Susan is.

My wife and I were supposed to see Lucinda Williams opening for Big Thief a couple of days later at RR. The show was delayed a couple of hours due to rain and lightning in the area (quite a light show!). We were soaked and cold after waiting in line for well over an hour and finally decided to leave before they eventually let everyone in. Big time bummer.

Up next is Iris Dement at the tiny Kate Theater in Old Saybrook CT in a couple of weeks. Have seen Iris five or six times, including one (or two maybe?) with John Prine. She’s an all-timer.

Oops, I meant to say Western Swing above, not Country Swing. Hey, when I wrote that at six something this morning I hadn't been to sleep yet 😊 .

Metallica - 72 Seasons Tour: Two Day pass to an epic, no repeat weekend at MetLife Stadium (Aug 4 and 6). Warm up bands were Pantera on Friday and Five Finger Death Punch in Sunday. It’s going to be a while before I play Metallica on my home system.

Well fellas, did I see a great one last night!

Kelly Willis, Brennen Leigh, and Melissa Carper, doing a set as a trio on the stage at Mississippi Studios in Portland Oregon. Kelly and Brennen playing acoustic guitars, Melissa an upright bass almost as big as herself, and all three singing solo and in perfect 3-part harmony. And I mean per-fect!

I’ve been a fan of Kelly for decades, and just recently discovered Brennen (her 2022 album Obsessed With The West is a Country Swing project, produced by Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel, who serve as her backing band. This Year’s Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet was produced by Chris Scruggs, and features a guest appearance by Marty Stuart on mandolin. Both are available on both LP and CD). Melissa I had not yet known about. All three have roots in the South and Midwest, and I believe crossed paths in---where else?---Austin Texas, Texas.

The set was the three of them each singing a song of their own composition, one after the other. Mississippi Studios is an excellent sounding room (capacity 250), as is the Studios’ sound system and the ears of the mixing engineer; not too loud, not too bright or boomy (though the bottom string of the bass was vibrating the walls of the room pretty strongly). Their was lots of humour, and great stories about the origins of each song. Plus, the sight of three chicks in cowboy hats and boots was pretty hot 😉 .

They are making their way across the U.S.A., so catch them if you can. Last night tickets were only twenty bucks, less than I paid for a double shot of Johnnie Walker Black!

@rpeluso: As is Jackson, whom I have somehow never heard live. Gotta do that before he or I die.

Iris is very charming live, with lots of self-deprecating humour. Her piano playing is somewhat reminiscent of that of Randy Newman, with those New Orleans chord voicings. And my gawd, what a voice!

Monday night is Kelly Willis, Brennen Leigh, and Melissa Carper at Mississippi Studios.

Hmm, all chicks.😉 Speaking of which, this time Iris had two accompanying musicians along; a redhead playing a beautiful Gretsch 5120 plugged into a Fender Deluxe Reverb---great tone!, and another young woman playing an electric upright bass

And I couldn’t help but noticed that the audience was about 3/4 female. I’m not complaining.😉

Eric, Iris is a treasure, you were fortunate to see her, again.  I've only been once, and it was magical.


Iris DeMent tonight at The Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR. She closed the show with this fantastic song:


Harmony vocal sung by Emmylou Harris, dobro played by Jerry Douglas.


Fri Aug 4th Danville, CA …The Beatles’ "Rubber Soul" & Wings' "Band On The Run" Complete live on stage w/ Wings' Laurence Juber, John Jorgenson, Jeff Ross & more. Great show with some amazing musicans.  Guitar masters doing the Beatles and Wings especialy well.

Billy Strings  at Thompson Point, Portland Maine. July 28, 2023. It was fantastic, a great band.

George Thorogood, lead up was Robert Cray in Costa Mesa CA. Phenomenal, and huge kudos for anyone at that age who still goes live.


Chris Issak is always a great show. What a band!

I saw The John Lodge Band last week at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix performing Days of Future Passed. Very good overall, and it had some moments of greatness as that album does.

The Pine Box Boys at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco about 3 weeks ago. 

Shawn Colvin, Sarah Jarosz, and Marc Cohen at the Palace of Fine Arts, SF. Never took notice of Sarah prior and wow was she a surprise.  Great mandolin work and songs. The other 2 excellent as always.  Great show!

@carlsbad2  excited…going to see Mr. Isaak this Thurs. at the Uptown in Napa.  One of my favorites since the 90’s. 

Last thursday, Chris Isaak at Humphries in SD.  Smallish outdoor venue with pretty good acoustics.  Excellent show.


Just finished 17 days on a bicycle with the last week being an organized ride with concerts every night.

I intended to see 5 of them but long days and heat reduced that to 3, and one of those was cancelled.

Spin Doctors sounded ok and it was fun to hear their hits.

Lynyrd Skynyrd put on a great show with singing mostly by Johnny Van Zant, three guitars (including Rick Medlocke of Blackfoot, Mark "Sparky" Matejka, and Damon Johnson of Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper), Pete Keys on keyboards and drumming by Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees).  The back up singing by Carol Chase and Stacy Michelle was also solid.  They played all the favorites and included heartfelt tributes to USA, our military, police, first responders, and all the former band members including recently passed Gary Rossington.  The encore of course was Free Bird.

Unfortunately, the Bush concert was cancelled at the last minute due to a storm with high winds.


Joe Bonamassa 2 weeks ago in Phoenix. It was my first time seeing him, and boy, that man can raise hell with a guitar! Great experience, and well worth the money. Myself and my concert-going buddy were mightily impressed.

Suede and Manic Street Preachers at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, a couple weeks ago.   Two classic British bands that play in front of massive crowds in the UK but are hardly known in the USA.   The Orpheum was maybe 1/2 full, but what a show!!




Lots of evocative, excellently played street music on the streets of Greece. Played with dash, style, fun and emotion.

Last month, Melody Gardot at Yoshis jazz club in Oakland CA.

What a disappointment. 


Robert Plant and Allison Krauss at Marymoor Park in Redmond WA - 8/28/2022.

Excellent show and outdoor venue! An added bonus was Plant and Krauss performing “Rock and Roll”, “The Battle of Evermore” and “When The Levee Breaks” from Led Zeppelin IV.

Saw Roxy Music in Chicago on Monday. Wonderful show! St. Vincent opened. 

Saw Phish last month in Detroit. Also a great show!

Kansas at Wild Horse Pass Casino in AZ earlier this month. Really good as usual.