Amps with meters ...

are just a lot better than amps without meters.

Erik, you're always so provocative in a good natured way. As a very long term owner of a Mac 2105, who owned a 2100 before that (the version with no meters) I would have to say that they really don't mean anything to me. I enjoyed the 2100 just as much. I can understand why some people like them though. I just wish that the lighting was defeatable in the older models. 
Topics of merit.....
are just a lot better than topics without merit.

Snark aside, I do like the look of meters as they are a tie, of sorts, a link  to the past, and the good old days when there was only analog. Eye candy was the rage back then and it's good to see it used still to this day.

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I don't have preference. with or without meters don't matter much to me. All I care is sit back and enjoy the music. 
Thinking about displays, I'm remembering the old Marantz receivers. Myself and two friends each had one , and I never got tired of looking at them in the dark. They were so elegant, and that horizontal tuning wheel felt so luxurious. I felt like I had the best thing in the world...until I bought a Mac.  
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I really hate those. My last piece with meters was Luxman 505u integrated. Couldn’t wait until I got rid of it (not for the looks though). Most of all I dislike Pass’ ugly useless meters. As of today none of my power amps has meters or displays on them. Even my integrated doesn’t have anything plastic on its faceplate.
Actually, amps with meters sound worse. Any visual distraction disrupts your ability to listen. What would you rather do listen to music or watch needles wiggle. I would rather pay for a better regulated power supply. If you need a meter to do something like bias tubes then fine.
Don't know about every Luxman amp, but mine can be shut off. The lights, not the meter itself.
From an aesthetic standpoint I prefer the clean, simple look of my meterless Pass XA25 to the look of the Pass models having meters. Also, I agree with the comments about meters being distracting. The touchscreen on my DEQX HDP-5 can be set to display level meters, but I only set it to do so on rare occasions when I want to see the meters for a specific purpose, such as troubleshooting.

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... amps with meters sound worse. Any visual distraction disrupts your ability to listen.
Opinion stated as fact. Some listeners may find that the amplifier sounds better with meters.

Regardless, the amplifier should sound the same. It's only perception that varies.
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In addition 'that' post is written as universal and absolute. 
@almarg - your XA25 is most definitely the best looking amp in their lineup. It’s beautiful. That’s how the power amp should look, at least from my point of view.
I realize that an amplifier needs to be presentable, but in MY OPINION, I think that too much attention is paid to aesthetics when it comes to audio equipment.  Especially when it increases the cost of a piece of gear.  And WAF, what a joke!
We've had meters on our amps for the last 43 years. They were initially there to set up the power tubes (bias **and** DC Offset, since our amps have a direct-coupled vacuum tube output). This also allowed the user to test the individual tubes on the amp.

We went to using a VU meter about 15 years ago. We still use it to set up the tubes but its active all the time. We have our meters built to the original 1934 spec since we like having a vintage look.
I have owned amps with meters and find them very distracting. No stinkin' meters for me!

Any visual distraction disrupts your ability to listen."
If you have found this to be true I urge you to visit your physician for an immediate examination and assessment because you present a clear and present danger to yourself and others around you should you undertake such a function as driving a motor vehicle, for instance. Normal people can both see while they drive as well as converse with passengers, follow the news on the radio, or react to an approaching siren while still properly maintaining lane, speed, and control of the vehicle. In no way should your vision disrupt your hearing that is very sad and I wish you the best of luck as you pursue the cause of you're affliction and it's appropriate and hopeful successful treatment. 
+2, cleeds. 
IMO, amps doesn’t need to be ‘boring’. Aesthetics beyond SQ are purely subjective....while I don’t care for VU meter on Pass Amps, I do dig the VU meters on Accuphase and Luxman Amps. 
Graphic equalizers with twin rows of multi-colored LEDs bouncing up and down--now that was livin'...
I LOVE the big blue meters on my McIntosh amp.  Why should an amp be just a boring front panel with just an on/off switch?   I do have the ability to turn them off but why would I do that?
Any added piece of electronic that is not totally justified added also noise to the floor level noise...
@twoleftears  - You are dating yourself!
Preference here is for no fancy stuff.  I am having a pair of monoblocks made and the faceplates will have one very small LED and the manufacturer's name engraved, without the model name/number or anything else.  After it is engraved, the whole faceplate will be powder-coated black so the engraving will show as a somewhat subtle shading contrast.  Since all my gear is kept in a heavy, well-braced mission style cabinet, except the amps and speakers, my listening enjoyment does not rely on my being able to look at the gear.
All that said, I still remember being awed by the first high-end system I ever saw.  My friend's dad was an attorney and had a full McIntosh system with meters everywhere!  I also appreciate the retro look of Ralph's Atmasphere gear.
I like meters. They look like little conductor's batons keeping in pace with the music.
Yes no doubt amps with VU meters are better than amps with LED. Unless maybe lots and lots of LED. Whole bunch of them in rows by frequency. With dials. And sliders. Lots and lots of sliders.
"Some listeners may find that the amplifier sounds better with meters."
Count me in. Maybe not "sounds" but "overall experience".

"...and the manufacturer's name engraved, without the model name/number or anything else."
Why put the manufacturer's name there? I would skip that first.

My old Phase Linear 400 amp had VU meters. After some forty years the light went dim, but not out, on the right channel .Thinking the world may be coming to an end, I replaced the Phase 400 with a brand new Luxman L-507uX Mark 2 with two large brightly lit VU meters.

1. An amp without VU meters is hardly an amp at all. It just sits there showing little or no sign of life or activity, unless you want to count the odd LED as something of note.

2. Those who do not like large ostentatious meters with their gyrating meter needles at best may be heartlessly obsessed with musical perfection to their own detriment. There is no fun in a comatose amp.

3. VU meters at best are useless relics from the past, but then again I might be too, so why not enjoy them and yourself, and both our ridiculous displays. 

4. I was thrilled to find out Luxmans had VU meters. The world has not come to an end.

Carver knew about the value of meters. I had a pair of their small monoblocks in the 90's. I can't remember the model number. They didn't sound good at all BUT, they held a good value I think because of the cool looking Frankenstein meters they sported. I also had a Threshold T800D with meters. THE best amp I've ever heard. Try finding a used one! Joe
I like meters. and all my systems have oscilliscopes,YHD,harmonic analyers and real time analysis on scope for each channel at all times. Im a scientist/electronic Phd. retired and appreciate every aspect of "seeing" the music and every aspect ot all its components. both desirable and underisable.
yea i also have a full spectrum analysis of the incomming AC signal. if its 59.99 hz instead of 60.000 im bothered. but thats just me.
my favorites are the ol dynaco st400 with big blue meters. for no reason than they looked cool rocking to the music. i was upset when the st426 went to leds.still have 10 st400s. running.
now some have claimed that the meters take away from the production cost and or the noise floor of the amp. hogwash... a pair of good analog VU meters cost like 20 bux in mass production supply and wired to and may decrease the noise due to very small inductance across the DC output thus shunting a few microvolts noise out. anyway im rambling cause I love meters. the more the better.
notice how a recording studio has atleast one on every track/signal path at all times. does it make the bands recording less---i dont think so.   ive even have a meterin each room in the house showing the AC status and all online hash from switching powersupplys that are near.and put big inline (3phase)inductors to filter it out. for no reason other than to know its cleaner AC. and im being nice to the electronics... LOL.
also you may notice by doing a market analysis that any audio unit of any kind brings more $$ resale working or not.1030s-present.
Visual aesthetics are different for everyone based upon many factors.  I love the big blue meters on my MC501s and also enjoy the rest of my gear’s visuals in low light settings when I am listening.

None of it affects the sound, it is all what the listener prefers to see or not see.
The meters on my ARC 160  monoblocks are not accurate. But they sure are pretty when I choose the lowest level of light in the window from which you can see the tubes within (one can adjust the brightness within the double paned plastic window on the face of the amp) . Call me shallow--- but since the amps are in my living room, it is an added bonus to the sound when they look good.  I would never buy a component based upon looks, but I would certinly not avoid one because it looks good.
Everyone has their preferences. Life would be boring otherwise. Let the 'meter talk' sink in a bit. Now imagine building a custom home for a client...
I have Mac MC2600 and Pioneer SPEC-4 power amps.  I like their  meters and rotary left/right gain controls.  I use them with pre amp volume controls to get much finer output control. 
I like meters but unfortunately my current equipment have none.But I do have the coolest Mick Jagger bobble head on one of my subs which a almost as good:-)
I’m so in love with the SAE 2HP-D.  Not only do you get meters, but you can change the display to spectrum analyzer as well!  It was love at first sight for me and I get to bring one home next week to audition on my Magnepan 3.7i speakers.
Come to think of it, my Walkman has meters. Switchable between "analog", "digital", and "spectrum analyzer".