Audiophile Comedy


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Dang! That is a fun looking idea. Think I'll make me some. However, the cable shouldn't be touching the inner walls of the flexible duct, and the duct is aluminum - not silver - so I would sell them for only 35 million whatevers.

Oh wait...

Mobius Cable Suspension

It’s not comedy it’s documentary

It is a tragi-comedy ...

Video describing exactly the ignorance of many audiophiles in a race to upgrade WITHOUT studying and experimenting with a chosen system the principle and parameters of acoustics . Most audiophile think that acoustics with an (s) refer to room acoustic, more than that in my experience with audiogon , most think that room acoustic is solved if we buy costly panels ...

And deluded audiophiles laughted at me if i created some efficient tweaks at low cost...

Some are offended if i speak because they argued i bash high end design . I do not i bash ignorance of those who purchase anything without studying how to install and use it at optimal level BEFORE upgrading again...

thanks to the OP for this very well done video...



"The more money you spend on a system the better it sound"


No, acoustics rule audio, not price tags.

Making fun of audiophiles is too easy.   Luckily few care enough to even try. 

I tried because i am not the most funny dude on audiogon ... 😊

And it is an easy target which i am a part of being myself an audiophile of the "wise" or "fool"  kind ( money is not enough we must study and experiment)  ...


My wife remember 20 years ago my anger when she clean my headphones using his vacuum cleaner on the cup sucking all with it ...

It start my journey on search of the best headphone... None of my modified 9 headphones succeed then with speakers ... None of them succeed...Till i study acoustics and begun without knowing it my few years full time inquisitive journey in acoustics concepts and experiments... This succeed ..


Making fun of audiophiles is too easy. Luckily few care enough to even try.

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I always looked for the cartoons in audio magazines, and for cartoons by George Booth in the New Yorker

this collection is priceless

think good thoughts about a pussycat

let's not forget artist al hirschfeld


searching for nina

My wife is pissed, she’s gotta get new dryer ductwork now…😂😂😂😂

New dryer duct = Solid State sound.. Old lint crusted duct = Tube sound.

Obvious to me, anotherbob prefers the softer tube sound and probably his clothes to be on the brighter crisper side.


Y''s pretty easy, but I'm flush with popcorn when there's 'flock flames' over what many would think absolutely not sane.....esp. for the 'deep end' of the pool. almost expects bouncers........but I've my own version of a sonic sscrewdriverr......

Quick, here's the Cure

C'ya...and do that. ;) 😏

I first learned this concept as a kid. Every summer when I got a shiny new pair of sneakers, I was 100% sure that my running speed and long jump ability easily surpassed Olympic qualifiers. 😉

The 7 million $ PC video was hilarious. And so much so because it is so often the reality of the audiophile world. Still laughing...


It was a big hurdle, but I finally got the wife's okay to overcome the financial threshold and spend $7M on the cable.  Sadly, I crashed and burned on the esthetics.  

Also, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical on YouTube audio comparisons.  This one was definitely convincing.  I learned something today.


                                 Comedic expression, or: OCD?

                                          OK, the video too!

I appreciate the self deprecating humor. The video's author is not only poking fun at manufacturers and wealthy consumers, but to a certain degree, the youtube influencer (like himself) who peddle the stuff.

It's true across the audiophile industry that many manufacturers justify the MSRP charged by making the component larger and visually impressive… this, to a level of absurdity. I get the semiotics at play, but for me, their approach achieves the opposite.

@mahgister You're KILLIN' me! 

Some of those're pretty hilarious. Thanks for the laugh my friend. 

All thanks must go to the adress where i chose them ...

but i am happy if you smiled as i did ...😊

Ok i will be very direct  and open...

This is my house and my car...

I just upgraded my 1000 bucks system with a 20,000 dollars power conditioner ...

The best move i ever made , it remind me the day i bought my Veyron car ...