Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000

I am looking to upgrade the usb cable between my Hifi Rose music streamer and my Benchmark dac.  I have used usb cables in the past from Chord, Black Cat, Curious, and countless others.  I am currently using an oldie but a goodie (RDA Poiema R-3).  It is a great cable and I will probably never part with it, but I have the itch to try something new.  I have been looking at the following cables:  Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra, Sablon Audio Evo, FTA Callisto.  Does anybody have experience with any of these cables and can offer any insight.


“Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra, Sablon Audio Evo, FTA Callisto.”

Those are all good choices to consider but I highly doubt you are likely to hear major improvement over your existing cable given your setup, especially the DAC. Benchmark DAC’s are extremely neutral (to my ears, clinical sounding) so spending money on another USB cable would be a waste. 

I don't believe in any component and/or cable being the best for everyone. I recommend reaching out to Infigo Audio for a home audition of their Signature USB cable...let your own ears decide.

Intona Isolator + Reference Cables. And keep the cables as short as you can. If your setup allows it, the Uptone USPCB can be quite effective, too.

DH Labs Mirage USB is a great cable and doesn't break the bank.    The power and data wires are individually insulated.    Around $220 for a meter 

I have moved away from usb as they sound too hard. The only usb I have heard which is acceptable is the DR acoustics

You're spending nearly as much on a cable as your DAC is worth...think you have your priorities out of whack and with digital info on a cable you won't hear anything different anyway as it get's decoded after that...

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I’ve tried several USB cables with Lumin U1 Mini and Benchmark DAC 3 HGC. The best cable was the Audience AU24SE+. It was detailed, warm and natural sounding, which complimented the benchmark greatly. I eventually sold the benchmark DAC for the reasons @lalitk mentioned above. 

I will mention Wywires cables. Platinum should be more than enough, $540 for 4 feet.

I have Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra, upgraded from Mad Scientist Black Magic.


Did you buy a new USB cable yet?  I had the FTA Callisto.  It was a very good cable and then upgraded to the FTA Sinope for my Lampi Horizon DAC.  Send me a private email and I can explain better.  I have since gone to a SPDIF cable ilo of USB.  

Thanks everyone for the feedback!  It is truly appreciated.  I am getting back into audio after quite a hiatus and am trying to put together a satisfying setup while trying my best to stick to my budget (we all know how that goes).  I almost pulled the trigger on a used Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva USB but I wound up purchasing a Wywires Platinum USB cable.  Wywires cables seem to be having a 40% off sale right now so it made the cable very affordable.  Alex just informed me it is en route so I am eager to try it out.  I already have a Platinum S/PDIF and really enjoy that cable.  I'll update this posting after I get to break the new cable in.

I have Silver in my second system that works well with Burson DAC. My main system is analogue only and there I have two pairs of Wywires Diamond interconnects. Great cables. I used to have Platinum interconnects and Purist Audio Neptune, upgraded to used Diamonds at incredible (to me) cost and have no regrets whatsoever. Still have the Neptune in the second system.

I am in fact thinking of upgrading the Silver USB to the Platinum

Your Poiema looks pretty solid, so I’d be interested in your thoughts on how they compare once the Platinum is burned in.