Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.

Just curious to peoples experiences with current batch of Class D Integrated Amps available today.

I have been unimpressed with the offerings from NAD and find the Technics model's  lack soul. 

Trying to stay under $5,000.00

Thank you for any insight, recommendations. 




I haven't heard it yet, but the Billie Heaven 11 has gotten rave reviews from Steve Guttenberg, Steve Huff and a few others... I know that doesn't necessarily mean much — reviewers can be biased and/or purchased by audio manufacturers - but it could prove to be an interesting amp... the designer of the amp has an original approach to say the least and the (tube) preamp would have been designed by a tech who also designed some for Thor audio, all combined with ICE technology...

I'm no expert on amplifier design, just wondering, why class D? Rega has a Class A/B integrated for under $4,000.00.

Anyone recently get to audition the Atmasphere class d amps? Looks like next week I'll have a chance to finally hear them.

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I'd agree with @jimcrane in considering Wyred 4 Sound integrateds; they can probably be a bit speaker dependent but seem very clean and powerful.

I've used an STI-1000 for years and think it still a good match for a pair of Raidho D2 speakers (even if it's under-priced compared to spkrs). A too warm amp might not be as good with Raidhos.

I am very interested in Devialet and Rowland amps on the Raidhos. I used to see/hear Rowland/Raidho at shows and loved the pairing.    Many seem to love the Devialet products.    I'd love a listen before parting with too much money since the W4S satisfies me, even if I know better exists.

you can check out apollon audio. 

I had their purifi stereo 1et400a and really enjoyed it. highly regret selling it a while back, and even contemplated buying another one again recently. however, I decided to give another amp/brand a go and pulled the trigger on a nad m23. 

I have a suggestion but maybe over your price limit unless of course you find a used unit. I am using a Bel Canto E1X int. amp. It has dac, streamer, preamp, headphone amp, phonostage(mm & mc) plus 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It removes a lot of cables, lightweight, and uses very little electricity. Plus it comes from a company with a lot of experience in class D amps and a fine reputation. Just my opinion of course. 

I too, am using PS Audio M700 mono blocks on a pair of Magnepan 3.7i's.  More than enough power, sounded as good, if not better than the Bryston I was using before.  As someone mentioned earlier, the M1200's are a hybrid class D and have had rave reviews, as did the M700s.  If you don't like them, send them back per their policy.  You even get 14 days to return - if you find a used pair in The Music Room.

The Technics SU G700 MkII integrated is ~ $3000 and has quite a few YOuTube and print reviews. It would be at the top of my list

Of course being a domestic product- Pennsylvania I believe-the Rogue Pharaoh II would be a more sensible choice. Very well regarded, tons of power and uses two 12au7’s I believe. Quality phono section, headphone amp, remote...

Great. Now I want one of these.

Check out Hattor Audio integrated.

Very interesting. Made in Poland and owners rave about the Hattor line.

Choice of resistors, well within your budget with plenty of room to spare even if you choose top of the line. Wood on black my personal choice. Just beautiful.

Quite possibly my next purchase.

Even though they are $1500 above your $5K limit you should seriously consider the PS Audio Stellar M1200 monoblocks. ($6500 for the pair) They have amazing power and the sound they put out is incredible. They make my Magnepan MG 1.7i's sing!!

I replaced a Pass Aleph P preamp and Krell FPB 200, with a Peachtree Nova 220 se several years ago. For this audience, Krell is a Class A amplifier and the Pass preamp is a stereophile A preamp. I thought the sound quality through my Martin-Logan ReQuests was going to drop off…..but it didn’t. The Peachtree sound was incredible……and it’s an integrated class D amp!

Back during the 2021 Holiday Season ASR came out with a review which found that the power output on the Starke Sound AD4-320 was far below the stated company specs for that amp. To my knowledge, Starke never responded to the ASR review with any data or measurements contesting the ASR findings. They had some units returned and refunded. They have pulled this amp from their lineup if you look at their website.

We recently completed assembly of the new UcD700 kits from Hypex, which include:

Hypex UcD700HG Class D amplifier
HxR voltage regulators
SMPS1200A700 power supply

They work great in our system with Dirac Live and JBL 4349s. We especially enjoy the high power and low noise. Check out some measurements we made on our website here.

Deer Creek Audio is an authorized Hypex dealer.


M2tech Crosby. Get two and run them bridged as monoblocks, for under $3000 total. 180/180w rated, delivers more. They are explosively-lively but very good at microdynamics and deliver a good measure of tone. -Phil

Guys, why is everyone ignoring an obvious star in the line-up PEACHTREE Nova-300 or the new GAN. I have had mine for two year and am still blown away by the performance-to-price ratio and I'm not alone.


I can only respond to what I know personally. I haven't heard other Class D Integrated Amps, but I own a Rogue Audio Pharaoh II. I've owned the Sphinx V1 and V2 and then moved up to the Cronus Magnum. Two months ago, I traded up to the Pharaoh II and can't say enough how good this amp is. Powerful, quick, completely black background, great soundstage with clean, strong highs, midrange and bass. I cannot be happier with the purchase, and you're well below your dollar threshold. You should at least demo this amp for yourself.

I'm no devotee of ASR, but anyone seriously considering Starke Sound should take a look over there.  Remember also that they really like a bunch of other class D amps.

I got a used Devialet 220 Expert Pro for under 5,000 $.

This is an amazing amp . Fed with an Aurender and USB and using the SAM feature to extend low frequency response, it makes my Raidho X3 speakers sound so clean that you forget about them.

Have had the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 in house for a few months now.  Will do a review here very soon.  Bottom line:  thumbs up!


Hey l just just recently heard great things about the Starke Sound AD4-320 class D amp

I went to their web page and for some reason l couldn't find that particular amp 

Yes please do!


How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?

Great question. Hope you guys in the know will share your insights on the difference, especially the Hypex NC500.

How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?

Great question. Hope you guys in the know will share your insights on the difference, especially the Hypex NC500.

@curiousjim going to audition some Hegel Integrated when I get back from Canada or even while I am there. 

How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?


Hello juanmanuelfangioii. I heartily recommend the Starke Sound AD4-320. I own seven of them! The are very reasonably priced. They are very flexible being 4 channel amps with built-in switching to operate as a stereo amp with over 300 wpc. They have both balanced and single ended inputs. I have five systems in my home and use the Starke amps with Magnepan LRS, Linkwitz LX521, Golden Ear BRX, Wharfdale, Shahanian Obelisk, and other fine speakers. I also own 2 sets of the PuriFi 200 wpc amps as used in the NAD and other brands. The Starke is slightly smoother on the high trebles and is nearly identical to the Elekit 8600 tube amp using 300B tubes (9 wpc). I encourage you to check them out.


We have a streaming amplifier. Not quite what you would call "integrated". It is how ever a streamer, DAC, and amplifier all in one box.


I know you said Class D, but there are some class AB amps out there in your price range. The Hegel H190 new ($4000) or the H390 used Are both terrific. I currently have the H390 and am very please with it.

All the best.


@antigrunge2  My pleasure to post that video.

@atmasphere has a reputation for listening, sensitivity, and wonderful sounding tube amplifiers. So much solid state is just cranked out into the market without much evidence that they will be musical. The time and investment Ralph is making here is a sign that this is the future and that there is a path forward that will be up to audiophile's tastes and standards.


Thanks for posting the magnificent session with Ralph Carsten from Atmasphere. Highly educational and genuinely audiophile. His argument for getting into Class D is profound.

High res digital offers much more dynamic nuance and bandwidth than traditional recordings and therefore needs faster amplifiers. The days of valve and Class A silicone amps may therefore well be numbered. In particular the GaNFET development is akin to a revolution.

I love the Marantz Ruby integrated. It has enough soul that I don’t miss my tube amps, runs cool, has plenty of power and is very well built.  I think it lacks a little aesthetic bling but that’s my only gripe.  


I am thrilled with my Marantz Model 30 integrated amp.  Stereophile has a nice review and is a "2021, 2022 Recommended Class A" ...  Now my setup includes an A/B switch  (One Little Bear) that allows me to select this Class D amp OR a Class A SET all tube Integrated AMP driving one pair of  Cornwall speakers (it can actually drive 2 pairs of speakers).  Best of both worlds !  Solid State AMPs are just so much more practical.

A great, but lesser known choice would be Arion Audio. Owner and designer Mike K. is very skilled. His Amps are very clean sounding, dynamic and extended into the low and high ends of the spectrum.

I have been running his S500 stereo model for 2 years now without a hiccup. Runs pretty cool, too. Arion also makes monoblocks and tube/ class D hybrid amps. All are a great value, IMHO.


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I have the PS Audio M700's in my system which I am well happy with. On your budget the M1200's would fit. I've not heard them but all reviews seem positive and they will drive anything.