cornfedboy, signing off

a few months ago, i received an email from audiogon’s management with the intriguing subject line "got a minute?" in it, i was asked whether i had any interest in helping to develop a dispute resolution system for transactions emanating from audiogon’s website. hours of telephone conversations and countless emails followed. and, eventually, a dispute resolution system was developed, which is now an integral part of this site.

in working through various dispute resolution issues, i became more and more involved as a lawyer to his client. additional legal issues arose that i was asked to review and resolve. all during this time, i continued to post to discussion forums as a "member" of the audiogon community. i tried my best to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, avoiding conflicts in my roles as legal counsel and "member."

over the past few weeks, it has become apparent to me and that i can no longer wear two hats. so i’ve had to chose how i might best serve this community and those who allowed it to begin and to evolve. i’ve chosen to continue and expand my legal services to audiogon. my long-term goals as legal counsel are many but two are of greatest importance: to assure that audiogon remain the fairest, safest and most dependable online market for audio and video gear; and to help construct bridges over that chasm that now exists between the manufacturing and distributing sector and those who use the internet as a marketing and informational tool.

the decision to end my participation in the audiogon discussion forums was not an easy one. i’ve loved being a participant in these threads. and i truly treasure the many friends i’ve gotten to know here. i invite your private emails, whether you seek advice, a shoulder to lean on or just want to vent.

as my favorite band sang, "what a long, strange trip it’s been." so, my fellow denizens of this cyberspace pub, i bid you a fond farewell.

-F. Kelly Smith (a/k/a cornfedboy)
With mixed emotions; I wish you well in your new endevor. I will miss your humor and advice. There is some solace knowing you are now "up-stairs". Best to ya,dude.
Gonna miss you dude it was fun but it's nice to have your legal expertise for audiogons use.Cheers,B.T.W. you can still look through the threads.
I never really got your humor, but I always welcomed and respected your opinions. You will be missed. Best of luck.
Say it ain't so!

Good luck Cornfed.

Hate to lose a high ender with a sense of humor.

I tell you - I am on my best behavior in any deal here now!!!

(Are you licensed to practice in their state? Only another attorney would ask.)

Sincerely, i remain
Appreciated your responses to varied subjects as it added to the thread. Don't work too hard-this I can state with great authority! Good luck.
Kelly- Well at my age I don't fully understand what's going on-but hell what's new, I never know what's going on. We've had our ups and downs, but I think we are both after the same thing, and that is common ground to work from. I am sure I am not alone in thanking you for "taking one" for the team-we will see your input to our community though we will not be aware its your input. Thank you for all of your help, I am sure we will be in touch. Despite our various conflicts I still hold you in the highest regards.

Best Wishes and Happy Easter!!!

Hi Kelly-- and WOW! Like the posters above, I'll miss your incisive comments and sense of humor on the forum, but I'm also happy to hear that you're going to be a member of the A Team. I see it as being REALLY worthwhile to have a long time, card-carrying audiophile and attorney as an A'Gon legal consultant. Best wishes in your new Audiogon position. CHEERS. Craig
We'll miss you, your posts were always entertaining and I've enjoyed them a great deal since I've been a member. Sort of sad to lose you this way, but I'm glad to hear you will still be involved with AudiogoN.

Personally I don't see a conflict, now that you've explained your role with 'gon, but if this is the way you see it then "Bon Voyage" Kelly.
Thank-you for all your help over the years Kelly. I admire your values on this issue and feel we need your help in this way to continue making this site grow and strengthen. I will take time to write from time to time and hope to some day have the pleasure to meet you. I will indeed feel the hole you will leave.
I don't know who I'll miss more, you or Lemmy. I trust you'll be back when work slows down. CFB you will be back won't you. Kelly, Kelly is anyone there? HELLO!!!

God, it seems so different now :^(
I must say I always valued your opinion and commentary Kelly, and will miss your frequent postings. I hope yuo will "drop in" from time to time to say hello. All the best in your new endeavors, Mike D.
I'm interested in the meaning of "to help construct bridges over that chasm that now exists between the manufacturing and distributing sector and those who use the internet as a marketing and informational tool."
Is there a conflict between these two? Most brick and mortar dealers maintain websites, and have as little or as much as they want to have to do with web customers. Many of same peruse the Audiogon/AA websites regularly and answer questions or jump into sales ops whenever they appear.
On the other hand, I would guess that pure web-based salesmen have a rather tough time of it. Audio lends itself far more to brick and mortar than to the web, unless it just means discounting well-known goods.
I would be interested in your position on these points if you are interested in posting an answer.
Don't really know you, other than sharing a few threads with you but peace, prosperiety, health and good judgement be with you. Seems Audiogon made a good choice.
it's only been a couple of years that i've been fortunate enough to have participated in my own little way in various audiogon discussions. one "light" i always saw shining during this time was cfb, who was always there with his humor and knowledge, willing to offer advice or insight with his only reward being the satisfaction of helping others with the common interest of getting more pleasure out of their audio systems. thanks for the time you've spent answering my individual emails. thanks too for making this site the best for members like myself, who are so far removed from the larger markets and have very little "hands on" access to the newest and best. good luck and god will be missed--skip
To be honest CFB I always had mixed feelings about you but somehow I always wanted to read your views.
However it's no surprise to see you are now working for Audiogon,the one thing I won't miss is the endless fawning that seemed to follow any of your posts nor will I miss your butchering of the English language in endless attempts to show us all how well educated you are.
No more latin for us then.....
Thanks for all of your forum contributions in the past and your contributions going forward in your new role. I've enjoyed your thoughts and your help. We'll all miss you and look forward to your future retirement when you can, once again, join us. Somebody's got to make sure we don't get too smug! ;-)

Thanks for all that you've contributed to this website in the past and will contribute to the entire audio field in the future. What was done in the past was done for all to see. Now it will be with but a few to see, yet we shall all reap the benefits. Hopefully, your efforts will bare fruit and be worth the blood, sweat and tears that you'll end up putting into this endeavor. Your actions in terms of "full disclosure" and how this was handled speaks highly of your ethics and assures us that you can do the job with our best interests at heart.

Obviously, you'll be looking at contributions to the forums and the operation of this website from a slightly different perspective now. Hopefully, it will remain the perspective of an enthusiast and audiophile first and that of a "legal eagle" secondarily. Turning a hobby into work is typically a good way to loose interest in the hobby aspect of it. I'm sure that you've taken this into consideration before making any conclusions. After all, no lawyer rushes into his closing statement without at least reviewing the entire case and all of its' proceedings : )

Best wishes and hope to talk to you soon. Sean

PS... Out of respect for Kelly, please wait at least 48 hours before posting jokes about him that he won't be able to respond to now that he's officially "signed off" : )
cfb, I haven't known you long, but based on what I do know of your character, you will be missed.

I think Audiogon should change their name to Cornfedboygone or maybe have an annual award called a Kelly given to the funniest or best poster.
What ya all think?
It's dark days ahead without CFB,I'm not sure I'll even be able to insert a CD in my player without his advice.
God bless Cornfedboy....
Wow - CFB - you truly are a Goner! Are you sure this is not a plot to see how much you are loved by your fellow philes?
Damn, Arnie keeps asking me about his monkey. I guess that makes me the staff veterinarian. I have to sign off too.

Good luck to you, Kelly.

Tho I'm more of a lurker/learner than poster, I'll miss your contributions, but perhaps your future contibutions will be more significant to all of us here. Let us know where and under what namesake you will be hanging your hobbyist hat.
Thank you for moving up and providing a much needed service where your professional background will improve a process which is headed in the right direction.

Thanks so much for your wry humor, I'll sorely miss that. Your style and the substance of your comments were always appreciated and anticipated by me. And I just want you to know something, I never held it against you that you are a ss guy :) Take care and truly the best to ya.


CFB, we will miss your posts, but it's good to know we have a friend on the inside.
Your role and responsibilities as Audiogon advisor has undoubtedly shifted your own paradigm; especially as it relates to being visibly dispute-conscious. This certainly does not bother me.

As with other members, I tend to ignore things like this in favor of the benefits ...

From my perspective, you are making a BIG mistake. We will lose one of our most colorful participants, but more importantly we will lose important breadth on Audiogon. We have lost the opportunity to hear about a reference level system by a passionate listener. How can any legal opinion measure up to the importance of that?
Audiogon with out Cornfedboy is like goin' a year without smiling :-(((

Ok, everybody, that means WE have to step up and sprinkle wit and humor around this place...

Boy are we in trouble...

Best of luck, Cornfedboy, may all your tunes be 'in tune'.
I follow all of your threads. I have learned so much from your postings. It is my hope that your offer to accept messages requesting advice will be there once I try to reach the next level. I hope to get a system as prized as yours in a few years.

Thank you for helping me spend thousands getting the "right" products in my home.

CFB, Although I am a "new" member of this community I will miss your input in the forums a great deal. It was you, Clueless, Albert Porter, Ben Campbell, Garfish, Tireguy and Sean that convinced me through your long standing here that this was a place worthy of my time. Since I live in the boondocks I rely heavily on the opinions of those who have been there and done that. Thank you. My hope is that your new position here will bring you closer to the music.
Patrick you as you add the legal disclaimer to each note...why stop? We value your input and humor. At least you're honest enough to mention it...unlike some dealers or manufacturers...good luck!
frankly my darling, i don't give a damn...

but i see no "impropriety" in posting in the forums while arbitrating disputes, nor do i remember anyone impugning you for doing so. to be honest, this seems more like a melodramatic retreat from the flame wars in which you were recently embroiled. whatever.

regards and good luck.
A lawyer with ethics???? ;-)

Just kidding, CFB. I always enjoyed reading - and learned from - your postings, regardless of whether we agreed or not. You were a great contributor to Agon!

Hey CFB,

Are you sure that there is a problem? If you were giving out advice regarding the members interactions with A'gon, well then I'd see your point, but I'm not quite sure why your advising me on the best phono cartridge would be a conflict of interest. What ever you choose we all wish you the best, I know that I would pay special attention to the threads that you posted in. We'll miss you.


years ago on these forums, when I was a new kid on the block, you and I sparred and got off on the wrong foot. I admit (something that I know a lawyer could never do, except you of course) I was wrong, and you quickly whipped me into shape. Since then, i have found your posting as some of the most enjoyable. I have come to appreciate your techincal knowledge and sniffed out your evaluations of gear was done by the ear not the heart and always valued your opinion for that. In fact, I am now running Rowland amplfication based in part from your endoresement. You will be missed here...
Hey Cfb, grazie from Sicily for your always very humorous and interesting interventions.
I liked very much to read them and guess I will miss.
Vito Emmolo
Will miss you Kelly! If possible, why not take part in your official capacity? I can understand your situation. As a C.P.A. I sometimes get caught in the middle of financial matters involving muliple parties that I know from wearing various hats; and then have to decided who my client is.

Hope you will check back in and see us whenever you feel the ethics allow.

If you must work for the 'gon, why not become it's voice out here in the forums. As long as we know your postition, who better to moderate the forums with wit, humor, anf grace. All of us infrequent posters will have to rally our meager abilities to make the 'gon a more humorous place. Now do any of us really want that? I didn't think so. So please come back in some capapcity.
Kelly, though I have only been posting at Audiogon for a short time, I quickly came to enjoy reading your posts on the myriad of topics that stem from the love of music that we all share. Like the many members before me have so eloquently stated, I too will miss your participation. Best regards, Chuck.
thank you all for your kind words, here and in private emails. i am very touched.

So your going to strike another match and start anew. Say it ain't so Cornfedblue.

And though the line is cut, it ain't quite the end,
We'll just bid farwell till we meet again.

It won't be the same around here anymore.
You will be missed. I hope only for a short while.
I will miss your knowledge, witt, humor, and that big heart that comes out of hiding from time to time.

I feel honored to have known you. I will miss you ALOT!
a lot.
guess we'll have to enter into legal disputes to exchange cornmunication from now on.
you've been one of my hifi gurus that has brought me to the place that i can see the tunnel, thou still lookin for the light. peace and thanks for the memories, kurt