getting into streaming

So after many years of playing cd's, I'm considering getting into streaming music. I would prefer to use the DAC in my accuphase CD player; my question is I assume any streamer would require something additional to control it (smart phone, tablet etc) but I'm wondering if there is something out there that has its own controller to use to surf for songs, so I don't have to buy anything else to use it


Almost every streamer has an app that is compatible with an iPhone or android.

however, a tablet is usually the best


A Roon device can be controlled by a pc or laptop as well


the streamers all differ in terms of features and sound quality. and of course price


there are a number of steps in choosing such a device.

1 do wish to access my current CDs i.e. would I like a server which can access my library?


even with streaming having a stored library is great.

one: there are cds not online.

Two by having a library you will remember everything you like.

some servers come with rippers some do not.

what kind of digital output do I require?

what streaming content do I want to utilize?

Roon devices offer tidal and quobuzz

blue sound offers many services but they don’t sound as good as more expensive devices


Do I need Bluetooth or Airplay or chrome for the ability to access content or apps not on the streamer


We import the remarkable 432evo servers into the us.

our servers are full Roon cores and endpoints you just hook up a usb cable to your dac.

we have tested or been dealers for most major streamers: we have sold or sell bluesound, lumin Aavik,Innous aurender naim Atoll Baetis 432Evo.

Please feel free to contact us.

dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

Streaming specialists

Martin Logan Unison is half off, comes with ARC room correction, and you would need to use the DTS Play-Fi or Spotify app. You can also use Airplay. It will also work with Alexa if you use a firestick or another amazon product:

You may want to take a look at Roon software which can allow you to build and run a virtual streaming library from many sources and work with numerous hardware setups. I’d also take a look at the new Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II ROON CORE which for $4k. pretty much does it all. see: Brooklyn Bridge II - Roon Core • Dac • Headphone • Phono • Preamp (

Virtually all use an iPad or phone. You will be navigating literally millions of albums and thousands of stations. You really want an iPad as a navigation device. 

There is a ton of things left out such as from the start buy a good modem router combo like the motorola 8702, then buy a decent Linear power supply to clean up the noise ,little green computer 12 v 8 amp.

then you needto buy 2 quality Ethernet cables ,and from Sonore a deluxe 

Ethernet to fiber optic converter for noise can’t travel overnight , then at your Ethernet end point the Sonore converter from fiber optic back to ethernet 

Jcat makes excellent usb and Ethernet cables , to do it right and at your Sonore end point the Linear Tube Audio  has by far the best LPS power supply and for $750 with very good DC cable is a bargain. Put in a synergistic Purple fuse 

parts connecxion has 20% off sales  thisis if you want to truly eliminate the noise 

for digital noise travels house to house ,Yes even if in packets that’s why I recommended a Quality combo that has docsis 3.1 which is 4x faster and far better processing power the the LPS to clean up noise to start the digital signal down stream then a hub converter . Jus5 go to little green computer , for example 


You are me a couple of years ago. There are a lot of good info from the answers above but there are a couple of things that you need to understand:

1- The concept of a controller is different from what we were used to. Everything today is done in software. The only hardware you need is an iPad. You phone by the way won’t cut it (too small). 
2- The iPad will control 90% of your hardware, including servers, DAC, pre-amp, AVR etc. You just need to download the proper apps from the App Store. 
3- The apps don’t have to be matched to the hardware necessarily. For instance I control my server and my DAC with the LUMIN app but neither one of them is from LUMIN. You can do the same with Roon. 
4- Lastly, all of your hardware have to be connected to the same network, most likely your wi-fi home network. If your equipment is not connected, all bets are off. 

Just use a laptop, they work well for those new to streaming. I guess that only applies if you can use USB though. I started with a tablet and audioquest dragonfly.  They sounded great and represent a minimal investment 

Have a home wifi network, with a computer on it? A device like a Denon HEOS2 receives streams via wifi and outputs them via TosLink or USB, which you can feed into your Accuphase. Use an Android app like BubbleUPnP to control things.

If I read the OP's original post correctly, they asked if anyone could recommend a streamer device that came with its own dedicated controller.  No one seems to have answered that.  Unfortunately, I don't know the answer.  I know they existed for personal servers before there were streaming services, like the Squeezebox devices & Audirvana.

Does anyone know of any contemporary streamers that include a physical controller, access to multiple streaming services, and (possibly) a server or NAS (although I'm guessing that the OP will continue to play their CDs)?

While i have a love/hate relationship with Roon, i too think its a prime candidate for you.  You could also look at the open source KODI.  Both are software and must be run on either a regular laptop/desktop, or on a dedicated server.  Both are controlled by available remotes that are apps on phones/tablets.  Both can play local files (ripped CDs) and connect to streaming services. Note that streaming services, while great, vary greatly in quality.

Int he past i have written many pages on the dos-donts of streaming.  Streaming can be superior to CDs but it takes some doing to get it right (true with any digital). Note that once you introduce a noisy computer into the chain tho, isolating the audio chain from that (electronic and ground) noise becomes both more important and more difficult.  But its not rocket science - only the regular kind :-)

As a first step, you can use itunes + a $10 utility called bitperfect (on macs). There are several cheap/free programs for windows and Linux, but take more rolling of your own.  WMP/Windows has a bunch of issues - not fatal, but issues.  For one, its harder to keep things bitperfect.  For two until recently WIN did not support the latest USB high res spec. And USB, done right, is the best transfer method to a DAC.  Many will argue. They are not engineers familiar with the topic. Yes, its one of those places where you need to isolate noise very, very carefully.(see above).

I would NEVER go back now that i've gone to the dark side. The endless catalog, the convenience, the readily available re-masters are addicting!

Hear the sirens :-)




One more idea: use a great streaming service like Tidal, which has a slick app. Then, for your local files (which i promise you will soon ignore), use the program built into your laptop(itunes/WMP) or Songbird (free).

Take a look at the Innous product line.  You can rip your CDs to the Innous streamer, and it comes with an excellent music management app called Sense, which is free to use.  Or you can configure it to use Roon. 

Years ago, I purchased a Roon lifetime subscription.  Roon is more feature rich than Sense and Roon has a great user interface.  While Sense has less features, in IMHO, Sense sounds noticeably better than Roon, and while I like Roon's interface better the Sense interface is very good. I rarely use Roon in my listening room anymore.  



OK, do not panic, by the above advice. First of all, you have to ask yourself what quality level you are looking for. If you want streaming to be on par with your CD sound quality, then you probably need to carefully choose a high quality streamer on the order of components in the rest of your system. So, I’m thinking an Aurender N150 or better yet Aurender N200. Then you will not have to play with your routers and become a IT geek. If you get a high quality streamer, then it will make up for any deficiencies in your network.


The way I look at it you can buy a cheap streamer... think Blue Sound and put a couple grand Into your network and be your own IT guy or you can buy a high quality streamer, it will cashe the incoming files, isolate the noise on your network and produce outstanding sound or you can fiddle with your network. I was in IT for 40 years... I prefer to plunk down a box and listen to great music.


I have a wall wart wifi extender ($59) plugged in next to my system with my Aurender streamer plugged in to it. It sounds as good as my $45K analog side. So, you need not play IT guy unless you want to.

You can see my systems under my UserID. I have owned many streamer. I now own two Aurender streams.

I started small with a Bluesound Node Node N-130. It has a pretty good app and a USB output that goes into the Denifrips Pontus ll I already had. I’ve been using it for just over a year now with Amazon Music HD and Qobuz. I bought a Lanier power supply for it and it made a big difference in the sound quality. I’m sure I’ll be upgrading some day,  but I’m pretty darn happy with the Node/Pontus ll setup. 

Hi @petaluman

The Bluesound Node has a remote and can be used with an external DAC.

The Oppo Sonica although discontinued has a remote, however output is analog.

Node is the best way for someone new to streaming without spending a ton of money.     

I bought a Bluesound Vault 2i in 2019 and I wish I started streaming sooner.    

In August I picked up an Aurender N200 and while it was more than I had originally planned on spending,  it was worth the money.    

I guess it all depends on what your associated components are but there are tons of choices.    

@jamike The Bluesound remote can simply allow one to choose between 10 "presets" that would be set up via smartphone or computer. It would be useless for navigating through hundreds of albums and thousands of favorite tracks and exploring thousands/millions of tracks, waiting to be discovered.

@oddiofyl I agree with you. If OP wants to try streaming, a Node 3 or even a Node 2i can output to his DAC and provide a great, intuitive user interface and quality SQ. A smartphone or a lower price tablet wold be needed/wanted to navigate millions of tracks, save albums and create playlists. No, you don't need to spent 2 grand on your home network, but you do want reliable broadband internet.

I'm in my 2nd year with a Node 2i and nicer external DAC. I went from 85% vinyl and 15% CD listening to 75% streaming and have enjoyed every minute of it. There might be a Denefrips Ares II in my future but I'm enjoying what I've got, so no rush.

Spent 600-700 now ..getting a very useable user interface and great sound. If you're loving it in a year or 2, keep it...or upgrade to a more esoteric streamer and sell the Node for ⅔rds to ¾ths of what you paid for it. The tablet will still be useful for the next streamer.


(The tablet doesn't have to be high end... it's only used for navigation and control. The streamer is doing all the work)

IMHO trying out streaming and experiencing all the benefits shouldn't mean setting up and maintaining a Roon server and/or spending 3-5K on a streamer nor 2k on network improvements.

I'm happy as a clam using my Windows laptop as the controller. It happily sits on my lap. It offers an image size comparable to that an old 10" record, so it's easy to read liner notes and gaze at the pictures the streaming services almost invariably provide. You aren't going to be on the move when you listen, anyway. You'll be lounging on your couch or easy chair just like you are when you play that treasured LP.

My streaming hardware, meantime, is a not terribly expensive Cambridge CXN streamer/DAC plugged into an ethernet connection/router gotten from the local phone company. Plugged into my Primaluna Integrated Amp, this 60 years+ audio nut is happy as a clam. Not only does it provide a universe of music for a modest monthly fee, it gives my SOTA Sapphire, etc. etc. analogue rig serious competition when it comes to sound quality.


There are numerous streamers/music servers that come with brand specific software, many that use brand agnostic software. Many can be controlled via computer interface. First question is budget? 2nd - What type of digital inputs does the Accuphase support? 3rd - Do you want the ability to have your current cd collection ripped to hard drive, and if so, do you want that to be accessible via a network connection or via a built in hard drive to your streamer? 

Lots of suggestions, none of them are wrong; however, to answer your question fully, I would say you need to provide a bit more detail.

What is your comfort level with computers and networking? Wifi or wired? Cool thing about streaming is you can go from one box solution(especially since you have a dac you like) to multi component with prices from sub 1k USD TO 25K +

A lot of people quote the use of an iPad, to control your streamer. I have an older model iPad that simply ceased to work with with newer apps. I bought a Lenovo tablet for $100 works perfectly with my Naim, Limetree and other streamers. Lots of streamers don't have a built in DAC, I use a Lindemann Limetree Bridge with several DACs mostly a Denafrips Ares or iFi IDSD Micro BL. Of course DAC's in CD players will likely be limited to 16 bits. 

Wiim Pro:

Wiim Remote:

So low-cost and easy to set up it’s worth taking a flyer on.

Stereophile review of the lower tier Wiim Mini:

I’ve been streaming music for almost 20 years. You will need a computer, and a smartphone and/tablet to do it right.

‘First and foremost, it’s the software you use that gives you the best Sq. I’ve used almost a dozen different software versions that run on a computer, which is your server that holds your ripped cds along with controlling your streamed music sources like Tidal/Qobuz. Every dedicated music server you buy is a computer, mostly running Linux with either roon or their own proprietary software.

‘The worst transport to use to a dac is usb. IMO, usb is used more often because most DACs have that capability whereas the more expensive DACs include Ethernet which is far better Sq even if you buy all the usb tweaks/gimmicks.

IMO, start off small. If you have a cd player with a digital input, buy a device like an Apple TV or something similar to front end your cd player. Then get a tablet to run apple music/iTunes and point to the apple tv device as your output. By no means this is a quality setup, but it will give you a feel on how you can navigate the web for music playback and then you can use the Apple TV device for a bedroom or second system later on, Roon/Audirvana and others will use this device as an endpoint.

If you want to really get into streaming, then you need a computer (it doesn’t have to be dedicated if it has enough resources and it’s located in a separate room), pick your software like roon/audirvana, dac with Ethernet or i2s inputs, then setup a wired network to your audio room and use a fiber network to your isp.

Keep it simple.

Budget wasn’t specified.  I would start with a laptop that has been enhanced with a program like Audirvana Plus.  Or for approximately 1K get a Cambridge Audio CXN 60.  It has a great app that works with Apple or Android.  It adds Chromecast and AirPlay so you can play from the portable device if you wish.  Great with Internet Radio and Podcasts.  Sounds great

I went through all this 3 years ago.  A simple setup at first?

1.  Streamer.  Price $300 to $22000

2.  Ethernet cat 6 or higher from router to streamer.  $50 or less.

3.  I added am EMI/RF filter in ethernet connection.

4.  I use coax from streamer to DAC.  You can use the DAC IN your streamer if you want. $40

5.  I would use after market power cords.  $200 or higher

I personally have a Node 2i with an updated power supply.  I've the BlueOS app on my phone or computer.  It links to your streaming service library.  I also use an external DAC

A streaming service allows you to build your own library.  You can set up Playlist.

Anything you have done or need to do to lower digital and electrical noise will really add the extra air, detail, better sound stage.  There are lots of threads.  At first my brain was scrambled now I have a nice, easy to use setup.

To answer your question, I don’t know of any streamers that have a good enough interface built it to be of any good. In reality, any smart phone should work with many of the streaming apps associated with a streamer. As for your first streamer, it’s really hard to beat a Bluesound Node. It gives you the most options, streaming service compatibility, and bang for the buck, and it’s upgradeable. 


I was looking at the new Brooklyn Bridge II....If money were no object, would you get the Empire over the Brooklyn Bridge II? Does the extra $ translate to better function and sound....Thx....

To the OP, I would rethink your use case. While it might seem "cool" to have a streamer with a screen interface, do you really want to have to stand there at your rack of gear choosing what to play when you could be sitting in a nice comfortable chair using a tablet or cell phone? The only such device I’ve ever seen that was a streamer with a touchscreen for navigation was a homemade device that used a Raspberry Pi and a certain particular screen. It wasn’t very elegant looking when assembled. Admittedly, I do wish more streamers had a display for "now playing" album cover art. A few do.

Curious, does your Accuphase CD player have an input to be able to use the internal DAC?  If so, what input type is it? You'd have to make sure any streamer of course has that as an output. 

vinyl we are a mytek dealer the manhatten and empire are reference products from mytek the brooklyn is a starter line



ooddiofyl  our 432evo servers far outperform Innous and are upgradable our7800 Aeon matched the 25k innous statement with uprgaded power supply.


ghdprentice we did a shootout Aeon vs 12k aurender n20 the Aeon was far better.


we have a wimi pro in for testing this thing barely works streams tidal and quobuzz okay through app tidala and quobuz conect dont work at all spotify doeesnt work tidal does seen to sound decent


the dts play fi stuff is garbage denon  heos is also poor


our take away bluesound node still best under 1k

over 1k lumin innous aurender

really goood streaming is generally 3k and above

Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

Streaming specialists


Thank you...I guess the better question is, is the Empire worth the added $ over the Manhattan in function and sound.

Although Mytek website doesn't show any Manhattan products.


And you can get a free amp with an Empire purchase(although I don't know how good the amp is!). 

I don’t believe I saw your price range. Really good streaming can be had for under $2,000 with a Bluesound Node 130. linear power supply, a DDC, and some nice cables. That is what I currently use and really do love.

I know there is better sound quality to be had, why I’m saving for an Aurender N200, but will also look at other products…..but that’s $6,300. You can easily double or triple that for even better sound. I doubt my system is resolving enough to warrant anything more than the Aurnder


Sorry, I take issue with anyone saying the cheap WiiM Mini (I've not tried the Pro) doesn't work.  I have THREE of them scattered around. One in my den for non-critical listening feeding an AVR, another at my work office for convenience.  And another in my bedroom for playing music at a low level before going to sleep. 

I've had very little issues with these, and the user app (I'm using Android but control them using a PC or iPAD sometimes) is as good if not better than Bluesound O/S in ease of use.  I have used them with Spotify, Tidal Hi-Fi, and sometimes play Internet Radio using the optical out to feed external DACs. 

If the OP is only wanting to "test the streaming waters" for under $100 and can use the SPDIF optical out they can't be beat.  (You can't even begin to build a Raspberry Pi streamer for that these days let alone add a quality Allo "digital hat" to it).

You aren't out much money and can repurpose them for another room or give to a relative when you upgrade to a "real" streamer, as I'm sure you will once you get hooked.  Then you will want one price commensurate with the rest of your system in your main listening room. Then look to Dave and Troy. 

As far as working, I refer you to the many positive reviews on Amazon similar to mine.  No, they aren't a $1000 quality device, but no one expects them to be. And I have to say their software team is top notch. They made promises and actually kept them - for such a cheap device! - which is more than I can say for Spotify and some other device manufacturers.   

Haha when I got into streaming I figured ok this will be pretty straight forward and easy in comparison to my viny and preamp matching... Couldn’t have been more wrong. Streaming is still in its infancy and although it is really good there’s still alot of technology and room to grow. Like being aware of buying eq that will be obsolete in a few years or how it’s supported with software updates. Your Dac is the same thing and does it have room to grow? Problem is you don’t know what you don’t know. So 1st thing is watch as many videos on reviews of every quality streamer and dac you can. Create a list of features, balanced, wifi, software, streamer vs server etc. Make sure you research the dac and if it’s features and your preamp options are in par w one another. Also if your dac meshes well with the features of your streamer. Each dac sounds different so this stuff matters. Decide which things are priorities for you. Many say to get a tablet, I own an android note and my innuos sense software works perfect and it’s one of the better streamer interfaces in the market so I have no need for tablet would be a waste of money. At the end of the day It’s like anything else, some devices are meant to look impressive with features and pretty screens in a be all end all approach while others are desinged with a more seperate eq approach with priority of sound quality 1st in mind. And yes you will have a hard time finding anything that does both especially at certain price points so again know what you want. The more I researched the more I realized the less I knew so take your time again there’s so much information to consider but try to learn as much as possible so your not throwing money away. Unlike preamps and record players most of the features built into those type of devices are beneficial when you use  whereas in streaming its easy to pay for features you will never use or need. Dont mean to make this sound daunting but if music is a passion you will enjoy the challenge of all this.  After you’ve done enough homework  to be dangerous and have narrowed your search down to a handful of devices then you should come back to the forum here to see what others experiences have been with those to make sure your not overlooking anything and of course this goes without saying but if you can demo before buying certainly do. Best of luck curious to what you decide down the road.

well thanks everyone....lots of info here to digest. There were a couple of people that were able to answer the first question I had, that there isn't a device that comes with its own interface (It might have been logitech that someone pointed out had one years ago). 

As it was also pointed out above there is a lot more to streaming than playing cd's. I will continue to do some research and see where it leads me

thanks again

My amp uses the same DAC chip as the AQ Dragonfly (I forget which color). It's a decent enough DAC chip for my needs. The amp allows for Digital Coax, Toslink and has a USB input, as well. I am using a desktop computer which is capable of 24/386 file playback, streaming to the amp's DAC via an upgraded USB cable.

My source is Amazon Music HD which has files that go beyond CD quality with 24/44, 24/48. 24/96 and 24/192. Most of the files are either 16/44 or 24/48. 

I was going to buy a dedicated streamer, but my 67 year old ears and moderately priced stereo system (under 4K) have made that purchase unnecessary. I may purchase some upgraded ethernet cables for an inexpensive tweak.


Like most threads here, everyone has their own sense of what constitutes a good piece of equipment. I believe that some of this involves personal taste, component synergy, and I suspect that it is mostly due to having heard few systems. The most important question are what is your budget and what components other than cd player are you using? Perhaps I missed your statement of budget, but considering that you are not looking to upgrade one of the most critical components, the DAC, I’m guessing that you want to keep costs down, in which case you have some excellent suggestions above. If you want to go to the next level then there are some members with extensive experience at various, including high levels of build. @ghdprentice above is in that category and probably others.

I’m not one of the experienced few, but over the last year I did cycle through various gear. I discovered that my sense of what sounded good and what I would recommend has changed as I discovered unexpected reproduction improvements. In my opinion general computers are not good streamers, but they do keep cost down. Roon is a widely used program for organizing stream content. You will then need a Roon subscription plus a subscription to a music service. Roon requires a Roon server and separate streamer, or a streamer with built in Roon server. I use an Aurender N20 streamer, which isn’t Roon based and uses the Aurender conductor app running on a mobile device, but it doesn’t require an external server. I still need a subscription music service. I have all of my CDs ripped and stored on my N20. The playback is, to me, phenomenal. So, consider buying used to maximize results. Also, this allows you to upgrade at a latter date without losing 50% of the new value.

You are me less than a year ago. I am very happy with a Bluesound Node hooked up to my tube integrated amp and I’m running Tidal. Unlike what most members have posted on this thread, I use my Samsung Galaxy S22+ cellphone to run Tidal and do searches, pick albums or artists, etc., and I have no problem or feel the need to use a tablet device. But that’s just personal preference -- the last thing I need is another device laying around for my Granddog to chew and eat...

Fwiw, I 100% agree with @moonwatcher here. I wanted to get a cheap streamer to get started (while I figured out what I wanted longer term). The WiiM mini has been excellent. Im using Qobuz hi-res using the optical out into my DAC and it’s great. 

I think my next purchase will be something in the the Innous range or an Auralic Auralic interests me because they prefer you to use Wi-Fi over Ethernet which is interesting. 

Easiest way to get started is to buy a Bluesound Vault. It is a High-Res 2TB Network Hard Drive CD Ripper and Streamer. Everything you need, and there are few if any better, more intuitive interfaces than BluOS.

I am in the same boat as the OP. For me it is either a new Bluesound Node 130 or a used Lumin D2. From everything I have read and absorbed it is really hard to out do the Node at $600, and you can always add a higher quality DAC and better power supply later. I also think that the BlueOS is about as easy to use and intuitive as anything else out there. I believe the Lumin would be a better sound, but it i hard wired only and the interface is less user friendly.

yes, despite some time having passed since i went through most of the starter streamers, i think the leading contenders are still

bs node (latest version)

cambridge cxn v2

innuos zen mini (used, as innous has phased this out for more expensive models)

ifi makes several models, very affordable, some with dac, some without

there is also the wiim puck... very inexpensive

Just wanted to note that both Cambridge Audio and NAD came out recently with some great (at least on paper) entry level streamer/ you might want to take a look at one of those as perhaps a "step above the WiiM Mini" to feed your CD player's internal DAC.  Cambridge has the the AXN10 and MXN10 network audio players, while NAD has the CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer. 

Figure they were getting eaten alive by the lower cost models by other manufacturers for newbies wanting to get into streaming and see what all the fuss was about, so they decided to come out with these.  Competition is a good thing. 

Maybe these might be worth a look. 

here was my stream sequence:


I started with an Apple TV to a cheap peachtree dac.

Then dedicated Arcam Airplay dac streamer thing.

Then a Bluesound Node 2i.

Then Node to a Chord Qutest.

Then added a LPS to Chord.

Then brought in Pontus II.

Then moved Teddy Pardo LPS to a Bluesound 130.

NOW have Auralic Aries G1.1 and THAT, my friends, (for me and my listening architecture) is game, set, match.

The Aries has its own HD and I am ripping CDs to it. It’s perfect for me. 
I can’t use an Ethernet connection and Auralic has figured out wifi. I loved the BLUOS app and I think Auralic app sucks….sorry. 

Get Roon and you’ll never look back. Consider investing in a Small Green Computer which functions as a dedicated Roon server. Consider an Optical Rendu which will eliminate all noise from your most imports to “last stop”, converting copper Ethernet to fiberglass Ethernet where noise cannot travel. 

so I may have found what i'm looking for from cocktail audio.  Some of their units come with hdmi outputs, so you can bring it up on your tv, which should negate the need for a tablet/ipad.

So are there any other manufacturers that have hdmi output on their server/streamers? 

Wiim mini? Tried that but returned it. Bass is on the light side, as Stereophile also pointed out.  User interface is pretty damn good though for such as little device.

Greetings.  Please describe your equipment so we can give timely advice.


I may get laughed out of this thread, but...

I’m using moOde Audio player software on a Raspberry PI 3B+ into to the USB input on my Parasound P6.

It sounds great. Even compared to vinyl (SOTA, etc.) or CDs.

I’m not using network switches constructed of unobtanium, or platinum Ethernet cable. The PI connects to the router on 5 GHz WiFi. (Lost packet count, retries, etc. are zero.)

I’m open to subjective differences between sources and components, but in this case, bits are bits. If they weren’t, then your Windows updates would fail.

I don’t buy the false equivalence between cost and SQ. Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, even tubes, are cheap relative to thick faceplates, etc. that don’t improve the sound.

Particulars: I stream QOBUZ to the PI using mconnect on Android or Home Assistant as the control point. Internet radio is directly through the moOde interface. Play through Parasound P6/A23 and ProAc Tablettes + SVS subwoofer.