How is your many titles in your digital collection

This thread is spawned from what I believe to be misleading information being passed on us by the RIAA. So please post how many titles you have in your digital collection be sure to break it down by format. For example mine would be:

2000+ Redbook
250+ SACD
150 DVDv
0 DVDa

Please don't get into heated debate about this and please everyone who has a digital collection post your results as to create a wide and diverse audiophile "cross-section" and if you analog people want to include vinyl that number I guess we can let it slide :)
What misleading information are you talking about? Why are you interested in this data?
About 5000 Redbook CD's - No SACD's or DVD's. My wife might have a couple of movies - does that count? And, for Rushton's benefit, I'm into vinyl in a pretty serious way as well, but I'm into music more! :-)
Herman- Because I am big brother :) Seriously, because the RIAA released information about SACD and DVDa not to mention redbook cd production numbers for the year and it seems hard to believe. Here is a link to the article in doubt, I am just curious as to what the "average" audiophiles collection looks like to get an idea if these figures could be accurate or not.

Actually, Tireguy is making a big move into the music sector, he wants this information so he can become a big rich fat bastard by overcharging you our of yer hard earned dollars for inferior formats! DONT LET HIM DO IT!

2...300 red book
about 75 among them OOP or never-to-sell items.
1500 vinyls
none still found for myself among SACDs or other formats.
Slappy- SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have this revolutionary new format I like to call "8 track" its going to reinvent the way you listen, but only if you keep the seceret. I've said too much already.........
Tireguy -

Throw out the high and low of the people reporting SACD
ownership(I only have two,so I didn't include myself[Redbook-460,DAD-12,SACD-2,DVD-V-2,LPs-1300]) and the average is well under 100.

Where's the folks with 1000+ SACDs? So,the RIAA numbers seem to be correct.
I can only surmise hybrid SACD discs are perhaps being counted as CDs. I frequent 2-3 stores in Tokyo and I have seen the number of titles offered grow significantly this year and on-shelf availability has sky-rocketed in general. Doing a cocktail napkin calculation, I have personally seen probably 1-2% of that total shipment volume (if including hybrids) and I think that's pretty hard to believe.

RBCD 800+
SACD 200-250 (with 80-100 purchased in H1).
DVD-V 50+/-
DVD-A zero
400 odd redbook, 6 SACD, 3 DVD-V (w/24bit audio tracks)
and about 2500 live grateful dead CDs.
Maybe two hundred redbook and a handfull of Sacd that I play on a redbook player. I rent and return dvd-v s.
(+ or -) 10,000 LPs
(+ or -) 1,100 45s
(+ or -) 40 R2Rs
(+ or -) 125 CAS
(+ or -) 500 RBCD
(+ or -) 10 SACD
(+ or -) 25 HDCD
No, I'm sure I can make more room in the kitchen!
I don't see the point of this other than bragging rights for the person with the biggest collection.

The article is discussing sales figures for the first half of the year, and you are asking for totals in a collection. There is absolutely no correlation between how many titles someone has collected over the years and how many they bought from a retailer in the first half of this year. This is especially true for collectors like me who buy the vast majority of their music used.
I think the question should add what have you puchased this year. Most of our CD purchases occured during the past 5 to 20 years which is ALL redbook. This years data will add the high res percentages. Hope I'm not taking the fun out of this! Here's my stuff.

300 CDs Total
40 CD 's this year
5 SACD Hybrids this year
5 HDCD's this year
No other formats
Almost 400 Redbook CD
About 100 DVD's

Still growing. I have also decided to stop buying copy protected CD's just as a matter of principle.
Herman! I'm not bragging...can't you see I've got a serious problem. The fridge is going to have to go!
1,000 Cd's
100 DVD's

I am evaluating if I should start a vinyl collection or a SACD one. Every single person I have talked to told me to move to vinyl. They see in SACD's the fate of Sony's Mini Disk in the early 90's.
The last time I had to count our CDs was just after they all got stolen. I'm guessing again now: 350.

No SACD, no DVD-A.

They didn't steal any vinyl last time so I didn't have to count it.
Billions and Billions

seriously though...I'm the loser at the low end of the list with only a couple hundred cd's and a few dozen DVD's and SACD's.

one question...those of you with the "well endowed" collections...where do you find the time to listen to all the selections and how do you decide what to listen to? If I had a collection like some of the above posters, I think I would drive myself crazy flipping through the vast selection of choices in search of what to listen to next...wait...I'm already crazy...guess it's time to buy more software.

I thijnk a good followup to this would be How many discs do you have Vs. how many do you listen to?

with around 400 Cd's i can honestly say that at least 200 of them are pure crap and only good for "coaster" duty. Out of the 200 i have that i dont consider "pure" crap, there are at least 170 that i only like 1-3 songs off the entire album, then there are about 30 that i like at least half of the songs, and out of those i listen to maybe 15-20 of them on a regular basis.

so out of 400 Cd's. lets estimate 10 songs per CD, that is 4,000 songs, with only maybe 100-200 songs that actually like, and maybe 75 that i actually listen to. So that is what, 2.5% - 5% of my music collection i listen to? Then again, sometimes you got to wade through shit to find something worth while.

Somehow i feel that the amount of songs listened to vs songs owned by those with thousands of discs will be in the range of .5% to 1%

I will probably end up with thousands of CD's cause i have a hard time throing them away, but it will still only have maybe 15-30 CD's that ever end up in my player.

and the DVD-A number has not increased in years, and the only DVD-A album that gets played is my Eric Clapton & BB King disc. The rest have sat on the shelf for a long long time.
100 redbook
1 sacd (hybrid)
0 dvd-a
0 dvd
80 vinyl, but no tt

I refuse to buy sacd layered only disc's. There are many more sacd's I'd like to purchase, but a disc that can't be played on both a standard redbook player and an sacd player to me is useless, e.g. auto, garage system, etc.
It's obvious that sacd is not taking off by the lack off new titles being released. And shame on anyone who releases sacd two/multi-channel discs without a redbook layer. These companies just want you to keep buying the same titles over and over again on all these different formats. Well, the fat-cats aren't gettin' my dough, over and over again...
I'm curious Tireguy...How many of those 2000+ CD's do you actually listen to???

Or perhaps, that should be another thread...
Herman- This was NOT intendid on being a pissing contest, I am curious when someone makes a claim that DVDa is out selling SACD I am really curious where they are all going! It does not make sense, what's your agenda about badgering my question? I have no hidden agenda, I am merely curious(as stated earlier), so what's your story? If you don't see the point, simply skip this thread and go onto the next one.

Perfectionist- I'd say I listen to about 500 seperate CD's a month, I go in phases of listening to classical non-stop, then folk, then rock, etc... I can be listening to a CD and it will trigger me wanting to listen to another title that I feel is similar(in my twisted world) and that goes on for a few hours every night. I don't create a schedule to listen, I just grab what ever floats my boat. A better question would be of the CD's in my collection, how many do I NEVER listen to- scary to say that number is near or over 100. I just can't bring myself to part with them because I may want to listen to them again one day.

Does anyone else understand my skepticism about those numbers based on the limited response we have so far? Sure its not conclusive, but it does seem clear that something is not right. I have no plans on "taking down Enron" with this one I am just a curious audiophile. How about this question if DVDa sales are larger then SACD sales for this year where are they all going?
1500 CDs, 2 SACDs(bought for CD layer), nothing else. Here in UK there are still many good classical concerts on FM to supplement your disc-listening! "Do you listen to them all?" is a misconceived question, because I listened to them as I bought them, and return to various areas of repertoire (baroque, avant-garde, pre-war English, Copland & Bernstein etc. etc.) as my desires dictate. A live concert may inspire exploration of a composer etc. I too feel pretty sceptical about buying things twice over. I love the Mercury classical CD transfers and have many of them, but buying them again on SACD? "Never as good as the first time"! Its a shame that in order to hear the 3-channel originals, you need all the domestic detritus of a multichannel installation...
Sorry if I upset you, that was not my intention.

I too am curious and I fully understand your disbelief that they are hitting those numbers. I merely pointed out that your question had absolutely no relation to what you were trying to ascertain. I did NOT view it as a pissing contest.

I suppose my agenda is a logical pursuit of the truth.
I can understand your point, this is the only real world information I have access to in relation to hi-rez sales(through the consumer). It seems, with the numbers we've seen so far, that my suspicions have something to back them up- fwiw.

As I eluded to earlier I have no "plans" with this information, but if I can "prove" to myself that its BS then I would be happy.
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A little over 5k w/ 20 or so sacds, but most people would say they all suck and lots of goners can probably piss futher.
I have no idea how so many of you can have multiple thousands of CD's... I figured out the other day that if I purchase about another 45 albums I'll own almost every underground hip-hop album worth the CD it was stamped on, and I hit my wits end with my punk collection about 4 years ago... but anyway, the breakdown for me goes like this... I just got done cataloging everything a few days ago so these numbers are precise:

242 Redbook CD's
0 SACD's
53 DVD-V (not sure what this has to do with audio)
6 AAC's (from the iTunes Music Store)
19 LP's/EP's

I don't own an SACD player, my DVD player can handle DVD-A, but none of the music I like is ever released in either of these formats.

I also don't have a turntable for the vinyl, but they're all underground side-project works that are rare or near impossible to find so I snap them up whenever I get a chance... I'd love to actually listen to them sometime :)

I agree with tireguy that the RIAA data is potentially questionable, particularly on SACD and DVD-A.

I don't fully get how DVD-A is bigger and growing faster than SACD when in fact, from my ongoing anaysis of online stores (Acoustic Sounds, Amazon, Musicdirect etc.) shows about a 6:1 availability of SACD titles to DVD-A titles. In fact there appears to be more new LP's released weekly than new DVD-A's.

To answer the original question, though I do not see how you will make it statistically relevant, unless you consolidate the data (which would be interesting!):

CD: 500
SACD: 60
DVD-A: 8
LP: 50
DVD-V: 500
Tireguy- the very limited SACD ownership illustrated in this thread, proves that the declining SACD sales figures reported by RIAA are obviously correct. If audiophiles aren't buying them, how are you going to convert the MP3 crowd?