Looking for suggestions on best small footprint speaker under $4K

i’m a long time 2 channel system guy that rekindled his  interest in music and Is looking to upgrade speakers.    I just currently upgraded from a small  tube amp to a 150 W Krell amp and have really enjoyed the improved response from my  7 year old KEF LS50’s.     My favorite Brands of speakers over the years have been Maggie’s and B&W.   I have also downsized  homes and size of speaker is an issue.     Looking for the best sounding speaker for jazz and lite rock.    Attractive cabinets are important to me so I don’t like the looks of golden ear speakers..   25 years ago I loved Vandersteen speakers but they were just not attractive.

As I begin my search what would yoou suggest.   I have started looking at Monitor Audio and Salk but have not heard any.  My budget is $4K.

i appreciate your feedback.

As a fellow Maggie lover (I've owned four pair, including my current Tympani T-IVa), I suggest the Eminent Technology LFT-8b, a real bargain at $2499/pr. Better imo than the MG1.7i, and even the 3.7i in some regards.
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I'm a huge Maggie Fan as well, and when my rig got moved from our main Great Room to a small media room, had to trade in my 20.1's to stand mounted speakers.  I've had great luck with Dynaudio Counter S1.4 LE's (limited edition build), and now Joseph Audio Pulsar's.  Both can be had for $4k or below (the Dynauio's for about $2500), but seldom come up for sale.  Both put out much more bass, in my room, than I expected.

Good luck.
miamianglerconsider a Thiel CS 2.4 speaker. If you enjoyed the Vandersteen sound, you will love Thiel Audio.  Nice match for the Krell amp as well.
Happy Listening!
If you're serious about small footprint, look at Totem or ProAc.  You could get something pretty nice on the used marked for 4K.
As Jafant says Thiel or if you prefer a company still around and supporting product might I suggest Vandersteen’s lovely small footprint and imo attractive Treo ( I own the CT )

you can find a used pair inside your budget
my 2nd picks beside used Thiel ( Brother owns a pair ) would be the ET or Maggie as mentioned

have fun
it is all about the music

Small footprint means different thing to different people. Magnepans may (technically) have a "small" footprint per square inch but take up a lot of room and need a lot of room behind them to sound any good. Same with Vandersteens at least model 2 and 3s. I'd think narrower speakers like Proac, Salk, Golden Ear, etc., qualify better as small foot print. Or just go with stand mounts.
I have a pair of Salk Song3 speakers. They sound excellent. They are probably the best looking speakers made. They cost around 3k. I bought them after going to the Axpona audio show and thinking they had the best sound in the place.

I just heard the ATC SCM V2 speakers at a store. I didn’t hear the best amps with them and they were still very impressive. They list at $7000, but there is a very nice pair of satin black finished cabinets on right now right at your budget. These speakers are extremely dynamic with great kick in the bass and midrange clarity that allows you to hear everything. The highs are also very nice. These speakers are not fatiguing in the least. ATC makes some of the best studio monitors anywhere and are used by more recording studios than any other maker. I was very tempted and I own an awesome pair of Vapor Joule Black speakers. The footprint of the ATC speakers is less than 1sq. ft. The cabinet is very dense. And the speakers are great to listen to sitting or standing. They are only 42" H. They do weight 78 lbs. They have nicely curved sides. They have all the qualities of a top audiophile speaker but sound potent like a pro model speaker. If I ever choose to downsize my rig, they will be THE speakers to beat.

Try to find some used ProAc 148s. Or, get some ProAc DT8. Add some Soundocity SEV9 outriggers. See my system page. 
I have the dynaudio special forty's and love them. Sound incredible and look the part. Try and audition a pair you won't regret it
Former Maggie fan here - went to GoldenEar and LOVE them. I think the 2+/3+ are actually very attractive, in a minimalist modern sort of way. 

But if you can't stand the looks of the GE Tritons I'd suggest you take a look at Nola speakers - either the Brio Trio or Boxers. Highly musical, unboxy and a bargain. I had Alons (now Nola) about 10 years ago and they were  terrific. For someone moving from planars to cones and domes, Nolas are a must audition.
You should consider the Quad Z4 they are $4,200.00 and they are exceptional. They were originally $5,000 a pair and they use one of the best ribbon tweeters in the industry, they throw a huge soundstage and are very transparent without being bright. They also have good bass are easy to drive and look stunning.

We sell a number of great speakers in this price point from Kef, Dali, Paradigm and the Quads are our favorite for this price range.

They have won  loudspeaker of the year in the UK for 2016 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Quad dealers

I highly recommend Dynaudio Contour 20's. It's a bit understated in terms of its looks but the esotar 2 tweeter once broken in is nothing short of amazing (to my ears).

For looks and sound, the Salk Song 3 or 3A would be excellent--the difference would depend on you sound priorities.  Heard the 3's and were very impressed.  You could get ones made to your own desires for looks and a little for sound--brand new at your price.  Don't disregard my other post, however.  The ATC speakers need to be heard.  You may love them, although the Salk's are much better wood finishes--as good as it gets in that way.  Jim is a very helpful and personable dude, too.

The Eminent Technology LFT-8b, though a planar-magnetic like Maggies (at 180Hz and above, that is), is only 13" wide and about the same deep (the dimensions of the bass enclosure the panel is attached to). But being a dipole planar, it really must be a minimum of about 3' in front of the wall behind it.
Boenicke W5 is very small. I liked it when I heard it at an audio show and they have some good reviews.

Why not rethink outside the box? Emerald Physics KCIIs are an absolute bargain., bettering my Maggie 3.5Rs and super easy to drive
I am a big fan of Monitor Audio for their neutrality and transparency, along with the ability to boogie.
Overall, look for 2.5 way systems. They tend to have higher efficiency and deeper bass along with a smaller footprint. Too large a speaker will exacerbate room modes and leave you with more to fix.

A lot of good ideas.  If you like to travel visiting an audio show like the Florida Audio Expo in Tampa next month would be an opportunity to hear a variety of options.  
For the OP I think its a matter of deciding do you want a bookshelf 2-way sound or do you want to approach full range (and how the listening room will accept the acoustics of either).  Even from Monitor Audio or B&W, it changes the product line choice considerably.  For a small space, I would try to find 805 D3's, then positioned properly and call it a day.
I liked the Aerial 7T but bought the Paradigm Prestige 75F. The Aerial was amazing on voice but the Prestige were amazing on everything. I listen to a little of everything pop rock electronic trance blues piano and I haven't heard anything yet that made me regret my choice.
Easy one,  a pair of REVEL 206s, slightly used for $2700 pr, with a JLAUDIO E110 sub or something similar.   JAW DROPPING, FULL RANGE, for under $4k
Aerial 5T!  Cost less than $4k and they sound awesome!  Great looking speakers also!  Read the reviews!
ATC makes some very nice bookshelf speakers that are incredibly accurate. They are easily within your price point.Rollin
I will add a recommendation for the Dynaudio Special 40. The sound is beautiful and they look beautiful. 
For jazz listening which is mostly acoustical (instruments and vocals) single driver speakers are hard to beat. There are very few such speakers in small footprint format. A Teresonic Magus sold recently at Audiogon for $4,995 (demo pair). Another benefit of such speakers in a very high efficiency (100 db!). That allows you a choice of small power amplifiers (even microZOTL from Linear Tube Audio) which is quite important since you are downsizing.
Take a look at Spendor.  Lots of models, new/old with small footprint.  I've owned the A5R, A6R, and S6e.  

All wonderful!
Modified VanL quartettes   from VanL Speakerworks in Chicago area 

Fit your price range and size considerations perfectly and the sound will be just what you want.   I have had many speakers includding Maggie's, quads and martin Logans  the modified VanL's with ribbon tweeters are great
I own Aerial 5T’s and they are a terrific speaker. I’m running them w/a Bryston 2.5 SST2 and a Luxman CL38U SE Tube preamp. For a Floor stander I'd look at the Spendor A-6 or a a bit over your budget the Spendor A-7.
I heard the new Totem Tribe towers, the smallest ones sound terrific, really fast and punchy! They are around $5kish, i have not seen any on the used market or i would have purchased them, haha. They get pretty deep and bassy for the size, they are super compact.
A sleeper in your general price category (4K+ w/stands) is the PMC twenty5 22.  It’s a stand mount that is refined with substantial (well controlled) bass.  However, with few US dealers, it’s hard to audition.  I took leap of faith and am glad I did.
If you're hell bent on dropping $4k, I can't readily help you.  But if you're willing to spend a lot less than that and be willing to live with some real magic, then here's a completely different thought.

One of the most wonderful systems I've ever heard was a pair of late 70's vintage KEF Calinda loudspeakers being driven by a Marantz 8B tube power amp.  Absolutely spell binding!

That vintage of KEF loudspeaker is hard to find in the USA, but is readily available in Europe.  Do a search at https://www.hifishark.com/

The Calinda typically sells for around $400/pair.  Shipping extra.
The next model up, the Cantata, typically sells for about $600/pair.

As for the power amp, the Marantz 8B is a classic, but an expensive classic.  What's a much better value is the 35 wpc ST-70 from VTA.   They also have a 60 wpc amp for a reasonable amount.  You can either build the kit, save money and get a ton of satisfaction, or have them make it up for you.  Even pre-assembled, the prices are modest.

ST-70, preassembled with tubes - $1275
ST-70, kit - w/tubes - $879
ST-120, preassembled with tubes - $1435
ST-120, kit w/tubes - $1159

In your shoes, something like this is what I'd do.
Sorry for the slow response, but have been visiting my new granddaughter this week.   Thanks for all the feedback I truly appreciate it and have a lot of research to do.   I have never bought used speakers though I willing to as long as I can see and hear them first.   
Russbutton certainlynot hell bent on spending $4K,  I have been using a tube amp for the last seven years and really like the sound character.   I just bought a recapped Krell amp and have been blown ay by the sound.   My next amp will be a high powered tube.
Miami, everything you are saying(small footprint, jazz/light rock, tube amps) points to Totem, I'll add to the other Totem recommendations.  The Totem Hawks are really amazing.  They pay attention to every single detail from the density of the mdf, point to point crossover wiring instead of circuit boards, silver plated internal wire(different wire for each speaker in their line up), even super expensive WBT 0763 speaker binding posts.

Look up the WBT's, and while you're at it, look up the woofer they selected for the Hawks, the Scanspeak Revelator 15W driver.  This is a 5.5 inch driver that can hit down below 35 Hz with Totem's modifications.  Everything they do with this speaker is music first, not sales or profit first.  You gotta try this speaker.

I've had several of their bookshelf models right up to the Sky, which goes for almost $2000 but this Hawk model eats it for lunch in every way.