My favorite Steely Dan song has to be...

"Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More" on "Katy Lied". What's yours?

"Doctor Wu" off of "Katy Lied"

"Almost Gothic" off of "Two Against Nature"
Bodhisattva, followed closely by My Old School, Reelin' in the Years, Dr. Wu, and Peg.
"Kid Charlemagne" & "Cousine Dupree".
Yeah, I'am as twisted as the rest of you....
Before the fall when they wrote it on the wall
When there wasn't even any Hollywood
They heard the call
And they wrote it on the wall
For you and me we understood

Caves of Altamira..from The Royal Scam
Reelin' In The Years, unless one of about two dozen of their other tunes is playing.....
Has anyone heard the album they made before they were Steely Dan ? I think it was walk the walk if you talk the talk. I'm not sure if that is the exact title of the album but close if not. I found it at a second hand store on 8 track like 20 yrs ago.
"Throw Back The Little Ones."
Is there a more perfect album than Pretzel Logic? I remember buying that album when it was released and thinking it was the perfect pop album. Pop may not be the correct word but the rightness of the sound is amazing.
Peg, from Aja

Any Major Dude Will Tell You, from Pretzel Logic

Kid Charlemagne, Don't Take Me Alive and The Royl Scam, From The Royal Scam

Do it Again and Reelin' In the Years, from Can't Buy a Thrill


Anything off of the first four albums. (After which, the descent into hell began...)
Almost Gothic - 2AN
Negative Girl -2AN

Fire in the Hole - Can't Buy a Thrill

There are too many great tunes to choose from....
Any song off of any album. How's that for decisive?

OK, if I had to pick just one tune, it would be Kid Charlemagne.
Too many good ones to rate like that, just sit back and enjoy the music. Enjoyed the engaging chat with you. Later.
I agree 100% with all of you. There has never been any band (or duo) that has produced a more consistent or better soundtrack for my entire adult life that wears nearly so well. Standouts: Bad Sneakers, Katy Lied, Any Major Dude, Kid Charlemagne, Charlie Freak, Hey Nineteen, Third World Man... and don't forget the cross-bread solo efforts The Nightfly, Eleven Track of Whack, and Kamakiriad... Don't make me choose. Kill me instead while the earphones are on...
tie between: chain lightning & dirty work.

honorable mentions: kid charlemagne, black cow & boston rag.
I keep listening over and over to:

Doctor Wu
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
IGY (Donald Fagen)
Don't Take Me Alive. Larry Carlton smokes on that one...

I can't believe I'm the first one to mention this track.
Although I voted for Pretzel Logic (esp the live version w/Michael mcDonald), "Don't take Me Alive" is absolutely awesome.

First heard it when my wife and I took a day off and was walking through a mall. A record store was playing the track - bought it on the spot. One of their best albums and a heavy dose of larry Carlton on the album.
Dirty Work and Midnight Cruiser. I saw them last April. They didn't play either.
I can't get it down to one, or even ten.

Your Gold Teeth II,
Monkey in Your Soul,
and Chain Lightning

are three that I'm hoping will be in the queue whereever forever happens to be.
Caves of Altamira

"Before the fall, When they wrote it on the wall"
"When there wasn't even any Hollywood"
"Before the the fall, they wrote it on the wall"
"For you and me to be understood"