Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?

I sold my brand new naim 5si integrated about a month ago, by sold, I mean I traded it in. I was looking on website of company I traded it into, and noticed in used section. I inquired about it and was told it was indeed the Amp I had traded. They had to open box up to check it out before resale, despite it being new. Anyhow, they had it listed at a greatly reduced rice. Me, knowing it was my former amp, I scooped it back I a genius? Lol...


Yes,  genius !   Too bad that didn't happen every time we have sellers remorse .   I am guessing it was The Music Room....   people gripe about their pricing.   Sometimes they hit it out of the park, but sometimes they lose.   You won this time.   



I traded it for an accuphase. However, I really never wanted to rid myself of it. I have a need for it to drive another pair of speakers. I bought it back for almost $800 bucks less than what I traded it in for! To me a no Brainer.

@oddiofyl no, not music room, I'd rather not say...but yes, I feel I won! I could decide to resell it for much more as an open box, have not decided. I'll most likely keep it. It is a great amp. 

My guess was TMR because they lost like $750 on something I traded in.   Some things just don't bring the money that they are expected to.  Naim is good stuff, gotta wonder how they lost on that transaction.  

@oddiofyl no idea! I honestly dont know why they would open a sealed box to begin with...they could have sold it as new, which it was...they go for $1999. Either way, I'm appreciative of the deal I was given. I had no hesitation once I knew it was the very same amp that I had traded in. 

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That happened to me with a girlfriend once.  Still didn't keep her and trade-in value was not in my favor.

i have bought sold then bought back so many things... some things you miss when they are gone, that other thing you had to try was just a fling...

Why did the seller put it up for sale at $800 less what they paid you?

@kenjit I have no clue as to why he had it priced as such, I did not ask. All I asked him was if it was the same amp I had just traded in. His answer was yes. 

@celtic66 Lol!!

Why did the seller put it up for sale at $800 less what they paid you?

Maybe the seller was running a money laundering operation 😏

Have done that at least twice, Clayton M300 monos and TEAD Vibe/Pulse. I liked almost everything each of those products brought to my system but, in the end, each had one niggling attribute that was probably what caused me to sell them in the first place and what was the final straw causing me to eventually move on to something else. In summary, I would have saved time and money had I trusted my gut and stuck with my first decision.

@elliottbnewcombjr I did not do anything with it, as I did not receive any money. I am recieving my amp back that was traded in a month ago. However, should I decide to sell it on my own, then yes, I'll see $$$$

I'd say it was a great move, a $1999 AMP FOR $999.  It was brand new Still sealed in box upon trade in. The merchant had to open box to inspect, regardless of it being new. He took photos and placed add in used section. There were no bites, just low ball offers. I saw my Amp in used section and come to find out it was the same one I traded in. So, knowing it's history, I bought it back at the above $999. I was given $1800 for it towards the trade. Show me a better deal!. If I keep it, a win, if I sell it, even bigger win. I will most likely keep it. 

if they gave you way more in trade-in than what they posted it for, there is only one explanation that makes business sense: they acquired the item that you traded it for, for a lot less, and $1800 was just nominal. No retailer will offer x and then post it for x/2


@asctim Thanks for confirming I’m not nuts, bananas yes! Hahaha...yea, I could not pass buying it back once I saw it listed as used (but not really used). I think the 5si may go well with my JBL 4309’s, whenever I get around to setting them up. I have no clue as to why he let it go for so cheap, and I honestly don't care! 😁

A self-proclaimed genius?  That's how it usually works.  Getting a component back that you should not have sold in the first place, is truly good luck, though.

Reminds me, I need to call the guy who I sold my CJ MF2550SE...

@liamowen we all make mistakes, or have a lapse in judgement. The "genius" thing you are hung up on was tongue in cheek...jeesh...I am far from being a true genius, that I'll tell ya...

Sorry, man, the genius thing has already been flushed from my consciousness.  You can feel free to use it as long as you would like, though.

Nice job @audioguy85 .  Now don’t sprain your shoulder patting yourself on the back so much

So if not a cash flow issue with the dealer then perhaps one sees what that integrated amp is actually worth…


You are what we would call a "Rocket Scientist" in the audiophile world.  

@celtic66 ...and then there's the 'gray areas' in between that ramp up or down...

Ah, some alternative narration.... ;)

@audioguy85  Congrats, but personally I'd not see if that works again too soon...

....if ever. *L*  Right/Wrong/Place/Time and that sort of lightning?

...sure.  I'll watch, ;)

Congratulations on getting $2000 off a new E-280! And congratulations on getting your trade in back for $800 less. Double win!

In the 1990’s I purchased a Classe Audio DR-3VHC pure class A power amplifier from a seller in the original Audiomart magazine (published by the late Walt Bender). About a year later I decided to sell the amplifier and listed it in Audiomart.

Who contacts me to buy it? The original seller! So I sell it back to him. About a year later I see the amp tor sale again and buy it back. Alas, in spite of the DR-3 VHC being a great sounding amplifier, it ran very hot (given its pure class A bias), so I rarely used it. I sold it for the final time a few months later.

I bought a Boss 302 new off the showroom floor in 1969, and sold it 10 months later to get money to go back to college ....

But, on topic, I let an aquaintance talk me into selling him a couple pairs of vintage speakers at a very reasonable price. With a fairly high level of sellers remorse,I tried to buy them back several times over the years but was rejected. He finally said "yes" but won’t accept anything less than market value for them. I’m hanging on to things that are difficult (impossible) to replace these days. That’s a good formula for collecting "too much stuff".

And, yes, I deserve any criticism I’ll get here for being a "softy" and trying to be accommodating to a "friend."

The formula for collecting is to collect the right stuff. That Boss 302 today is retirement money or a damn fine sound system and transportation. 


Nope. You are not nuts. I did the same thing so I could use the funds towards buy a pair of minty used Cornwall IV’s.

I then bought the PS Audio DirectStream Sr. DAC back with the matching transport !


@lanx0003 new it is $1999. I received $1750 for it in trade. I bought it back for $999. I also bought back from same seller, my 4 meter pair of NaC A5 terminated (bananas) speaker cables for $299....they are $500 new! So total was $1298 for both the 5si & Nac A5 cables, free shipping and no sales tax! If I bought both back new, it would have cost me $2655 (Includes sales tax) plus any shipping. The merchant did not use either the Amp or cables, so they are essentially still new. 

So, essentially OP had the brand new Naim 5si for $1,250. What a great deal.

Also, no sale tax. What company / store is that?  So far, I only know a UK company based in US carrying on-line merchandizes does not collect sale tax.  A hint would be nice.

Nope. Been there and done that a couple of times (but ultimately sold it again). Never was about making money. Strictly objects of desire.

Its sounds to me that ,the salesman who made the deal is on borrowed time .That's no way to run a business.....

@limomangus I don't know. It's a pretty successfull business, I'd rather not disclose. I think I got the deal because I just spent over 6 grand for the Accuphase. So he felt he should take care of me. A very friendly guy. 

Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?

It could be “Love”.  Sometime one gets bore or strained in a relationship and thinks that they can do better.  After some time of separation for the heart to realize the loss then the growing yearning becomes too unbearable until the pressure causes aggressive action to reacquire one’s true “Love” :)


Obviously you have a problem...the first stage on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Actually everyone here has a problem...!😂


"The formula for collecting is to collect the right stuff. "

Your user name is a giveaway. Just guessing your daily driver is not a minivan? I’ll just say that my username is not limited to audiogear, and may be a good description of my garage(s) as well.

Referring to audio, if I had the opportunity to buy back gear I sold (as a consumer) at below market price, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  The OP is not "nuts".