What components are manufactured in the U.S.A.?

Long time no see...I know. Sorry.

I've been hanging out in Economics forums for the last couple years. One thing that comes up over and over by the people in these forums is that we don't make *anything* here in the U.S. anymore and *definitely* not audio equipment.

I'm not trying to bash any country or foster an atmosphere of geocentricity in this thread. I myself have components from all over the world.

I just want to be able to point them to this thread so they can see it. I suspect most of them have never even been introduced to high end audio even though they are a bunch of engineers and techies so we might get lucky and get some of them on board so they can see what they are missing...even at the entry level...like me.

I'm not just looking for American manufacturers but the specific components that are made with U.S. labor. I recently purchased a Martin Logan sub and was surprised that it was made in China rather than Kansas.

It would also be great if people could put the rough price category so that the newbies who see this thread can see that there are reasonably priced components and stratoshperically priced ones.

Thanks for your replies in advance...much appreciated...and enjoy your systems wherever in the world you might be!

Designed and built in U.S....

Galibier Design
Walker Audio

Aesthetix Audio
Audio Research
Balanced Audio Technology (BAT)
Convergent Audio Technology
Joule Electra
Lamm Industries
Spectral Audio

Avalon Acoustics
Martin Logan
Sound Lab
Wilson Audio

Purist Audio Design
Silent Source
Even if its made in America is gonna be littered with parts from all corners of Asia and beyond, I know what your goal is but its kinda pointless if you really really think about it.
McCormack, Channel Islands Audio, McIntosh

Unfortunately a number of Cary's newer "affordable" amps are madein China. PS Audio is now made in China also.
Hello Ellery, good to see you post again.

A few items not on the list above:
CDP, Resolution Audio
Amps, Bel Canto
Speakers, Thiel

BTW, this is my basic system make up.
It is all about 'content', not design and build. It is rumored that BO is planning to enact legislation that would require everything sold in the USA to state what % of the product is manufactured in the USA. So, since my beloved Rice Krispies, are often made with grain from Australia, its content would not be 100% USA. Also planned is the 'Union Label', stating what % of all labor used to manufacture the product, was union. Soon to be followed by the 'diversity' label, and so on for every special interest group is the USA.
Another long time family owned and run all American business:

Welcome back Ellery911! Add Jeff Rowland Design to the mix. All boards, metal works, and assembly of all models made in Colorado Springs (Co), USA.
A voice from overseas

Gear in my own system designed and built in the US - to the best of my knowledge:

Well Tempered Lab
Purist Audio Design
Synergistic Research
VooDoo Cable
Silent Running Audio

+ PS Audio, that until now I thought was also built in the US but Oddiofyl just taught me differently

The above is combined with units designed in Germany, US, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Lithuania, Czech, former USSR, this includes rolled tubes and all tweaks in 2 systems + 1 in the making. Built in... not always shure.
Also add Van Alstine at avahifi.com and Musical Concepts/Musical Design. Both are smaller custom manufacturers. The less expensive Cary products are indeed made in China and identify themsevles as such on the back panel.
Hey Ellery - good to see you here again! Where are you these days? Sorry I missed you when you came through Seattle...did you end up staying...or?

Here's a few more to add to Rushton's excellent list:

Quicksilver Audio
Wright Sound (no relation to above)
Studio Electric
Tyler Loudspeakers
Classic Audio

I'm sure some, if not all, have to use outsourced components in their products...
Hmmm....I wonder if the buy American clause in the new "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" will trickle its way down into consumer electronics. Probably not!

All of the speakers listed, have a VERY GOOD chance of having caps, coils, inductors and boards made by foreign suppliers. For that matter, the electronics parts also have that same good chance. Plus some if not many loudspeakers use internationally made drivers.
Plus, I believe that some of THIEL's work is now done in China. The HT pieces may be made there, (inwall, on wall, ceiling, etc.) Plus, and someone else may know, the new Moet design with built in digital amps is probably made in China.
I know the trees for their veneers are grown outside the US!! HA!

What's the point of 'where'? Are we going through another, 'Buy American' phase?
As you answer this, each of you, look out in your garages. Don't think that your purchases of audio, a pittance, have an impact on our economy relative to the Auto Industry imbalance.
Hell, several years back the big Ford Sedan, was considered to be an import because MOST of the parts were imported.
Your chances of buying American rise exponentially if you stick to vintage gear. At least the lines were more clearly drawn 30 years ago. I have vintage JBL speakers topped with modern Canadian horns with Italian compression drivers, and a pair of American tube amps made in Houston by a guy from Romania. My OPPO pieces both say "Assembled in China". My Rowland amps are made in CoSprgs, as noted, but contain Danish ICE power.

A lot of high end audio is made in the USA but the bigger and more successful the company, the more likely they are to reach for lower costs by sourcing things from other countries.

I'm all for it. Maybe if the companies that run our governments are all worldwide, war will cease to be an attractive option for them.
Krell is made the good ol' US of A. BUT, there are no user serviceable parts inside :') If you take the cover off their equipment you will be amazed how aligned all the components are. Beautiful workmanship. Makes me want to get clear covers for added visual effect.
Oppo is definately built in China. I believe there may be considerable input from the US company, but the core product is sourced from China.

I believe that Atma-Sphere is manufactured in house (St. Paul, Minnesota), by Ralph Karsten and his rather fine staff.
There are too many to mention. We'll be here all day naming them. Honestly I think the list of products made outside of the US will be shorter.
Isn't Oppo a subsidiary of KBB Electronics? That would make them much more that just Chinese built.

I'm surprised, no one seems to have mentioned PASS LABS so far.

Hah, and now for something completely different:
SONICS, designed in Germany by Joachim Gerhard, just moved manufacturing to Berkeley, CA.
Green Mountain Audio
Merlin Music
PBN Montana
GR Research

Audio Magic
Marigo Audio
Synergistic Research
Luminous Audio Tech


Modjeski Music Reference
Jolida (manuf in China, designed in USA)
Cary & AES
Dodd Audio
Audio Research
Zu Audio. According to the company specs, >90% of the Definition 2 parts are made in the USA.
Thanks for all the responses folks!

To those that came up with the expected "it's made from parts all over the world"...


I'm just trying to show some people in and Economics forum that there actually ARE some electronics made in the USA. So ChadnLiz...it really isn't pointless. Brush up on your economics!

No, this isn't some "BUY USA" kick I'm on or anything like that. I just have a feeling that many of these people have never been anywhere else but Circuit City or Best Buy.

Once again...thanks for all the responses.

And thanks for the warm welcome back from Timrhu, GuidoCorona and Marco.

May we live in interesting times.
I haven't seen VAC mentioned, to the best of my knowledge they are all USA.

Made in America is a very complex issue- especially with NAFTA. Ironically, the transplant Auto makers seem more concerned with keeping North America content while the domestics are more concerned about cost.
Even booking a hotel room has been outsourced to India. (They are trained to talk with a mid-west accent so that you can't even tell you're talking to someone half way around the world.)
Keeping jobs in America should be an urgent priority of every person in a position of leadership.
American Audio entrepreneurs should be applauded.
It is a slippery slope to say, "Made in the USA", if the lion's share of parts, boards, virtually everything contained in the product is manufactured elsewhere. Having said this, I think Pamela Anderson is now an import based on this criterion.
Right on Lrsky, and so is French's fine mustard, which is certainly not French to start with, but equally is not likely to be terribly much American, as 80% of world production of mustard seeds cometh from that fine Land North of the great 49th, which brought us the likes of Glen Gould, Briston, jet-liner feeding geese, and. . . Ms. Anderson.

Reality is that we live in a deeply interdependent world-wide economic system, where claims of national production autarchy are growing less and less meaningful and even relevant.

Glad you could come back and clear that up for us...again.

Let me write that on the back of my hand...

"Any item made in the USA may be comprised of parts that were made in other countries"

Got it.

anyhow....let's move on to the topic of reading comprehension.

If you would care to read my original post...you will see that I said nothing about "parts content". In fact, I specifically mentioned labor (noooo...the guy unloading the truck doesn't count ;^)).

I was not ragging on the fact that we live in a globalized world nor was I stating my opinions in it. In fact, I didn't want the conversation to be about that at all.

I was just trying to show a a whole group of people who have made statements in an Economic forum such as...

"When was the last time you saw an electronic component that was MANUFACTURED in the U.S.!?!"

These people must think that if it's not at Circuit City...it doesn't exist...and that there isn't a pair of hands in the U.S. that is working on Stereo gear other than whoever is fixing their Dad's old Fisher reciever. I'd bet that most have never heard of the well known (to us) names such as Krell, Mark Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Pass Labs etc.

To them...McIntosh is an Apple product.

I just wish some of the answers would point to the budget minded gear as I can tell you for certain that NONE of these guys are going to be buying LAMM gear.

So...I hope that may have cleared some things up for you Lrsky.

I'm sorry that your products don't seem to be on the list.

My purpose was not to single out anybody or make anyone "the bad guy".

You could have come in here and said something like "Krell" and it would have been a legitimate answer.

How did your responses answer my original question?

Would you care to try again?
Ellery, the problem is that the whole issue of "Made in XXX" is a false problem, and the folks in those economic fora should know better than to raise such red herrings. The national or State flag of the plant where the final screw of my JRDG 312 has been fastened is but the final link in a manufacturing chain of many transactions, companies and nations. Take for example fine Barilla Italian pasta, which can be purchased in the US for a moderate premium over domestic brands. The protectionist gourmet crowd shall clammer about our national duty to eat what's made at Home. . . Yet, Barilla must buy most of its Durum wheat outside of Italy, including Russia, Canada, Argentina, and the USA, if it wants to fulfill the demand of more than a mere fraction of its domestic customers. . . Thus, our screamers for feeding purity should be happy, right? . . . Wrong of course. . . the fertilizer for that Durum may be made from fine guano from. . . Peru, stolen from under the seat of its rightful producers. . . as it was lovingly dropped then shaped into a nest by a mated pair of Sula variegatas (Peru Booby). . who in turn had been feasting on innocent migrating offshore Sardines. . . . and things get murkier and murkier as we pursue the seemingly infinite chain.

Perhaps those folks should have a closer look at the gleaming front panel of my beloved US made Rowland 312, made from aircraft grade Aluminum alloy, whose major constituent was extracted somewhere in the World from Bauxite ore. . . Problem is that, according to Wickipedia, "In 2007, Australia was the top producer of bauxite with almost one-third world share, followed by China, Brazil, Guinea, and Jamaica." Where's the USA? Or ask them to examine the nickel which plates that final screw that fastens the top plate of the same amp. . . Is that extracted in the USA? naah, most likely shipped from frigid Sudbury (Canada), the French speaking little island nation of New caledonia, or from quasi undemocratic Russia. . . but tell them not to get their panties in a bunch yet. . . that bit of Nickel is most likely of meteoritic origin. . . from Outer Space, that is. G.
Also include (surpised no one mentioned them so far) Pass Labs, Shunyata Research (cables except for Venom, and I believe all the Hydras).

I totally understand what you are saying. You are preaching to the choir.

It was just a simple question.

What components are put together using the "hands" of someone in the U.S.A.

99.9% of the components listed the people will never have heard of so they really aren't throwing a red herring...they are just completely clueless about the fact that there are audio companies in the U.S.

What can I say...all they seem to argue about is the ipod vs. the zune.

But in all fairness, I've never owned an Ipod and I have no idea what a zune is (or why one might be better than the other) although I assume it's just the MS version.

Then again...I know you're just yanking my chain. ;^)
Hi Ellery. . . definitely my post was not pointed at you. . . but at the juvenile trogs of the protectionist wing in the cloud out there. (grins!) G.

Perhaps you could elaborate on:

"I'm sorry that your products don't seem to be on the list."

Should they be?

It was only because you were busting my chops about something that I wasn't asking about.