What did I do??

Today I sold a pair of Wilson Sophia Speakers.

I ordered a pair of Tekton Design Moab Speakers.

Am I going to be disappointed? 
Did you sell your Wilson’s for the same price as you purchased the Moabs?
Difference in sound isn’t always bad. They question will depend if  you enjoy the difference.
Way back around 1971 Rolling Stone magazine ran a series of articles about HiFi gear. The speaker article stated that the best speaker was the ONE that YOU personally liked! Quite the egalitarian response! That remark has stuck with me all these years! Years later in Harry Pearson's TAS review of the DQ10 he scoffed at such an idea! TAS then was quite the force in the HiFi underground press (1975).
"...Today I sold a pair of Wilson Sophia Speakers..."

Did you need the money?
"The best speaker is the one YOU personally like!"

What a concept!    

Now I get it! All good audiophiles are supposed to stress and fret neurotically over every little thing, or even better act like they don’t really care at all. To build a system by their rules is to ride the Loopy-Logic Rollercoaster where the tickets cost a small fortune but you never let on you enjoyed the ride. It shoulda been longer. Shorter. Faster. Slower. Louder. Quieter. Flatter. Loopier. Nope, sorry. Can’t get no loopier! We do it for the love of it, but must never let on that we actually do love it. Here we go loop-de-loo! Here we go loop-de-lie!
’’Call me Ishmael. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me in audio, I thought I would sell my Wilson Sophia speakers and see the watery part of the world."

All the best,
I probably wouldn't have sold the Chronosonic so quickly. You should have given them more than two months.  

The Sophias were great in their day. Many people enjoy Moabs. Did you dislike your Sophias? Did you like the Moabs when you demo’d them?

My motto about gear: buy what you want, like what you like and its ok to sell anything you like for no particular reason. Buying a piece of gear isn’t a life sentence….
Don’t be biased, don’t be anxious, just let the new speakers break in for a couple hundred hours. 
 Let us know, and keep us informed. 
  I’m sure the open, airy so und will be great!
make sure you take the time with placement, away from wall, close to wall, feet apart, distance to your listening position, etc etc. 

 keep us up do date!

 Those new speakers will be amazing, and have a better “presence” than the old Wilson’s. 
Keep us informed!””
If you aren't disappointed then be ready for people thinking you are millercarbon or a paid shill.

I forgot why I've been a member here for almost 20 years and never post, it's pretty toxic.

Hope you enjoy the Tektons, I've been thinking of selling my Spatial M3 Triode Masters and getting some Tektons but I would never share my experience here.
The Tekton Owner's Group on FB is pretty good. Real nice mix of experienced and open to learning types. Several have come over, and one is planning a trip up from SoCal end of October. Real friendly group of people. Private group, but pretty sure the password is, "Waiting on Eric" or words to that effect. (Running joke on how long the wait.....;)
That’s a very unusual decision as they are completely different in presentation of music, construction and design philosophy … look forward to your listening impressions .

What will you be listening to in the months ahead waiting for your Moabs?
How many months are we up to these days? As we say on the FB Owner's Group, it is like the Patek-Phillippe ad: You never really own a Tekton, you just order it for the next generation.
If op is serious, and for some reason I am not so sure, he is more than likely to be disappointed in more ways than one. 
To compare a Tekton to a Patek is absurd. More relevant comparison would be to Invicta. Invicta  has a Facebook page too.
I, like many other readers will be interested in:
why? did you compare them in your listening space? which Sophia?
what are your musical preferences?What is the rest of your sysytem?
I look forward to the followup!
I remember when I dumped my smart girlfriend for a prettier one. What an awful choice THAT was...
Wish you would have sold the Wilson Sophia Speakers to me.  I’m still waiting for the KEF speakers I ordered.

All the best.
OK,  I bought the Sophia Series II used from a dealer in So CAL about 4 years ago. Paid $4000 plus my 24 year old B&M 804 Matrix speakers.

I had that system in my office which is a size of a 2 car garage, 8 ft ceilings.  I decided I would like to move the system to my big living room, 18 x 40 high ceilings.  The Wilsons were great running off of 75WPC tube power.

Over time I found myself not turning on my HiFi. I felt the Wilsons were not musical and too accurate.  If that is a real thing.

In the meantime I bought a second home and I needed a stereo up there. I bought Tekton Lore Reference for $800 (in stock) and a PrimaLuna integrated. I have that system on all day every day when I am there. I find that system way more engaging and musical, especially at low listening levels.

In order for me to get some bass out of my Sophias I had to crank it up. It was in a large room and that is OK most of the time. I found I had better bass response when I was in the NEXT room, crazy huh?

SO I decided I am not married to the Sophias and if I could make a buck or two and get some money OUT of my system why not. I have the Moabs on a FedEx truck now and they will be here Wednesday I am being told.  

I put $1000 or $2000 in my pocket, depends if you thought the B&W speakers had any value left after 24 years or rocking out.  Also, my ears were trained on my old JBL L 100 Century speakers in the early 70's. I guess it is like old guys and old cars. I bet these Moabs will be a kick ass speaker.  I never heard them in my life. But if what they can do with just 2 speakers each in my Lore Reference speakers I am hopeful that with 17 speakers in each cabinet I will be entertained. 

We will see. 
The fact that you are asking tells me yes you will. You are falling into the trap that when you receive your new speakers instead of enjoying them for what they do to the music they produce you are going to try and find anything you can to be critical. Never forget that this hobby should be about the music and your love of the music. Once you start having an affaire with your system behind  music’s back you will never be happy!
Now that you’ve explained the back story I think you will be thrilled with Moabs. Big space to fill with mid level tube power means the larger box with more cone area will deliver big improvements in bass slam and overall sonic impact. Your early formative ownership of L100s tells me that you are conditioned to prefer a more dynamic presentation. But by my reading Moabs also possess considerable subtlety to go with their sheer impact. So they may be your perfect solution. 
Your reading is quite good then, better than most for sure. Considerable subtlety combined with sheer impact is an intoxicatingly spellbindingly heady mix.   

I've had my Moabs over a year now. Hadn't heard them or any Tekton at the time they were ordered, it was all based off reviews and owner comments. Now having them more than a year I have no regrets and am happier than ever. Some months ago around their one-year anniversary I called Eric who as usual was real busy. No worries I said just calling to let you know happier than ever with my Moabs!  

Your reasoning about the Lore and 2 vs 17 is spot on. Got a friend here with Enzo XL, they have the same captivating involving open type sound as my Moabs. I have now heard both his and mine driven different ways, enough to be sure what is speaker and what is not. Tekton are the real deal. You are gonna be one happy camper.
Congrats! Sounds like you are on the right path for you !!!! Enjoy them in good health 
Two very different speakers in terms of design and philosophical approach.  Moabs could be a better match with your listening space.
I'm interested to read what you hear and discover between the two. 

You have successfully reduced your cost per driver, bringing it down to a new low. That is undebatable.  :) 

Based upon the OP's description and goals the Moabs should be a good choice.  I don't think he will be disappointed.
"My first rule is never sell a speaker before trying the new one!"  (Yogi)


“I know of a Yugo you might also be interested in.”

He’s already gone for a 1960’s Trabant  
I've never liked any models of Wilson speakers on how they sound so you've probably made good choice.
I believe that a line of speakers represents the ear of the designer.
That is, what do they think music sounds like. And are they able to translate that knowledge into a speaker design. And by doing so create a full line of speakers which all sound like what he/she hears.
I would very much like to hear Tekton speakers. I am sure they are very dynamic and, it seems, Eric does have a great ear.
Unfortunately, his eyes do not jibe. Big boxes with many drivers seem very hard to live with. For sure, there are many strange looking speakers. But, mostly, they are designed with a serious eye toward acceptable or, even, artistic cosmetic. And form following function. I think about the big Wilson’s. Or the MBLs. But the Vivids??
Obviously, those put a lot of $$ into the cosmetic. Are Tektons so good as to one getting to like the look? Seems a bridge too far. And the wife would never agree.
Are Tektons designed to only go into man caves?

Maybe they are designed for exactly who it says they are designed for on the website: audiophiles who want the very best sound they can possibly afford. Not collectors of Faberge Eggs and Architectural Digest decorations.

My wife by the way, was pleasantly surprised. And several other women who have seen them think they look just fine.

Tekton are designed with an admirably form follows function aesthetic. Oh and yes, they sound so good I would be happy even if they were as ugly as a Wilson. Which thank God they are not.
Y'awl can do what you want, it's a free country, but in my estimation it's false economy to purchase a speaker you have not auditioned.
The speakers you have now, did you listen to them at home before buying?   

Rhetorical question, nevermind, of course you didn't.   

Y'all can say what you want, it's a free country, but my whole system is comprised of components 100% of which were bought without audition.  

Read the system comments posted by people who actually heard it. Tell me again about this false economy. 
Not only the ear of designer. It represents the skill far more than ear. Not always playing by ear works and sometimes you need to read sheet music.
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Holy moly! I fully recognize that my wife married down in the world when she picked me but man, that's harsh.
Take it with a grain of salt, after all tsushima1 is from across the pond.