Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?

Many of you ask others to advise you, but the answer to so many questions is system dependent.  Why don’t you post your system on your profile prior to requesting help?


It's a valid point. Likewise, if you're GIVING advice, it'd be good to see where you're coming from.

Great point. There are way too many people on here that do not have their systems listed. It would be great to see what you’re listening to everyday.

I do need to post some images of my system. 

+1 on all posters above.

Too many people just like to pretend they have experience with everything and want to give advice on everything.

It will be interesting to hear from those who do not have their systems posted - on why they do not.

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When i had my acoustic dedicated room and speakers, i posted mine, just a glimpse of the beginning of my experiments, I received more insults than praise...

One seller of costly tweaks attack me about my system for a week...


I know that it would be so...

Acoustic and psycho-acoustic experiments are the heart of audio not the esthetical living room with impressive gear components , generally costly we can see..

i learned so much creating my room...my journey culminated in one year full time experiments ...

I lost my room selling my house... My new less "intimidating madness " virtual system is headphone based...

I did not take a photo of all i did around it, guess why ?

Anyway for 700 bucks i laugh the last...My system is the best possible i can imagine and dream of for his S.Q. /price ratio...

But the photo dont give all details of all i experimented with...

Most people buy and they judge with no acoustic knowledge, they dont experiment...

For example i discovered in my experiments 4 aspects of the soundfield, all reviewers know only two... And they can afford the best gear ever... Why ?

it is because they never perceived clearly the other aspects, being unable to create them in their living room... Buying is not experimenting...

The center of audio experience is acoustic not the gear price tag...

But most people cannot even understand what i speak about... They laughed seeing my "crazy" few images in the past ... The complete room was hard to photograph because of light exposure and 100 helmholtz resonators from 8 feet to few inches distributed all around the speakers and my listening position......

My adult children invite friends to reveal how mad the room was but also how good...

Yes i am mad...How to stay  "sane" in this insane world ?

Bach is an answer or indian ragas ...Between Chet baker  and Bill Evans  and Scriabin...






Ha! @mahgister , it was certainly an interesting room. Great that you have a sense of humor. It is true that some of us can hear the slightest change to the system, or the room. 

I would ask why don’t you post your measurements on your profile? For a newbie, I get it, but for those members here with 500+ posts, its time. :) I can’t imagine the amount of useless recommendations people make because some component helped their system just because there room is out of whack. It would be the equivalent of someone recommending a painting they saw without their glasses on.

I often disregard any requests from anyone who doesn't bother to take the time to post their system on here. Sorry. It is just too hard to make any sense of any of those comments or questions.

"Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?"

1. The lighting in that room is atrocious for pictures, but it's relaxing.

2. I tried doing it anyways but never was successful following the way others said to do it.

3. The setup is all wrong. The system is between the speakers. The speaker distances aren't correct, it's just where they fit for now,

Despite all of this my system still sounds better than it ever has, thanks to Audiogon members. I had good guidance buying interconnects etc.

Because posting on here is prehistoric really...the whole system needs to be revised. I can’t even attach a pic! I tried my best to post my system, but I could honestly care less really. I’m not on here all that much anyhow. I occasionally pop In and out and can be away from here for months on end...not that I’m missed much 😁, as I contribute little. I don’t pretend to know it all. I only express my personal opinions, of which some may like, most may not...oh well. I don’t need a fan club. Honestly, some of the questions posted here are really Boneheaded (maybe a better word than dumb? idk..), not to say there are no good intelligent questions. However, there is nothing that can’t be learned with a little research on one’s own. Some are just looking to be reassured for a confidence boost. I’m not certain why some make this hobby (or whatever it is) more complicated than it has to be. The more you look here, The more you second guess yourself. Better to buy what you think sounds good...it’s very subjective really. Never understood why someone would ask someone else if something sounds good...why would that matter? Will it also sound good to you? Ok, done. Over and out...see you in another month or two or three...I’m just in a bad mood I guess....😡

I added my system last year after this kind of question was posted. I forgot to toggle it so it could be seen by someone other than me. 


Posting pictures of your system in your profile area is the only place you can upload pictures without having a picture sharing program.

Yes. Virtual systems is the place where it is easy to post photos. 

It is a great place to,help folks understand where you are coming from.


Measurements? And exactly how would one do that? With a multimeter? A la ASR style of measuring the current coming into and then out of the power cable while it's not actually plugged into anything? Do I post a pink panther next to the equipment I list?

Or do you mean measurements like my wife is 36D-29-32?


(All in good fun. 😉)


I’m not on here all that much anyhow.

That was post 1881 since 2018. That’s a lot of contributing to this forum, but you do seem a bit frustrated.

Personally, I don’t expect much and my expectations are usually exceeded. I agree many people coming from different places and I would say that the Internet encourages less civil conversation. That said, most members are civil and try to contribute, but to me, posting your system before asking, or answering a question is part of contributing and being civil.


Many of us spent years working hard and making the most of what resources we had.  Some with 500K+ systems probably have had to drive old subcompact cars at one time and had to do what they could to listen to recorded music.  Others run large companies and like the challenge of putting together a great system at a lower price point.  All of the systems are a challenge.

Because computer illiterates like myself have no clue how...? 

Yes I know I am the only one and I have no fear admitting it. 

Because of this topic, I just stared at my profile for 10 minutes. I don't see anything that makes me think I can add pictures. 

Oh no.....!!!

Another "Why don't you post pics of your system?" thread.

There are members that offer valuable information/advice WITHOUT system pics.

I could care less if a member has their setup in their profile.


Don't feel bad Johnfritter. I've been told to do it through my profile too but I find nothing there to do it with. The farthest I've gotten is this:

Sign in to audiogon.com

Near the top it will show:

Categories   Brands   Browse   Sell   Explore   Learn   Insider

Click on Explore.

Click on Virtual Systems

Then near the top it shows:

Systems    Tags   Room Size   Comments   Create System

Click on Create System

Then type in whatever you want to name in your system.

Then click GET STARTED

After I do that I get a red bar near the top that says "User can't be blank" even though I typed something in the previous box. Maybe you will have better luck than me. It might be because I'm using Firefox as a browser. I ripped out Microsoft Edge months ago to regain over 30 gigs of hard drive space. Oh well.


Click around your userid and the menus. You will eventually see Create a virtual system. After that, it is pretty easy.

@johnfritter it’s as easy as pecan pie!

Go to chocolate chip icon in the top left corner of page > this drops down and allows you to select Virtual Systems page > once in Virtual Systems click on the three horizontal lines (top right) > which leads to the drop down to “Create System” option.

Ha. I put mine on here and someone said tidy things up and then put it on here. 

@toddsyr All I see is Browse, Topics, Start a new discussion and insider?

@toro3 YUCK!! I don't see a "chocolate chip" icon?

@ghdprentice Not sure what else to click on?

Like I said computer illiterate!!! 

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Ha. I put mine on here and someone said tidy things up and then put it on here.

You should have responded to that with - “please post yours, so that I can take a hint”. And this is what I meant in my post. People preach useless things and not follow it themselves. At least you have a system and I will respect your advice more than the (other)wise poster

@johnfritter above the yellow bar on your personal page between the A and the search bar is an arrow.Click on that and then choose virtual system:-) Don't forget to save when you're done.

John, don't try it starting from this page when you're already signed in.

Open a new browser session and type in   www.audiogon.com


Then you will see:

Categories   Brands   Browse   Sell   Explore   Learn   Insider

Sign in from that page then you can click on Explore.

Then Click on Virtual Systems

Then near the top it shows:

Systems    Tags   Room Size   Comments   Create System

Click on Create System

Then type in whatever you want to name in your system.

Then click GET STARTED.

jtcf, I tried what you said too. I still get the red bar that says "User can't be blank" even though I typed something in the previous box. Must not be Firefox friendly.

Ok @jtcf Thank you!

I will take a couple current pics and give it a go.


Thanks to all for your guidance, very much appreciated!

Configuration fluidity? Is that a reasonable answer/ good enough excuse. 5 amplifiers, 2 record players, various dacs and disk spinners, streamers/associated gear and then there's the speakers. I wouldn't know where to stop. Oh, and which room? We're not always specifically talking about the "listening room", now that I think about it. Maybe just post in such a way that people can infer it's relevance as a stand alone comment. Having said all that, I'm really enjoying my nag 200 on my onkyo thru my cronus 3 to my triton one.Rs, even the laptop and smsl streaming qobuz are sounding like music to me. 


I measure in room FR with software in my processor and my preamp. REW is free and that works for most people. I don’t measure components, just how components interact with my room.



Looking at the pics of your system I see them with and without panels on the front wall. If it were me I would have measured before and after. I also see that drop ceiling. If it were me I would remove some of the panels and install Auralex Geofusors or T-Fusors in their place. I bet they would slide right in.

With that window on the left wall I see that curtain, is that acoustic fabric?


if I make a comment about something and someone likes to know my system I'll be happy to tell him what it comprises of, and my system is worth $72,000 so it's not some crappy cheap components world-class 

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@mahgister ....It’s not what it looks like at the end of the day...

You need please only yourself, right? 🤷‍♂️ ;)

"Why don’t I post my...." Because it’s not ’pretty’; hasn’t been for the while I’ve been amassing it for my entertainment and (more recently) for the DIY I like to screw around with.
It’s an odd lot of pro-, ’mid-fi’ (to use a bandied-about term that some 😏 at), and a few items I deem desirable to ’do what they do’....just because,

Like mahgister, I’m in the throes of having to ’downsize’ the space it used to occupy, which wasn’t flawless in it’s ’character(s)’ to begin with.

I’ve had better, but it’s been quite awhile...having to collapse all the drivers into half the space previously occupied has been a challenge, with the results pending even now....but believing in practical magic helps... *L*

I have no need to either impress or give any a guffaw.

I abstain from making suggestions to any about what they ought to collect; I have my own "imho’s"....

...but since I’ve no means of listening to what one is either:
-not hearing
in the space they are in, or the means (or lack of) to do what they desire...

I’ll keep my keys quiet. ;)

I’d rather play some of what I like on what I’m enjoying...

...since, imho, that’s kinda the point. *S*

Typically urs, J


I believe I posted a pic of my system at some time in the past. But I couldn't find it in that forest of system pics, and I gave up before I could make it all the way through the web page...er...Web Library of Congress. Putting it another way, I could've played every recorded performance of Lohengrin (including the time it'd take to  get out of my listening chair to flip the LPs over) in the amount of time I just spent on that wild goose chase.


Thanks for the head's up. As for those pictures, it's almost irrelevant because I am in the process of moving. The equipment will stay the same (for the most part, anyway).

Once I'm done, I'll post some updated pics, and perhaps try your recommendation and take some room measurements.


for the noob, or an occasional poster, i can understand it is some trouble to take good photos and post their systems, enumerating each component

for regular posters and ’contributors’, they should indeed post their systems, they should be proud to show what they use to enjoy music, and let others see what is their base of experience and basis for their commentary offered

there are many though, who don’t, despite being frequent posters with high post counts -- these are indeed problem posters, whom are usually here to agitate and provoke, or to unduly influence others - it is a tell tale sign when certain usernames post comments that are seemingly knowledgeable, strongly worded, touting x-y-z... when i see those i always click the username and see the underlying info (or lack thereof)... just try it on this thread... the fakes and agitators become quite obvious

I don’t care if my system is posted, as most of my conversations are not about or based on my personal system(s). My responses are usually not about what I have on my shelves, and my time as an audio fanatic is not all about my own current situation. It’s annoying to have a conversation for the sake of conversation on a subject where you have expertise but some numb-nut attacks your response because of what you have on the shelf even when the banter is completely unrelated. If I was "asking for help" on my system I’d state the components I was talking about at that moment, not rely on someone searching my profile. That said, I may update my system listing :-) 

My audio experience is not especially based on my system so its not relevant to my posts. There are legitimate personal privacy reasons also for people not posting their systems.

I tried to post it a few years ago and had difficulty.  It may be up thread but how does one do this?

To be honest I did not find a clue to show my system in my profile.


In other forums I share these informations, but here it seems hard

to impossible to share.

How many systems are built the same, i.e, same Brands Models that are used for  a particular role throughout the audio chain - very very few.

Nearly all systems built are unique in how they are put together.

How many individuals have a broad experience of being demo'd audio ancillaries where their assessment is able to assist another in creating a experience that is for them an improvement and a attraction worthwhile maintaining - not many of those either.

How does seeing an image of an individuals set up in place of a list make for a better evaluation?

An image might show means of s supporting structure and maybe even the room used for the system.

A poor method being utilised as a support structure, or a room that is not looking suitable for a Stereo Replay can be commented on, but I don't see much more that can be addressed through looking at an image of a Audio System.    

If I could do it anyone can, it's probably needed if your to ask for advice which I don't. I just buy things, which is a mistake. 

There is no place to add my system to my profile?? 

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Fair question.  

After taking a look at some of your systems (and, rooms) I feel compelled to call my insurance company and make a vandelism claim on my system.  "Below average" would be the highest endorsement for my system/room.

As far as those looking for advice, the more data, the better.  Sometimes it sounds a bit like: "Hey, I want my car to go faster.  What should I do first?"  Upgrading/replacing the little cardboard tree hanging from the rear view mirror might cover up some odors, but it's unlikely to improve 0-60 times.  Just sayin'.

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@jjss49 ,

You nailed it!

I see that there are many poster from early 2000s that have 10-20 posts till 2017-2018 and then there is a flood of posts after that till date, especially gravitating towards a certain brands. These are also some posters with red flags, for me. I feel these might have been the accounts that were probably hacked - I am not sure - but something about such poster does not sit right. Worst part is that for some of these posters, the recommendation that they provide and the system that they have listed do not even match. Hence the red flag on such posters, for me.

I have been on this site for quite some time. There are a handful of posters who do not have systems registered, but I know they are genuine posters. 

You know you do not post your system starting with this website, but the Buy and Sell High End Audio Equipment website.