Why is abusive, negative content allowed?

There’s a certain member here, I think we all know who I am talking about, who continues to be little everyone else here with their rude and condescending remarks.  He continually tries to insult and creat strife and division.  It is not healthy for productive conversations or for the site.  
Why will the moderators allow this poison to ruin the site?  They are turning people off from coming here and trying to start positive, useful content.

It’s a cancer that should be removed otherwise it’s going to have detrimental effects on this site.  Is that so hard to understand for the moderators?

Tammy is so incredibly helpful but I don’t understand why this negative behavior is allowed to continue and fester...

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It's more than just one.It's pointless to try to discuss much of anything when the offenders jump in and begin arguing back and forth dominating the thread.I suspect when many members see the 'usual suspects' on an interesting thread they roll their eyes and move on.
@lowrider57 , it’s not you buddy.  I’ve enjoyed your contributions for years...
Why not use ‘Report this’ option on his posts to get moderator attention?
Its a shame.  Is Audiogon insider better?  
Audiogon is the only Audio forum I have participated in because they have the best layout.  Maybe it’s time to branch out and see what other sites are out there 😕
@lalitk I just used that button for the first time.

I’ll be using it a lot now.

It’s really just one member that stands out for me.  Sure there are others with strong opinions, and they also sound like a skipping cd, but...

Analogy time:  if I owned a pizza shop and had someone standing in front of my door telling all my customers that pizza all over the world sucks, and that they are stupid for eating pizza, and that no one can really make a good pizza, I’d call the cops on him and have him removed.

I seldom use it because I do not want censorship but when there is a pattern of destructive  conduct it’s up to everyone to use that button to help point it out.
“when there is a pattern of destructive conduct it’s up to everyone to use that button to help point it out”

+1, mapman.


Good analogy, I understand where you coming from. I think I know who you’re referring to...sadly with this member it’s always going to be his way cause he’s been there and done it all. 
I understand where you're coming from b-limo. The a'gon forum attracts a higher percentage of bloviating, condescending, know-it-alls than other audio hobby sites.

I believe this is due to the fact that the site serves as a revenue generating gear sales site, that just happens to have a forum attached to it in order to keep viewers coming back. Whereas other audio forums are moderated by and for the benefit of hobbyists that may or may not have a classifieds section contained within.

Ironically, the members with the higher post counts are the ones who offer the least helpful information. Their "contributions" are typically    thinly veiled opportunities to belittle others. Fortunately the patterns are easy to spot and their posts easy to skip over. But, a block poster function could go a long way to improve the experience.

Also, don't let this get to you. Next to cosplay, this is about the dorkiest hobby out there. Great sound is well... great, but its not worth stressing over. Explore some of the other forums, i'm sure you'll find a few you like.

Strong opinions come with the territory. But, the personal insults and no respect for others opinions shouldn't be allowed in this forum. 
Other forums I frequent have a code of conduct posted.

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Our community here is like a microcosm of the world. I enjoy the different and differing personalities. Some may be having a hard day or harder decade. I don't give rabble rousers any attention, or just a quick comeback joke that maybe I'll only get myself. b_limb, take care of your leg (recent injury) But I'm actually referring to your good one.... because if that one goes you'll really be stuck! Maybe take an aspirin and feel better soon!
b_limo, sorry for my ID misspelling. It HONESTLY was an error that I missed. It seem's that spellcheck has it's own sense of pun humor. (as in your injury:)
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I will say there is someone here who derails a lot of threads but it ain't kenjit. Guys a harmless and somewhat amusing troll.
Administration offered and asked you take this up with them. Yes, you were able to get another shot in at airing your laundry with the group. Some here do agree, but that's as far as you'll get. This thread will likely get deleted now. At most the offender may be banned, but then just come back under another alias. Like an infection that come's back. All is good! 
I will just add that I really appreciate everyone here!     A few bad apples are ok with me.
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So here's the rub: this person you refer to is all you ascribe to him. Yet at the same time he will offer up cogent, accurate, and helpful information borne of a deep perspective on audio (especially analog).

I wish he didn't poison the well of so many threads. It's as if he has to be the first voice and then ignores whatever echoes he's created.
Dagnabbit!!! I was really looking forward to getting a pair of kenjit's speakers!!! HA
I believe MrTennis went on to do some work (legal?) for the past owners of this site, so elected to discontinue in the forum. (unless I'm thinking of someone else)
@b_limo , isn't there another member who qualifies for this thread? I can add somebody.

Not trying to fan the flames. Maybe my post came should have come earlier.

@jond , there are others but none that even come close to pissing me off more.

there are so many good people here that its a shame that a few of the bad ones can ruin it for the majority

I just e-mailed Tammy and asked her to delete this thread...

@b_limo agreed there but I wish you could come to see the humor in kenjit's posts they really are funny if you step back a moment.
@lowrider57  definitely one other but I suppose I should start being nice if I don’t want to come up “missing” like some whistleblower in China
There is always the Insider Lobby. Perhaps they could also offer the "Insidious Lobby"for the other types...
I don't get bogged down in the sparring, and I can get a kick out of spirited repartee.  I have some regret about not being able to participate more because others have so much more knowledge and experience with equipment that I will likely never own. But that makes this forum interesting as well, as there is some much to learn. I appreciate the help of other members who have helped me with some equipment and room arrangement suggestions.
I feel this is a good thread for us to learn to get along. Doesn't need deleting, but that's your/their call.
It's funny that when we/I I go to an Audio Show (NYC in my case) We may be talking to someone whom we know from this forum, but never realize that.
I miss the guy who was instructing everyone to sell their Class A, A/B amps because the unstoppable future of Class D would be upon us within months thereby rendering the rest of our archaic technology to junk - stating we'd be lucky to get the price of scrap metal for non-Class D gear.

I'd find the people who are constantly predicting the world is ending more credible if they had a stronger track record ;-)
Kenjit isn’t offensive, just a little crazy. My only issue with most threads is they devolve WAY off topic into silliness. Every forum has “that guy”. Just is what it is...
This an audio/ stereo/ component type based forum. I dislike intensely posters who post for the sake of posting.
There are an enormous number of topics and subjects to be able to contribute to, however we need contributors to stay within the expectations of the users of the forum. I expect the administrators would agree.
I would like contributions to stay within the poster’s topic/ question. There are some that abuse the privilege and unfortunately we cannot exclude them.
Best that we ignore them by simply ignore or bypass their posts.
Just a sporadic poster here:...I don’t have a problem at all with the pronounced differences of opinion on audio products/music, even to the point of “All X drive widgets are junk.  You must buy a Z drive widget.”.  It’s what makes for interesting conversation, IMO.
A line does get crossed when a member gets bird-dogged by self-appointed bandwidth policemen (I.e., “You asked that same question in 2015, you know...”).  A lot of us in this hobby aren’t twenty somethings anymore and can be a tad forgetful.  Get a life...
Let's not turn this place into another Audio Circle. Heavy handed moderation can stifle a forum. Some good spirited sparring makes the place more interesting. And if you can't take some jabs, the internet is no place for you. I hope Audiogon doesn't become a "safe space" where every comment is so sterilized and there can be no disagreement and no colorful banter, within reason, of course.

Zero tolerance on AC. To the point of being ridiculous. Not here I say.


I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire.
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Fair point op.  I cringe for the newcomer to the forum and the hobby who innocently or simply incorrectly poses a question and is subsequently flamed. I have often wondered if the flamer has curried special favor with administration or is simply making up for their own insecurity in a mid/late life crisis red sports car kind of way.  As Clint Eastwood so eloquently put it, " Callahan, You know my record?  Yeah, you're a legend in your own mind".