Over the years I have kept most, but not all, of the original-equipment boxes that came with my gear.  With that being said, I recently upgraded my speakers and plan to re-sell my older speakers. 

Q - Do the original speaker-boxes have value to potential buyers (for retail outlets? for over-seas markets? other?)

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I don't know about potential buyers, but they certainly have value to you. You need them to ship the speakers.

I would say that original boxes or crates for a buyer.are very important. Boxes can be expensive, 200$ to 400$ is not unusual for factory shipping boxes. Some companies get upset if you have to return the equipment for service and not in original boxes. If not original boxes make sure the items are double boxed?

‘Like you, I have kept all my boxes.

Joe Nies

When I was considering trading in my speakers, the dealer asked, twice to make sure, that I had the original boxes as they'd probably end up shipping them. I'd even go so far as to double box them, if possible. 

The storage space above my car is full of empty boxes. 😄

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I also keep all the original boxes even thought it's a pain to find space at times.  Last year I sold a pair of Marlin Logan speaker I'd had for 20 years.  The buyer was amazed and pleased that the speakers came packed in OEM boxes.  

Yes definitely, they are valuable. Shipping stuff like speakers gets really challenging without them. Many companies actually have new boxes for old equipment… I think Pass does. 

I tried selling some old ugly black ribbon speakers and the cost of constructing shipping crated was a couple hundred dollars. My speakers now have an incredible polished red violin wood finish… with out a single scuff or scratch. I cannot imagine transporting them without the original packaging. 

I don't know about potential buyers, but they certainly have value to you. You need them to ship the speakers.

i agree w @roxy54 

I keep every box my equipment comes in, even the small stuff like cables. Especially since I tend to change stuff frequently. 

Just like owning a lawnmower, keeping equipment boxes stopped when we sold our home and moved to a condo. I am just not willing to use valuable square footage for something I may never need. 

You should always keep the original packing even though it can be a pain to reserve the space.

Most  manufacturers pride themselves in supplying packing that will protect their products on multiple transits.  Martin Logan excepted whose packing for CLX Anniversaries fell apart after a few transits.

I keep all the packing except the ML which I had to trash.

Message to ML: you need to upgrade when packing $30k speakers.


Having the original boxes makes selling and shipping much easier. 


I tried to get original replacement boxes for some ATC 19 speakers and the distributor said they sell them for about $300 for a set because they come assembled only and not flat from England.  Really?  Keep the boxes.

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I've kept all of my boxes for my current system---I have a few boxes from my vintage system (>30 years old). I wish I had ALL the boxes from my vintage system so I'd say keep them if you can. You can always break them down to save space. 

I prefer to buy from sellers who have the original boxes. Buying used equipment is always a gamble and having the original shipping container eliminates at least one of many concerns for me. Others may or may not agree, but I'm only concerned with my purchase comfort.

Flatten them and stack the foam innards to save space, and yes having original boxes is a selling point and gives the shippers another chance to smash the crap out of them.

other factor here is that quite often, in my experience, shippers like ups or fedex will deny customer damage claims if something other than manufacturer's packaging is used for shipping expensive precision items like hifi gear...

I had a claim denied by UPS using manufacturers boxes with all proper manufacturers packing. They dented both mono block amps. Doesn't matter how well it's packed, the default is always to deny, then see where that goes. 

One thing is for sure, they don't like heavy packages.